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Lee Sin General Guide by Karatekeks

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Karatekeks

Lee Sin and Repeat (Jungle) S6 not a Dia 5 pleb

Karatekeks Last updated on June 14, 2015
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Team 1

Ability Sequence

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Ability Key W
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Threats to Lee Sin with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Rammus If you can countergank him he is screwed
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Hello, I created this Lee Sin Guide because he is one of the strongest and most picked junglers at the moment. He has great mobility, which allows him to counterjungle and countergank like no other Champion in the Game. Lee Sin is also my most played Champion in Ranked and he accompanied my way into Diamond.

Notes about me:I am in Diamond and my mostly played champ is Lee Sin. I most likely play Jungle and Marksman / Adc. My favorite champs are Lee Sin Zed Noctrune. I like to play Ad Champs with high mobility.

// SPECIAL THANKS: Credits to jhoijhoi for the template, which you can find here.

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Pros and Cons

Pros / Cons

+ Great mobility
+ Strong early on
+ Counterjungling
+ Strong mid
+ Insec kick
If you are able to make some big plays with Lee early on, you are far ahead
- Falls off late
- weak if behind
- weak against mage
- needs lots of practise
- not much CC
You should keep in mind, that it is rly hard to get back into the game once you are behind.

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Ability Details

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

  • Flurry

    If you play Lee Sin You need to use your full efficiency of your passive.
    An explanation Sonic wave, 2 auto attacks, Resonating strike. If you master the passive,
    you can clear the jungle even faster. Also use your spells if you want to push towers for the
  • Sonic wave / Resonating strike

    You always should wait as long as possible to use your Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike
    so the enemy blows his flash. You also should wait until you throw your Sonic Wave
    because the enemy is trying to dodge it. I max it first, beause it deals the most dmg and
    i am able to hit my Sonic Wave. Throw it into bushes, so you don't need the facecheck.
  • Safeguard / Iron will

    Use it to gank! You can Dash to your minion, Use Tempest / Cripple and then hit your
    Sonic Wave. Since iron will gives you lifesteal AND Spellvamp, you can use your Smite
    to get Hp back. I will showcase it later in my Combo Videos!
  • Tempest / Cripple

    You should remeber that you can reveal Champions like Twitch or Shaco with it,
    so cast it then, when you think they are about to hide in the shadows, or going into a bush.
    It also scales with Ad, while it is deadling magic damage!

Dragon's rage
  • Dragon's rage

    It is a amazing tool for ganks, since you can knock the enemys back. You can kick enemys back to safe you and allies, or to kick a enemy carry into your team. And ofcours!
    TO KS!but you guys all know that ks stands for kill secure.

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So I go 21 points into this tier, so I get a lot of damage for the early game. I take Butcher for the extra damage against minions and the Cd reduction, so I can use my passive more frequently. I wouldn't reccomend to use any points for the attackspeed, since it it pretty bad. You just waste 4 Points. So Executioner is pretty good. with you Q, since it also scales with missing Hp. Then you just take the standard Ad stuff. A little note, the 6% armor/magig penetration is also nice, because your Tempest / Cripple deals magical damage.
So I go 9 Points into this tier, i take the extra armor and go for Bladed Armor .
I take the bonus health for a bit of sustain and tankyness + the 3% more Hp. Recovery is pretty usless in my opinion. You also can go with the Champion basic attack block. However it could be an option to go 9/21 and take all the expensive defense masteries if you got no tank in your team.

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Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

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Summoner spells

Summoner Spells

Flash:It is a pretty standard summoner
spell, but i feel it is really great on Lee Sin to Flash Dragon's Rage
Smite Standard Summoner spell for every Jungler, not only for faster and safer clearing, but also to secure Dragon and Baron
Ghost is Ok on Lee Sin, i still prefer Flash to kick someone into your team.
Ignite is great if you want to kill the enemy jungler early, it is very agressiv.
High risk, high reward.

