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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Gangplank Build Guide by brian1234132

AD Offtank Gangplank : The Omnipotent (SOLO TOP) [S4]

AD Offtank Gangplank : The Omnipotent (SOLO TOP) [S4]

Updated on February 17, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author brian1234132 Build Guide By brian1234132 55,613 Views 6 Comments
55,613 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author brian1234132 Gangplank Build Guide By brian1234132 Updated on February 17, 2014
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-Tweaked masteries from 10/18/2 => 9/18/3

-Added more match ups
-Changed rune setup for a stronger early game
-Added a counter jungling section
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Reading guides to get better at Gangplank? Look no further! Heres my take on a personal favorite, Gangplank.
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Pros / Cons


+ Excellent Farmer
+ Multiple Ways to Build
+ Global Ultimate
+ CC removal skill
Gangplank has the highest quality of farm top lane if played correctly. His ultimate has many strategic picking up assists/kills, helping the jungler gank, disengaging from fights, split pushing, cutting off escape routes, etc. Another notable thing about Gangplank is how he can be built. In my opinion, hes not that effective if build 100% tank, or 100% dps. However, all sorts of items can be combined to really diversify the builds in game.

+ Lacks CC
+ Weak Early Game
Gangplank is by no means a strong early gamer, nor a late gamer unless he is farmed. In teamfights he lacks presence unless his ultimate is used strategically and hes played correctly.
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sp M
is great for extra early game damage
Absolutely amazing for solo top Gangplank. Grog-soaked blade will proc oppression, not to mention + team fights.
this mastery buffs up that W even more when below 25% hp
this is very useful for helping keep that mana pool up
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Skill Order

Skill Order

> > >

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Skill Explanations

Grog-Soaked Blade: // This passive allows Gangplank to catch up to his foes in a duel, applies a consistent slow debuff while attacking, and has a weak DoT, which comes in handy at times.

Parrrley: // Gangplank's break and butter poking skill. Very useful skill for farming, and harassing enemies.
Tips and Tricks
  • In a duel, auto attack then parley right after for max dps
  • Don't focus too much on harassing if enemy stacks armor early game
  • REMEMBER : Last hits return 50% of MP used

Remove Scurvy: // A one point wonder, that is even more useful as it is leveled.

Tips and Tricks
  • Maxing this out first gives an insane heal early game
  • You can use this skill when level 3+ for a reasonable sustain in lane
  • Use it to shrug off slows, stuns, taunts, heal!
  • When knocked up, allows for attacks, but no movements

Raise Morale: // Passive AD, movement speed, and an active that boosts the entire team!

Tips and Tricks
  • Use it when engaging enemy team
  • +MS is useful for engaging and disengaging
  • Active has a wide range!

Cannon Barrage: // Global ultimate that has a variety of uses.

Tips and Tricks
  • Lots of DPS if enemies remain in the AoE
  • In team fights, toss it in the middle of the fight
  • Useful for cutting off escape routes
  • Can be used to score kills on low hp enemies across the map
  • Don't be afraid to use to score assists
  • Good for split pushing
  • By no means spam the ultimate, you will want it off CD during team fights
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Counter Jungling

Now, this is a team game so lets expand from top lane. Being at top lane means we're going to be really close to the enemy's blue buff camp.Alright so before attempting to counter their jungler, you will want to know what you'll be up against.
  1. Who is their top lane/jungler/mid laner?
  2. What skills do they start with? (Do any of these stun/slow?)
  3. What items do you predict they start with?

Alright now we'll get down to the importance of this information. Knowing their top laner/jungler will let you know how "difficult" it will be for them to finish off blue. For example, how much hp will a lose at blue compared to a nautlius?
Assuming the jungle is someone like Nautilus, who has no hp upkeep other than the red potion and probably starts jungle with E. This means that you can probably walk in, focus down Nautilus and he will NOT have enough HP to finish off blue. How can we do this?

[*]The top laner has to be a bruiser, I'd rather not attempt this if they were like Riven, Elise, etc.
[*]The mid laner has to have a hard time assisting
-For instance, if their mid was Gragas, at level 1 with barrel he will not be a threat to you. However, a ziggs or morgana may be able to get there and land a spell on you.

Alright so lets get down to the plan.
Red = first 1:50
Blue = Right before blue spawns
Yellow = Possible ward placement if jungler is NOT starting blue
Starting Ionian?
Same thing, just a different path.

Possible Contingency Events
[*]Meeting top laner in tribush/top river bush
-No problem, they usually still dont suspect you to invade jungle
-If they devote to a fight, you may be able to win. Gangplank can actually beat many top laners 1v1.
-Even if you fought them, you most likely have time to recall and then go counter jungle
[*]Enemy team invades your blue/red
-You can't do much if you're on Blue team and your Blue is being invaded (3v5 split is no better than 3v5 together) Likewise if you're on Purple.
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Match Ups!

Difficulty : 8/10

Tips: Most Nasus' start with a Doran's shield/pot/ward. In any case that they do, do not try to force kills early game. Aim to harass Nasus and possibly zone him. Just make sure to keep a ward up and your to ward off his slow during ganks. You should be able to easily outfarm him goldwise, and keep his to a manageable amount.

