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Hecarim Build Guide by Extrees

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Extrees

[JUNGLE ] Comprehensive guide for brave pony !

Extrees Last updated on June 2, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello everyone, I am Extrees and I am going to teach you some thinks about my favorite jungler - Hecarim, Enjoy!

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When to pick Hecarim?

  • Your team need a jungler
  • Your team have no initiator
  • Enemy team have weak counter-jungler
  • Enemy team don't have any jungler
  • Enemy team have lot of squishy champions

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Pros and Cons


  • Insane speed and mobility
  • Good sustain
  • Great Ganks
  • Clearing jungle really fast
  • Good CC
  • Awesome to initiate teamfights
  • Lot of AoE
  • Fun to play

  • Weak counter-jungler
  • Kind of Squishy
  • Limited heal form his Spirit of Dread
  • Weak if alone
  • Weak early game

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Summoner spells

In this chapter you will learn which summoner spells to use and why - let's start!

Green named speels are recommended,
Yellow named spells works well sometimes.

Smite - Nothing to explain here, you are a jungler, you just need it to make blue and red buff.

Ghost - just a perfect spell for Hecarim. Gives you speed to escape, catch or gank your enemies, also if fighting 1v1 and losing just a little bit, use ghost to increase your attack damage by passive!

Flash - Can be useful in some cases becouse you can use it through the wall, but Ghost usually works better.

Ignite - You can use it if you really want to kill enemies running away with 100 HP, but i prefer to use ghost and catch them in normal way. Useful when enemie have lot of livesteal/HP regeneration, becouse it blocks healing effect by 50%.

Exhaust - I wont recommend it, but it is useful in some cases, especially when fighting with AD carry.

Don't even think about other spells becouse rest of these are simply useless.

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In this chapter you can find my recommended runes, and a reason of choosing them - let's start!

For Quintessence i choose Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed rune that gives you 1.5% of movement speed - i think nothing is to explain here, speed let hecarim jungle faster, make better ganks and also run his passive giving him small amount of attack damage. It's best choose you can do here.

For Seals i choose Greater Seal of Armor for some flat armor.
It will let you have better sustain at jungle, reduce damage taken from enemies and its also helpfull at lategame. There never can be too much armor...

For Glypths i choose Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist for magic resist per level. It gives you some magic resist during the game, and make you more tanky at late game, nice choose here.

And finnaly for Marks i choose Greater Mark of Desolation which gives you lot of aromor penetration making your ganks deadly at early game, and increase damage dealed at late game.

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In this chapter you can found my masteries build and reason of choosing thoose, enjoy!

When playing jungle Hecarim i prefer 9/11/9, focusing on Weapon Expertise which gives you 10% of armor penetration at offense tree. Rest of masteries are not so important, gives you some extra damage, attack speed and upgrading your Ghost summoner spell.

At defense tree i puted most points - 11, focusing on Veteran's Scars which gives you 30 flat Health points. Sounds like a small amount, but in fact it gives you good bonus at early game, letting you gank at level 4. Rest of them gives you some armor, reduce damage taken from minions and just increase your sustain a bit.

Finnaly, at Utility tree i put 9 points focusing at Runic Affinity which is perfect for any jungler, making duration of blue and red buff 20% longer! Second important mastery is Swiftness , which maxed gives you 2% of extra movement speed - when scale it with your runes you gains 6.5% of movement speed from beggining of the game - great mastery for a pony!

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Core Items

This chapter is very important, tells you what item you should buy almost everytime, and gives you reasons why, let's begin!

Core items:


Thoose two are items which you should buy almost everytime.

Trinity Force gives you lot of benefits as:

  • +30 Ability power - not really the reason why we are buying this item, but also scales with your W and Ultimate so why not ?

  • +30 Attack damage - nothink to explain here - you will just deal more damage everytime you hit the enemy, and its also scales with your Q and E making your ganks better !

  • +30 of Attack speed - nice bonus letting you clear jungle faster and deal more damage in shorter time.

  • +15% of Critical strike chances - i think there is nothing to explain here, just get your Phantom Dancer and look at dieing enemies!

  • +250 Health - Hecarim is kind of vulnerable chapmion, and some health bonus can change it very easly.

  • +250 Mana - Spaming his Q, using W all the time and E every gank gives you big mana requisition, so this bonus will help you not running out of mana.

