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Kha'Zix Build Guide by PhantomPrince

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PhantomPrince

Isolate and Devour (In-Depth) Jungle Guide

PhantomPrince Last updated on September 23, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, I'm VangDuhStripp, just a Gold player, currently. I started playing League of Legends about 4-5 months before the Season 3 Championships. I ended up in Silver 1 at the end of Season 3, due to not enough time, but have come back around in this Season. This is my first guide, so I hope you guys enjoy it!

Though I main the mid lane, I've wandered off into the role of "Jungler", and have found myself to be just as strong in the jungle as I am in the mid lane. That isn't all though. I'm an all-round diverse role player too. I excel at mid, but am good enough to play all the roles. Though I enjoy the jungle, I feel almost confused when I don't play Kha'Zix. I do play a variety of junglers(Vi, Amumu, Pantheon, Warwick, Xin Zhao, etc.), of course, but there's no one, and I mean NO ONE, I enjoy playing more in the jungle than Mister Kha'Zix himself. I've only recently picked him up in the jungle, as I've always played him in the mid lane. Though I don't have many ranked games with Kha'Zix, all of my ranked games with Kha'Zix are in the jungle, along with 100+ games with Kha'Zix in normals. As much as I'd like to say I'm not boasting, I just want to say that I carry a huge load of insight on this game and just want to share it with you all. Well then, let's get started.

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Pros / Cons

-High Burst Damage
-Amazing Gap Closer
-Strong 1v1
-Can fit into almost any teamcomp

-Fairly prone to CC
-Very squishy early on
-Not much utility brought to teamfights

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First off, I'd like to say that the runes you absolutely need are the AD Marks and Quints. Sure, Armor pen. marks would work, and I myself have even tried them, but they're no where near as efficient as AD marks are on Kha'Zix. Kha'Zix is an AD Caster, which means the AD from these runes will scale with his abilities, plus allow him to dish more damage. More damage means faster clear speed in the jungle, and stronger burst. The Glyphs, however, are the more diverse runes for Kha'Zix. There's no such thing as a standard rune set for ANY single champion, but I would like to point out that my set of runes for Kha'Zix are the most efficient, if not the BEST runes for him. I usually run 6x CDR glyphs, and 3x Flat MR glyphs, but that's only standard for me. In truth, runes are meant to be set up SITUATIONALLY, right? If the enemy team doesn't have much magic damage at all, or if they pose no real threat with their magic damage, I would go 9x CDR glyphs to maximize my potential as Kha'Zix, given the fact that my main damage solely comes from my abilities. However, if the enemy team DOES have lots of magic damage, and pose a big threat, go straight up 9x MR glyphs. Though, if you're the risk-taker type of person and are willing to go up against loads of magic damage, feel free to go my standard 6x CDR, 3x MR. I would recommend 6x CDR, and 3x MR in almost all situations.

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I don't have much to say about the masteries that I use, except that they may be the most efficient masteries for Kha'Zix as well. With the CDR, and damage boost from Double-Edged Sword, you already do lots of damage, not to mention Brute Force and Martial Mastery which scale your AD as you level up. Spell Weaving and Blade Weaving are a MUST, as you can't argue that while fighting you do quite a lot of both casting abilities AND auto attacking, though mainly casting spells. These two masteries make you that much stronger in terms of burst and all-ins. If you even put 21 points into Offense, you HAVE to get Executioner. It's just too good of a mastery to pass up. As for Dangerous Game, it's optional, BUT I would recommend it. You do so much in fights as Kha'Zix that you'll more than likely always get two activates with it (10% missing health AND mana), given you're not taking too much damage or instantly dying, which you shouldn't be. If anyone wants to change anything though, I would recommend taking out those two points in Warlord and putting them into Sorcery and Butcher, as the extra 3.5% AD isn't all that necessary, and the CDR + damage to minions/monsters would be nice.

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Here's where the real talk begins. You always want to start with a Hunter's Machete and 4 pots. If not, like I said above, switch out two pots for a Stealth Ward. But if you do that, you will more than likely have to back after having collected your two buffs and a small camp. If you start Machete and 4 pots, you can gank after retrieving your two buffs, or even better yet, counter-gank. Another benefit with this start is the security of not being killed on your first journey through the jungle. It provides great sustain, as well as enough sustain to even counter-jungle the enemy jungler's camp and retrieve your own camps. This start only goes such a long way.

Moving on:
-Spirit of the Elder Lizard: This is a MUST item. Do no opt for Feral Flare or Spirit of the Ancient Golem. Kha'Zix isn't AA-reliant, and literally does no damage without a damage item. Without this early on, Kha'Zix is basically a bug walking on the Rift waiting to be stomped on.

-Boots of Mobility: This is a preference item. Whether you like to roam lots or farm lots will decide for you whether or not you should get these boots. If you like getting around the map fast, get these. If you like to gank a lot, get these. If you're pretty passive and just like to gank when the opportunity arises, then just start off with a Boots of Speed and opt for a different 2nd-Tier boot later in the game.

