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League of Legends Build Guide Author Grayross

Graycross's Offtank Necronomicon

Grayross Last updated on December 18, 2011
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Bah, Humbug!

I'm making this so that I have a place to record my travels in the world of Offtanking, there is nothing more to see here, move along.....


Two Offtanks is a better team addition than 1 Tank, full tanks are no longer a must-have in my mind, why can't others realize this as well? This is really starting to get annoying, people seem more set upon picking 2 AD's 2 AP's and a Tank as opposed to trying to choose strong lanes..... "Oh, we'll just throw Amumu top and hope he can outlane Olaf...."

A champ played as an Offtank always ends up being more helpful to the team than its Non-Offtank counterpart.

Offtanking works on so many different champs..... Let the testing begin!

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I played some games with him during one of his free weeks, and let me say, I was impressed. The sheer amount of disruption this guy can put out with his ult and Randuin's is astounding, Hes's also capable of some impressive damage once he gets his Trinity Force up and Atma's just sends things through the roof.

Alternative Builds:

- Ninja Tabi is a good boots choice for AD heavy teams.
- Infinity Edge Makes a good end game item.
- Force of Nature should be taken before or after the Atma's based on the need.
- Negatron Cloak Buy early to counter magic-heavy teams, buy after Trinity.
-On TT take Ignite instead of Teleport

Start with the appropriate choice:

Cloth Armor + 5 Pots /// Rejuvenation Bead + 4 Pots and 1 Ward
Boots of Speed + 4 Pots /// Doran's Shield


-Remember to AA before a Crushing Blow as it will reset you AA timer, increasing your DPS.
-Using Nimbus Strike---> AA---> Crushing Blow---> Decoy Can lead to high damage on the target and a clean getaway.
-Drop a Decoy on top of the caster minions and follow up with a Nimbus Strike as your primary AOE farm method
-At the start of a team fight use Cyclone followed by the active on Randuin's Omen, in order to maximize your usefulness in a teamfight - try to catch as many enemies in the AOE's as possibile.

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Off-tank Sion.... Dear god I love this guy, he's gotta be one of the most fun champs for me to play at the moment, his win condition seems to revolve around getting Randiun's Omen and then proceeding to roflstomp.

Alternative Builds:

- Mercury's Treads For AP/CC heavy teams
- Phantom Dancer Can be taken instead of the Atma's if you need to "carry"
- Force of Nature Can be taken at the end of the build to counteract strong magic users
- Wriggle's Lantern Taken instead of IE in situations where IE isn't a "possibility"
- Guardian Angel Taken after the Spirit Visage for a more tanky build.
-On TT take Ignite instead of Teleport

Start with the appropriate choice:

Null-Magic Mantle + 2 Pots /// Boots of Speed + 4 Pots
-A Doran's Ring can be taken as a starting item to trick you opponent into counterbuilding wrong.


-Use Death's Caress to block damage from skills like Alpha Strike or Parrrley
-Using Flash---> Cryptic Gaze Can be used to initiate a teamfight or catch an enemy carry off-guard.
- Cannibalism can be used to regen your health in lane when you get low.
-LAST HIT! This is key, level up Enrage and last hit as much as possible in order to get your HP up

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Yeah, I know, I'm a nutjob....

But I don't care, this is something I'm testing right now and so far it's worked REALLY well, Offtank Nidalee works for these reasons:

-Good base skills (doesn't need to many stats for good damage)
-Attack speed buff (Lets her get high attackspeed with little item effort)
-Passive resistances from Aspect Of The Cougar

Alternative Builds:

- Mercury's Treads if you think you need the MR or if the enemy team has enough CC to warrant them
- Atma's Impaler Great end game item
-On Dominion, Start with a Sheen then Boots2 then pick up with the build again at the Heart of Gold, of course skipping the now irrelevant boots purchase
- Doran's Ring an OK alternative starting item, it slows down your build a bit though and we need to get to that Randuin's Omen hella fast.
- Mana Manipulator Take this is you have to go support a carry on bot, after this get your Heart of Gold then Boots2 then pick up where you left off at the Rod of Ages

-Counterbuilding in Solo top is, in my opinion, not as important with Nidalee as it is with some other champs, this is because Nidalee can spend most of her time in lane staying far away from the opposing solo top thusly making it harder for her to take damage from the other, generally more melee oriented solo top champs.
-Take Exhaust instead of Flash on TT and Dominion

- Pounce jumps in the direction you are facing, remember this so you don't end up pouncing in the wrong direction
-Save Takedown for low HP targets
- Pounce---> Swipe is an effective farming method
- Pounce can be used to position yourself in a teamfight for the use of Randuin's Omen
-Use Bushwhack to keep you safe from enemy ganks, or place them in a choke to make your enemies take damage if they try to go through that way.

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Tadah, that's it.... Whatever you read here is what I've figured out through ruthless experimentation and a complete lack of anything better to do. Feel free to vote this guide up if you enjoy seeing what I manage to figure out or vote it down if you couldn't care less, I personally, am ambivilent to your choice as I'm just using this so I don't forget how to play these champs. That being said, I will update this sporadically with more champs and such, as well as adding other sections.



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