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So, when should I pick Lee sin

You should pick Lee Sin if you want to give your team a early game advantage!
This is optimal if
- your team is full ad and you don't want to play Ap jungle (5Ad needs to snowball)
- Your early game is strong, and the enemy got a stronger late game
- You can pick Lee Sin into EVERY enemy Jungler, There is no real counter for Lee Sin
-He is fun to play

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Item Sequence

Ravenous Hydra

Randuin's Omen

Spirit Visage

Stalker's Blade - Warrior


Skirmisher's Sabre - Cinderhulk
The Sunfire Cape is a really great item. You should purchase it, if the enemy got 2-4 Ad Chars. Sunfire CapeIs one of the best defensive items, if you are ahead.
I just can recommend it. You shoudn't buy it in the later stages of the game since the passiv isn't hat great anymore!
Also a great Item! You can built it against Ap and Ad(You should care that your enemy aren't doing health %damage! i woudn't recommend it against Kog'Maw, Elise
other champions also with a bit of % dmg are Brand, Evelynn Malzahar Varus Dr. Mundo Fizz and more.
I always build it, if the enemy got a lot of Ad, and attackspeed. It's always good to have a Randuin's in your team.

A really good Item against Ap caster, if you don't want to buy Maw of Malmortius for damage, is your Magic resi. item number one.
Gives you more damage and magic resistance. A nice passiv that gives you more damage, but you don't get any health.
This item is a core item for lee sin, it gives you more Safeguard
opportunities or You just can ward your jungle, or ward the enemy jungle for safe counterjungling.
I like Last Whisper on Lee Sin a lot. I think it is better
then a The Bloodthirster, since your abailities scale really good with Armor Penetration.
You can buy it, but i don't like it that much, since it is really expensive. If you got early on much gold it is good to snowball.
The Brutalizer is a good item if you get ahead, you can counterjungle more and you deal more damage. I often build it if i am ahead. If you want you can sell it later.
or upgrade it to the The Black Cleaver
i don't like Blade of the Ruined King that much, You can built it for Dps top Lee Sin, also i prefer to built The Bloodthirster on him. After the nerfs it got it't not that strong.
A really great Item for Lee sin!, If the enemy got something like a Blitzcrank
Thresh Veigar you should buy it over Spirit Visage.
I don't buy that Item too often, since i think you won't carry with that Item.
It's also not that good early on. I only built it, if the enemy got a lot of AOE damage
Miss Fortune Amumu Fiddlesticks Zac Zyra and some more.

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I like them alot, if the enemy got a lot of Ad or the Adc got some kills, you always can built Ninja Tabi.

Built them if you can gank the lanes, since you are really fast with them. Boots of Mobility are also great to escape/chase.

If you didn't build Spirit of the Ancient Golem for the 35% Tenacity and the team got a lot off CC buit Mercury's Treads.

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Talking about jungle items

With the new jungle changes you can this new smite spells. I just want to talk about it fast.


The best jungleitem you can get for Lee Sin in my opinion. You can Smite enemy champions and slow them down to land your Sonic Wave. Be aware that you steal the movmentspeed of your enemy! So you should Smite enemys when they have a movement speed buff, and should't if they are already slowed.

You can buy this item on your first back and replace it later for Stalker's Blade if you want to gank. I would recommend to replace it when you are around level 6.

I would't reccomend taking this, because you need to get a lot of aa (auto attacks) on the enemy to be relevant.

This item is just bad. The enemy sees that you build it and they will ward their jungle if they aren't stupid. The reduced Cd is worthless because you can only take 2 camps anyway (in rare cases 3 because of a buff). It's garbage, trash whatever you wanna call it.[(columns]

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Jungle list

Jungle list
The strongest Jungler in Solo Queue are probably Lee Sin Vi Pantheon Jarvan IV

1.Weak Jungler- easy to kill: Maokai Amumu Sejuani Nautilus Warwick Diana

2.Ok Jungler- Lee Sin is stronger early: Rammus Jarvan IV Dr. Mundo Diana Elise Fiddlesticks (hard before 6) Zac Evelynn Volibear Master Yi Xin Zhao Nunu Rengar

3. Strong/equal Trundle Shyvana Nocturne
Udyr Elise [Vi]] Pantheon

Note: Care about jungler like Zac and Aatrox because their passiv allows them to stay alive longer, meaning that enemy mid laner can kill you.

