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League of Legends Build Guide Author xCantFindANamex

Kha'Zix - Evolving your Kills - A Lane/Jungle Guide

xCantFindANamex Last updated on October 13, 2012
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Kha'Zix - The Voidreaver


Hello, welcome to my first guide in MobaFire. Hopefully, I can continue to provide the community with guides to help people play better. First of all, this guide is on Kha'Zix the Voidreaver though when I have selected on him to make a guide it appeared as Kog'Maw.

Kha'Zix is a bit difficult to play but once mastered he is almost as easy as playing one of the recommended champions such as Ashe, Ryze, Garen and so forth.

The rumors about getting a Pentakill (I have got one before) with Kha'Zix resulting to another evolution point is fake. The only way to get a fourth evolution point is to activate the quest 'The Hunt is On' by having a Rengar and Kha'Zix on opposite teams. For more information visit:!

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SPACE First of all, thanks to JhoiJhoi for making the starter guide and also for the line separators. I do not own them, she does. This guide will not 'Garen-tee' that you improve and play Kha'Zix like a pro, although it will give you some idea in depth on how to play Kha'Zix. If you for some reason feel that I need to improve this guide somehow, feel free to leave a comment. Make sure you don't 100% rely on this guide, sometimes it doesn't work but for starters, I suggest you begin here. SPACE

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Pros / Cons


  • Great tower dive success rate
  • Kha'Zix has a strong ganking potential
  • Can easily take anyone on solo within reason
  • Jungling is not hard with him
  • Counter Jungling is easy
  • His mobility is insane
  • His ultimate ( Void Assault) can be cast 3 times (useful for juking)
  • Can evolve to improve abilities
  • His Leap (once evolved) can be instantly refreshed upon kill or assist
  • Strong late damage
  • Good getaway moves


  • He relies on stealth for survival
  • His ultimate is a maximum of 3 seconds stealth (not at once though)
  • Without evolved abilities he is not strong
  • Doesn't do as much damage in team fights as he does in 1v1s.
  • Weak early game if in a duo lane
  • Weak initial damage

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Summoner's Wrath - When ignite is on cooldown it helps just that tiny bit gaining 5 ability power. The ratio for Void Spike is generous letting you receive a better amount of health.
Brute Force - Gives AD, useful early game to take out those little squishy people.
Alacrity - Gives attack speed, with all this AD your getting, you must make a use for it. Take 4 points in this.
Deadliness - Gives AD per level, helpful mid-late game.
Weapon Expertise - Gives armor penetration, useful against people such as Malphite or Rammus.
Havoc - Useful if you have load of damage output, increasing damage by this tiny bit can really help.
Vampirism - Helps you stay in the lane longer, this with your bonus AD and Void Spike can make you an annoying bug.
Sunder - More armor penetration is never a bad thing.
Executioner - Good when you are chasing someone down, you can usually burst someone down using your Taste Their Fear when they are isolated making them an easy target.


Hardiness - Gives a decent amount of armor, well worth the take.
Tough Skin - Just take one point, after all you already have Hardiness anyway.
Durability - Gives some nice early game health, good for jungling and ganking.
Veteran's Scars - Gives 30 health, just like a bunch of runes.


Good Hands - Helpful when you just want to get back into the fight.
Improved Recall - Ok, this mastery is crazy. This has saved my life more times than I can count. Those near kills, the close ganks. Take this with you.
Swiftness - Get some early movement speed to catch your prey with ease.
Runic Affinity - Helps when you get buffs from ganking junglers, especially if you have blue. You can stay in lane for so long they will request ganks every 5 seconds.

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Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Mark of Attack Damage, I take this because it gives Kha'Zix good damage whether he is jungling or laning. It also helps his Taste Their Fear, Void Spike and Leap as they all have an ad ratio boost.
Greater Seal of Armor, I take this because it gives him early game armor, it helps when jungling and laning against a strong top. With this and Void Spike he can last long in lane and jungle.
Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist, Kha'Zix doesn't need early game magic resist glyphs. Usually all AP's are weak and will only need Magic Resist Mid-Late game.
Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage, same as the mark of strength. It gives him attack damage early game that really helps him more than late game runes.

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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Unseen Threat - If unseen to an enemy at any time, Kha'Zix gains unseen threat meaning his next basic attack deals additional damage and slows the enemy.

