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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by Cerberus136

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cerberus136

Jungle Mundo Goes Where He Pleases

Cerberus136 Last updated on July 26, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome to my Mundo jungling guide! This is my first guide to please bear with me as I learn the ropes of Mobafire.

Dr. Mundo is one of the most underrated characters in the game. I can't tell you how many times I get people asking me why I'm playing Mundo, and then by the end of the game calling me a god with him. Maybe it's just because I'm not in a high ELO, maybe it's because everyone I'm playing with isn't as good as me, I do not know - but please do not diss this build before you try it.

Mundo is a very tanky character who can dish out loads of damage with no damage items. He is the king of walking away from teamfights with full health. In the worst possible situation, you should be the only teammate dead with the entire enemy team dead in a team fight.

Seriously, Mundo is pretty OP and as long as you know how and when to use his ultimate you're guaranteed to have great games.

I hit 1500 ELO in about 20 games doing mostly Mundo jungling - then I decided to branch out to other champs in ranked games and fell pretty hard. No screenshots of the 1499 I got except for:

I don't claim to be pro - but I am always looking to learn and am always first to jump down my own throat if I'm playing bad. I guess that means this guide is pretty solid for the 1100-1500 range, but I haven't played nor have I had anyone try it out above that range. Feel free to post screenshots on how you do if you are 1500+ and try this build out! :)

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V1.0 - July 24th - Guide created. Not finished, looking good so far.
V1.1 - July 25th - Updating Item's section and fixing item hotlinks.

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Pros / Cons


    Powerful late game (level 11+more than anything)
    Clears jungle very fast
    Can heal back health at epic proportions
    Great at kiting or chasing
    Strong 1v1 against enemy jungler
    Escapes easy, especially when paired with

    Weak early game
    Can be tough to gank with, especially if your not good at aiming cleavers
    No CC except for a slow with cleaver
    Easily countered by all of the following:
Executioner's Calling
Morello's Evil Tome
Seastone Trident
Impure Shots
Explosive Shot

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I'm not sure if my Runeset works the best, however this combined with my Mastery Tree wins me games, so I like to think they work pretty good. They are a bit odd, especially when paired with the mastery tree, so if you have any other ideas I am more than open to suggestions!

I go with:

Greater Mark of Attack Speed - Mundo has a horrible base attack speed and a horrible scaling attack speed. While this guide is more for tanky Mundo, the extra 15% attack speed for jungling is really helpful.

Greater Seal of Armor - This is pretty basic for a Jungler. 9 of these are dead useful for a level 1 jungle. While it doesn't stack over time, Mundo is about HP-regen more so than an insane amount of armor or magic resistance. I also tried using Greater Seal of Vigor and made it through the jungle, but was unable to get Red Buff my first time through. It might be viable if I tried a different route, but I recommend sticking with the Greater Seal of Armor.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist - This is also pretty standard for tanky champs. It works great with it's scaling into mid-late game. As a jungler, you are more prone to see physical damage early in the game between the top and bottom lane dps generally doing physical damage and the entire jungle doing it as well. You don't get hit too hard with the magic damage until mid game when the enemy mid starts to split from his lane into other areas of the map.

Quintessences...this is one of the few things I am always changing about my Mundo build. I've gone with about 8 different combinations of quints and it works every. single. time. because Mundo is such a powerful and quick jungler. Generally speaking, any combination of the following runes seems to work out. The one listed in the guide is what I'm using as a "main" right now
Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed
Greater Quintessence of Desolation
Greater Quintessence of Health
Greater Quintessence of Armor
Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed
Greater Quintessence of Spell Vamp (Must have x3 to make useful)

Overall, the combination of 1 Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed, 1 Greater Quintessence of Health, and 1 Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed allows me to clear the entire jungle with boots + 3 pots as long as I get a lot of help on blue.

If anyone has other suggestions that has worked well for them (i.e. magic pen to go with my mastery tree or 3x attack speed or something else), please comment and tell me all about it! I'm all about trying new runes and masteries with my jungle Mundo :)

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I go a very odd route with masteries that I was scared wouldn't work at first - but as I used them more and more I realized how insanely powerful it makes Mundo. The big WTF?! factor in here is the 9 points in offence and where I put them. I give 1 point in Summoner's Wrath for the Ghost/Exhaust boost, 3 points in Brute Force for the attack damage (note: you could also go 1 point in Brute Force and 2 points in Butcher to help with the jungle, but you don't really need the extra damage). I then go 4 points in Sorcery and put the final point in Arcane Knowledge .

The reasoning behind this is that that 10% magic pen really helps your cleaver hit hard. You are not meant to be DPS, you are a tank / off-tank guy, yet putting 21 points in defense doesn't help you all that much. With 10% cleaver penetration your cleavers simply hit harder and better.

READ THIS: As Dr. Mundo, you will always do at least double the magic damage than you do physical damage (at least I do). Now if I'm doing at least 66%+ of my damage with my Infected Cleaver and Burning Agony, it would only make sense to build in some magic penetration if I want more DPS. At least that's the logic I thought of and it works quite swell!

The rest of the mastery tree is pretty self-explanatory with most of the defensive mastery points going towards helping Mundo in the jungle. I stop at the third level because I feel getting points in all 3 trees is more beneficial than going a typical 9/21/0, 0/21/9, or the oddone way of doing it at 1/29/0 (I need to try that one).