Difficulty : 6/10

Tips: In lane, you're going to want to keep him out of the bushes. This stops him from getting the "jump" on you haha. Should be a relatively easy lane as long as you deny/zone him with . You should be able to outduel him until level 6 as long as you do not allow him to charge up skills stacks.

Difficulty : 5/10

Tips: Really easy lane to win. Big tip is to use to last hit a minion right next to Shen, before trading. After level 3, you should be focusing on outfarming him as he will be too tanky to out harass. Sadly, Gangplank has NO stuns to prevent Shen ults, so a good tip is to call out when Shen is level 6 to let teammates be wary.

Difficulty : 5/10

Tips: Garen is another easy lane. Outharass trade him using AA + Q combo. will be useful as a heal, and possibly a juke for his ultimate and CC removal for his silence if necessary. The trick is to harass Garen constantly to keep his passive OFF!

Difficulty : 6/10

Tips:Usually a smart idea to outharass Darius early game, as you will out trade him before he gets his ultimate ( is key). Generally focus on out csing him CS wise and gold wise (which is an easy task). Be sure to coordinate with jungler, since when you let Darius get bold and push lane, its an easy kill. He has generally no escapes other than summoners.

Difficulty : 3/10

Tips: Too easy to win this lane. At level 1, BE SURE to start zoning him off the bat. Keep a ward in side bush (closer to baron to reveal blue path) to prevent a level 2 gank from blue. As long as you do not let him AA for bloodlust stacks, you can easily zone him using Q, and killing him if he ever initiates. Just watch out for his W. Try to turn your back, or W during shout duration. DO NOT USE during shout. It reduces the damage way too much and becomes a waste of mp.

Difficulty : 6/10

Tips: Not sure why, but I generally see two major Malphites. One, that rushes a chalice in attempts to outharass you (easy win btw). Keep his passive armor off with Q farm, and if he ever gets too close...TRADE HIM. The second Malphite is a Malphite that rushes armor, like a sunfires or rands etc. This will generally be a fight to outfarm again. You can easily beat him in gold farm, and use to keep your health pool up, and heal. Usually he will run out of MP faster than you, but won't burst high enough to become a threat. When he starts getting aggressive (mostly after a wave at level 5) make sure you have a ward up in river/tri depending on how pressured you are. When tanks like Malphite get aggressive, its a sign a gank is probably incoming. (If you get hit by his ult, do NOT use right away during a 1v2 gank unless their jungle has no hard CC. Generally, only use if you're really low while disengaging, or to shrug off any stuns/slows the jungler may have.

Difficulty : 5/10

Tips: Not sure why some people find it hard to play vs Teemo. Its pretty straight forward. Levels 1-3 be sure to duel him (but don't force it). If you can kill him early game, it gives you an edge before he hits level 6. Just away and to out trade him. Your should be able to let you get that extra AA and possibly off in a chase. At level 6+ make sure to use Before Teemo tosses out ignite and whatever you do. NEVER FIGHT ON HIS SHROOMS!

Difficulty : 4/10

Tips: Another relatively easy lane. She will generally start with Dorans, and be very easy to harass and zone with . Stay behind creeps at all times to avoid her spears, and bait a spear to waste her MP if shes not the best spear toss. Early game, her beast form is NOT a threat. You can easily out trade her if she initiates. Just make sure to remember she also has a relatively strong heal....just not as strong as yours.

Difficulty : 6/10

Tips: This lane generally depends on how good the Dr. Mundo is and how tanky he is early game. If hes relatively squishy, make sure to trade him at level 1, and begin zoning if you have lane dominance. After level 2 though, be sure to avoid going head to toes with him. His E gives an insane amount of AD, even more so when hes low HP. Just be sure to use creeps to your advantage as his cleaver toss is a skill shot and focus on out farming him after level 4 if he seems too tanky to trade.

Difficulty : 6/10

Tips: After the nerf on Riven's early game. She has been a relatively easy lane to win. If Riven has taken exhaust instead of ignite, you can just punish that lane. At level 1, be sure to harass and trade her as much as possible. Just do not tank her Q and passive AA head on and she will be forced to recall. When she gets her shield at either level 2-3, start baiting her . Same tactic as vs Shen. Just last hit creeps that was really close to her champion, then start harassing her. Her shield has a longer cooldown than so you should be able to get at least 1 shot into her after she wastes her

Difficulty : 7/10

Tips: A pretty hard lane to win. Focus on outfarming her using auto attack and Q. Against good Shyvana, she WILL be too tanky to out trade and will just be a waste of mana. So win in CS, and to deny her any kills she attempts solo.

