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League of Legends Build Guide Author FreestyleZer0

Jarvan: Topple their forces(AD/AS)

FreestyleZer0 Last updated on April 11, 2011
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Version 1.0, added a new chapter "The order and situations you get your items/optional items".

Version 1.1, made it require comment to vote, someone saw fit to vote it down 10 minutes after the guide was made leaving no comment which is practically impossible to have tested it within that time.
Let me guess, troll or just to make your own build higher on rank, sad........

Version 1.0, i guess i'll keep track what i have changed for those that are interested.

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Hey guys, this will be my second build / guide, i really would like some well commented feedback on this.

Jarvan is just amazing.

Most people i've seen so far with jarvan are trying to solo, this is STUPID.
Jarvan has 1 of THE MOST annoying ultimate during ganks/teamfights as he can basicly stop the retreat of certain opponents (given that they dont have blink/flash ready) and keep other opponents out during the fight.
Ofcourse if you think your team can handle them all you might as well just use the ultimate so that it traps all of them.

Also, his standard gives a nice boost to allies and his shield's slow is just so good when chasing down opponents or fleeing/helping an ally to flee.

Just an note for you guys 'n girls.
This is an optional way to build him if you are interested in having fun with something refreshingly new and don't want to stick to the common builds.
This is probably not THE build for an rated game but it can definatly let you have fun in unranked matches :).

Besides all that this guide is more or less how you should play with jarvan (the items are just my way to have fun with him, the way you should play with him means the skill sequence etc) and i placed the tanky build below for those who wish to use his normal build.

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Pros / Cons

- He can dish out massive damage to both squishy's and tanks provided there is no feeding going on in your team.
- He can trap, stun and slow opponents very well so is usefull in teamfights.
- He can reduce armor by a total of 27% at max level with his Dragon Strike and his passive Martial Cadence deals 10% of the opponents current hp as magic damage (max 400 damage) on his attacks, this can only occur once every 6 seconds on the person he hits.
- Can escape very nicely as he has slow, his demacian standard+dragon strike, his ultimate and flash.

- He is not so tankish with this build, so high damage output can really murder him.
- Vulnerable to CC like fear or taunt.
- Can trap himself or allies with his ultimate if not used correctly which could result in angry looks >:( to you.

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Gameplay with this build

Your focus should be harassing your opponents very badly at the start, you are quick and you are mean.
Should you follow this build and gameplay you should really read the "How to use your skills effectively" chapter and the "Items" chapter.

Where you should be:
To use this build most effectively try to lane with an cc'er or xin zhao (this combi rules).
During group fights always hug your tank's back and never hug the front, you might be a bit tankish but you are nowhere near an offtank, stay close to allies so you can trap opponents in along with your allies to pick off opponents 1 by 1 or just make a huge whipe at once.

When facing players alone:
For 1 vs 1, unless you are facing tryndamere or jax you should be just fine facing off your opponents, you should harass like a madman because you just can with jarvan.

Who you should play with:
- Try to get at least 1 tank and 1 ability power champion in the team.
- Try not to go with a full atack damage group as it will effectively murder you when facing tanklike champions such as Mordekaiser.
- Try not to go with a full ability power group, same thing as the one mentioned before.
- Try not to go with nukers only, this is like the previous examples.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite, as much as i would like to say take Exhaust, in my opinion he has enough slows to murder someone but he misses a skill to kill someone who is going to make it to his/her tower while you are to low health to make a dive.
Also ignite helps you prevent big heals from champions like mundo or people using the heal spell not to mention the true damage.

Personal prefference*

Flash, people will ask again, why not ghost?
To escape his own ultimate if needed, to make surprise attacks, to jump over wall there are so many applications for this spell.
Yes his demacian standard+ dragon strike can do that and yes he can cancel his ultimate, but it is somewhat slower then flash.
And if he cancels his ultimate the pursuers will be able to chase you and whoever they were chasing so that is not really helpfull during escapes.

Also personal prefference*

Other than these you could always pick the spells listed below if your prefference goes to that:
Exhaust instead of Ignite.
Ghost instead of Flash.

I find Exhaust usefull only when your entire team is pre-arranged because people rarely follow up in time unless they are very skilled (unlikely in solo queu).

As for Ghost, well thats just personal prefference, it can be usefull but i just like flash more because of the variety of tricks you can pull off with it that are impossible to do with Ghost.

