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Ezreal Build Guide by JadedTombstone

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JadedTombstone

How Do You Play Your Ezreal? REWORKED

JadedTombstone Last updated on October 14, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Things To Note Before Reading Guide Or Using Build


-Builds are (in order) Hybrid, AD, AP, Armor Shredder/Sniper, Dominion, Hybrid 2

-You Should have higher ability power when you finish build in a game due to Archangel's and Rabadon's.

-Ezreal depends on skillshots. Like So if you cannot aim don't use ezreal

-Ezreal is a very fun champ and i main him. Some may not approve with my usual build (hybrid) so i added AP and AD builds i use for ezreal.

-If you play AP ezreal, Lich bane is a MUST, his Q worthless without it.

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Hello, welcome to my Ezreal guide.

In this guide, i will explain items, runes, masteries, and gameplay styles i use with ezreal. Ezreal is known as a AD or a AP carry. But most importantly, a hybrid. Ezreal is more viable in normal play than ranked, due to the fact people are usually smarter and ezreal makes a pretty efficient AD carry and with swift fingers and keen eyes, he can easily be fed early game.

Ezreal is used as a AD carry in high ELO rank games. Usual core items for a high elo Ezreal user are a Trinity Force , a BloodThirster , and a Last Whisper


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About Ezreal

Ezreal consists of one CORE ITEM that is a must for ezreal.

This item increases the damage of ezreal's Q and provides some nice mana and AP.

AND both rely on this which are needed on ezreal depending on which style you play him.

-Great Kiting
-Amazing Early Game
-High Burst
-Very Fun
-No Wrong Way To Build Him
-Very good at 1v1s
-Global Ultimate
-Built in flash
-Attack speed Debuff
-Passive increases Ezreal's attack speed
-Ultimate i very useful in teamfights

If You Mid Lane You Are Superior Against, You Can Either Kite Them Well OR Have Higher Burst:

-Very Squishy
-Slow Base Move Speed
-No Form Of CC
-Hard To Use
-Late Game Gets A Little Rusty

If You Mid Lane, These Characters Can Counter You Easily, But Doesn't Mean You Can't Own Them:

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Summoner Spells


very useful for getting away after using

beautiful whenever you can use the Flash + Arcane Shift combo

Great for early game kills

Use to snipe people running away

Great for pushing, getting to a turret, getting away, ganking, or using a teleport to turret combo for a skillful kill when a enemy is on your turret.

OK spells

Good for 1v1's and getting away

helps for team fights if your AD/hybrid

helps getting out of tight situations


Ezreal is a awful jungler. Squishy, No forms of CC. Attacks cant hit multiple minions. And no heal. Would not recommend it unless you tried it before in custom games and have a rune page full of HP and armor.

This is your Tanks/Supports job

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Masteries and Runes

Hybrid-Based on Magic Pen. and Armor Pen. and cooldown+mana regen for ability spamming

AD-Arm Pen. Attack Speed and Mana Regen all help with Ezreal's Q and passive

AP-Magic Pen, Cooldown and Mana Regen.

Dominion-Try to focus like AD runes, but add swiftness quints.

Armor Shredder-Like AD, But Quints are Arm Pen.

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What Role Am I?

Each style you play him has a different set of core items. Finding your playstyle can be difficult. Trying a varied selection of builds can help you build your Ezreal in your favor.




-On The Move-
Deciding what boots you take can be very game changing. Depending on your team comp, your role, and your enemy team, you will need to decide what boots are for you.

Personally, i love these boots. I use them nearly on every character. These can be used if your having difficulties being faster than your enemies to kite.

Typical choice for the AD carry Ezreal. Gives a 25% attack speed bonus.

Possibly one of the most useful sets of boots in the game. 25 Magic Resist and 35 Tenacity will keep you away from a high Mage/CC team. Positioning is your friend with these.

Typical choice for the AP carry Ezreal. Gives 20 magic penetration.

-Self Defense-
Choosing your defensive item depends on the enemy team composition. If your building hybrid you most likely wont have room for this. Mercury tread's can always help, as well as the health bonus and mana bonus from your Trinity Force .

Very useful defensive item, good for defending yourself against mages and blocking initiators from teamfights. The health bonus and mana bonus also help. Using this with your mercury tread's will give you the upper hand in situations.

Good item. Used for protecting yourself again heavy ad and ap teams. And if you ever die, you have a chance to quickly escape.

Also good against heavy AP teams. Pick up one of these if you find yourself getting one shotted by Veigar

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Where do i go.

Usually, as a AD carry in ranked you will be playing as the bottom lane ranged ad. A support usually will accompany you. He can also play as mid.

Janna is usually a good support for ezreal, extra damage, a shield, a knockup, a slow, a speed increase for you, and if your ever in deep trouble, she can simply just use to get you to safety.

AP carry ezreal will be put into mid in ranked, but be warned as your team may not appreciate your style of play. AP ezreal was killed a long time ago, even though he is viable, ranked teams usually don't like to see him.

Playing hybrid ezreal is usually for fun, try using hybrid in normals. You can take any lane. I would not try hybrid ezreal unless your team is prepared for it and you have a good stand against the other team.

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Tips and Tricks.

Ok. Now that you have your basics let's move onto some tips that i will share.

Farming with Mystic Shot is very effective. Upon claiming 5 stacks in Rising Spell Force will allow you to rip through minions.

AP ezreal has no form of farming. You have been warned.

Don't save Trueshot Barrage until after teamfights. Please, use it in the middle of the fight.

Use Mystic Shot and to face check bushes.

Using clairvoyance will allow you to steal enemy buffs and monsters with Trueshot Barrage .

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Ezreal Gameplay

This guide should give a good description on how to play and use ezreal properly.

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Good Luck

Hope my guide helped you. Leave feedback and tell me how you did with the build. And i will be updating this guide soon with tips, extra information and whenever ezreal becomes buffed or nerfed.