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Kha'Zix Build Guide by Crewlawn

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Crewlawn

Kha'Zix - Jungle guide for Season 7!

Crewlawn Last updated on November 21, 2016
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Hello readers, my name is Crewlawn and welcome to my Season 7 Jungle Kha'Zix guide. I have countless of hours experience on the champion and have acquired feedback from other people in order to make this guide. I would really appreciate any feedback you guys may have. English is not my mother tongue so bear with me as I might make some mistakes.

In short: After Kha'zixs release he has been nerfed/adjusted a couple of times. Some were direct and some were indirect due to some item changes (the old last whipser/brutalizer for example.)
In Season Six Kha'Zix received some love from riot and got some helpful buffs. First with a buff to the unevolved E range and then to the cooldown on W and Q. This really took Kha'zix to the top of the foodchain again.

Now Season 7 is around the corner and we're looking at an Amazing season for assassins in general and especially Kha'Zix.
- Reworked (buffed) Abilities
- Reworked (mostly buffed) items
- More experience and gold from Jungle and a lot more...

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+Average to fast clear and sustain
+Good skirmisher in Jungle with Unseen Threat and Taste Their Fear
+Amazing Burst potential on isolated targets
+Insane combo potential in teamfights with resets on evolved Leap
+Very elusive with the new invisibility changes where pink wards no longer counter us with Void Assault.

Your clears on isolated jungle camps will be insanely fast, especially after level 6.
Kha'zix will be powerful throughout the whole game and doesn't really fall off, unless you get really behind. So make use of his early/mid game!
With evolved leap your potential in teamfights is insane and you will probably get some really awesome combos off.
Can still one shot ADCs and squishies after the rework!

-Lack of CC
-When Void Assault and Leap are on CD you are very vulnerable.
-You are squishy, so if you don't calculate your plays right you will most likely die or are forced to burn important cooldowns.

You can't usually engage teamfights, unless you are really really ahead and can 100% oneshot the target you're going for and safely jump out with the jump reset.
You will generally not have many resistances and therefore be squishy, so make sure to not get caught.
Because of the isolated mechanic in Kha'zixs kit, you rely on mistakes from the enemy. If they play really well and are always grouped, it will be very hard for you to make picks or even kills.

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You should always go for the 12/18/0 mastery page, but are not forced to always take the exact same masteries in the tree. Do what's best for your team and adapt to the enemy. ("Chaaaangeee and adapt!")

- Sorcery for increased damage on Taste Their Fear
- Fresh Blood for the highest burst possible
- Natural Talent for damage and sustain (AP scales with your healing from W)
- Double Edged Sword gives you the best early game potential

- Savagery faster clears
- Assassin we are assassins and we like to be alone in the jungle
- Merciless we have no mercy
- Greenfather's Gift again for highest burst possible and great jungle skirmishes
- Intelligence cooldown reduction is great on kha'zix
- Thunderlord's Decree for the highest burst possible and great early/mid game

You can swap the masteries with your personal preference but I would always recommend the 12/18/0 tree. The most common mastery I swap myself is Thunderlord's Decree with Stormraider's Surge if I need more mobility or am planning to go to lategame because thunderlord's falls off.

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Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage: AD helps with faster jungle clears.
Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed: MS helps with sticking onto targets.
Greater Seal of Armor: You take less damage from jungle camps and it adds protection when duelling.
Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist: Mages don't hit hard early game but will melt you late game, so prepare for that with these runes.
Side notes: Movementspeed is alot more important in pre-season (READ: Stat preferences, chapter 8). So I take Movementspeed Quints to get an edge on the enemy.
Lethality isn't nearly as powerful as before and somewhat useless for half of the game so not worth taking on your runes now. (READ: Stat preferences, chapter 8)

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The spells are very basic:

Flash and Smite in 99% of your games.

Honestly I just always take Flash and Smite. Because flash gives me so much more outplay potentional and the Flash Leap combo is just really good.

If you really feel special you can take Ignite for some early cheese or Exhaust for better duels.

There's no doubt you will just always need Smite as a jungler so I won't go any further into that.