I would not pick any other than these 4 spells as the rest just does not seem to usefull on jarvan.

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Skilling order

1Demacian Standard, this is for the bonus armor/attack speed aswell as for the combination with Dragon Strike later on, very important, this can also help you scout brush or terrain behind a wall.

2Dragon Strike, you should always hit as much opponents as you can, it lowers armor and it hits multiple opponents so this is your nr 2 choice.

3Golden Aegis, you should get 1 point for the fact that it can shield you and it slows any opponents down within the aoe when activated.
(the auto activation doesn't seem to work yet i think)

4Dragon Strike, well, more damage on the skill, do i need to elaborate?

5Demacian Standard, well, more damage on the skill and more stats, do i need to elaborate?

6Cataclysm, This is your ultimate, your honey on bread, your sugar in thee, the topping of a cake, YOU WANT THIS.
Like with any other ultimate (except for a few) you should get it whenever you can for the increased damage.

After that it gets self explanatory, you are an AD build so you need Dragon Strike finished earlier then Demacian Standard and you need Demacian Standard maxed before golden aegis for the stats and the damage on the skill.

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How to use your skills effectively

I strongly suggest you keep the effects/passives in mind carefully.

Martial Cadence, this gives you the ability to grind the floor with high health players (works very well in combination with madreds) as it gives 8% damage of the targets current health once every 6 seconds when you hit (400 max damage).

Demacian Standard, this gives you armor and attack speed + a bonus when activated.
However, this is also usefull to scout out brush or locations behind walls so use it, never take chances by running in.

Dragon Strike, this hits the opponents within the line it is fired and it lowers the armor by 10%.
If it comes into contact with the standard you get pulled to it and you knock up anything within the line you travel.
This can be used to knock up teemo who sits in camouflage despite you knowing where he is, it removes the camouflage (at least it did so for me).

Golden Aegis, this gives you a shield which lasts for a few seconds depending on skill level the shield is increased and the more opponents nearby also increase it further.
Besides the shield it also slows any nearby opponent for 1,5 second.

Cataclysm, This is a monster skill in both defense and offense, you can trap your opponent(s) and keep others out to prevent any unwanted help from their allies.
You can cancel it but you can also flash out of it or use the Demacian Standard outside of the area and Dragon Strike out of it keeping the opponents trapped.

When minioning:
You can basicly just plant your Demacian Standard there and normal hit everything, you are an AD/AS build thus you should have no trouble doing so, do plant it wisely so you can keep opponents away/harassment or for possible escape if the opponents are dangerous and hard to run away from like Nunu and Maokai in one lane.

When harassing a player:
Plant your Demacian Standard behind an opponent so you can knock them up with your Dragon Strike.
To prevent alot of damage from high output champions like Jax use your Golden Aegis to shield yourself and slow the opponent.

So >>Normal hit once>Retreat(and use if needed)>rinse and repeat.

When going for the kill:
You want that kill don't you?
Here is how you do it, you plant your Demacian Standard just before you initiate the gank, Dragon Strike in, hit untill he runs, Golden Aegis for slow and shield, Dragon Strike again and Cataclysm (you might have to do this earlier to prevent a tower dive to be needed, don't use it when the opponent still has teleport spells ready) and finish him off in your cozy prison.

So >>Normal hit> when he runs>>>rinse and repeat.
You could Ignite right after Cataclysm if he has heal or if he is still alive after the prison is gone.

When fleeing or helping an ally to flee:
Using your Demacian Standard + Dragon Strike to get away is a VERY important skill you should master, you can hop over nearly every wall with it and it helps you gain some distance between you and your opponents should they not run faster then you in the first place.
Timing your Golden Aegis is also a very important skill you should master as it can mean death or life.

If your opponent is chasing your ally and you won't make it to the other side of the wall in time use your + combination and use your when in range of your opponents.
Should you have the chance to stun someone with the + combination then aim for that.
The longer they are out of commission the better.

Should you or your ally be chased by multiple opponents, and you can either stun or slow then pick your target on who will most likely kill you off or stop your retreat.

Be watchfull of what the opponents use/have used to decide who is more/less of a threat e.g:

- Rammus has used Powerball and Puncturing TauntPuncturing Taunt just a few seconds ago, no point in stunning/slowing him.
- Master Yi has activated Highlander which means he is a perfect target to stun but impossible to slow, you could always use the shield though.
- Shen has used to get right next to you in order to beat you up, GREAT "if you are still alive ofcourse" stun/slow that bastard.

