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Lee Sin Build Guide by Schniels

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Schniels

Jungle Lee "SOLO Q KING" Sin

Schniels Last updated on August 17, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello guys.

Welcome to my Lee Sin guide.

I think Lee is one of the best junglers in the game at the moment because of his incredible jungling speed, his early game damage and his insane mobility what makes him so strong.
If u are looking for someone who can really turn a game around alone and who can easily gank enemies in the early game, Lee Sin is the one for you.

I played a lot of Lee games and hes my most played champion in ranked so I hope this guide will help you to improve your skills with this awesome character.

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For my jungle runes I like Greater Mark of Desolation for marks cause armor pen helps your late game damage and is the best mark for Lee cause he doesnt need attack speed runes because of his awesome passive which allows him to have high attack speed without any items or runes.

For seal Greater Seal of Armor is a must-have because I think a jungler always has to have armor runes and seal is the best for armor.

Glyph is always different but I like to run Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist cause Lee Sin really needs this since he has no magic resistance at all.

For Quintessences you can take Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage or greater quintessence of desolation. This depends on what u take for marks. I like marks armor pen and quints flat attack damage more but you also can do marks ad and quints armor pen. This doesnt matter really I think.

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My masteries are pretty standard for tanky dps masteries cause you need that 21 offense points and you dont need mana regain from utility so I go 9 defense but u also could go 9 offense and 21 defense if you want to go a bit more tanky. This is why I always have 2 masteries for someone like Lee Sin so I can look what the enemies pick and counter them but its not that important.

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For items you can go many different ways but you should know what is good to build and what is really dumb to build on him.

Start: Normally I start with and . Why I do this is because I can get from camp to camp fast and I need the 3 Pots for sustain. If you want to invade the enemy and play very offensive you can go and . This is also for ganking early and tanking one or two hits in the early game.

But if you dont want to gank early and want to stay in jungle until level 4 you can go the money-saver start with a which gives u 10% lifesteal and can easily build into wriggles lantern what is your early game goal and the most important item on Lee Sin.

Early-Game: So, if you bought your BOOTS, ARMOR or LIFESTEAL, save money for wriggles and buy which costs 1000 gold.

After that you can buy one or two if your team already has a tanky toplane or something or you see that you can play very offensive. Now buy cause you need gold as a jungler since you cant last-hit minions like a laner.

Buy if the enemy team has a lot (TONS) of cc and magic damage. Buy to get armor for an enemy team with heavy phisical damage. You could also buy TABIS if all your lanes are pushing very hard and you cant gank very much, you only can tower dive the enemies so if you do this you probably have to tank a lot of tower hits and thats why you need armor.

These items are what's relly important on Lee and after that you have to look what the enemy team is doing and build what is the best mix between damage and defense.

Mid-Game: Mid-Game you can buy a because it is a pretty standard mixed item which gives you a slow-effect, health and damage. Why I build my into is because you could build it into but TRI FORCE is an item only for very hard fed Lee or if you have too much gold. Now you could say: Why dont I buy both of these items? Simple answer: Both of these items have a slow-effect and it is not worth it the money because both items are very simular.

You could buy a instead of but I would only buy WARMOG'S if you are fed very early in the game because of WARMOGS' passive. Both items make you really tanky and if youre thinking how to combine this tankiness with damage the answer is . It gives you more damage from more health so its a good combo with these two items.

After that, if you see that the enemies have magical damage, buy something like or against heavy cc. I dont recommend on Lee Sin because he doesnt need the attack speed because of his passive.

Late-Game: For late-game there are a couple of items you can buy, here are some items that can fit with Lee Sin:

(against HIGH magic damage),

(against high physical damage) Id say this item is a must-have because it builds from your and also has a slow,

(if ur team already has a tank or something like that its a good item for him but dont buy it if u are the only tank in the team for example tell your support to get it, btw always look that u dont buy things that someone on your team already bought),

(I dont think this item is really worth the money but I sometimes get it if i am very fed but its your choice so if it has a lot of stacks it can really be a strong item),

(dont buy this item very often but lets say the enemy team has Blitzcrank, Ahri and Nautilus, BUY it),

(very nice item but only buy it if you already have your most items cause it costs very much gold but if you have it its very cool),

(not that op since its nerfed and does not do the most damage and is very expensive),

(normally I would only buy this on carries because you need a lot of money to get this and a jungler doesnt have a lot of money normally, and if u get fed I would buy bloodthirster or something like this but not inf edge. Anyway if you already tried it and got really strong with it, buy it),

(Yes, this is an option for Lee Sin because it gives him a lot of armor penetration but this is an item for situations when your score is like 5/0. Its only worth the MONEY if you already have a damage item and are really fed, otherwise dont get it),

(I forgot this item but it is a very nice defensive item and it also builds from your heart of gold and I sometimes buy it if I want to help my team with this amazing shield),

(Naah, dont get it is very very expensive and you dont auto attack that often),

(also an option because it helps Iron Will to get more lifesteal, I dont see it much often but its ok),

(good item for a lot of armor, hp and that aoe passive),

(only buy it if youre playing against heavy fed trynda or someone),

(dont know how to write xD, an option if u want to go full carry),

Zeke's Herald (got nerfed so.. I dont know if you should buy it, if you want a lot of lifesteal you can buy it),

(more for ap carries I think, but its also viable for example if the enemies have a lot of ignites or they focus you, whatever ^^).

