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Jax Build Guide by JesusChrist

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JesusChrist

JAX - ph34/2 m'/ 1337 5ki11z

JesusChrist Last updated on May 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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since jax is a hybrid champ these are good. especially since we wont be building magic pen

same as marks. also they synergyze with the new 10% armor pen 10% magic pen masteries.

or Greater Seal of replenishment
armor for jungle mana for lane

jax is REALLY squishy now...

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offense you get both 10% magic and armor pen
defense get 2 in armor and mr, get all the hp and hp regen, and then get the crd per lvl

offense you get both 10% magic and armor pen
utility grab mana/mana regen. get spell vamp (helps keep your life up with empowers and smite) and get the neutral monster buff and exp.

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Early Game Play and Items

lvl 4 gank
start blue get wolves, wraiths, money golems, red buff, then wraiths and you're lvl 4.
you will lvl like this: e,w,w,q,

lvl 3 gank
blue, wolves,wraith, golem.

you wanna have at least 1 point in all your abilites before you gank


i gennerally take this off the bat.
get some pots with it. try to lane as long as you can getting as much creeps as you can, thus making gold!

the boots actually give you a pretty good advantage because you can + and run away without taking to much dmg

this is what your gonna want your first time back and as much of the cutlass you can afford. i get the before the for the active and life steal. you need life steal more than spell vamp untill you get your ult and then spell vamp comes in handy

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why a ?

after a bit of experimenting ive found this to be one of my favorite items!
1. cooldown reduction helps a TON on the new jax. his and have super low cooldown with this. not to mention
2. since does physical dmg, and and 3rd hits apply your basic atk, meaning ARMOR PEN IS AWESOME!
3. the active goes great with your ult. activeate both at the same time.
4. crit strike is a nice bonus!

rush a then a .

do not buy both and .

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mid/late game

so at this point you have a couple differnt option. you are going to want 1 hp item, 1 armor item, 1 magic resist item. heres what we have to work with


in my opinion this or the for HP. but i know some of you like the mallet on jax. the reason i like > is you can proc the slow via and the yu have to auto atk them

if you feel like you can do without the slow! get a ton of hp. will help with your

this is a good option if you dont want


probably still the best armor item on jax. makes you get pretty hyrbid when you have a or get crazy ad with a

if they dont have as much armor and a lot of hp this is will help your dps a lot. be careful though cause this might not be enough armor alone.


this is my favorite MR item on jax.

if you feel like you can get away without a banshee. get this also if you lean more on the ap side. the sheen effect will be stonger

a little more MR than the plus you get the magic pen aura. good if you have some strong ap champ(s) on your team

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Unique Skills

the new passive makes jax a really strong jungle now. makes you atk faster every hit, stack up to 6 times.

this is you in and your out. you can leap to friendly or enemy targets. if you empower before you leap you will do a ton a dmg. try to activate your stun up before you leap. its very effective.

this is my favorite ability. you just empower an auto atk with some extra magic dmg or use it to empoer a leap strike.

jax's counter strike is a very unique skill. when you activte it you dodge all auto atks for 1.5 seconds and after wars you stun all surrounding enemys. activate and then on your enemy and you will stun them. also good running away from ganks

this is an amazing ability. every 3rd hit does addition al magic dmg. so you can empower your 2nd atk and then do your 3rd hit. this does the most dmg because it adds in 2 auto atks too. it also has an active that raises you ad/ap based on how much ad and ap you have. its is really effective to activate your with

for harass i like to + and and run away if you can. but if your gonna stick in the fight id and use to get auto atk stacks up faster.

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Summoner Spells

i like ignite flash. you need flash. jax doesnt have much escape. you can to a friendly minion and away and there is no catching you. or you can to be offensive for example over a wall to chase someone down or out from under a turret. just take over anything. i like because you can use it to ensure the kill.

lets not forget. this spell is awesome on jax. the only way to break jax stacks and prevent him from healing like a ***********er is to cc him. 1 get out of jail free card to turn the tables on your opponent

good replacement for . when you fight champs who are running you can throw on and stay on their *** keeping your stacks up. but if you went the way of a your + is gonna be about a 3 sec cooldown so you'll be able to stay on their *** anyway.

this spell kicks *** on jax. everything you need for a quick assasination. you can save it for when your jungle ganks or just to get a kill solo. you just get buff!! not to mention the ap it gives you is converted into health to hell yeah! wif you have an that means you get ap that is convrted into hp that is converted into ad! hell yeah. thats all i can say

replaces ignite really well

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you can use to last hit if they are making it hard for you because it has pretty low mana cost. try to to abuse it though. once you get you will start to farm very fast. jax excels at solo top lane. farm as many minions as you can without pushing your lane under the turret. as any solo top you dont want to push so your jungle can gank your enemy and so their jungle cant gank you. with this in mind if you find the minions are pushing stop last hitting and just harass until your in a safe place to farm again.

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Team Work

in a team fight you never wanna be the first one in. if you do you will get cc'd and killed. wait for them to start fighting and once the enemy has a target you pop in and kill everything! for some reason jax can go into god mode when you have 50 hp and you'll out heal everyones dmg... dont rely on that ever! if your low life and your enemy is low life remember with spell vamp your + will heal you for quite a bit and it will let you get low life kills. my main goal playing any champ is to die as little as possible. never aim the tanks.. you will kill the squshys so fast your head will spin. once thats taken care of you and the rest of your team can take out the tank together. re,e,ber to leap back and forth from enemy and friendy champs with

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Pros / Cons

insane dmg!
good healing
decent escape with flash leap
1v1 almost anyone
good at cs
nice amount of cc

very very item dependent
fairly squishy