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Singed General Guide by MasterJorge052

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MasterJorge052

Let them chase, because you are GOD

MasterJorge052 Last updated on December 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Right, so here you are thinking you are Da master. However, I must tell you that you need to work hard in order to trick those bastar- I mean opponents to chasing you. Singed is The Best Tank in the game. Our chemist can tank opponents as well as deal "Tons of Damage". 100% scaling on Fling? Nice. Uncleansable slow? No one else has that. Killing people while high-tailing it? BEAST. The point is, tricking opponents that you are an easy kill while you slowly but surely suck the life out of them is the reason why it's so satisfying. Another awesome point, They Never Learn. So without further ado, let us "Mix, mix swirl, mix".

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Pros / Cons


-Godlike Farm

-Uncleansable Slow

- Fling

-Too fast for those peeps


-Very Durable

-Beats those CCs because of Insanity Potion (around 75% reduction with Mercury's Treads and the mastery Tenacious


Doesn't do well against MR

Diving in to Fling the squishes may result in death if not built tanky (Though very unlikely)

Mana hungry if played aggressively (Lv. 1-5)

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Early and Mid game Items

What I love to start with

This gives you that movement speed for the flings and getaways you need. Also, that mana pot will help you sustain those DOTs and flings to make your opponents cry.

As a Singed player, please build Catalyst the Protector because it gives you health, mana, and more health because of the bonus health from Empowered Bulwark

This is your spotlight item. Moar health, Moar ap, and to top it off, slow those bitc- I mean, enemies with a 15% slow from your poison. Best part? They chase you again though they know they can't catch up to you because of your movement speed and your Insanity Potion active.

This is situational, but when it upgrades to Seraph's Embrace you'll be able to dive towers like there are no towers. Along with Season 3, Riot changed the way this item works. It now stacks mana on toggle abilities they really wanted Singed to be OP otherwise they wouldn't have done this. This means that whenever you have your Poison Trail on, it will toggle the passive effect on the item resulting in the fastest stacking Tear of the Goddess. Conclusion? This item gives health, never let's you run out of mana (so you really don't need to turn off Poison Trail even when going back), and upgrades to Seraph's Embrace with that delicious active effect.

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Luxury Items


While I agree on the fact that Spirit Visage is the best MR item for tanks, I say this is a luxury item because of the fact that Banshee's Veil might be a better choice. However, because of Insanity Potion, the regenerative effects are greatly increased as well as let's you use it more due to cooldown reduction Spirit Visage has to offer.

This really is a situational pick because it offers okay stats, but the nice thing about it is that Promote has been implemented to this item. While it doesn't sound all that great, Singed is a awesome pusher. (Note I said pusher not Turret Killer) with the BAUS-like Poison Trail and the help of the passive "Nearby allied minions deal 15% increased damage" as well as the Promote ability which lets you splitpush resulting in the loss of an enemy turret and a pathway into their demise.

Now this, Riot really made a big mista- *cough* do a awesome job at. All that creamy goodness of CDR, AP, Armor, Mana, and health from Empowered Bulwark this really is one of a kind. Iceborn Gauntlet provides a second (not as powerful) slow along with Mega Adhesive. With Rylai's Crystal Scepter this is an excellent CC item to chase enemies and Fling them back towards your gold-hungry teammates. Another cool thing. It has a 2 second cooldown to create the AoE again and again.

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Embrace me, Seraph!

This item gives you about 188 bonus health when maxed out. Maybe that isn't all that great, but when with Rod of Ages and Iceborn Gauntlet, the max health you can get out of your Empowered Bulwark is a bonus of around 475 health. That's more than a Giant's Belt which gives you 400 health.

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Mastery Page

Alright I'll explain this thoroughly. Perseverance is damn good for Singed because of the fact that you will get harassed because you are squishy in the start and need to move in to do damage so this gives you an edge in lane as well as in late game combined with your Insanity Potion it will heal you faster with the luxury item, Spirit Visage. Relentless and Tenacious gives you that hardcore Singed tanking abilities because those CCs doesn't do poop when you're diving those peeps underneath their, supposedly, "safe" turrets. Of course, Honor Guard helps quite a bit with that damage you take and the mastery Legendary Armor is quite interesting due to the fact that it will even increase the effectiveness of your ultimate. It may not be much, but even a little always helps when you are ignited and you always survive with less than 20 health.

For the utility tree, 1 point into Summoner's Insight and 3 points into Wanderer is enough because singed doesn't benefit anything from the offensive tree because he has boss farm late game and doesn't need CD in the start because his main damage is his Poison Trail.

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Alright Singed people, this here is the cheat sheet for the Singed.

This here is your main abiliteh. Does the most damage DPS if you build right, one of the Biggest AoEs in the game and to top it off, it looks purple to those scrubs. Now the tactic with this skill is to take initial damage to trick them into following you so they run into your poison. When they start to back off and is low on health, don't be a sissy and take the opportunity to go recall, follow their *** and fling them for "Tons of Damage" and finish them off. Of course, if you think that you're too boss to care about their other teammates while they are chasing you to finish off that one scrub who's low but a high threat, go all in and do so, cuz without that ADC/APC, their team doesn't have the damage to take care of you when you have Insanity Potion turned on.

Everyone knows this is a slow, but the best part is the fact that this slow, is freaking uncleansable the only way to end the effect of the slow is to get off (derp) or use blink or a dash ability ( Arcane Shift, Shadow Dash, or the most important skill, Flash). If this ability lets you burn their summoner spell, that's pretty much a successful gank/mana well spent. I say this because Flash now is on a 300 second cooldown. That's 5 minutes. When that ADC/APC gets caught again, they don't have any other mechanisms except for their CC's or blinks but you can just use your OP laugh and Insanity Potion up to them, Fling those scrubs to your teammates and dance your Indian dance on their corpse whoever it may be. It has such a whopping range, it's impossible to get out of and with the awesome passive from Rylai's Crystal Scepter, them slows is impossible to get out of.

Now this, is the best "Enemy reposition" skill in game. Now it may not be as powerful as Rocket Grab but this skill gets a silver medal. While Volibear's Rolling Thunder may do the same thing, it gets countered by reposition skills such as knock backs. He just whips them up into the air but doesn't bring them towards your team making them sad. And, it doesn't throw them back as far as Singed's Fling and does a lot less damage. This truly is really good because I think that if you bring the squishies up front, then that team fight for the enemy is as good as lost because usually it's the squishies who deal "Tons of Damage". Of course, this may also hurt your teammates when your team-fight is lost and running back to your towers, you Fling a tank to your team is not a good thing because it will get you killed as well. That being said, you may also Fling enemy back towards their team if you're not careful. So this skill really depends on how you play Singed out. Another thing, if executed properly, you can also Fling champions or monsters over walls creating sick plays. (I saw a Singed player manage to Fling another Singed in the new Twisted Treeline into the fountain resulting in INSTANT LAZOR DEATH.

Simply the best tank ultimate in game. Insanity Potion gives 65 Armor, MR, Movement Speed, 65 health and mana regen per 5 seconds as well as 65 bonus AP. If that wasn't enough, 20% CC reduction is added for a whopping 25 seconds. Using this to chase, get away, kill someone while running away, tower dive, and to Fling those noobs into the jaws of your team is just awesome. I prefer this ultimate over Sadism because you're as Dr. Mundo you're pretty much screwed if you pop it when you're low and you get ignited then Apprehended and Noxian Guillotineed to the face. To stop that, just have Darius chase you because you're Singed and watch as he tries to Noxian Guillotine you when you're on 200 health as he dies from your Poison Trail.


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