Difficulty : 8/10

Tips: One of the hardest match ups you will ever face. If Jax started Doran's shield, do not even try to out trade him. Instead, just out farm him and keep a ward up in tri. Always backoff when he uses E, and use to disengage. His E will dodge and he will generally punish you even more when hes level 6. Just try to keep him in lane, and support your team using

Difficulty : 7/10

Tips:Again two big Wukongs. Wukong will either be easy to trade and squishy...or too tanky to trade and punish you if you attempt to trade. Just make sure you do not waste mana harassing his clone, and when he uses clone or goes into a bush, it is a probable sign that he is prepare to initiate on you. Possibly with his jungler. Just remember Wukong lacks any slows/stuns, so do not be afraid to use just to heal during trades. Just be cautious of jungler CC, his ultimate at level 6.

Difficulty : 9/10

Tips: One of the most common top laners you will face will be Renekton. This is a relatively hard match up, not impossible though. At level 1, trading is possible. However, at level 2-3 do not attempt trades. If he goes in on you using his E, just his W stun and AA + before backing off or apply more pressure while his W and E are down. At level 6, his ultimate will make him nearly impossible to solo, so just sit watch for ganks. If necessary let that top tower fall, instead of dropping him 3-4 kills.
Difficulty : 4/10

Tips: Personally have not seen many Aatroxes. In any case, its another easy win as long as you watch his passive. When he goes in on your with his aerial dive, will allow you to trade midair, but not move. He will generally be squishy and you should be able to outrade easily. Just do not let him sustain himself by using his W's heal part.

Difficulty : 5/10

Tips: As long as you dodge his Q, you have nothing to worry about until 6. At level 6, just be sure to keep your health pool relatively high (about 75%+) to avoid being pressured from his Q W R combo. Early game, try not to let him heal by farming with his passive.

Difficulty : 8/10

Tips: One of the harder match ups again...Her human Q and spider Q both scale off %. So rushing a sheen will allow you to out trade her. Also be sure to get a Spectre's Cowl as it will help you survive her burst. Make sure you save your to get out of her human E cocoon.

Difficulty : 6/10

Tips: Now this match up and either be easy, or be brutal. At level 1, Fiora will most likely take Q first. In case she takes W first, make sure to waste her shield by faking a Q harass by last hitting a creep before trading. Her W's passive gives her a TON of AD, so just be careful when trading and punish her for retreating after blowing her spells. At level 6 try not to fight her, unless you have a huge advantage, or her ignite is down. This will allow you to use to heal a grand amount of hp and win the trade off.

Difficulty : 6/10

Tips: Against Pantheon, your best bet will be to trade him early at level 1. Pantheons usually take either spear shot, or aegis first. Either way, you should be able to outtrade him at level 1 with . From levels 1-4 you'll want to zone Pantheon. His only harass with be his Q (and won't be a problem since its only level 1-2). If he tries to initiate on you with his W + E combo you can and then walk around Pantheon. This will allow you to dodge his Heartseeker strike.
In any case you fail to zone Pantheon, he will probably outharass you with Q and pressure you with his aegis and W. being maxed first should keep your hp high, and prevent him from killing you.

Difficulty : 8/10

Tips: The strategy here depends on how Irelia plays. At level 1 your best bet is again to outtrade and zone her. She has absolutely no harass levels 1-3, and will be forced to fight you or lose cs. If you do not have a large lead on her, just focus on winning in CS, instead of forcing a kill. Her upkeep is exceptional when she gets her ultimate.
However you should be able to make a lot bigger impact in team fights with a 3k+ gold advantage.

Jarvan IV
Difficulty : 5/10

Tips: This match up will most likely be a stalemate. Most Jarvans start with a Doran's Shield, if he does I would recommend not attempt a kill unless he gives it to you. He will win most of the duels because of his passive, and level 2 E+Q escape. The best thing to do in stalemate situations is to just simply out farm him. When he hits level 6, either keep your hp high enough so he cannot burst you, have flash ready, or hover around tower to prevent his ult.

Lee Sin
Difficulty : 8/10

Tips: With a good Lee Sin, he will probably be too tanky to trade and run circles around you. Even at level 1, trading will be disadvantageous. Just dodge his Q's and when he goes in to last hit do not get hit by his E. If you know he is squishy, you can try harassing with Q. This is a pretty hard lane to win so just focus on farming.

Difficulty : 8/10

Tips: Another hard lane top. Yorick is pretty damn effective at making your skills not too useful. At level 1, if Yorick is too tanky to trade then you'll want to play defensive and farm with . If you still want to trade him then beware of his ghouls. They do a lot of damage which adds up if you just tank all 3 ghouls + him. Basically to trade, you'll want his W ghoul to be off, and out range him by harassing with . This way, his Q ghoul will not be actively on you and his E ghoul has a shorter range than . To win this lane you'll want to coordinate with your jungler to take him down since he does not have any hard escapes other than his slow from W.

-MORE MATCHUPS ON THE WAY. I will probably not hit every champion, so if anyone wants to know tips for a particular match up leave a comment!
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Thanks to jhoijhoi

Crazy guide dude, and using your pre-writ codes saved me a lot of time in typing out all the code myself while making this.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author brian1234132
brian1234132 Gangplank Guide
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Gangplank : The Omnipotent (SOLO TOP) [S4]

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