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Kennen Build Guide by Matolife10

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Matolife10

kennen - flipping bolt

Matolife10 Last updated on February 18, 2012
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Welcome this is my first build, i hope you will like it :)
this guide is all about kennen, he is my main champion and i ENJOY playing him!
he has E his escape ability, he is great harasser. and if not the best laner in game.
He is monster if he is fed, he can deal 50% damage in team fights.
So lets begin :).

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Pros / Cons

+ Great harasser
+ he has a lot of CC actually one of the best CCers
+ can turn team fights around in no time.
+ Huge burst damage
+ he is Flipping ninja!! can hide behind monster cho-gath and cant be targeted :P


- his ulty in team fight can be countered by janna (ulty)
- if he gets stunned or suppresed (WW,malzahar) before he use ulty in team fight, your team is pretty much screwed
- takes some time to master him
- is often focused due to his high damage output

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21/9 or 9/21 BOTH ARE GOOD ITS YOUR CHOICE! but i like 21/9.


Mental Force - Great you will need some AP early
Summoner's Wrath - bonus 5 AD/AP when on CD not to much helpful but where else would u put point on?
Sorcery - you will need some CD since u don't have it on runes, CD of your ulty is 120 second with Sorcery and Enlightenment your lvl 18 CD ulty will be so u will get 12 second CD, that is not little, think how many times you've said "damn my ulty was on CD just 5 second".
Demolitionist - great for destroying tower especially early game
Arcane Knowledge - great since you have AOE ulty and you hit everyone including tanks.
Blast - think back how many times have you said in early/mid game "omg what lucker HP?"
Archmage - i found this very usefull specialy end game 5% could mean 30-50more AP

Resistance , Hardiness - its always good to have some extra MR/AR specially for kennen since you will be focused a lot
Durability - this is new cool mastery it gives you some HP
Veteran's Scars - just 1 point and you get 30 HP, since early game kennen needs some HP

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here i will explain why i use these runes and some other good runes that are usable.

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration - all AP mages need them, so do you
Greater Seal of Vitality - in my opinion this is good for end game.. extra +175health
Greater Seal of Scaling Ability Power are good to but end game it will be more helpful 175hp than +14 ap
its simply you burst down AP casters, AD carrys,Supports, by using ulty+q+w and E if needed and whoever you attacked one of those 3 they should be dead by now. and in late game anyone rarely escape with low hp.. 175 health means a lot if you have 100 mr / 100ar.
Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power - that ones are good if you have 9 Greater Seal of Scaling Ability Power you get 14 ap at lvl 18 with Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power you get 28!ap at lvl 18 that is 2x more!
you will gain near 1,7AP per level. why not Greater Glyph of Ability Power?? well simple as that to lvl 6 kennen just mostly farms... and after lvl 6 u start killing and ur geting more AP wit Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power.
Greater Quintessence of Ability Power - you will need some early game AP by 3 of that quintessences + better harass

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Summoner Spells

Flash - is always good. + its good for escape and attack... flash over wall to escape and you can flash INTO team fights and suprise them
Ignite - its always good in early/mid game to kill mid laner or solo top + good with heal reg reduction.
usable summoner spells

Heal - after patch was buffed, i haven't tried it yet but i think it can be good
Ghost - good to run or engage in team fights but i wouldn't take it since you can flash in team fights and use your E (free ghost for short duration)
Exhaust - that is more for AD carries and Bruisers.
Surge - haven't tried it yet but i saw it on AP casters and it worked great it's better than ignite in my opinion in late game. + you get AS (Due to your W passive)
Cleanse - i saw it on kennen it is good sometimes if you get exhausted you deal less damage with your ulty so you use cleanse and you are back on track.


Smite are you drunk?
Teleport you don't need teleport it can't help you in team fights but it is good for solo top bruisers
Clarity Trolling?
Promote - haven't tried it yet but it is not for AP casters
Clairvoyance- support?

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It all depends on enemy team now... if they have a LOT of CC you can buy instead Sorcerer's Shoes, Mercury's Treads or if they have Malzahar or Warwickwho focus you lot of times you can also go for Quicksilver Sash. think what is better to have A lot of damage and get killed/supressed by Malzahar for example or just have little less damage and buy Quicksilver Sash.