Flash works wonders, use the walls around you, i will try to find/make a map with good flash locations.

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Items placed in the purchase order:
You start off with >
Boots of Speed and 3x Health potion.

After that you get >
Berserker's Greaves, for the extra attack speed on the start (if the opponent team is heavy CC get Mercury's Treads instead).

From there you get >
Zeal, you need the attack speed and critical strike chance.

When you have the money finish Zeal into >
Phantom Dancer, it gives a nice critical strike chance, attack speed and movement speed.

After this all your items are optional, i oftenly use the items listed above as it works in alot of setups but when facing tanks or dodgers i would suggest other items.

Explaining the choices given in the purchase order:

Moving on to the next item >
Phage, this is for the extra health you kind of need and the damage, the slow effect is rather nice aswell.

When you have the money finish Phage into >
Frozen Mallet, you need to slow down your opponents with every hit and its health bonus and attack damage are very welcommed.

After Frozen Mallet you should go for >
B. F. Sword, this helps your damage by a great deal.

When you have the money finish B. F. Sword into >
The Bloodthirster, this is for the lifesteal and attack damage.

After The Bloodthirster you should go for >
Recurve Bow, this helps your damage by a great deal.

When you have the money finish Recurve Bow into >
Madred's Bloodrazor, extra damage on anyone with decent health aswell as some extra normal attack damage and attack speed.

Finally you get something to help keep you alive during your major fights >
Guardian Angel, this is 1 of my favorites as it can keep you in groupfights much longer due to the mresist and armor but also because you can ressurect once every 5 minutes giving you a 2nd chance to murder the opponent who gave his all to kill you.

Below i will give some optional items.

Optional Items:
Like i said, anything beyond Phantom Dancer is optional.

Heavy CC? get Mercury's Treads instead of Berserker's Greaves.
Tough luck with annoying skills such as bouncing blade? Get Banshee's Veil.
Having trouble with ranged opponents? Get Randuin's Omen.
Having trouble with tanks? Get Last Whisper.
Having trouble with dodgers? Get Sword of the Divine.
Having trouble with healers? Well thats what ignite is for but if you think it is not enough get Executioner's Calling.

At the endgame when you have all your items you require you could exhange your (if you went for the Berserker's Greaves) Berserker's Greaves with another Phantom Dancer.

I don't suggest any AP items as it is just a plain waste of time on an AD/AS build, want to hybrid it? Be my guest and let me know how that goes :P.

Guide Top

The order and situations you get your items/optional items

Well, as there are alot of people who disagree to build jarvan squishy(they don't look at optional and usually follow the standard purchase order instead of situational) i will add the order you should get the items and on what situations.

The Boots of Speed are a must along with the potions.
You have to be quick, run in hit once and get out or use your Demacian Standard+Dragon Strike combi and hit once and get out for endless harass as your passive deals a % of the opponents current health with an interval of 6 seconds every time you hit him/her.

Executioner's Calling.
This is merely for the start when you are facing champions such as dr. Mundo or Warwick.
Would not suggest keeping it or getting it lategame.

Here you decide whether the opponents are very good on CC or not.
If you are facing a group that has nunu, maokai & leblanc you will have to considder getting Mercury's Treads, however if the team exists out of champions such as ezreal, gangplank, master yi i would just suggest Berserker's Greaves for the extra attack speed.

Is the enemy hard to run from/chase such as ashe or caitlyn, you might want to considder Randuin's Omen to slow their foolish ***es when they hit you and to give you a 2nd slow on activation making you very deadly as that is a total of 3 slows with your shield aswell, this goes at the cost of Frozen Mallet.

Is the enemy annoying with skills like katarina with her bouncing blade or malphite with his seismic shard, you might want to considder getting Banshee's Veil, this goes at the cost of either Frozen Mallet or Guardian Angel (only do this instead of guardian angel if you think you are fine without it).

If it is not one of these situations just go for Phantom Dancer for the attack speed, move speed and critchance.

If you took Randuin's or Banshee's you might want to think about Guardian Angel earlier should they still be very dangerous unless ofcourse you decide not to get it because you wanted both Banshee's Veil and Frozen Mallet.
Any more then 3 items for tanking would be rather useless as jarvan is not a tank.
If you haven't had the chance to get Phantom Dancer yet do so, you really need it for the attack speed.
Is the opponent dodgy? you might want to considder getting Sword of the Divine instead of Phantom Dancer.

