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Hecarim Build Guide by Hoers

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hoers

Hoers' Hecarim guide (solo/jungle/ap)(In progress)

Hoers Last updated on October 19, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 1

Honor Guard

Defense: 21

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 8

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Before checking builds, read this!

Builds i showed are MY PERSONAL BUILDS and they arent sacred. Feel free to modify item sequence/whole build if you wish.

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Hi, im Hoers (friends call me like that because everytime im playing hecarim, im shouting on ts "IMA HOERS!" :)) and this is my very first mobafire guide. Why wanted to make hecarim guide? Because there are no really good guides for him and i want to share my experiences about best jungler in LoL. :D

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Who is Hecarim?

Hecarim is high mobility jungler or solo laner, good at mobile fighting, dealing huge physical damage and clearing big waves of creeps. He has huge tanking, carrying and initiating potential.
Hes main damage sources are Rampage and Trinity Force.

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[*] One of strongest lategame champs
[*] Three AoE abilities
[*] Two initiating abilities
[*] Tons of damage if built well. (All rights to: Phreak)


[*] Insane mobility
[*] Very strong heal ability
[*] Can cast abilities without interrupting movement
[*] Snowballs extremely fast

[*] Very build dependant
[*] Vunerable to counterjungling
[*] Slows kill him
[*] Isanely hard to master

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For jungle heca, i take 1/21/8 masteries, grabbing uppgraded ghost in offense, basic jungle masteries, cooldown reduction, bonus movement speed and disables reduction in defense and movement in utility.
Why Enlightenment ? Yeah, it does get partially wasted but it grants you some early cooldown... Hec's early is very weak, so we need to improove it.
For lane heca,i take 9/12/9, grabbing uppgraged ghost, attack speed, ad and attack penetration in offense to counter my early low damage, armor, magic resist and health in defense and movement speed in utility.
Ap setup, focusing damage, manaregen and improving summoner speels.

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Greater mark of desolation X9
+1.66 armor penetration
Hecarim is not autoatack reliant and hes abilities deal mostly physical damage - ArPen greatly improves your damage output.
+1.44 armor
Armor is a MUST on junglers. So pick them .;)
00.15 magic resist per level
Casters' damage increases with lelevel? SO DO MINE MAGIC RESIST!
You can switch these for:

  • Greater Glyph of Warding X9
    +1.34 magic resist
  • Greater Glyph of Resilience X9
    +0.7 armor
    Take these if you have problems sustainging yourself on your first clear.


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Summoner Spells

Best summoner spells

+35% movement speed for 10 seconds.
This is your core summoner spell. If you're not taking Ghost with yout - you're doing it wrong. Even if you're AP Heca.

445-870 true damage to enemy minion or neutral monster.
A must have for junglers. If you are jungling without smite... Just nc then.

Reduces target enemy MS by 40%, attack damage dealt by 70% and ability&item damage by 35% for 2,5 seconds.
Very good spell for hecarim. You have naturally high mobility - adding ability to cripple your enemies mobility is devastating.
Good summoner spells

Restores 100-570 health to you and half of the vaule to nearby allies.
You don't need heal - you have your own healing ability. But it is still viable.

Removes all disables from your champion and lowers duration of incoming disables by 65% for 3 seconds.
Slows cripple you, yeah? And cleanse removes ccs, yeah? So why not cleanse?

Deals 70-410 true damage over 5 seconds and applies grevious wound.
More dmg is always viable.

Moves your champion to target location
You don't really need it ( works better than flash and has shorter cd), but take it if you wish.

Worst summoner spell in whole game. Dont even dare to pick it.

You're not :)

You just can't benefit from it.

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Ability explanation and sequence

Warpath (Passive)
That's mostly what makes Hecarim Hecarim.

  • Allows you to negate unit collision
  • Gives you AD euqal to 10%/12,5%/15%/17,5%/20%/22,5%/25% your Movement Speed
Your bread and butter skill and main source of damage.
  • Upon activation deals 50/85/120/155/190 + 0.6 per 1 AD physical damage in circle arround of you. (2/3 damage to minions)
  • If Ramapage hits an enemy, Hecarim gains stack of Rampage. One stack of ramapge reduces Rampages' cooldown by 1 second. (max 2 stacks)
  • Pick Rampage at level 1(2 if AP) level and max it first. (max last if AP)
Spirit of Dread (W)
Your only sustain ability.
  • Deals 20/31,25/42,5/53,75/65 +0.2 per 1 AP each second for 4 seconds (total 80/125/170/215/260 + 0,8 per 1 AP magic damage
  • Heals Hecarim for 10/15/20/25/30% of damage dealt to enemies in range of ability (max 60/90/120/150/180 hp from minions)
  • Pick rampage at level 2 and 3 and max it second( Levels 1,3,4 and max first if AP)

