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Ezreal Build Guide by Plezzygar

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Plezzygar

How to win life with no map (Updated 6.13)

Plezzygar Last updated on June 29, 2016
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Threats to Ezreal with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Jinx A really easy lane matchup, you can dodge her w and stay out of her rocket poke and dish out q's, however after lane phase into the mid game she scales way harder so try and make sure you punish early
Ashe Similar to jinx, you outrange her and out poke in lane as long as you don't allow her to get her slow applied and chase for serious damage. Also outscales, but you can easily dodge that arrow
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Hello, I am CFG DirtyDom, a Diamond Ezreal main in legend league pc edition. We will be discussing the new updates for 5.22 and many of the adc changes and now we can have Ezreal be a way more viable champion who can win games. Ezreal is a very odd champ in that he's either extremely in the meta or just out, yet somehow finding his way in competitive play often and a popular pick for solo queue. I have played a lot of games on Ezreal and will be showing you how we can make him a winner across all elo of ranked or just a better way to have fun. By the end of this guide if you are not out of bronze, silver, or gold, but i will take responsibility for i have failed as a teacher. Without further introduction, lets begin with this amazing guide to pounding the noobs.

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Pros / Cons

Even a god has flaws

+ Great attack speed steroid passive with Rising Spell Force
+ Excellent mid game poke
+ Great wave clear with Trueshot Barrage
+ Great for taking objectives with Essence Flux
+ You do not require the assistance of using a map
+ Amazing mid game
+ Potentially high burst for an ad carry
+ One of the best blinks in the game
- Outscaled by most adc's
- Gets snowballed on very hard
- Skillshot based
- Extremely vulnerable when Arcane Shift is down
- Very squishy
- Extremely mana hungry early

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Ranked Play/Winning the game

Pre Requisites

Warming up- I know most of you if you are below plat like to simply jump into the game and save as much time as they can by jumping right into that solo queue with their favorite friend etc... but i would suggest doing the following
- Checking your ping in a custom game
- Making sure your mouse/keyboard settings are optimal.
- Check your runes and masteries
- Practicing your cs
By doing this, you are making yourself that much less likely to make silly mistakes early on. This is a very important step to ensure your success in your games

Knowing your counters- You don't necessarily need to know off the top of your head all the match ups, as you can look them up. But under pressure of a quick pick you should have a general idea of most of them, you will acquire this skill over time through ranked play, but just as a way to be prepared have a website such as this one avaible at a moments notice to help you out.

Accepting you will not win every game- Whether it is your fault, your friends fault, or your random teammates fault you need to be able to accept it truly isn't possible to win every single game you play, and not rage when this happens, and preferably after a defeat or two get off league and cool down. It will honestly help you a lot!

Champ select, in depth look as an Ezreal main
Counters- Going back to previously mentioned, counters are pretty important and sometimes picking Ezreal can be risky if you get counter picked. So unless you are like 100 percent positive you are better than them, try and see if you can get one of your new teammate amigos to trade for him if you are an early pick.

Synergy with supports/jungle picks- Later in this guide i will list supports that will work well with your kit in lane and late game, as for what you want to look for in a team, you would wish to have cc and AOE to help you land a five man ult and really dish out "tons of damage" in a late game and mid game team fight to help close it all out. An example would be Malphite, or Amumu.

Mid Vs. ADC- You won't always get adc, lets face the fact you can always get kicked out by a higher pick, but if you can still get mid this can also work if you are competent at Ezreal. If you are going to do so make sure you have an ap top, such as Maokai, Ryze, or Vladimir or else you can mess your comp up. He can get more gold from the mid lane and line up his Trueshot Barrage to assist other lanes easier, just ward up more from this lane.