Taste Their Fear - Damages the enemy, like a basic attack except without the on-hit effects. When evolved Kha'Zix gains 50 range on this ability and his basic attack also increasing his model claw size. I have seen this ability do over 1500 damage before. Evolve second.
Void Spike - Fires a skill shot projectile in a line, if it hits an enemy, the target and enemies around it are hit. If Kha'Zix is in the explosion radius he heals according to the level of this ability and a bit of his ability power. If evolved, when an enemy is hit it consumes unseen threat to slow and deal additional damage. It also does 3 missles in a cone instead of one. I wouldn't recommend evolving this unless you want additional damage output in team fights.
Leap - As the name suggests, he leaps. The animation is similar to Rengar's Unseen Predator animation. It does damage on impact. If evolved, when Kha'Zix gets a kill or assist this ability if automatically refreshed. Evolve first.
Void Assault - Kha'Zix goes into stealth being unseen for 1 second. This gives Kha'Zix his passive meaning his next attack does bonus damage. Make sure you use this, attack then use it again. If it is evolved it can be used an additional time and also granting him 40% to all damage while he is cloaked. Evolve third as it isn't need until late game.


When jungling make sure you use Void Spike all the time and also make sure your in the radius. This will keep you more sustained than it would when you play some other jungler. If you really want to do some damage quickly, turn smart cast on (Esc>Key Bindings>Scroll Down to Smart Cast Abilites>Change it accordingly). Leap to a jungle camp and before you land press W. It will hit them and it usually heals you as well. Also make sure you kill all the weak minions first, Taste Their Fear will help you kill the larger ones once the smaller ones are killed.


When laning be sure that you know what to do. Always ward your lane, Kha'Zix has a good escape skill ( Leap Evolved), with this he can jump so far that there is no way they will catch up to you. Solo laning is easy as once minions are all gone, you can use Taste Their Fear and deal bonus damage as they are isolated. You can also just walk into the bush, hit the enemy with a basic attack, Taste Their Fear and repeat. This will harass them hard as his passive Unseen Threat gives him bonus damage and a slow.

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Core Items

Wriggle's Lantern - This item is a must for every jungler, it provides a free sight ward every 3 minutes which can be helpful when you are low on money and cannot be bothered buying actual wards.
Mercury's Treads - Gives you tenacity and magic resist with some movement speed. An all rounder good item.
Ionian Boots of Lucidity - Gives cooldown reduction, take this if you already have a tank or offtank and want to do some serious damage.
The Brutalizer - Gives you armor penetration and cooldown reduction, when upgraded to Youmuu's Ghostblade it gives him attack speed and movement speed when activated. Useful for finishing off people that run away.
The Bloodthirster - Gives you the attack damage and lifesteal one needs. It will help you stay alive in team fights and gain a lot of damage to people. Once the full build is completed Taste Their Fear can do up to 800 damage if isolated and Taste Their Fear is evolved.
Hexdrinker - Will save you from a Karthus ultimate a lot of times, if there isn't a Karthus or a high AP damage champion in the Fields of Justice this is not needed. If this is taken upgrade to Maw of Malmortius for a bigger shield.
Guardian Angel or Banshee's Veil - Either one of these will be helpful late game, you because they both give magic resist and you can handle AD.

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Items - Damage

The best damage items is like building as an AD Carry, if you don't want to build tanky and rely entirely on your HUGE damage output you may need the following items:
Last Whisper - Gives 40 damage and some armor penetration, really helps against those people who get Thornmail and Frozen Heart.
Phantom Dancer - Gives you a lot of movement speed, attack speed and critical chance. Will allow huge burst damage from basic attacks and a good chase.
Infinity Edge - If you really want to do a lot of damage, combine this with Phantom Dancer and the enemies will be like 'WTF? They don't have an ADC here!'
Berserker's Greaves - Can be useful when you need some attack speed, a good substitute if you don't want Mercury's Treads or Ionian Boots of Lucidity.
The Bloodthirster - You can grab two of these if you really need the extra damage, but you don't really need this.

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Items - Survivability

Frozen Mallet - Your going to want this if you want to survive not only in lane but also team fights.
Banshee's Veil - Will be really useful when your initiating, you will be cc'd for sure and this at least stops the first one. This can also be useful when someone such as Karthus is trying to finish you off with Requiem.
Force of Nature - You want this, you need it in fact. There is an AP carry, chasing you hungry to kill. Health regen is OP on this item if you have a Frozen Mallet also the movement speed and magic resist is good too.
Guardian Angel - Very useful, your getting chased and you die. You have a GA, Leap away and they get mad. Why wouldn't you get this?

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Kha'Zix's gameplay is easy if you learn how his abilities work. He is an assassin and can stealth for over 3 seconds if his ultimate is evolved. Although 3 seconds doesn't seem like much, it can be useful for juking as it can be cast 3 times.