  • +12% of Movement speed - I think most important bonus of this item, gives him great bonus of 18.5% with runes and masteries - just add phantom dancer, ghost and use your E to reach insane speed !

  • Passive from Sheen which perfect matches your Devastating Charge!

  • Passive from Phage which will allow you to chase your enemies better!

Second important item is Wriggle's Lantern which gives you:
  • +30 Armor - Perfect armor bonus for early game, making you harder to be killed and gives you better sustian at jungle!

  • +23 Attack damage - Again perfect bonus which makes your ganks more effective!

  • +12% Life Steal - Just making your sustain almost endless!

  • +20% chances to deal 425 bonus damage - 20% chances to get 1/2 of smite for free! Just perfect item for almost every jungler.

  • Passive - gives you free ward every 3 minutes, without taking inventory place!

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This chapter is also very important, it tells you almost all items you can buy for hecarim depending on situation, I hope you will found it helpfull!

First of all, let's choose boots for our pony - here you have lot of alternatives, choose this one, which best match the situation!

  • Mercury's Treads - One of my favorite picks, gives you some magic resist and reduce duration time of all CC by 35% Choose if enemy deals magic damage and have lot of Slows and stuns!

  • Ninja Tabi - Again great item, which gives you some armor and reduce taken physical damage by 10%. Choose if enemy deals lot of physical damage, or you are dieing to often.

  • Boots of Swiftness - Good choose if you don't need more protection, enemies aren't foucsing you. These boots can help you chase the enemies and make your gangs better, also making your jungle route faster and gives some attack damage from passive.

  • Boots of Mobility - I don't choose the often, but these boots are helpfull when enemy have lot of escape abilities and you can't gank anybody. Gives best attack damage bonus from your passive.

Time to choose item which will give you protection.
There are serval options:
  • Guardian Angel will be great choose almost everytime. It gives you nice armor and magic resist bonus, and also passive will save you serval time.

  • Force of Nature is great alternative to your Guardian Angel if enemy team deal mainly magic damage. It also gives you 8% of movement speed - and aslo some damage becouse of your passive. This item will give you huge HP regeneration as well.

  • Frozen Heart is again nice alternative to Guardian Angel, use it if you need extra armor, and enemy deals mainly physical damage. It also gives you 500 mana, 20% of Cooldown reducion and aura which reduce enemy attack speed by 20% in range of 1000!

  • Aegis of the Legion is comprehensive item if you need even more protection. Gives you some armor, magic resist and health. Also adds aura which gives armor and magic resist to your nearby allies.

  • Randuin's Omen is your "must have" when beeing a pony. Gives you huge amount of armor, some heath points and HP regeneration. Also it gives 5% CDR and nice active ability which is essential in teamfights. Buy it almost anytime.

  • Frozen Mallet is great item fot Hecarim. Gives you huge Health bonus and some attack damage. But most important is passive: every hit on your enemy slows him by 35%!

    Choose wisely when buying items, and always think :

    Does enemy deals more physical or magical damage ?

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Jungle route

Here you will learn how to jungle, please look at the image above:

1- Blue buff - your team should help you, use your smite to kill it.

2- Wolfs - just slash them with your Rampage

3- Wraiths - use your Spirit of Dread to get some health, and just spam your Rampage

4- Golems - Same as wraiths

5- Red buff - use your Spirit of Dread and spam Rampage, your smite should be ready so use it.

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Here you will learn how to gank your enemies like a real pony, please look at the image above:

x - Enemy champion you want gank

x - Your allie, which you will gank with

Red lines - ganking ways when line is more pushed

Yellow lines - ganking ways when line is less pushed

Start ganking when you hit level 4. Use you Devastating Charge to increase movement speed, run behind the enemy and knock them into your allie, then your teammate should use stun or slow, if he de it just start attacking with autoattack and Rampage, if not just try to steal as much health from enemy as it is possible. Use ways showed on map.

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Your results!

In this last chapter i want say thank you for reading hole guide, i hope you enjoyed!

Vote and comment as you want!

Here also you can put your statistics from games, just message me giving your nick and tell me what game i should put here. I will also put here your nick.

My results using this guide :

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  • [06-11-2012] - Started making this guide
  • [08-11-2012] - Finished making first version of guide
  • [09-11-2012] - Fixed lot of mistakes, fixed build, deleteed DPS build, added Randuin's Omen to builds, added 3 more items to item chapter, added Jungle route and ganking chapters.

Special thanks to Miloszo for helping me improve this guide!