Devastating Charge (E)
Your first initiating and ganking skill.
  • Increases your Movement Speed by up to 75% over 3 seconds (more MS each second)
  • If hecarim will do an auto attack during Devastating Charge, the attack will deal bonus 40/75/110/145/180 +0.5 per 1 AD - 80/150/220/290/360 + your AD physical damage (Damage depends on distance traveled) and adds a knockack effect to it.
  • Pick Devastating Charge at level 4 and max it third (second if AP)
Onslaught of Shadows (R)
Your Ultimate and second ganking&initiating skill.
  • Deals 100/200/300 +0,8 per 1 AP magic damage in line in front of Hecarim
  • Hecarim charges to target location, deals 50/125/200 +0,4 per 1 AP magic damage and terrifies enemies who suffered the bonus damage (terrified enemy tries to increase dinstanse between him and Hecarim)
  • Its your ultimate, so pick it at level 6,11 and 16

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Tips and tricks

  • If you are low, try to activate this ability right before your caster's combo - you will heal at least 1/3 of your hp bar.
  • You can use Smite combined with Spirit of Dread to instantly heal yourself.
  • When you will see a mate being chased by single or two enemies - try to knockback one of chasers from your mate and maybye kill chasers.
  • Always proc Devastating Charge IN YOUR ENEMY'S BACK. ALWAYS.
  • Always try to interrupt channeled abilities like Death Lotus using the cc part.

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Jungle route

One of Hec's weakness is the fact, he just CANT gank pre 4. ( if someone will manage to do so, post a link in comment, i will add it)
Here is the jungle route:
Blue buff ( Smite, get pull) -> wolfes (keep Rampage stacks) -> wraiths -> red , (keep Rampage stacks) -> golems (keep Rampage stacks, Smite) -> wraiths -> wolves -> Buy Boots of Swiftness and gank lane.

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Core Items


Yeah, gp5 items ARE core on Hecarim. Why?
  • You can use effectively every single gp5 item in game
  • You need gold income when you're not ganking or jungling
Philosopher's Stone
+10 hp/5 +8 mana/5 +5gp/10
Your first and best gp5 item. Generates hp and mana + builds into Shurelyas.

+200 hp +5gp/10
Second possible gp5 item for you. Builds into Randuin's.

+12% crit chance +5gp/10
Third of your pissible gp5 items. Builds into youmuu and is cheap.

+90 MS
The boots of move fast. You like them, because they make you move fast
Shurelya's Reverie
330 hp 15 hp/5 10 mana/5
15% CDR
UNIQUE active: Huuuge ms boost for ganking power
  • Regenerates your hp and mp in very fast rate.
  • 15% cooldown (as hecarim, you want to reach 40% always.)
  • Movement speed bonus( GANKING POWA!)

+25 AP, +250 mana
UNIQUE active : Adds 100% of your base ad to your next autoattack after casting ability.
Hecarim with boots and this item can kill everyone. Greatly increases your damage output.
Always try to proc it as often as you can, even if this will delay your

30 AP, 30 AD, 30 AS, 15 Crit chance,
250 HP, 250 mana, 12% MS, improoved (150%) sheen pasive, improoved Phage passive.
  • Sheen
  • Movement speed
  • Slow
    Thats everything you want as hecarim! A MUST HAVE IN EVERY SINGLE BUILD (switch for lich bane if you're going AP)

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Choosing boots!

Enchanted movement 3.
The boots of move fast.
Best early game boots because of overall ganking power and bonus ad.
However, they loose power lategame when you have more movement speed form tri-force and other MS items.

Enchanted movement 2, 5 if you're out of combat for 5 seconds.
They have limited use because you will loose 3 tiers of movement after attacking enemy - pick them only if you wont build Shurelya's or Youmuu

+25 magic resist and 35 tenacity
Best boots in game and best lategame boots for Hecarim. Magic resist is really usefull and tenacity will save your life very often.

+25 armor, 10% AA damage reduction
Very situational pick. Overall, they are worse than Mercury's Treads, but if you are against heavy damage dealers like Tryndamere or Nasus (or even laning versus them), Tabi can save your hoersy ***.

+20 magic penetartion
Viable choice on ap hecarim. 20 mpen can really improve your damage. However, consider buying Ionian Boots of Lucidity if you dont have much CDR in your build.

+25% attack speed
Absolutely useless boots. Hecarim isnt auto-attack reliant, so they wont do anything.

15% cooldown reduction
Possibly best boots for AP pony.

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Item build explanations and their roles


This build is PURE GANKING POWER AND DAMAGE, reducing survivality to minimum - we need to survive in jungle.
Your role in team is : Following your tanks initiation and making "secondary intiation", quickly bursting down enemy carry and running to your team.