When laning don't get greedy unless you have Leap evolved, you can easily tower dive if the enemy is low hp, one because when he kills or assists someone it is instantly refreshed. It really helps when you can jump in, Taste Their Fear, Void Spike then Leap out barely taking any damage.


Follow this jungle path:
Start at wolves if your confident, if not start at blue then go to wolves. Move on to wraiths and then back to the wolves. Your Smite should not be on a long cooldown now so you can take out red buff and gank without losing much hp. Recall to buy items if you successfully gank and then do golems. Then try to gank and counter jungle as much as you can.

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Ranked Gameplay

To be worked on soon

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Solo Top Against Others

In this section I will mention which champions are easy, intermediate and hard to lane against. These are the general people so please if you think I should mention someone, feel free to discuss.


She can be really annoying when she uses Twilight Shroud, you cannot simply attack her directly. Try using Void Spike in her little circle thing and see if you hit something. She might hit you and when she does attack her with Taste Their Fear and a basic attack to do as much damage as possible in a small amount of time.


Cho'Gath, Cho'Gath, Cho'Gath. Why do you have an incredibly long silence, good sustain and a knock up not to mention true damage. Wait, that's nothing, compared to the real void menace Kha'Zix. Work with your jungler to counter him early and prevent his mid-late game tankiness. Try and avoid his Rupture to prevent any damage being done on you.

Darius - HARD

Really hard to lane against, you are really vulnerable early game as you have quite low hp. Make sure you do as much damage as you can then you can kill him instead of him killing you. Shut down his early game by working with your jungler to make sure he is nothing late game. Do everything you can until he is level 6, Noxian Guillotine can easily kill you.


To be 100% honest, I have never actually laned against a Mundo as Kha'Zix before but in my past experiences as other champions he can be a bit hard. Infected Cleaver can be a huge harass to you and when he reaches level 6 he can use Sadnism to give him a huge hp regen. Ignite him so you can cancel it and try and gank as much as you and your jungler can. Isolation and Taste Their Fear will help you in your Endeavour.

Fiora - EASY

She isn't much a challenge, when she tries to parry you can use Taste Their Fear to do some damage and not activate the ability and also not letting her attack you. When she will try to burst you with her attack speed, just use Void Assault to counter and kill her. Also when she uses Blade Waltz, if you have an evolved ultimate you will take less damage when activated, very useful.


Hmm, yes well Gangplank is pretty easy if you know what you are doing. He will constantly harass you with Parrrley and will counter your CC with Remove Scurvy. This will render your passive useless. Just be sure to get him while Remove Scurvy is on cooldown to make the most of your damage. Work with your jungler if needed.

Garen - HARD

This guy has a lot more sustain than you do, he has a slow remover, a cc debuffer and a really overpowered ultimate. He is like Darius, only Demacian. Work with your jungler to harass Garen to make sure he does not counter you in lane, is possible use Taste Their Fear as much as you can and basic attack him when Unseen Threat is active. Then you will be fine.

Gragas - EASY

Gragas doesn't really have anything special. He has a little dash, a delayed Karthus Lay Waste, a restore ability and a knockback ultimate. He isn't that hard at all. If he tries to escape with Body Slam chase him with Leap to counter it. The same thing applies when he uses his ultimate, isolate as much as you can and kill him when he is drinking.


Irelia being good depends entirely on you, if you feed her your going to be like 'IRELIA OP, NERF IRELIA!'. She has actually reached severe nerfs, her once overpowered Q has been reduced by half. Taste Their Fear can be a changer when she goes for you. She will Hiten Style to regenerate hp and do true damage to you. Try and harass as much as you can with Void Spike.

Jax - HARD

This guy is really able to counter you, so hard it isn't even funny. Riot think they nerfed him, bah he now has a pure dodge ability. When you attack him he will start dodging you and chase you down and stun you with Counter Strike and Leap Strike. Work with your jungler and do as much CC as you can. Farm hard, you will need it.

Jayce - HARD

Jayce is op, but he can be shut down and it is a long and agonizing process. You must first harass with Taste Their Fear and Void Spike to do as much damage as you can. Be sure to stay away when he has his Mercury Hammer on, he has a knockback and a really overpowered slow range. Work with the jungler to shut down his early, mid and late game.


