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Amumu Build Guide by StarForger

Jungle I thought you'd never pick me. | Amumu S11 Guide

Jungle I thought you'd never pick me. | Amumu S11 Guide

Updated on January 22, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author StarForger Build Guide By StarForger 50 4 165,955 Views 20 Comments
50 4 165,955 Views 20 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author StarForger Amumu Build Guide By StarForger Updated on January 22, 2021
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Runes: TANK

1 2
Font of Life

Cheap Shot
Ultimate Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
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Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

I thought you'd never pick me. | Amumu S11 Guide

By StarForger


+ Lots of CC.
+ Great counter to AD and/or AS reliant champions.
+ Very fun to play.
+ Very tanky.
+ Hard engage with Q Bandage Toss.
+ Can turn the winning side at team fights with his R Curse of the Sad Mummy.
+ Low ban rate.


- Consumes a lot of mana especially early with his W Despair.
- Low damage output without AP making him very team reliant.
- Weak for invades and duels.
- Immobile.
- Huge cooldowns.
- Bad early game.



Every time you immobilize an enemy gives you a bit more damage and a good amount of armor and magic resist. Thus helping with the damage output and at the same time keeping you safe with the extra resistances.

Font of Life

It is a good option in ganks and also teamfights. When immobilizing an enemy they get marked and when an ally damages them they recover some health scaling with your max health. Even though the effects seem minimal, the numbers add up and in the end it offers a lot of survivability.


It is very strong after the effects proc. It boosts your resistances a lot by adding onto your tankines and helps you be more effective when peeling for your carries. Nothing is more scary than an unkillable sad mummy with tons of cc wrecking your team.


This rune, increases your max health. Every 8 monsters or minions that die near you you get 3 maximum health and at 120 stacks you gain a +3,5% max health enabling you to soak more damage.

Cheap Shot

When you damage an immobilized enemy you deal a portion of true damage to them. Since Amumu as a lot of CC you will be procing this rune a lot.

Ultimate Hunter

It is the reason we chose Domination secondary because it reduces the massive cooldown on your ultimate Curse of the Sad Mummy letting you use it more often and thus make more plays around the map.



It is very easy to proc with Amumu's kit and scales very good with your AP for a good amount of burst. These make Electrocute the best option when deciding to go for the AP build.

Cheap Shot

See above.

Eyeball Collection

Offers great scaling with some more AP since you are aiming for a burst build. Make sure to gank early to start getting stacks and increasing your damage.

Ultimate Hunter

See above.


A rune providing ability haste because Amumu has long cooldowns making him very ability haste reliant so it does fit to his kit and offer more damage to make him even more annoying than he is already.


Not only provides movement speed in the river but also AP making the securing of Scuttle s very easy. Remember that hard CC remove Scuttle 's shield so amumu will be able to even one-shot it. Moreover the movement speed helps rotating on the map faster.


You can't replace flash unlike some other junglers. That is because, except the utility it offers, it is used with Amumu's abilites for some combos. One of them is Flash + R Curse of the Sad Mummy to engage a teamfight and save your Q Bandage Toss in case there are running enemies to chase down. Also Flash + Q Bandage Toss is one of his combos but not so consistent one due to the fact that is easy to miss. But if you perfect the timing you can catch opponents off-guard. Even Flash + E Tantrum can be a combo to finish off a very low running enemy.


Pretty standard for every jungler and essential to speed up your clear, be more healthy in the jungle and secure objectives like Rift Herald , Baron Nashor and Drakes .

Chilling Smite

If your team's champions are weak in the early game or the enemy jungler is very aggressive you want to choose this one to be able to gank often and help them but also counter-jungle when you see the opportunity. The extra CC it provides is really good in ganks and also it boosts your mobility to catch up to your opponents. Also if the enemy has lots of mobility, you can use Chilling Smite to slow them and then use Q Bandage Toss to make it a lot harder for them to dodge it.

Challenging Smite

When you are about to duel a lot or when facing high burst champs, this is your go to. It reduces their damage, ruining their burst. It reveals them and also deals true damage to them. But if the enemy have no duelers you can choose Chilling Smite since it will too counter assassins a bit by reducing their mobility.
Cursed Touch is Amumu's passive ability. It deals true damage and decimates everyone. Pretty undervalued passive in my opinion considering that when having an APcarry it will deal some serious true damage.

Bandage Toss is his Q. He tosses a bandage and attaches to any enemy/jungle monster it hits, stunning and pulling Amumu to them. It's your engage ability and must be used wisely because you have no escape tools once you get in except your Flash. You Q Bandage Toss onto the enemy and then use all your abilities. Have in mind that you might get heavily focused and bursted down if your engage is bad and your team don't follow up to back you up by killing the opponents.

Despair is Amumu's W. Deals AoE damage pre second. Good for jungle clear and when enemies are stacked. Solid damage source in my opinion. May be little but it is adding up a lot.

Tantrum is his E and must be maxed first, for damage and jungle clear. It is your main damage source and is AoE too. Every time you get hit by an auto-attack it's CD is reduced by 0.5 seconds and has a passive which reduces physical attack damage and boosts resistances.

Curse of the Sad Mummy is his OP R. It stuns all the enemies in an area around Amumu, stops dashes and applies his passive Cursed Touch when the R damage is dealt.
When playing as Amumu you want to stick with your teammates. Remember you are not an assassin you are a peeling machine. Also try to get decent Ability Haste on Amumu since it benefits him a lot.

Amumu's passive Cursed Touch turns 10% of the magic damage an enemy takes to be dealt again as true damage making him a great pick for AP allies. When engaging make sure to first auto-attack the enemy to apply his passive to make his allies' followup skills deal more damage. Cursed Touch is applied either by auto-attacks or Amumu's R Curse of the Sad Mummy.