Will of the Ancients - awesome when you use ulty you are Healing A LOT + aura helps your team mates
Rylai's Crystal Scepter - awesome when you use ulty you slow all enemies caught in your storm + 500hp
Rabadon's Deathcap - with this you will be dealing AWESOME damage.
Abyssal Mask - if enemy has a lot AP damage or if enemy build Magic Resist buy that insane item but if you have another AP caster in your team that already bought Abyssal Mask i wouldn't buy it because passive don't stack
Void Staff - if enemy team is tanky, buy that item that gives you 40% magic pen!!.
Mejai's Soulstealer - i wouldn't recommand that item until you master kennen, it is risky item if you get 20 stack on it you can carry team easy but if you don't get stacks you will have less dmg.

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Skill Sequence/harass

Harassing can be done in different ways first and the easiest is Electrical Surge prepare that your auto attack apply mark of storm then just use Electrical Surge you can dive in with Lightning Rush to stun him and use Thundering Shuriken this is the best harass in lane

you can harass him just by throwing Thundering Shuriken and if he gets close you can use Electrical Surge

Mark of the Storm - one of the best passive, kennen stun target for 1 sec after he gets 3 mark of storms + regain 25 energy but that energy regain can be done once in 7 seconds

Thundering Shuriken - this is your harassing skill, you can harass or last hit minions if you are aware that jungler is about to gank mid. or that its SS top/bot. this skillshot has a good burst.

Electrical Surge - this is pretty awesome for harassing wait till you get 5th attack to apply mark of storm then just attack enemy and use abiliti easiest harass. in team fights this is good aoe damage damaging all enemies that have marks on.

Lightning Rush - this skill is also AWESOME specially in team fights and always before engaging in team fight use this skill to get in because it gives you 50armour and 50magic resist!!!! thats why i level this skill later because team fights start at mid/late game.

Slicing Maelstrom - this is why he is god of storm. this ability has GREAT burst damage specially in team fights, has AWESOME CC. it stuns all enemies, they newer see when they will get stun. his endgame ulty works like this on description said that hit 1 target max 3 times and each bolt has 0,33sec delay that means if you are in team fight and fighting 5vs5 and you hit all of enemies with ulty, so every 1,6 second the same target will be hit (0,33 x 5) so target is hited and for 1,6 second it will be hiting others and after 1,6 second that target will get hit again. so when you cast ulty ALWAYS after 2 second use your W Electrical Surge people do mistake by using it right when they come in and that is wrong because ulty haven't hit everyone jet.

so skill sequence is like this in team fights

Lightning Rush --> Slicing Maelstrom ---> Electrical Surge ---> Thundering Shuriken

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How to play on lane/counter

So start with Boots Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potion, its good to have 3 potions that is + 600 health with 3 potions you will manage to stay in lane for a long time. you don't need to start with Doran's Shield, since you have bonus Health in masteries + runes + you will lose half of money for that item because you will have to sell it eventually. from lvl 1-6 try to farm as best as you can

How to harass:

Harass with Thundering Shuriken when you will master him you will be the best harasser.
or harass with Electrical Surge passive apply mark and use ability if he has 2 marks you can put the third one with Lightning Rush and while u are close to him hit him with Thundering Shuriken, his health will drop from 100% to 50% then just wait till you get ulty and finish him.

How to counter Champions from my experience:

Sion - you can counter him pretty easy. I am actually happy if he is on mid because all he can do is Cryptic Gaze and stun you and Death's Caress shield explode that is all he can do when he does that 2 combination remember DO NOT RUN!!! i see may players get scared and they run with half hp, its true he has damage but you must strike back if you have Q,W you prepare to your W passive that will apply mark of storm then you just Q and W him and he loses more Hp than you so if he h*** below 70% hp you can kill him at lvl 6 when you get ulty then prepare for W passive to aply mark of storm then just use Lightning Rush and Electrical Surge + then imedietly Slicing Maelstrom so he wont have even time to flash + use Ignite just in case if he doesn't die from that nuke.

Akali - you can pretty much win the lane just farm and harass until you get to lvl 6 then hit her with auto attack and apply mark of storm on her then if she by any case use ulty on you use your ULTY asap before she uses Twilight Shroud oh and if her HP is below 80% you will kill her 100%.