If this Kha'Zix is good, he will copy you. He will do everything you do, Void Spike, Taste their Fear and even Leap. Be sure to gank really hard, I've seen a Kha'Zix go from 3-8 to 9-9 in 5 minutes (that was me). Shut him down and be sure to attack from the bush to make use of your passive. Mirror lanes are generally easy, and I expect you here to do well.

Lee Sin - HARD

Lee Sin is a formidable opponent, his jungle is as good as his laning. Resonating Strike will reveal him to you not to mention letting him kick you. Avoid this as much as you can, Leap if you really need to. Make the jungler come from the back to make use of the ganks. Get an Oracles if you really want, he can jump to one of his wards.


This guy can be really annoying, he has a stupid shield that can really hurt your harass on him. He can steal your movement speed to prevent your escape and can tower dive you without worry due to his ultimate which makes him immune to cc. But this is still possible, Taste Their Fear and Unseen Threat will help you in your Endeavor. Do not get greedy, he will be the one killing you at his tower.

Mordekaiser - HARD

This guy really pisses me off, I'd say he was in the Top 5 counters for our little bug friend here. He has an annoying shield which is like Malphite's except he gets it when he is fighting. When you are fighting he, be cautious as he will use his ultimate Children of the Grave and Ignite to deal 'Tons of Damage - Phreak'. Work with the jungler to do 'Tons of Damage' to him.

Nasus - EASY

You counter this guy pretty bad, in most cases you are dominating the lane. Make sure he doesn't get farm or this will turn from easy to mega hard. Be sure to harass him, if he is level 6 and low health he will use his ultimate and try to put the fight back to you. He will need ganks so be sure to ward or gank him back.


Why does everyone have a damn shield? It's annoying but you get use to it, his passive Staggering Blow will snare you for a short time, this time is long enough for a jungler to come and scare and kill you. Dredge Line will prevent your escape when being ganked, avoid the projectile as this will most surely kill you. Titan's Wrath gives him a shield and a DoT and AoE attack. Take him out when it runs out, this time get in the way of his Dredge Line to prevent his escape, how ironic. Work with the jungler when possible to prevent him getting tanky early game.


This guy has great harass like you. He has Reckless Swing and Undertow to slow and reveal the area around him and do some damage to you. When he is escaping, he is impossible to chase as he will have his ultimate at level 6 and will turn into a Can't Be Disabled person and charge at you like the viking thing he is. When someone is tower diving, use Void Assault to juke his attacks.

Pantheon - EASY

All he really has is a passive that will let him block a turret and basic attack hit. Nothing special, just keep hitting him and he will stun you, spear you and run away. I know that sounds a bit like something, but it isn't really anything. Just isolate and kill, evolved Leap will let you tower dive him easily. Be sure to stay out of his Grand Skyfall to prevent a lot of damage, use Leap whenever.


Ok, ok, ok, ok. That's all he ever says. When tower diving, try not to get taunted as you will be staying there longer than you intended. Ward the bush to ensure he can't gank you with his jungler. Get in a minions way to ensure Powerball doesn't get you and when he uses his ultimate, run away unless he is really close to death. Work with the jungler, but only if needed.


A bit more difficult than this brother Nasus but basically the same thing. He can double dash to you and has a bit of sustain due to his fury. He will use his ultimate to tower dive you and run away from you as well. Well yeah, he is a crocodile and I guess Crocodiles are better than bugs, but you can still counter him with your jungler and you awesome attacks.


This is your foe, this is a lion version of you, this is going to be a little challenge. So you got a Rengar? And, you also do more damage than him with your Evolved Claws and Isolation with Taste Their Fear. Your passive will do more damage than his basic attack, although if he is doing better in lane than you, he will use his ultimate and his Q to get you and kill you. Use your ultimate after using Leap and he Leaps at you.


The reason she is intermediate isn't because she does a lot of damage, it is because of her escape capabilities. They are crazy, she can use Broken Wings to escape and also her little dash which is like Quickdraw but gives a shield instead. She will stun and use her ultimate on you and maybe try to kill you. If you feel she is going to use it, Leap away or Void Assault. Work with your jungler and cc her as much to prevent her doing ACTUAl damage.

Rumble - HARD

This guy I hate so much. I haven't played against him as Kha'Zix but as other tops he is a killer. He will use his E to slow you twice and his ultimate will kill your escape if used correctly. His [[Flamespitter] can harass you really hard, after all it is Super Effective. He has a movement speed buff for escaping and chasing and countering even with your jungler is still quite hard.