Playing the game!
Laning- Your goals in laning are very similar to every other adc, but with a few unique ways to make it through the laning phase. You should use your Mystic Shot in assisting with your last hitting, and try to keep the wave pushed out from your tower. As Ezreal you have a generally harder time last hitting under your tower without wasting a large amount of mana to use your e to assist in otherwise impossible minions you would miss. Attempt to get an early lane and freeze the lane right before your tower to get a bigger advantage, a good video on how to do this would be this one:

One of the best perks as mentioned before is your amazing blink allowing you to escape ganks fairly easily if it is up, your wards don't need to be incredibly deep but they need to be there. You shouldn't attempt to leave lane until one of the towers is down typically, although there will be exceptions to this rule such as dragon and mid groups. At level 6 you should use your ultimate to clear wave and back to buy some great items and start to scale!

Mid game- Now this is where you get all the girls/guys to fall in love with you and your challenger mechanics (If he/she likes league). Drag fights are extremely important to you if you are behind, or even because you can really pull ahead if you pick off champs and steal drag for your team. Your ult is most useful at this point and is arguably one of the most useful skills in the game by the first or second drag fight as it does great single target damage and can steal the drag or any escaped kills you would otherwise miss out on. The trick is to ult over the drag wall if they are taking it, and e and q right after which will outburst most smites at the time (making sure you have flash and team support with you to follow up) Also if you get a few kills you can force down a tower with your team quickly using your Essence Flux and can even surprise yourself with the AS steroid on it. Need gold and a kill/assist is out of range? You can apply your w on your teammate and it will pad that assist stat nicely and help you finish your items quicker. If you are having difficulty kiting champions such as Irelia or Nasus pick up Blade of the Ruined King as your item after Manamune or Trinity Force.

Late game- As i'm sure many other guides mention at this point in the game Ezreal gets outscaled, but this is abstract technically as superior skill can overcome this. If you land a five man ult in a team fight the impact will be huge, because then the champ riot should nerf Irelia will come through and clean it up. Just remain safe in your positioning and use whatever you can to burst down what you can, don't dive for the carries unless you have a clear peeled path.
Oh, and destroy the nexus that's important.

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Team Work

Being Generous

Lying- Off the topic of Ezreal for a bit again, remember this is a guide to winning too. You need to be able to work with people to get that nexus and defeat the evil that challenges you, the elo ladder. Doing so however you need to remember your teammates are people who have feelings just like you and need to be kept calm and ready at all times. You can do this by lying to them, telling them they are good even when they are not, and telling them their mistake was ok even when it made you throw your mouse out of the window with rage. Trust me, it will make them tilt way less and keep the game winnable for you and them as you progress forward.

Sacrificing kills- Heavens no not to your support, because what do they even do with that? But if you gank your mid laner because they are behind due to pressure on their lane, please try to give them that kill. Because if you don't you are gonna get a very passive aggressive "..." in chat from them. It will make them further discouraged because the lack of gold will keep them from doing more and make them think they are useless, which becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

Teamfighting/Working with a splitpusher
Splitpushing as adc ezreal- Now this one is not suggested from me but is sometimes needed when you have a lead in lane but your team doesn't, and you need to get a hard gold lead. ward in the opposing jungle after the tier one turret is down and tell your support to group mid with the rest of the team. You should ward their buff on that side, as well as the bush closest to their fountain so you can see when they are coming to get to you. one pink ward is suggested if they have a champ such as Evelynn or Shaco so you can be certain of their location if they attempt to assassinate you. I also recommend finishing Blade of the Ruined King so you can kite some of the jungles or supports that go for you. Even if you don't get the tower if you draw two or more opposing champions from your team you have done a great job, hopefully not losing your life. If this fails then there is not much more you can do for your team, and you will have to try your luck grouping with them.

Having a Teleport splitpusher on your team- Champions such as Tryndamere don't have much care for team fighting but just love to destroy top lane, as an adc the lack of a front line top to draw attention from you can leave you as a serious lackluster in teamfights, and you will have to play safe for the most part, staying back and poking with Mystic Shot until they leave to go for him. At this point ping for your Leona or whatever support you have to go for a great engage or try and get an objective, or simply wait for the top laner to flank the enemy with their summoner spell.

A gentleman's guide on team fighting as Ezreal
Kiting- This is pretty much the most important mechanic of being any adc really, i'm not asking that you know how to orbwalk or something sophisticated like that, but just properly use your Mystic Shot cool down reduction and red buff to kite tanks and fighters off of you. Learning to properly use Blade of the Ruined King will make you more potent in team fights and skirmishes. Attack walking is extremely important as well to this, and should be utilized very often. Also don't forget it's a lot easier if you stick with your support, jungler, and top lane typically as these are often your front line peelers. You need not worry about using your Essence Flux when kiting as it can in fact slow you down for even less damage, and is typically not a good trade off to allow the opponent to get close to you, the only abilities you should worry about are Mystic Shot and Arcane Shift , you should use Arcane Shift before Mystic Shot typically as it will reduce the cooldown and ensure a bigger gap between you and your opponent. Also note where your teammates can provide you with abilities such as a Magical Journey or Dark Passage that can provide you with more opportunities to do damage and escape with your map in tact.

Focusing- Whenever your team says "focus _______" this doesn't apply to you 100 percent, as you have a different job. You have to focus down what is coming at you before you even think about going for Teemo, no matter how much you hate him. As i said before unless you have a clear and presented path to kill the enemy that your team wants you to, you should not sacrifice your own life to do it. If you are the more skilled player it is not worth to trade marksman for marksman. You also want to look for a way to land your ult on the majority of them, before getting into the focusing that will make the targets chasing you squishier. Mostly just poke and try to zone out the enemy's from you with your poke skills.

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Late game, frustrating opponents, and build circumstances

Being ahead early/quick victory

Extreme lead in lane- Find you are up a good 1k plus gold early, you should rush a The Bloodthirster and try to push to the tier 2 tower as fast as you possibly can. It is also acceptable to get an Elixir of Wrath before full build at level 9 as it will make you incredibly more powerful if you can get kills and assists consistently. This will make you very difficult to kill, and the opponents will struggle greatly with you.

cheesing the opponent- This one is enjoyable, if you are in a comfortable position in lane with plenty of vision you should get a deep ward on the opposing buff, and take it when it is up with your support when you are aware of the opponents location. These buffs will assist you greatly on your conquest to the opponents nexus.

knowing when your opponents summoners are up- listen to those verbal queues and keep them in mind, with that you won't get flash ulti'd by Annie and be like "lol not my fault i had no idea she had flash" when your Ahri said it 300 seconds ago when it was going to be back up.

Extreme late game
Guardian Angel and other defensive items- The best item for safety is the GA, but this is often on cooldown, so you need to assess your opponent. Often if you did not take Cleanse as a summoner spell the mercurial scimitar is a great item against heavy engage teams or champions like Zed. i prefer the Randuin's Omen as it makes it easier to defeat other adc's in one v one's as well as provide yourself with more peel and sustain. Banshee's Veil is another great option for late game against blit'z hooks or something similar to that.

Elixirs/trinkets- Often overlooked but extremely simple. You should go for the scrying orb, but if they have a Teemo on their team or simply a lot of vision go for a sweeping trinket. Don't forget about invisible assassins, you can also get an upgraded vision totem for safety. As for elixir purchase you should basically go for Elixir of Wrath but the option of faster pushing with Elixir of Ruin can be extremely useful for sieges with baron.

Knowing what to build, why and when
Normal Blue Ez- When you are winning your lane by a little, just pretty close behind or ahead actually. Should be your go to option as it is the most reliable build all around for Ezreal
CDR Ezreal- against very aggressive engage teams, so you can kite really really fast, also to close out a game fast with the pushing ability from ghost blade.
Iceborn Gauntlet- When you are really ahead of the game, you can get this item for kiting and still not have to worry about the damage you deal because you will get to kite better and will dish out damage from being ahead

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Support Picks!