Anivia - she is easy to kill try to kill her early before lvl 6 so she uses her passive Rebirth then even if she has 100% hp go in and use skill sequence + ulty she is down in no time. all you need to do is avoid her stun Flash Frost

Annie - she is hard to kill because she can kill you with 1 spell combination + ignite(after lvl 6). so be careful when she get her passive Pyromania if she is below lvl 6 it is ok she will just harass but if she is above lvl 6 care you can get killed fast. just wait until she use her passive when she uses passive on minion you must STRIKE BACK FAST! if she has below 80% its 100% guaranted kill just make sure you put 1 mark of storm by auto attack.

Brand - when u master kennen it is easy to counter, because if you do 1 mistake it can lead you to death... so just pay atention to his skils if he uses Pillar of Flame and Conflagration you must go and attack him FAST! before he gets that 2 abilities back because then he cant stun you. so he will pretty much drop to 50% hp then when u hit lvl 6 just make sure u auto attack him first to put mark of storm then imedietlly (you can use Flash) go in and use ulty + W so you stun him twice so he can't even flash and he is dead 100% you dont have to use ignite.

Cassiopeia - there is nothing much to do she is the only one that can pretty much win the lane but its still "can" so just farm and wait till team mate comes to gank and when you farm try to harass her with Thundering Shuriken, Electrical Surge when you hit level 6 if she is below 80% hp she is down... just make sure you use Flash so she will not use her ulty Petrifying Gaze only if she has VERY good reflexes but i think its almost impossible if she has 1 mark of storm before you go in with Flash + [[Slicing

Gragas - just harass him and avoid his Barrel Roll when you hit lvl 6 if he is below 60% Hp he is dead (depends on his items for 100% lets say below 50%hp) use but same as cassopeia kill, you need to put 1 mark with auto attack and kill him fast because if he usses ulty Explosive Cask + Flash he will get away.
CH-1 Concussion Grenade

Heimerdinger - i haven't played against him a lot of times just avoid his CH-1 Concussion Grenade when attacking him.

Karthus - he is very squishi so harass him and try to avoid his Lay Waste because he can harass you easier. when you have ulty if he has 100% hp he can be killed if you put Ignite on him but to be 100% sure attack him when he is below 80% hp.. but after using your skill sequence (below lvl 6) his HP will drop to 50% or below so just wait to hit lvl 6 then you can just Flash and free kill him if he doesn't go back.

Kassadin - when fighting against him the most common thing people does when he uses Force Pulse+ Null Sphere they start to run, all you have to do is fight back and it will end up, he will be below 50% hp and you 70% hp. and when you hit lvl 6 if he is below 60% HP you can put first 1 mark (auto attack) then you can flash in and kill him.. if he has more than 60% hp its not 100% guaranted because he can escape with his ulty Riftwalk so you basically have 2 stuns and you have to end him in 2 seconds. oh if he somehow got more than 60& hp you can also put Ignite so its 100% kill

Katarina - katarina vs kennen is nothing.. just repeat steps harass when hit lvl 6 = kill.

LeBlanc - you may have problems with her.. she is hard to kill 1 vs 1 harass her in early game until u get lvl 6 then if she is below 60% hp Flash and use ulty + if she get away in any cases put Ignite due to her passive Mirror Image so when she will go below 40% she will just vanish for 0,5 scond (also will not take any damage) (like shaco's ulty Hallucinate ).

Lux - care her Lucent Singularity+ Light Binding+auto attack ( Illumination) she has great harass to but she will need mana also in order to harass you so if their jungler is good she will take blue buff. when you see her use her Q+E or if she attack you with skill sequence and if she misses you in any cases (that can hapen a lot since you are FLIPPING NINJA!!!) just rush in and harass her as much as possible when hit lvl 6 if she misses skill sequence she is pretty much screwed if you have [Ignite you can finish her of if she has 80% HP. so if she has 100%hp just use 1x Thundering Shuriken on her and her hp will drop to 80% or below.

Malzahar - you can kill him before lvl 6 just watch if he misses his his silence Call of the Void just rush in and be sure you have W passive to apply mark of storm so rush with Lightning Rush on him use 1 auto attack then imedietly Electrical Surge then Thundering Shuriken his HP should drop from 100% to 50% or below then just wait till u get ulty but u must Flash in so he wont silence you.