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Skill Sequence

Lee Sin's main damaging (TONS OF DAMAGE) skill is his Q Sonic Wave. But as a jungler dont get Sonic Wave first. I skill Tempest lvl 1 cause it has aoe damage and a movement and attack speed slow. You could skill Safeguard first cause its your shield and it gives you lifesteal but you are not as fast as with Tempest first.
Get Dragon's Rage whenever you can. Thats's it!

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Summoner Spells

Normally when I jungle, I get Flash and Smite. But like I already said Lee Sin has the most mobility in the game and thats why I have Exhaust instead of Flash since it helps your ganks alot and you can already jump on a ward or on an ally with your Safeguard. You can get Flash but it's a bit waste in my view..

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Jungle Route

I have one basic jungling route for Lee Sin but I would not take the same jungle route every game because if u get invaded you need to have several routes to go for.

So my basic route is: Kill wraiths first at 1:40, you should be ready at red at 1:55 but dont forget to call help from your midlane or toplane. After that let a teammate pull red and kill red. You will be ready with red at about 7:10. So now it really depends on how your lanes are pushed. If you see that mid or toplane is worth a gank, go for a gank and try to make a first kill. If not go to your wolves and kill them. If you are under 40% hp now kill wraiths or if not up kill golems. If ure above 40%hp go for blue although you have no smite up. With your potions it should be no problem. Now go back and buy your first items. You can also do this route with starting blue just change it a bit.

Counterjungling route: If you want to counterjungle the enemy jungler early there are many ways to do. What I do often is: If I know that the enemy jungler is depending on mana he will probably start at his blue. Now I ask my mid, top or botlane to give me a good leash so that I dont lose much hp and if its possible I try to not use smite.

Now I run to his red and wait in the brush next to it. When I see the enemy jungler I let him attack redbuff for some secs and if he is at very low hp I go in, smite redbuff and try to kill enemy jungler. Note that this is only possible if you not show yourself on the map. You can also start his red if you know that he is 100% blue depending (Amumu,Maokai,Alistar).

A good idea is if you know that the enemy jungler starts blue, you start red or if you know that the enemy jungler starts red, you start blue if it is possible, because no jungler needs 2 blue buffs or 2 red buffs at the same time.

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Team Fights

Your task is to initiate a teamfight so try to burst down the enemy carries and shield your carry, focus their carry and if you or an ally wants to escape kick one enemy with Dragon's Rage and try to get other enemies knocked up with it.

Well Have Fun! :D

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Pros / Cons


-Very fast jungler
-high amount of damage trough the whole game
-doesnt need attack speed runes because of his passive
-can gank early and effective at level 2
-doesnt need blue
-super strong early game


-a fed Lee Sin doesnt really do more damage than a Lee without feed
-I would not recommend him for beginners because Sonic Wave is a skillshot and you have to hit the enemy with it to get your full damage combo
-easy to play but hard to master (I lost most of my first 20 games as Lee)

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-Try to use your Sonic Wave if the enemy is at low hp since it does more damage if the enemy has lower hp

-always have a placeable ward in your inventory cause you can use it to jump on it with Safequard

-if u have problems with using your Dragon's Rage I can give you some help here:

1.If you are fighting alone against an enemy try to first hit him with Sonic Wave, after that kick him away with your Dragon's Rage and then jump on him with Resonanting Strike. Why I do this often is because sometimes I think if enemy is at low hp I can finish him off with Dragon's Rage but then it doesn't kill him and I stand there like an idiot and he can escape with like 10 hp, but if your kick failed you can jump on him and finish off the kill and everyone is going to say: GJ BRO :D

2. If you are at higher level try to come from behind the tower and kick the enemy to your ally and it will be an easy kill and if not you will still got Sonic Wave and Tempest.
This combo is just huge and its always fun to play!

So the most important thing about Dragon's Rage is that you always kick the enemy to your allys and not away if you keep this in mind it will be not very difficult to win teamfights with this powerful ultimate!

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I hope you have learned something from this guide and quickly raise elo like I did. (: