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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Lucian Build Guide by Nakihashi

AD Carry Lucian - The NEW Yellow Build (Updated for S4!!)

AD Carry Lucian - The NEW Yellow Build (Updated for S4!!)

Updated on January 13, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nakihashi Build Guide By Nakihashi 1 7 34,611 Views 8 Comments
1 7 34,611 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Nakihashi Lucian Build Guide By Nakihashi Updated on January 13, 2014
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Hello there, and welcome to my guide for AD Carry Lucian! This is my first guide for LoL on MobaFire, but I think I'm ready to tackle this beast.

In this guide, I will be discussing a new variation of the AD carry build that is potentially viable for many other AD carry champions. I have called this unique build The Critical Vermilion, or, in retrospect to Ez, Yellow Build. This build, as you may have discovered, consists of mostly yellow items, and maybe a few red ones. The few reddish-orange items give the overall build a light orange color (if you mix all the colors together), plus it's got insanely high critical strike chance, which gives it its color and name. I know, I know, I should be teaching art somewhere instead of making builds, but... whatever =).
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Pros and Cons

Here are the Pro's and Con's of Yellow Build Lucian:
  • Low Life Steal
  • The Culling does not add on-hit effects OR grants Life Steal benefits
  • Can be easily countered by Champions with other movement-based abilities
  • Squishy
  • Currently only has one skin
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What is this Yellow Build?

The Critical Vermilion, or "Yellow Build", is a build for AD carries that have no passive or otherwise natural Attack Speed, such as Caitlyn, Ashe or Lucian. I feel that this build is especially potent for Lucian due to his passive, Lightslinger, which allows him to attack twice after using an ability, which can also Critically Strike. This build specializes in Critical Strike Chance and very high Attack Speed, yielding maximum Critical Damage in the smallest amount of time while also scaling well with his Ultimate, The Culling. This build also takes full advantage of the passive effect from Statikk Shiv, allowing it to proc incredibly frequently and land Critical Strikes on almost every activation. The combined effect from the Runaan's Hurricane and the Infinity Edge are what allows the Statikk Shiv to proc and Crit very hard, and very often. Dangerously often. =)

Please also take note that most of the items in this build are FREAKIN' YELLOW!!! WHOOOO!!!
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Before you Knock it...

Please understand, I am in no way a High ELO player; I don't even play ADC's that much. I just happened to be interested in Lucian and his mechanics, and he is very fun to play. This build focuses on his ability to Auto Attack, like any ADC should, as well as giving his abilities, namely his ultimate, The Culling, good scaling. I, really, like, commas.

"Where's the Life Steal?!" ... that is what you're thinking, isn't it? I've decided to add passive Life Steal to the build via Runes and Masteries, giving you an early, and persistent, 9%. Of course, you can always sub in something like Bloodthirster or Blade of the Ruined King - it all depends on your play style. Personally, I must also add that it doesn't matter if you have 9% or 99% Life Steal, because all it takes is one solid Dazzle or Solar Flare to lock you down while 2, 3 or 4 other champions eat you up, Cho'Gath style. It's good for 1 v 1's, but not so great for teamfights, when the team assassin/bruiser just bum-rushes you to shut you down with some powerful Crowd Control.

"Where's the Armor Penetration?!" ... of course, a reasonable question. Any player who runs ADC's as their main will tell you that Armor Penetration is a must. If desired, you may, of course, add in Black Cleaver or a Last Whisper at your discretion; if you're looking to shred through a tank in late game, you'll flat-out need one of those items. If you're just looking to pick off the other ADC, or focus-fire with the rest of your team in teamfights, let someone else take Black Cleaver so you can focus on the crits and attack speed.

"But ya ned more damagez in da early gamez to be effetive-like, etc.!" Do you? Do you REALLY? I think that's a question of playstyle. If you want more early damage, by all means, take the standard Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage loadout. You don't have to take everything this guide has to offer word for word, this is just a literary manifestation of my personal playstyle that I'd like to share with the community. Take it in bits 'n' pieces, if you like, but remember that this is a game, so whatever you do, JUST HAVE FUN!!!
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Runes, Masteries, Ability Sequence and Summoner Spells

I'll keep it simple here; if you need more information about what these things are, please go HERE and HERE to learn the basics.