-The Brutalizer or Hexdrinker: These items will be contesting for one of the slots in your inventory. Rushing Brutalizer or Hexdrinker is something I'd recommend. If the enemy team doesn't have heavy Magic damage AKA AP damage, get the Brutalizer. If they do, go for a Hexdrinker. When would you get a Hexdrinker? I'd probably say even if the only magic dealer on the enemy team is Syndra, you should get it. She has tons of AoE and CC Magic damage, and you really don't want to die to her being there. She may even ult you, for all she cares.

-Last Whisper: This is your biggest spike, I would say. You basicaly ignore 35% of the enemy's armor! How insanely strong is that? And to top it off, 40 AD? Just for 2300 gold? Riot has gotta be kidding me. NOPE. This is real. Some , or should I say many, low elo players really take this item for granted, because they don't appreciate the AD that it provides compared to higher AD items such as Bloodthirster or Ravenous Hydra. The thing that pulls this item's value apart from the higher AD items is the 35% Armor Pen. Flat AD itself is basically mitigated by Armor, whereas Armor Pen mitigates Armor! With Last Whisper, you can 1v1 anyone on the map, given your target and yourself stand near each other in terms of gold. Not only that, but it also allows for much stronger burst/damage/ganks and easier picks. This is a MUST-BUY. No questions asked.

-Randuin's Omen or Banshee's Veil: I will almost always end up with these two items together at the end of a match, but different orders. I would say Randuin's Omen if the enemy team generally has tons of physical damage coming your way, and vice versa for Banshee's Veil. You can even get Banshee's Veil just for the shield if the enemy has potential threat spells (Blitz's grab, Thresh's Death Sentence, Malphite's Unstoppable Force).

-Maw of Malmortus or Black Cleaver: This is merely built based on what you got before your Last Whisper. Though, the question is when to complete it. It's up to you to choose when you complete it, but I would recommend getting it after having completed either Randuin's Omen or Banshee's Veil, as you'll need the defenses to survive longer in fights. Plus, the Last Whisper itself and your fragment of these two items should aleady be enough to bring the pain.

-Guardian's Angel: This I don't have much to say about, just that if you want it, go for it. Just make sure you pair it up with one of the other defense items, I listed, because nothing good comes from Armor and MR without Health to back it up.

-Ravenous Hydra: Like I said in the notes for this item, don't EVER get it unless you're super ahead, fed, or already snowballing. It's sooo expensive, and though the stats are good, you'd get so much more out of a Brutalizer and Last Whisper. But, this item shouldn't be too neglected though. If the game goes very deep into the late game, and you have enough gold for this item, feel free to exchange your jungle item for this.

-Alacrity Enhancement: This is what I get 50% of the time. It gives a really good amount of all-time Movement speed, which allows for chasing and easier picks/escaping.

-Captain Enhancement: I wouldn't even look at this one. I don't really ever use this enhancement, but if I do, I'd probably get it on a more frontline champ, such as Nunu and Malphite.

-Furor Enhancement: Again, I wouldn't even look at this one. Kha'Zix doesn't need the movement speed because his W's slow should already be enough to make Furor useless. And even if you do need the movement speed, it decays, whereas Alacrity doesn't. In my opinion, Alacrity is superior in every way, of course if we're only talking about Kha'Zix.

-Distortion Enhancement: It wouldn't hurt to get this enhancement. A 20% CDR on Flash is good on everyone after all. Given that you already have a HUGE gap closer at level 11, not to mention that it also RESETS on kills and assists, I doubt you'd need the CDR on Flash. Just be smart about your leap. It's either engage or disengage. I've never tried this, but if anyone does try it, let me know what the results are.

-Homeguard Enhancement: The love of everyone's life. Doesn't everyone just love running out of the base with over 800 Movement speed while decaying? Everyone has to. That's not my point about these boots though. Some people overlook these boots just for the movement speed boost that you get to run out of base. They don't even realize that it heals a HUGE percentage of your health and mana while out of combat. This enhancement makes it so that you can get out of base faster, heal faster, make it back to your team faster, get back to your jungle faster, and even showing up to objective fights faster. No one likes a jungler that gives a free Baron or Dragon away, right? Though, this is only if you CAN contest the objectives. These boots I would recommend the most, as Junglers play a huge role in a team. Without a jungler, any team, no matter how OP it is, will suffer.

-Sweeping Lens/Oracle's Lens: Sweeping Lens are a must, as they let you sweep about while roaming the jungle and making your own path as the Jungler unseen. You can also clear wards that may be used to set up a trap. There are only so many things this damn thing does for you. Upgrade it when it suits you to, or if it's ABSOLUTELY necessary. This would be when the enemy team has a Vayne or anyone who can stealth and disrupt your team's fighting capability.