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Summoner Spells

This is pretty generic. I go with

Smite every time for obvious reasons and normally Ghost after that. Ghost is great for chasing, saving teammates, saving your own ***, and procs well with your ultimate.

Other viable options include (and are pretty much it)

Exhaust - Great for ganking and also good to pick up if no one else on your team bothered to get it (go quadra ignite! Don't mind that Yi or Trynd burning everyone into the ground...)
Cleanse - Good if you have a mid with no strong CC or you're in Draft mode and you see a lot of stuns on the enemy team. Note: a lot = at least 4 champs with a stun.

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I start with Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potion every time. I feel this helps with early game ganks and you can still clear the jungle quickly and efficiently.

The other viable option is going Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion. I know a lot of people prefer going this way, but my issue is that I do not build the cloth armor into anything (unless I end up getting Ninja Tabai), so is it worth it?

After thinking it over, if you are in draft mode or a ranked game and you see the other team is AD heavy, start out with cloth armor + 5 pots and build that cloth armor into a ninja tabai as your first item.

After I clear the entire jungle I base and usually buy a Ruby Crystal. This can build into a Heart of Gold, Spirit Visage, or a Warmog's Armor so it's a great item to get at that point.

After that, I normally get a Heart of Gold, followed by an item or two into Warmog's Armor. After you finish (or before if you feel you need to move faster) Warmog's Armor you have a big decision to make. Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi?

Mercury's Treads - These guys are useful if the enemy team has a lot of stuns and/or fed AP carries.
Ninja Tabi - These guys are more useful if you see that enemy Nocturne getting fed or the AD carry getting a few kills early on.

I usually base my decision on what to buy based on who has the most kills combined on the enemy team. If the AP carry and a Kennen at top are wrecking everyone, I'll go Merc Treads. If the AD carry is outfarming our AD carry and getting a kill here and there - I'll go Ninja Tabai.

At the end of the day, Mercury's Treads are the more expensive and more useful option most games. The reason I don't pick Mercury's Treads every time for the CC reduction is because Burning Agony already gives me enough CC reduc to handle a stun or two and not get myself destroyed under a tower or a gank.

Note: If you pick Cleanse and the enemy team is AD heavy, go Ninja Tabi.

Now you have 2 items complete - Warmogs and your boots. What to build next? I say a Spirit Visage! The passive gives you a 15% boost to Sadism, magic resistance, CRD, and health. Everything Mundo loves!

After that, depending on the enemy lineup, I usually go 1 armor-based item, 1 magic-resist based item, and the final item an attack-based item.

Viable Armor Items
Randuin's Omen - Great item for some armor, health, and health regen. The active is great in teamfights. I usually build a Warden's Mail first for the armor and then a Negatron Cloak so I can keep the Heart of Gold for as long as possible.

Sunfire Cape - This is a great item to give you some attack damage as it provides that AOE magic, lots of health, and lots of armor. If I'm getting hit hard by the AD carry when I'm at my 6th item it isn't uncommon of me to build this. At 40 magic damage per second AOE it's more useful than the extra 90 AD or so that Atma's Impaler provides.

Atma's Impaler - This is an good item for Mundo overall, a meh item for this build. They key component to this item is the 18% crit chance, but we have no other crit items, crit runes, or crit masteries. An extra 18% is nice when combo'ed with Masochism, but it just doesn't compare to the Sunfire Cape imo.

Viable Magic Resist Items

Force of Nature - There is no reason not to get this item every single game for Mundo. It's a superb counter to Madred's Bloodrazor, it's a great counter for any AP carry, and the passive procs with Mundo's massive health bar in the mid-late game era

Spirit Visage - As mentioned earlier, this item is great on Mundo. However, if you do the math, a second Warmog's Armor is far better than this. However, this is half the price and still helps tremendously. I would get this item every game and sell it after I finished my build for a second (yes, that's right a second) Warmog's Armor.

Banshee's Veil - A good item for carries, not so great on Mundo. You already get loads of health from 1/2 warmogs, randuins, sunfire, etc. and your Burning Agony + Mercury's Treads make the need for the Banshees passive pointless. Good item in general, but not the best for Mundo

Still working on this! Comments are always appreciated and I hope people enjoy this build!

Will upload screenshots of games at another time!

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Jungle Route

If I am solo queue I will go (and solo it, hah)

[b]Wolves [/b]-> Wraiths (pot!) -> Golems (2nd pot!) -> Red Lizard (start when health is at least 320 and smite to finish) -> wolves again -> base. Buy a Ruby Crystal and go out, gank, and have fun!

If you have guys that are talking and helping you out or friends in the game with you go this way:

Wolves (help from friends, use pot if necessary) -> Blue (get super help from friends and smite the *****) -> wraiths -> golems (last pot) -> Wait until smite is < 10 sec CD -> Red Lizard

Note: Both of these routes will leave you at very low health early game at the end of buff runs. Since you clear everything so fast you most likely don't need to worry about someone coming in to steal something (i.e. I've never died from an enemy this early just running my route).

Note: The second route only works out great if you get your W first, then your E, then your Q. If you don't get your Q @ level 3 then you most likely won't be able to take out red buff as it is a huge help without a 4th health potion.

I will expand on this later, but this is the essence of Mundo's early-game jungle and works out awesomely.