Synergistic supports

The following is based on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the worst and 10 being the best. Please note that this is subject to change based on play style and skill level.
Can peel extremely well as a whole, and his mini Malphite ult with his Headbutt Pulverize combo can set up your Trueshot Barrage very well.
Ezreal does not fare very well in a solo lane at all with his kit, and a roaming support such as bard with very little peel minus a very difficult stun and ult to land can be a real burden when trying to kite and kill.
Blitzcrank alone has extreme burst with his Rocket Grab and Static Field, combined with Ezreal in lane they have some serious kill potential assuming you catch someone.
Concussive Blows stacks with Ezreal's Mystic Shot making it easier to stun opponents and get burst off. Braum's ultimate ability, Glacial Fissure makes it really easy for Trueshot Barrage to hit its targets.
Janna could be placed higher, but she got this spot because of a lack of an easy to land stun for Trueshot Barrage as well as her own non-mana hungry lack of poke to make an annoying lane for Ezreal's opponents.
Well Karma has extremely good poke with most adc's she just isn't what she used to be, and has fallen out of favor as a common support pick, i placed her lower because her lack of a multi man stun and current position in the meta.
Although she lacks a hard stun she has wicked poke and peel that can get you through the lane phase and really let down opponents hoping to kill you in the mid to late game
Well for starters shes your fan fiction league girlfriend, but for real her poke and snare work really well with your Trueshot Barrage not to mention her extremely large ranged ult of her own that can dominate mid lane skirmishes alongside Ezreal
Shes more of a mid laner, although she does have good peel with her Black Shield and her binds, she needs a zhonyas to be useful, an item difficult for a support to obtain and if more for engaging then for peeling.
Pokes and sustains well with Ezreal, and has great cc to set him up with her bubbles and ult. If she lands a multi man bubble you can get off Trueshot Barrage and wreak havoc on your opponents.
Sona's q in lane works extremely well with Mystic Shot and makes a poke lane that will make your opponents go bald with stress. Her Ultimate sets up Trueshot Barrage perfectly and together creates insane damage that can turn a lane around, not to mention her sustain and move speed boosts that assist greatly with kiting.
Has great sustain that can help stay and lane and farm for your items but lacks a lot of necessary cc and play making potential that you need in a support to get fed and snowball hard into mid game
Tahm Kench-3/10
This one is definitely not set in stone as we have not seen his full potential, however for Ezreal he really provides nothing he needs, an escape that's not that required and a slow/stun that might be useful, as for the mobility Tahm's ult adds it isn't that great for Ezreal compared to some other supports.
As much as i hate all the Taric X Ezreal jokes this is actually a pretty consistent lane, hes got a great stun for You to land some poke with and great sustain, and combined the ult burst can be great in level 6 bot lane fights.
Death Sentence is a great stun to get someone with a lot of damage with your Mystic Shot and maybe even a Essence Flux followed by an auto attack. His Flay provides great peel and poke damage and his Dark Passage is great for getting risky kills.
His Time Bomb is amazing early with Ezreal and creates another one of those amazing poke lanes. he only has one stun that's difficult to land but his speed boost and ult are extremely useful to kiting and peeling
Great cc and burst damage that works well together, landing Trueshot Barrage with a zyra q ult is basically an insta-kill on most squishies. Beware the lack of sustain though, and try and keep her from feeding as shes really squishy.

Remember this is not set in stone and is just a guide for picking the support you want to work with and how to work with them, this is variant to the player.

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Guide in nutshell

So in conclusion, Ezreal is a pretty good champ to work with on AOE teams, and heavy cc teams to land your ult, and has some amazing kiting and outplay potential, making him fairly capable of some great outplays. Should you choose to fly air Ezreal, make sure you are willing to work with your team because you are not a solo carry 1 v 5 champ.
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