-Stealth Ward/Vision Ward: Last but not least, wards! As the jungler, you have the potential to basically ward anywhere on the map! At least, anywhere that you can reach without dying. Wards may stall you from completing your lovely friend Last Whisper or even your best friend Spirit of the Elder Lizard, but they save lives. They. Save. Lives. This is no joke. Just by warding, you can keep your teammates alive, and allow you to keep doing what you want to do. With wards, you may even spot a gank 20seconds before the jungler even gets to the lane! These damn things are overpowered. Very OP. Not only that, but as your role as Jungler, you are the very reason why your team can secure dragons, secure barons, fight for dragons, fight for barons! Without you, the jungler, your team cannot contest such things. Global gold is huge. It will either be your fall or your victory. That's all there is to it.

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Skill Sequence

-Standard Safe Skill Order:
-R>W>Q>E --> This is fairly safe, as leveling W instead of Q gives you good sustain in the jungle, so even if you fall behind or happen to die 1 or 2 times, you can still farm up and find your way to being relevant. Furthermore, if you do this, you should be evolving W first. It provides a good AoE upgrade and allows you to poke down enemies just before a fight is about to break. There's one thing that I'd like to clarify with this skill order that actually turns it into a situational build. If your team comp lacks wave clear, I'd go for this setup. The fact that leveling up W makes it stronger PLUS the evolution making the AoE bigger allows you to clear waves when being sieged upon. Though, the trick is to shoot the minions from the side with a sort of diagonal aim so that you can hit as many minions as possible.

-Stronger 1v1/Not lacking wave clear Skill Order:
-R>Q>W>E --> This lets you dish out much more damage in a 1v1 situation where your target is isolated. If you happen to run into the enemy jungler with this setup with Q evolved first, you're more than likely to get a free kill. Even if you were to be level 5 and maxing Q, you're more than likely going to get a kill. But this all depends on the matchup. There are two things I want to clarify with this build. It's very risky, so I only use it when I get an easy or fair enough matchup. That would be Warwick, Master Yi, Wukong, or just any squishy jungler. If you happen to be up against late game scaling champs like Yi, feel free to attack. Go nuts. Just make sure it's safe to do so. I usually invade these champs right after my first buff. Just start Q, get E, then go straight to their second buff. Ward it, and wait a bit. They'll show up sometime. The trick is not to jump in immediately, but watch them fight the buff while decaying their health bar. When you think you're good to go, walk around the walls and surprise them with your Auto attack + Q. If they flash, use your E to follow them. This is my way of a guaranteed first blood, and lets you deny the enemy jungler of their buffs. With this method, you can get a lead on the enemy jungler, keep your laners safe for a while longer, and you don't even have to use your flash! Kha'Zix's damage is ridiculous early on, especially when you're fighting someone who is isolated, LIKE THE JUNGLER. The other thing I wanted to point out was that by evolving Q, you can secure dragons earlier on. Evolving Q creates a HUGE damage spike on isolated targets, such as the dragon. Even with the enemy team reacting, you and your team should be able to burst down the dragon before they even show up or are able to retaliate.

-W>E>Q --> This is generally the safe path to evolve, given that you upgraded your skills to fit the "Safe" skill build. The reason why you evolve E second though, instead of your other damage skill, is that you get a HUGE range increase for your leap and it allows you to reset after getting a kill or assist, thus making picking off a person and escaping easier. Or just escaping, if you will. Even if you happened to have gone the riskier path and evolved Q first, always evolve your leap second. By level 11, you should already be grouping and making full use of your evolved wings. As for evolving the Ulti, I would just not recommend it. Before, it was upgraded because it granted damage reduction, but now that it's been removed, there's no real use for a third stealth. You're countered by AoE damage, Oracle's, Pink wards, and it's just better to have an evolved skill that's actually more useful. Perhaps in the future, evolving R may see light? But in the current metagame, it's not very likely.

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Summoner Spells

-Smite: Don't even question. This is what every Jungler NEEDS to get. If you're jungling without this, you must be a joke. No offense, but without this, how are you considered a jungler?

-Flash: I will 100% recommend you pair this up with Smite. Flash is just too amazing a summoner spell to give up. Let's face it. Flash is the Ultimate Summoner Spell.

-Exhaust: Though I wouldn't recommend pairing this up with Smite, I wouldn't mind it either. Exhaust is a demon in teamfights, or even in little skirmishes. I've never betrayed flash, but if you fancy this, go nuts.

-Ignite: Again, like Exhaust, I wouldn't recommend this, and I personally don't really like it, but it wouldn't be bad either. Kha'Zix already has enough damage without it, but if it floats your boat, go nuts.

-The Rest: Nope. Don't even go there. It's either you pair up Flash, Exhaust, or Ignite with Smite, or you're just gonna put a huge question mark in your teammate's minds. But who am I to stop anyone from choosing a weird summoner spell combination, right? Just a Gold player.

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If you stuck around to the end of this guide, thank you very much! It really means a lot to me. If possible, I'd like some feedback. I already carry a lot of insight on this game, but I know there is much more for me to learn. Any requests for another champion guide? Again, I play all roles fairly well, so feel free to request and/or question me. If I happen to play the champion you request a guide on, I can more than likely pull off an in-depth guide overnight, but if not, I'll have to perhaps play that champion for a better feel and understanding of their capabilities and restrictions before creating a guide. Again, Thanks!