Boots of move fast. Early damage and ganking power.
Shurelya's Reverie
First cdr item, more ganking power and regeneration.

Second cdr item (we have 30% + masteries at this moment), more damage and ganking power)

Mix of some hp and insane damage.

More movement speeed (AD!) and some as to utilize it.

Your crits now do 250% damage! And you have 100% crit chance. Isnt that amazing?

Offtank 1

This build is bassically "something went wrong" assasin build : If your enemies suddenly became strong (eg. nasus)- switch for offtank 1 and survive.
These two items are only two differences between carry and offtank 1 build:

This item gives you amazing passive and active, overall strong deffensive stats vs ad champions and 5% cdr. YOU LIKE CDR.

Movement speed increases your damage and magic resist + hp regen gives you more time to dish out damage.

Offtank 2

Offtank 2 hecarim is initiatior and team leader - you should initiate (genius), deffend own carry and attack enemy carry.

Early game ganking power.
shurelya's reverie
Cooldown, ganking power and regeneration

Tons of damage (Rights: Phreak)

Amazing aura for your team, 20% cooldown and much armor to make Randuin's Omen's passive last longer
Magic resist and movement speed (AD!)
Your late game boots. Get them after buying FON

Amazing active, nice passive and 5% cooldown. Combination of this and frozen heart can win every single teamfight.

Solo top/ twisted treeline

Full build for solotop is actually same as offtank 2, but you're focusing more early survivality.

Ap Mid

Ap heca does two things : Follows initiation and nukes whole enemy team (W+R) and after that, takes role of physical dps via lich bane.

Magic pen = damage. Core boots for most casters.

This item offers cdr (cdr = win) and huge single target nuke.

Your main item. After popping your W and R, you want to proc Lich as often as possible for insane damage.

Gives ap and increases your ap by 30%. MUST HAVE.

Survivality vs magic damage to be able to proc Lich Bane more times and ap + aura for damage.

Survivality vs ad, cooldown and aura for team.

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Situational items : defense

VS magical:

Shield and increased ad from passive can make your live last much longer. Trust me.

Buy it if enemy team has nukers like Annie or Veigar - spellshield can deny their whole combo.

Great item if enemy has very strong cc like Wither or crystalized crystal arrow
VS physical:

I dont really recomment this item - get this only if enemy has super hard auto attack champions like Tryndamere or Master Yi

VS both:

Zilean's ulti and much armor and magic resist in one item.

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Situational items : offense

100 ad with full stacks means tons of damage via q and auto attacks. But there's more! With this item, you will receive heal based on damage done by your auto attacks! Combine that with overall damage-done scaling heal on Spirit of Dread! Such an awesome item!

Great item if enemy team is stacking armor - 40% armor penetration is huge number.

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Do not get

The tanky part of hecarim = great resistances and ability to heal incredible amount of health by your Spirit of Dread - Warmog's Armor does'nt support any of these.

Hecarim doesnt scale with health (see: warmog's), the bonus ad is weak and other source of slow, Trinity Force is your core, so you already have slow.

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You need to accomplish five steps to make a succesfull gank.

  • 1 : Find a lane where you can see: overextending enemy or low health mate.
  • 2 : Position yourself OUT OF enemy ward vision range (ask if the lane is warded)
  • 2,5 : If there is low hp mate, ask him to engage and cc enemy
  • 3 : Pop your Devastating Charge and shurelya's reverie ( Youmuu's Ghostblade if you bouth it) and land attack on your enemy's back
  • 4 : Start fighting your enemy, spamming your Rampage all the time.
  • 4,5 If you will get low on health, use Spirit of Dread
  • 5 : Chase your enemy untill he will burn summoner spell or die
Possible warding places:

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When and how to lane

About picking hec: Basically, he pwns most meele champions because of he's passive and 175 attack range and gets owned by ranged chamions, who can easilly harras him in lane. So, use him as a counterpick for meele solotops.

Your main task during laning phase is to FARM! YEAH, YOU HAVE TO FARM! AFK farm. Untill you will get your Philso and Heart of Gold. After getting them, try to harrass your enemy, maybye even engage. But remember : your early game is very weak and your damage without Sheen is low.

Important thing you have to remember is : YOU CAN PASS TROUGH MINIONS! Use this to dodge skillshots and harras your enemy (you can walk trough minion wave, hit your enemy with edge of your q and an autoattack and just run away)

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Thanks for reading my Hecarim guide!
Leave a comment, rate and tell me what do you want me to add to the guide.
Happy clopcloping! :)

Ps. I wrote really not much informations about lane and ap hecarim - im still testing and inventing new ways and trick about playing them. You will see more about these two hec's aspects soon.