If the opponent is stacking armor you might want to considder leaving out the life steal and taking Last Whisper.

If you did not go for Randuin's or Banshee's(or you did go for Banshee's but decided to get that instead of Guardian Angel) you should really get Frozen Mallet for the health boost and the slow aswell as the small damage boost.

As the last item you should get Guardian Angel unless you took Banshee's Veil or unless you already took it early, because it does give you some welcommed amor/magic resist aswell as an extra life.

I hope i have informed you well enough on the items, choises and situations.

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Xin Zhao, VERY awesome combination.
Since both can dash towards a target and stun(jarvan a little bit more difficult but still)
they work very well to stop an enemy from fleeing, especially since the charge on Xin slows on hit so it gives you more lenience on where you think you should place your flag in order to actually be able to make your stun hit.

Evelynn, also very nice, since she is a very good ganker which can stun the opponent unexpected it really helps you pull off the funniest ganks.

Zilean, you might go like 0_0 but i am serious, zilean can slow the target, speed you up and even bomb the target or you to make it a serious threat to your opponents, if he bombs you, you can dash in which will stun and bring the bomb straight up his face.
He can speed you up so you can more easily place the Demacian Standard behind an opponent, also he can slow down the opponent if zilean is closeby thus allowing you to gain in on your opponent either way.
His ultimate allows you to Cataclysm in at dangerous spots such as the turret or multiple opponents, murder him at the turret or close to those opponents and still get you out alive at lower levels/gear where you would actually be dead if you did that.

Irelia, her dash, slow and high damage burst make her excellent to gank togather with. Also her ultimate can help kill people off who are just out of the dash/flash reach but have low health.

Note*If you know any other champions that are good to lane with, leave a post with: who and why.

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Well here we are again, runes, we hate them don't we, so expensive...

Greater Mark of DesolationGreater Mark of Desolation, we all want more damage, here you have it.

Greater Seal of Fortitude, the health boost at the start is very welcommed.

Greater Glyph of Focus, usefull for the cooldown on the skills so you can use both your ultimate and your stun combination more often.

Greater Quintessence of DesolationGreater Quintessence of Desolation, you need some more armor penetration for those that have some natural armor of their own and champions like Jax who get armor with Ninja Tabi.

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Deadlieness: Critical strike damage runes, critical strike items need i say more?

Archmage's Savvy: Well this was needed for 4 points total, should you get Exhaust instead of Ignite, get that mastery instead

Sorcery: Cooldown, always helps.

Alacrity: It's an AD/AS build, need i say more?

Sunder: Armor penetration, always usefull on an ad/as build.

Offensive Mastery: These 2 points are optional, play with it, you could go for magic penetration and 1 extra in savvy.
Though this is not an ap build it could deal a bit more damage on your Demacian Standard.

Lethality: More crit damage, awesome.

Havoc: More overall damage, even better.


Resistance: You are not so tankish on this build but the resistance is very usefull

Hardiness: Same thing as with resistance, helps you reduce some damage.


None but that was obvious from the masteries tree.

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Recent Games

Yeah, i'm not very proud to show my losses but i am a man after all, even i lose.
Though you might say HAH proof that the build fails, you would do well to look at the scores and to know that i solo queu nearly everything and usually end up against pre-arranged teams.
I DO NOT HAVE AN TEAM usually "rarely play with good players on this EU server (sadly)".

Yes, again feeders in the solo queu, happens :P.

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Optional tankish way to build him

Snce you guys have your own prefferences i will just place some items, runes, masteries for the tanky jarvan.

Starting off with

Mercury's Treads or Berserker's Greaves, still depends on the situation.
Banshee's Veil for the extra health, mana and a shield against 1 spell with a 30 seconds cooldown before it is back up.
Madred's Bloodrazor as you will need some attack speed, that or depending on whether the opponent has high health or not.
If you don't like any of those 2 you should get Youmuu's Ghostblade.
Guardian Angel for the ressurection and armor/resist.
Frozen Mallet for the health, the slow and the little bit of extra attack damage.

OR if you want another aoe and need more armor.