Morgana - she is hard to kill it is nearly impossible to kill her 1 vs 1 if she is not stupid. try to harass her and pray she dont gets blue buff when your team mate come try to make make her use her magic shield before your jungler ganks so she will have it on CD Black Shield.

Oriana - he is easy to counter just avoid her ball if she moves the ball strike back, she can't do anything on her since her abilities are related to her ball and her Command: Attack CD is 6-5sec in early game when you have ulty just rush in and use ulty for 100% kill her health must be below 90% and in case use Ignite if u see she is can escape.

Ryze - he is easy to kill in early lvl just harass him and try to kill him before lvl 6 if not he is dead when u hit lvl 6 for 100% kill use Flash make sure before going in first wait till u get auto attack that apply mark of strm. AT him then Flash into him and he is dead by skill sequence

Swain - try to harass him or even kill him before lvl 6 and if he is getting blue buff from their jungler you will have harsh time in your lane so ask your jungler to gank. if you are example lvl 3-5 you can kill him after dodging his Nevermove if he is below 50% you can kill him but first put 1 mark on him before so then use E Lightning Rush while this ability is in use just Flash in to him then FAST use W Electrical Surge (to stun him) then Q Thundering Shuriken and he will die just in case you have your Ignite so its 100% kill.

Vladimir - harass him as much as possible when you hit lvl 6 if his HP is below 60% you will kill him but before going in try to make him use his E Sanguine Pool then you have 20-25 sec time to strike back and kill him, if he has more than 60% hp you can kill him if he has 70% hp you can kill him by puting Ignite on him

Xerath - try to avoid his Arcanopulse after doing that you can just go in with Lightning Rush and use ur skill sequendce + ulty if he has below 80% hp he is 100% dead (before attacking him its enough if u hit him first with Thundering Shuriken and wait for CD.)

Veigar - he is so squishi and he is so mana dependent early game just harass him and when you hit lvl 6 to be 100% if he has below 80% hp you can kill him, just put 1 mark with auto attack and be sure to flash in while you are in Lightning Rush then just use your Electrical Surge + Slicing Maelstrom. you must use flash in because he can stun you and flash and you can miss your shot.

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Early,Mid,Late game

Early game - just try to harass as much as possible(easiest way to harass is to known your opponent champion, so after he uses his ability on minion just go in with Lightning Rush and do your thing) and get creeps as many as possible. at 5-6 minutes of game play you should have 1,300G or atleast 1,200Ggo to base and buy Hextech Revolver if you have more money go for Amplifying Tome.when buying hextech you allmost can't be harassed when using Thundering Shuriken you get healed for near 40-50 hp.

Mid game - so now you are harassing your opponent and creeping, keep tracking his jungler if you can so you wont get ganked/killed. after you have ulty you can harass enemy on mid and when he goes back to base. push mid fast to turret and gank top/bot. after going to base buy Sorcerer's Shoes, Blasting Wand, Giant's Belt, Amplifying Tome depends with how money u come back if u come with 1600 buy shoes Sorcerer's Shoes and Blasting Wand if you come with +2000 buy + Amplifying Tome (so you have 2 Amplifying Tome 1 for Will of the Anicents and 1 for Rylai's Crystal Scepter). but if you come back with enough money to buy Rylai's Crystal Scepter buy it! no one will never escape you. then start building Rabadon's Deathcap and before that you can buy Chain Vest or Negatron Cloak if enemy team has a lot damage based on AD or AP (later those 2 will/can be build to Zhonya's Hourglass and Abyssal Mask) and in any case if you are dieing in team fights i would recomand to buy Zhonya's Hourglass before Rabadon's Deathcap

Late game - by now you should have almost full build now build your Will of the Anicents if you haven't bought it jet. just walk with your team, when engaging in team fights you must hit hard AP carry,AD carry and use Zhonya's Hourglass BEFORE you did your skill sequence the most common thing ppl do is use Zhonya's Hourglass when they cast ulty wich is bad. first of you can't move and they wont get stunned (not all) because they can just move and avoid your ulty. if you cast it after using all combos.. its good because all skills will be on CD and your ulty will stun all if they are in the area.

it all depends with how money you come because when you go to base you must buy something, almost never Teleport back to base if you dont have enoug money to buy what you intend to only if you get harassed and you are low on HP.

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- soon i will start uploading videos doing first blood on mid/harassing/team fights ect..