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Abilities explained

The Passive Unseen Threat: When Kha'zix is not visible to the enemy team, he gains Unseen Threat. Unseen Threat causes his next basic attack against an enemy champion to deal bonus magic damage and slow by 25% for 2 seconds. Isolated targets interact with Taste Their Fear and now also Void Spike!
The passive scales with AD now rather than AP, so buying lots of AD is even better now!

Q Taste Their Fear: Deals physical damage to the enemy. (Click to win ability. When the target is isolated, the damage is increased by 50%.

Evolved Q: Evolved Reaper Claws: Increases the range of your Q and your basic attacks by 50. On top of dealing extra damage it now also refunds 60% of the cooldown of your Q when the target is isolated.
(Note: Evolved Q does not scale in damage with just champion level anymore.)

W Void Spike Fires exploding spikes in a straight line dealing physical damage to enemies hit. (20% bonus damage to monsters). Heals you if you are within the explosion radius (in melee range to the target). Scales with AP, but it's never worth buying AP just to let your heal scale. (NOTE: this ability does not slow the target anymore if not evolved!!!).

Evolved W: Evolved Spike Racks: Void Spike fires three spikes in a cone and slows targets hit by 40% for 2 seconds. Isolated targets are slowed for 80% instead.

E: Leap: Leaps to target area, dealing physical damage. Scales with AD.

Evolved E: Evolved Wings: Increases leap's range by 200, and the cooldown resets in champion kill or assists.

Ultimate/R: Void Assault: Passive: Ranking up Void Assault allows you to evolve on of your abilities, including your R.

Active: You become invisible for 1.25 seconds which procs your passive unseen threat (and the passive from Duskblade of Draktharr). While invisible you gain 40% movement speed and ignore unit coliision. Void assault can be cast a second time within 10 seconds.

Evolved R: Evolved Adaptive Cloaking. While out of combat, you also passively gain Void Assault for 2.5 seconds in brush. This persists for up to 1.25 seconds after exiting the brush (10 seconds cooldown per brush).

Stealth: Invisible: The new stealth, Kha'Zix can only be revealed by nearby enemy turrets and some abilities like Lee Sin's Sonic Wave and Twisted Fate's Destiny.
>>> Vision Wards, now called Control Wards DO NOT reveal Kha'Zix anymore while invisible!

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Ability & Evolution Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Level Q first, then W, then E and R when you can obviously. This sequence offers you the highest damage and is just simply the best one to go for. If you want to put the 3rd point into W as well at level 3, feel free to do so, it will speed up your clears and help with sustain.

Evolve Q Taste Their Fear at level 6. This allows you to deal massive damage on isolated jungle camps (including dragon and rift herald/baron) and champions.
Evolve E Leap at level 11. This allows you to jump into teamfights, get resets and jump out.
Evolve W Void Spike at level 16. This allows you to slow a group of enemies or a single champion by twice the amount and deals good damage.
Never Evolve R Void Assault. This evolution is pretty useless now, eventhough it's very fun to have I don't think it offers much additional power. Since it's very situational and doesn't proc while in combat. However, if you dó want to evolve this one, then do it at level 11 instead of Evolved Leap.

When you feel like the game is transitioning fast to mid game, then you can evolve E Leap first, for the massive teamfight potentional it has.
Also if your enemies are very elusive and mobile evolved W Void Spike at level 6 allows you to stick on them.
Finally, don't take the evo sequence as a must and always look what your team needs from you.

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Stat preferences

So what stats is Kha'Zix looking for now? Some things shifted going into pre-season and I think they will be consistent throughout season 7 unless Riot goes back on their update, which they rarely do.

Attack Damage: What? Really? YEAH! Kha'Zix uses AD, everything scales off of AD, except his heal from his W Void Spike. His Q scales really well with AD, although not as huge as before. Aditionally his passive Unseen Threat now scales with AD as well. It's just a really important stat to have and is good to pick up on your runes and items!

Attack Speed & Critical Strike Chance: Attack Speed is something you will probably never look at as a Kha'Zix player. While it makes your combo somewhat smoother, because it will make your passive proc quicker. It just doesn't make you scale as well as Attack Damage does and you will lose alot of your burst. The same goes for Critical Strike Chance. Because pretty much all of your damage comes from your abilities and not your auto attacks, crit is pretty useless to build on Kha'Zix.
Trinity Force is probably the only exception to this. It's an alright item when you're snowballing out of control as 2nd or 3rd item. But it's pretty troll, so I wouldn't recommend ever building it.