You really should care if you want to kill a jungler who is in list 3,
it is really hard and if you don't get level 3 because you didn't smited his red, you are pretty much dead. You still can beat a Trundle and a Rengar, but Shyvana Nocturne Udyr are the strongest level 3 Jungler. Shaco is a bit tricky, since he can jump away.You shoudn't die to him, but he could counterjungle you! Try to keep your jungle entrances warded. If you use your Sonic Wave on invisible units, you see them but if you follow up with a Resonating Strike you lose the vision of them. So always be sure to use your Tempest / Cripple after you jumped onto your enemy.

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Ability Combo

Damage Combo:

Throw your Sonic Wave Use Dragon's Rage and follow up with a Resonating Strike

Insec kick (easy) :Throw your Sonic Wave follow up with Resonating Strike
Flash behind your enemy, and him back Dragon's Rage. You can also use your Dragon's Rage first, and flash behind him before the kick goes off.

Insec kick (medium) : Throw your Sonic Wave follow up with a Resonating Strike,use Tempest / Cripple to slow the enemy. Walk ahead of your enemy, then use Dragon's Rage
to kick him back. I recommend this tactic if you got some time and the enemy got no hard CC
taunt Fear

Insec kick (hard) : Throw your Sonic Wave follow up with a Resonating Strike, place a ward behind your enemy, Safeguard to the ward, and use Dragon's Rage to kick him back. If you perform that really fast you can do it without dealing the Resonating Strike damage.

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Early game

Early game goals

In the early game you try to gank, whenever the opportunity is there.
You also should counterjungle. (Only Counterjungle if you know that the enemy Jungler isn't there) Ward the enemy jungle if they got a weak Jungler like Amumu
try to take this buffes, and keep Dragon warded, since this is the job of the jungler and the support, you also should ward for teammates who didn't bought a ward so far.

Note: If you see the enemy Jungler top, try to get the dragon if possbile!(works great if top got Teleport)

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Mid Game

The Mid Game is more about objectives, you push towers and fight for dragon. Your job as a jungler is to keep Dragon warded. At minute 20 you should have Baron warded too.
Try to kick enemy carrys into your team or just defend your own carrys (team).
You also can kick out people like Kennen, Wukong and Amumu with their ultimate.
Or a Rengarwho is jumping on your carry.

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Late Game

In the late game Lee Sin falls of, like most of the junglers do. Junglers who are early weak, are shining in the late game. Lee Sin so still could be usefull, if he is able to kick an enemy carry into the team. You also just can protect your carrys. Don't go alone and ward Baron with your Ruby Sightstone. Try to Tempest / Cripple the enemy carry
and Safeguard out. Steal Baron if there is no other way to win anymore.
If you want to steal it , hit your Sonic Wave follow up with a Resonating Strike,
and smite right before you hit the Baron
in the next Chapter i explain it more detailed.

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What to do when behind!

    -If your howle team is behind, you should try to gank bot.
    The only really hope for you is, that your adc brings you back into the game.

    -Keep everything warded and catch people offguard.

    -Try to steal Baron if they go for it. The worst thing that can happen is that you die and
    lose because you can't fight them with baron buff, or you steal it away, and win the game.

Baron steal : You need to stay behind baron
and throw some wards into the area, hit baron with Sonic Wave follow up with Resonating Strike Smite it and Safeguard to a Ward which you place outside of Baron

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My Jungle start

You may want to start in your bottom jungle so your bot lane can help you if you are on the blue side, you want to start at krugs (golems) smite them early and then go for your red.
on the red side you start with gromp and go for the blue. Remeber to smite early because you get the buff instantly.

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Jungle Tipps

1. If you gank a lane and you kill the enemy laner or force him to back, push the lane to the
tower. The lane will reset and the enemy laner is losing Cs / Exp.

2.Keep an eye on the minimap, if you see the enemy is ganking top / mid. Punish it and counterjungle if you can. You also can ward the blue buff and just Smite it away, when the Jungler is trying to give it to his Mid laner.

3.Mirror the path of the enemy Jungler and Countegank Top / Mid.

4. If you see your laner is pushing and you expect the enemy jungler to gank, be there to countergank him.

5. If you got a weak early laner, someone like Vladimir or Nidalee i wouldn't recommend to gank there without vision, since you can get counterganked easily.


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