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Hecarim Build Guide by Cow guru7

Hecarim: The shadow in the jungle

Hecarim: The shadow in the jungle

Updated on April 22, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cow guru7 Build Guide By Cow guru7 6,195 Views 5 Comments
6,195 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Cow guru7 Hecarim Build Guide By Cow guru7 Updated on April 22, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Hi everyone

Welcome to my first guide on mobafire.

In this guide I'll tell you how that I build Hecarim, .
I'll give reasons for the items, runes, masteries and summoner spells that i choose on Hecarim. Please do not down vote this guide before even trying out this build.
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Pros / Cons

First of all, lets have a look why that you should use hecarim instead of other characters


Very strong ganks
Fast clearing times
Nice sustain
Stays strong throughout the whole game
Fast movement speed
With E and R he can get out of almost every nasty situation
He's an undead centaur!


Needs to get close to deal damage
Vulnerable to CC
Has a my little pony quote!
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Summoner Spells

My choice of summoner spells is pretty straightforward.

Smite is a must-have if you are jungling, it helps you kill creeps, and later on you can secure or even steal baron or dragon with it.

Ghost is good on Hecarim because of his passive Warpath. as a result, it doesn't only give you a big boost to your speed, it also increases your damage output by quite a bit.


Flash: Is always a reasonable summoner spell, it can save you in some situation that ghost couldn't. but it doesn't boost your ad, and you already can get over walls in an emergency with your ultimate.

Cleanse: If you are truly worried about cc, you can get this

Exhaust: Can be good for chasing people down, or shutting down a carry in a team fight.

Ignite: If no one else in your team has it. it can help against champions like Dr. Mundo, Sion and Vladimir. it can help your first gank succeed sometimes.


Heal can help you in a small amount of situations, but seriously, ghost would have gotten you out of those situations just as wel.

Revive Perhaps if you want to go and troll

Surge i think ghost increases your damage output more, and it gives movement speed.

Teleport is a wonderful spell, but as a jungler, with very high mobility, it hasn't got nearly as much use.

Clarity Not even an explanation here

Promote, yeah, you'll see lots of siege minions to promote in the jungle.

Clairvoyance you're not a support!
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My masteries are 9/21/0

I'll give an explanation on each mastery:


Summoners wrath for a boost on ghost

Brute Force adds a nice bit of ad, it's better than the other choices for this spot at least

Alacrity for increased jungling speeds and because it is a requirement for Weapon Expertise

Weapon Expertise 10% armour penetration? that is a large amount!


Summoners resolve For the extra 5 gold on smite

Hardiness helps going through the jungle, and the armor is nice throughout the whole game

Tough Skin keeps you alive in the jungle and is a requirement for Bladed Armor

Durability makes you nice and tanky

Indomitable if you are thinking that Evasion or Honor Guard is better, think again, the amount of damage they both prevent is a lot smaller, the only exception is against an ap nuker

Veteran's Scars you'll be happy when you get out of a nasty situation with only 25 hp

Bladed Armor really nice mastery for jungling

Initiator more movement speed, and also more ad!

Enlightenment not so much for Rampage but it's worth it for Devastating Charge Onslaught of Shadows and Spirit of Dread

Juggernaut great boost to your health, and it has a cc reduction, which is also good as hecarim is week to cc
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These are the runes which I take with a few other choices:

My choice

greater mark of desolation this mark is probably the most uses mark on ad characters, it increases your damage output more than just flat ad runes.

other choices:

Greater Mark of Attack Speed for increased jungle speeds, but his jungle speeds are already pretty fast

My choice

Greater Seal of Armor you'll probably get beaten up hard in the jungle if you don't get these

other choices:
none really... he really needs Greater Seal of Armor!

My choice

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist I aren't that sure about this one, as they did just get nerfed, if you think a different one works better feel free to say so. I took per level because you won't be getting constant magic damage until later into the game, and then these glyphs give better magic resist than Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

other choices:

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist if you go and do early ganks at mid i guess you could take these.


my choice:

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed its good on lot of champions, but on hecarim it also boosts his ad, plus it helps getting around them map.

other choices:

Greater Quintessence of Health never bad quintessences, makes you feel pro when you escape on a slither of health

greater quintessence of desolation if you need even more damage i guess you could get these.
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My item build:

Start with

then get a philosopher's stone as soon as possible

afterwards you should get then a and then upgrade your into

after getting your damage output will be nice and high. If you are having difficulty getting it, get a if you plan on getting a or a if you plan on getting a for a bit more bulkiness while building offense.

so time to build tanky, depending on who on the opponent team is fed get a or a

Time to upgrade your philosopher's stone into a

for your last item it's your own choice, I'd suggest getting a good offensive item like:
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Jungling route

This is my current jungle route:

(no images yet I'll get them up as soon as i can)

Start at the blue golem, get a pull if you can, it helps a lot.
just keep spamming your Q, and then smite it when it's under 490 hp

Afterwards you should go to the wolves, but you'll have your W, FIRST use W, and then Q.

same for the wraiths as for the wolves

don't go straight for the lizard. First kill the double golems

Now you can kill the lizard, your smite should be back. Remember to use smite while your W is up, it gives a big heal.

Right now is the perfect time to go and gank somewhere. If not, repeat until you can gank someone or until it is a good idea to recall.

just continue doing this until small teamfights and skirmishes start occurring. Then you should start joining in with them.
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Tips and tricks

A few tips which you'll probably know most of already. But you never know, you might see something you didn't know before here.

Keep those stacks on Rampage! If you use it without the stacks, you could actually say that your damage output is halved, because of the cooldown being doubled.

If you happen to walk past a few minions while ganking a lane, feel free to use them to add to your stacks of Rampage before you are attacking them, it can make the difference between getting a kill and having them escape on a tiny amount of health.

Spirit of Dread heals 30% of ALL damage dealt in the area, so not only your own. so when you activate it try and stay in the middle of the teamfight.

Always have Spirit of Dread up when you use smite.

when chasing someone with Devastating Charge, be sure that you get in front of them before you attack them, otherwise you're helping them escape by pushing them away.

try and place Onslaught of Shadows in the opposite direction you want people to run to, they will always run away from you.

using Onslaught of Shadows over walls to escape or surprise attack is a good idea.

Try not to run over people, finish Onslaught of Shadows on them. It increases the damage a lot.
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Hall of fame

If you got a good score with this guide, post it and i might put it up here!

to start things off, one from me:
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This guide has made you a professional Hecarim player
go and win some games, and remember to have fun!

But anyway, thanks for reading my guide and always remember that

''Their souls beg for release!''

League of Legends Build Guide Author Cow guru7
Cow guru7 Hecarim Guide
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Hecarim: The shadow in the jungle

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