Cooldown Reduction: This still is a very good stat on Kha'Zix and preferably you would want to max his CDR to 45% ASAP! You can do this by taking Intelligence as your mastery. His new Taste Their Fear evolution already refunds 60% of the cooldown when attacking isolated targets. With 45% CDR you will have a 0.7 SECOND cooldown on your Q Taste Their Fear!!!
Finally, having your ult up often will just make ganking and duelling alot easier.

Movement Speed: While it was certainly nice to have in Season 6, it is now almost mandatory to pick up in pre-season! Why, you may ask?
The 20% slow on our Void Spike has been completely removed! While it's still on our evolved W, we don't evolve it untill level 16, in almost all cases, so we completely lost this slow for most of the game.
Now you can argue our passive Unseen Threat still slows the target. This is true, but in most cases not enough to stick onto your target without having to burn your ultimate (to proc our passive again). And you will not have your ultimate for every fight, even if you go with 45% CDR!
Why is it important to stick onto your target? We lost alot of burst damage from our isolated Taste Their Fears, meaning we need to use multiple Qs in a row in order to kill a target, so we just simply don't want them to run away from it.

Lethality: Is Lethality a good stat to have? Yes. - Is it as amazing as armor penetration was? Hell no!
Armor pen got a big nerf this patch, and we need to work around it. They changed it where lethality now offers you 40% base stats and scales slowly to 100% over the course of your TARGETS leveling to level 18. So 20 lehtality is 20 armor pen when the targets you're attacking are level 18.
The reason this is bad, is because armor pen gives you alot of early dominence and lethality is just not up to par on this. It's just somewhat "there" for the whole game, and you won't really notice it.
Should we completely avoid Lethality? No, we still want to take items with lethality on it, simply because the items that have it are just good in general. But we shouldn't put our focus on it anymore, like we did with armor pen.

Lifesteal On some champions this stat is useless and some champions are just unkillable because of it! Do we want it on Kha'Zix? Uhhhh, yeah... kinda. It's not bad, but certainly not great either. Most of your damage comes from your abilities and you only want to use auto attacks to proc Unseen Threat.
In short: It's whatever.

Health & Resistances Kha'Zix as you might have already picked up, is an Assassin, so we won't build alot of these stats. Are they therefore useless? No!
Picking up some flat armor runes will matter alot in the early jungle sustain. Also having scaling magic resist runes will definetely help you against those late game mages. Picking up some health isn't bad either, but it shouldn't be our focus at all.

Ability power?: No, this doesn't work anymore. Our passive used to scale with AP, making a hybrid Kha'Zix build somewhat viable and I've tried and seen it before. It made a pretty interesting build that surprisingly enough worked! Now that Unseen Threat scales with AD it just doesn't give us anything besides more healing on our W Void Spike.
In short: Stay away from this stat!

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Item Sequence

The Core Build:
Tracker's knife - Warrior
The warrior enchant on your jungle item is a must. There's no other enchant that's worth getting on Kha'Zix. Tracker's Knife is not a must though. I simply prefer it because it gives me a lot of map control and preasure in the enemy jungle. Go for Skirmisher's Sabre if you want to duel the enemy jungler or there are a few tanks on the enemy team. When you just want to catch elusive squishies, go for the Stalker's Blade.

Boots of Swiftness
As mentioned in 'Stat preferences' above, Movementspeed has become far more important. Having the highest MS and also offering slow resistance, it's the best option you have for boots.
The only exceptions are when you are behind, are taking too much damage from auto attacks ( Ninja Tabis), or are gettin CC-locked out of fights ( Mercury's Treads).

The Black Cleaver
It's another Movementspeed item with the passives it gives you. Again perfect to stick on your enemies. The 20% Cooldown Reduction is also really strong, especially if you get this item after your warrior's enchant. The stacking armor shred it applies to the target gives you and your team a massive advantage. Especially since Lethality is alot weaker now.
Finally to sum things up, it also has 50 Attack Damage making it a very good item on Kha'Zix!