His Q Bandage Toss is Amumu's engage and disengage. He can use this as a gank/teamfight initiation or to provide mobility by dashing to minions/monsters to escape/chase down enemies or simply to navigate over terrain. For example, if enemies are chasing you, use the bandage toss to leap over walls and other terrain by attaching it onto minions or jungle camps on the other side. You will either escape or burn the enemies flashes as they follow up. Remeber that Bandage Toss' range is really big and to able to use it to it's full potential make sure to test it first in practise tool. If Amumu gets CC after his Q stick to an opponent he will ignore most of the CC forms and still travel to the target, applying the stun from the Q but the CC that you got into will still apply after the Q cast if it is long enough. Also if Amumu dies after throwing Q, the stun will go on and stun the target. Bandage Toss can hit stealthed targets and will pull Amumu to the target even if the enemy has some sort of spell shield.

His W Despair deals max health damage and it is a great tank shredder. Make sure that you stay close to the enemies with the most health, but be careful since you can easily drain out your mana. It can be used to clear minion waves or jungle camps very easily since it deals a lot of damage, due to it's % max health damage, even without any damage items. That is why a good mana pool is so beneficial because it allows Amumu to have it active for an extended period of time. Also the mana cost and cooldown are flat in all levels.

Amumu's E Tantrum is his main damage source since it helps a lot with his clear and damage vs enemies. It deals AoE damage around him while also providing prysical damage reduction and a cooldown reduce by 0.5 seconds every time Amumu is hit by an auto-attack. Fun fact: Tower attacks can reduce the cooldown.

Curse of the Sad Mummy is Amumu's R. Bandage Toss on an enemy and then R to give them little to zero reaction time and lock them down all at once while dealing tons of damage since it also applies your passive. Great, for peeling and to initiate fights or turn them around. Can also be used with Flash + Curse of the Sad Mummy to have Q available for running enemies.

When ganking for god's sake SAVE your Q Bandage Toss! Run up to the enemy let them use their Flash or escape ablities and then Q them. Another tactic is if you laner has some sort of CC wait for them to land it and then chain CC the enemy with your Q and even R. Also an Amumu suddenly running at them from a bush is a good way to bait out any flashes.

Powerfarm and get as much exp as possible early on so you can get your R Curse of the Sad Mummy quickly. Or if the game requiers your presence early, try to tax some exp and gold from lane minions. Then, make sure you gank every time your R is available. The cooldown is a bit long but it's ok. You can gank pre-6 with less odds of success but why not. Good for early pressure.

When you use R Curse of the Sad Mummy in a teamfight, then you can either retreat to peel for your carries or be very annoying by sticking to the enemy backline. For example, Flash + R Curse of the Sad Mummy then Q onto the enemy carry and make their life miserable.
When the enemy jungler reveals himself, and there is no objective on the map to get or any play to happen, you can counter-jungle the opposite quadrant. Or when they die you can sneak steal his buffs and make him really frustrated. Also, you can leave one small Murk wolf or one small Raptor or from the 2 original Krugs the small one to prevent the camp from respawning. This way you mess up his camp sequence and leave him behind as far as gold and exp are concerned. When the enemy jungler goes to that camp he will have to kill the small monster for little exp and gold and wait until the camp respawns again to take full advantage. If you can do this in his red buff quadrant, he will have 2 camps stalled and his buff missing, and he will be quite upset. If there is an objective, you can abuse the fact that the enemy team’s smite is far away and go for it without risk or make a play like a potential tower dive on the opposite side of the map.

Always check for enemies who shove waves into your tower when your laners are missing (dead or recalling). These minions are wasted and why not take advantage of some free gold and exp.

Do not force ganks except if you really need to (for example, placing a rift and getting the gold from the plates). You mainly want to powerfarm but do not think ganks of a way to mess up your clear and disdain them. You maybe get a kill or if not, you will get exp for sure and some gold that you will tax from the lane minions. Usually if you do not get the kill get some minions but if you do get the kill it would be better to not touch any of them (unless your laner asks to) to prevent them from tilting.

If you get ahead of the enemy jungler you can start counter-jungling even without him revealing themselves. You will have level advantage and thus stronger smite to steal away camps. Or you can just 1v1 them in their own jungle and make them go AFK after. But be very careful about lane priority since getting collapsed and shut down can be detrimental. So do not get cocky.

You can easily burst down Rift Scuttler because when you hard CC it it loses it's shield. Thus if you hit it with Q Bandage Toss you can easily kill it.

When counter jungling try to place some form of vision really deep into the jungle to be able to keep track of the enemy jungler, while protecting your team and giving you the opportunity to spot him and make some sort of play around the map either is an objective, a dive or even a simple gank.
Amumu's strength is CC. And champions who ignore CC can counter him. From Morgana's E Black Shield to Olaf's R Ragnarok.

Another strength is his tankiness, so champions like Trundle are a massive problem with their capabilities of negating resistances and also healing.

Another way to counter Amumu is to end the game early. If he gets to late game he has scaled and is very hard to kill due to his tankiness. So early game enemy team comps are very good against him since they will try to close the game before letting him scale and be able to have a big impact.
To import the item set code, go to Lol Client to the "Collection" section and select "Items". A bit lower there are 3 circles. If you mouse over them one says "Import item sets". Click it and in the drop down menu select the first "Paste copied set". And just paste in the little box the whole code below. And then save the item set. Copy from opening bracket '{' to closing bracket '}'.

item set code
League of Legends Build Guide Author StarForger
StarForger Amumu Guide
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I thought you'd never pick me. | Amumu S11 Guide

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