Shaco - EASY

Finally an easy person. Be sure to watch the bushes, you will hear little laughs and see an orange smoke screen. Avoid these as they are Jack In The Box, for his escape he does have Deceive which is a 3 second cloak-flash. He will use this as well to chase you down. He gets a guaranteed crit when hitting someone while cloaked so watch out. He has an inbuilt ward so get a Vision Ward to ward your lane.


This guy has a good sustain, farm and ganking potential. When laning be sure to prevent him from getting any farm, he will use Vorpal Blade so zone him and attack him as much as you can. Ward the bush to prevent any ganks, Shadow Dash can be really annoying and a real pain when used correctly. Gank him if you can and you will be fine in your lane.

Singed - HARD

This guy is incredibly hard, way too hard for you. He can use Poison Trail to prevent your chase, use your passive to prevent his escape with his ultimate. When you are chasing him he will use Mega Adhesive to slow you down. He will also Fling you when you are tower diving and seal your death. Work with your jungler to do as much as you can, before it is too late.


He will stun you with Cryptic Gaze. He will do a lot of damage with his shield and his overpowered lifesteal and attack damage from his spells. You can get him solo, no jungler needed if you play properly. Get in the bush, basic attack him if he comes near to add a slow, Taste Their Fear to do so additional damage, Leap if you want then use Void Spike to do a bit more damage. Use a jungler if needed.

Talon - EASY

Occasionally you will see a meant-to-be mid champion at top lane, this is one of the classics. This guy is easy if you know how he works, he will Cutthroat you to Silence then will use Rake and Noxian Diplomacy to you. He will then use his ultimate to chase and kill. To counter just use all your abilities just like he does and you will be fine, no help will be needed unless he is super fed.


Being honest here again, I have never solo laned against a Trundle, he usually jungles and so I do not know his complete playstyle. Do not underestimate him though, all champions can be overpowered in their own way. If you are having trouble, consult with your jungler to improve your chances of success.

Tryndamere - HARD

This guy is annoying, almost as annoying as all those shield people. He is easy when he is below level 6 and his ultimate Endless Rage is on cooldown. He can be a real pain when he has it though, just when you think your about to win he will be unkillable for 5 seconds. Really annoying, use as much cc as you can to prevent his escape and work with your jungler if needed.


He is a karate master, he has 4 styles of things I'm not sure how they work entirely sure how they work but here is a rundown: I know his ultimate is an attack speed booster gained at level 1, he has a shield, a stun and I think a movement speed boost. He can be annoying when fed but be sure to work with the jungler to shut down his sustain.

Volibear - HARD

You know how much I hate this guy? When he is low hp he will use Chosen of the Storm to regenerate his health just like Mundo. He will try to get an early Warmog to make use of his passive. When you are escaping he will chase you and flip you back, he will kill you with his claws. Your only hope is to shut down his early game to prevent him doing something later in the game.

Wukong - EASY

This guy is pretty easy, he has a simple hit and run combo. He will use Nimbus Strike and Crushing Blow to harass you and will try to trick you with Decoy. Make sure when he charges you either hit him with your basic attack with Unseen Threat or Taste Their Fear to deal some back damage. Ward the lane with a Vision Ward to kill him when he tries to escape. Ward your lane to prevent ganks when he uses his Cyclone.


This guy is pretty difficult, he will charge and knock you up to deal tons of damage to you. Leap away if you feel harassed and hit him with an enhanced basic attack and Taste Their Fear to do some back damage to him. He can increase his attack speed and knock you back so be careful and gank hard and fast to prevent him doing a lot of damage late game.

Yorick - HARD

He has epic harass, it is annoying and he will keep doing his harass until he can potentially kill you. He isn't that strong, you can hit him back if you need to do some damage. Do not be scared of his Ghouls, they will aim you but don't do a lot of damage. When you are getting ganked by him and his jungler, there is almost no escape unless you have your ultimate and Leap. Ward your lane and shut him down with your jungler.

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Kha'Zix's role is great if you want to help out your team. He can jungle, he can solo top and maybe but I haven't yet seen him go an AP mid. He should definitely be played if you enjoy fighting people 1 on 1, isolation is really overpowered, not to mention his passive Unseen Threat which enhances his basic attack every time he is unseen obviously. His jungle path is the standard blue-buff jungle path, similar to champions such as Skarner or Hecarim. He can lane well as solo top, he can do good either way. This guy SHOULD NOT be underestimated, I have played this champion on both PBE and NA Regions and he is overpowered in ranked, normal and even All Random All Zeal.

Hope you enjoyed this guide, may you prosper.


(NA and PBE)

If you criticize my guide, please make it constructive so I can improve this and my future guides to come and help you guys to the best of my ability :).


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