Randuin's Omen instead of Frozen Mallet, it has an aoe activation slow that lasts a bit longer for each 100 armor you have but also for each 10 magic resist you have, it can slow opponents when they hit you with a decent chance and it gives you armor and health + a tiny bit of cooldown reduction, just the bomb.

After that it is seeing if you still get alot of damage, if not you can get

The Black Cleaver for extra attack speed, damage and the armor penetration or when you are facing alot of champions with dodge in a game like Jax you should get Sword of The Divine instead.

If you are still taking a bit to much damage you can get

Force of Nature, gives you extra movement speed and makes you very resillient to AP champions or if the opponnents exist for the majority out of AD champions and the AP are not an immediate threat you should go Thornmail or Sunfire Cape instead.

You might have noticed i don't go for Atma's Impaler, this is because i don't think getting the low ammount of damage that Atma's gives is usefull especially with your not so speedy build, and you really should not stack health because people will get madred's against you and if you get alot of health items but no mresist you will get murdered :).



Deadlieness: Critical strike on a melee champion, need i say more?

Archmage's Savvy: Well this was needed for 4 points total, should you get Exhaust instead of Ignite, get that mastery instead

Alacrity: The build's damage is rather speed relying when built tanky, need i say more?


Resistance: The resistance is very usefull

Hardiness: Same thing as with resistance, helps you reduce some damage.

Strength of Spirit: Health regeneration seems to fit jarvan's decent health hence this mastery.

Evasion: You need to spend points in it as you want the last mastery for 4% damage reduction, sadly the other 2 masteries are even more useless as i honestly think dodge is so pointless on an non dodgy champion such as jarvan.

Nimbleness: Same thing, you rarely dodge on this champion or with this build for that matter, but heck, this is better then those other 2 useless masteries just as dodge is.

Veteran's Scars: Well, part of the reason i don't take these masteries in the first place in my build is because i find it a pure waste to spend 5 points in that dodge nonsense just to get this bit of extra health, but in this tanky build it is welcommed.

Ardor: The attack speed is nice, not really much use of the AP though as the only thing increased is his Demacian Standard (for some reason they made his shield non-increasable unlike other shields).

Tenacity: With all my bad-talking about the masteries finally something i can be happy about, 4% of ALL damage reduced.



As for the runes, you guessed it right, we need tanky runes.

Greater Mark of Alacrity, some extra attack speed, you can use the speed, you could considder Greater Mark of DesolationGreater Mark of Desolation instead of Alacrity if you think you will have enough attack speed and want to be sure any squishy who has a bit of armor is still unarmored when facing you.

Greater Seal of Resilience, some extra armor is always welcome, if you want health instead you could get Greater Seal of Fortitude.

Greater Glyph of Warding, some extra resist is always welcome.

Greater Quintessence of Fortitude for the health or Greater Quintessence of DesolationGreater Quintessence of Desolation for the same reason as the mark.

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I'm going ****py ooh no, what do i do?

You are going ****py, you feel like the world is crashing down on you, god hates you and you are being laughed at by dead people for your horrible situation that just seems worse with every second.

Calm down, take a deep breath, go get a drink, clean your face as it probably has alot of rage drewl, get a new keyboard as you probably smashed it and get your reserve screen as you probably threw it out the window.

Get back into the game and take control, if things go ****py this usually means there is no teamplay or obviousness on who to attack, when to run, when to chase etc.
Even if you are not the leader type, asking your allies nicely usually gets you alot further then spamming NOOB NOOB FEEDER FEEDER.

Don't take control by force like saying GO THERE NOW but ask, can you go there quickly to help me pull off a trick?
For all i care you make some macro for it if you think you won't have time to write, there needs to come some sort of chain of command which is clear and calm aswell as insightfull.

NEVER and i mean NEVER ever chase an opponent who is low health when you have no idea where the other opponents are or when you have to dive, you are going bad, try to avoid more deaths.
This is priority nr.1 obviously.

Should your allies feed, be calm, explain why it goes wrong and kindly, and i seriously mean kindly ask them to play defensively and not chase the opponents unless it is 100% certain a kill can be made without any deaths of your own.

Politeness is priority nr.2 obviously.

Last but not least, try to get your items according to the situation like some examples given in the "The order and situations you get your items/optional items" chapter, don't stick to the purchase order when you need something else (like survivability) more then your next item on the list.

*Note: I will add some ****py situation items soon for those cases you just can't seem to get your items fast enough.