Death's Dance
With our Taste Their Fears having less damage, thus forcing us to stick on our enemies longer, we need some sustain. Death's dance is the perfect item for that. It gives us all we need:Attack Damage, Cooldown Reduction and Lifesteal. The best thing about it, is that the lifesteal also works with your abilities, making it almost made for Kha'Zix!
Having made it this far into the build path has allowed you to reach 45% CDR, capping the cooldown on all your abilities.

Duskblade of Draktharr
Awesome! This item is really interesting and just like death's dance simply made for us! The passive from it goes hand in hand with our passive Unseen Threat. The passive also scales with Lethality giving the somewhat weak stat more meaning! It also gives the most Attack Damage possible on an item. Finally it gives you 20 Movementspeed. This is MS out of combat so not great, but good for flanking and roaming.

Guardian Angel
"Oops! I'm boosted" - We all had this moment. Making perfect plays all game long, all day long is just simply not human. You are going to screw up. And this item will give you a second chance! If you are really experienced you may want to pass on this, since it's very gold inefficient without the revive passive.
Buy it if you're learning, boosted, lazy or just do not want to die! It's good, trust me.

Good defensive items:
Edge of Night
"Hehe xD" This item is pretty troll. Not as in that it's a bad item, but you can trick your enemies with it pretty well. You get an on-demand spellshield with a 1.5 second charge.
It's very powerful if you go all in or if you want to bait important abilities from enemies. It also gives Lethality which is good to pick up with Duskblade of Draktharr since it's passive scales with it. Not to forget it gives some nice Magic Resist and Attack Damage as well.
Pick this up when facing mages that melt you or if you really need to soak that one important ability from the enemy.

Randuin's Omen
This is probably the only item besides Thornmail that can really counter fed ADCs. The attackspeed debuff from it's passive is strong against them. Also it reduces the damage you take from crits. The Armor & Heahlth is a nice addition to its passives.
Don't forget to use the active slow it has!
It's good to pick up against fed ADCs or if you really need to catch that one slippery target with it's active slow. This item combined with Ninja Tabis is a very strong combination.

Dead Man's Plate
Their whole team is AD and the ADC is not that fed? Then this is the item to pick up. It's better than Guardian Angel because you're not wasting any resistances into magic resist. It also gives you very good flank potential with the passive Movementspeed.
Pick this up vs full AD teams as 4th, 5th or 6th item.

Banshee's Veil
This item is just like Edge of Night but just weaker in my opinion. The only time I would pick this up is when the passive from your Guardian Angel is on it's cooldown and you have enough gold to switch it for this.

Situational Offensive items
Ravenous Hydra
This item, along with it's recipe Tiamat is good on Kha'Zix. But it's not as good as people make it seem to be. Everyone just mindlessly picks this up as first item or after warrior enchant.
You should pick this up, if you need an early powerspike in burst (with its active).
Or you should pick this up, if you plan to ourfarm the enemy jungler.
It's a very snowbally item and certainly not bad to pick up, but it's sustain doesn't match the Death's Dance.
You should finish your Tiamat into a Ravenous Hydra as 5th or 6th item. Because the Lifesteal Hydra offers is just very underwhelming. The Attack Damage is good though.

Youmuu's Ghostblade
Our lost friend. This item was single-handedly the best item on pretty much all AD assasins in season 6. The Attack damage and Armor Penetration along with the active which gave Movementspeed ánd Attack Speed was just an insane item.
With Armor Penetration nerfed into Lehtality, while not adjusting the numbers (still 20) it's just really underwhelming now. Alongside the active is also nerfed, since it doesn't give Attack Speed anymore.
The only good part is that the item is pretty cheap now, 300 gold cheaper than before.
So you will want to pick this up if you really need the active Movementspeed. As far as damage goes, there are better items now.

Last Whisper
Last Whipser and obviously Lord Dominik's Regards & Mortal Reminder are the tank shredders while they both serve different roles.
You would want to pick up Lord Dominik's Regards when you really need that extra amount of damage against tanks that build alot of health and armor.
You will need the Mortal Reminder when the targets you want to kill heal alot and/or are building armor.
Both items are worth to pick up at any stage in the game, since the passives are percentage based. But I would recommend to get it as 3rd item or later.