Here are my recommended loadouts:


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush
Take Greater Mark of Attack Damage for maximum early game Damage and Greater Quintessence of Life Steal to make up for the missing Life Steal in your item build. Take the standard Greater Seal of Armor and Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist runes, adjusting as necessary per your preferred playstyle.

If you plan on going for a Blade of the Ruined King or Bloodthirster, or if you just prefer more opening damage, please feel free to sub-in Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage as you see fit.
SPACE Attack Damage masteries in the offense tree while leaving just enough points to snag that 3% Life Steal from the utility tree. Again, please feel free to alter according to your playstyle. If you want to throw in Bloodthirster and go with the standard 21/9/0, by all means, please do so. =)
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Please note that the following explanation is a more in-depth analysis for Lucian's abilities; for a more basic overview, please watch hisCHAMPION SPOTLIGHT here.
I start with a point Lucian's Q, Piercing Light, for early harass and easier farming, and level it evenly with his E, Relentless Pursuit. I prefer to level his Q and E in this fashion for two reasons: 1) his W, Ardent Blaze, is just one more "Spell" for Lucian, an AD carry, to blow his precious and small mana pool on, and, compared to his Q, it deals very little damage; 2) Relentless Pursuit's mana cost and cooldown decreases with each investment - this means you can escape more often and with less mana, when the situation call for it, OR, you can charge in for a quick harass, which will trigger his passive, Lightslinger, which can also Critically Strike. I find that this proves to be a more effective way to harass with this particular item build, whilst being safer and more mana-efficient. And of course, level up his ultimate, The Culling, at level's 6, 11, and 16, like you would do for any other champion.

IF YOU PREFER TO POKE FROM A DISTANCE, then take more points in Ardent Blaze earlier on, and be prepared to bring some Mana Potions, or make your lane partner invest in a Mana Manipulator.

For Summoner Spells, I usually grab Ignite and Flash. Ignite synergizes well with Executioner's Calling. In fact, when facing high HP regen or fed Life Steal champs, this combo makes then unknowingly sitting ducks. Doesn't matter if they have 60% more Life Steal than you, because Ignite and Executioner's Calling equals 100% greavous wounds debuff, giving your 9% more Life Steal than them for the duration. You are, of course, welcome to take any combination of spells that best fits your playstyle. No, seriously, I won't judge you. Really! XD
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Item Loadout - List and In-Depth Analysis

Now, we get finally get to the good part. Fasten your seat belts, kids! We are about to enter the:


or LoLiDA, for short (yes, that acronym is copyrighted =P)

What I will be discussing here is how all these items synergise together and how they support Lucian's Arsenal of Awesome Abilities, or AAA, for short (yeah... couldn't get the rights to that one, unfortunately...) Let's begin. =)


For Starting Items, it's common to see AD carries start off with a Doran's Blade or a Long Sword with some of Health Potions. The starting damage is essential for last hitting, as well as giving your Piercing Light and Lightslinger an early extra punch. This also synergizes well with an early Sheen should you choose to go that route.


The Avarice Blade will add a small amount to your income, with both the passive 3 Gold per 10 seconds and the bonus 2 Gold per kill. If you rush this item by the 5 minute mark and rack up 100 CS with it by the 20 minute mark, the combined increase is an additional 470 Gold. Is it alot? Not really, but it could be just enough to pay for those potions you've been blowing through, or maybe just enough to get you over the hump for that Infinity Edge, which is a must for almost any AD carry.

The Sheen is another great laning item, especially if you're going for more poke with all 3 of your abilities. Each time you use an ability, your passive, Lightslinger combined with the passive from Sheen will do some scary damage to your opposing laners. The extra mana will also help sustain you with some of those poking spells.

The B. F. Sword and Boots are pretty standard, giving you much-needed Movement Speed and Attack Damage and the Recurve Bow and Zeal will grant you some great Attack Speed and Critical Strike Chance as well.


These four items are common on AD carries, but let's break them down and see how they work with each other and with Lucian's abilities.

Berserker's Greaves are the standard choice of footwear for AD carries these days. Those old Nike's just aren't cutting it anymore. Granting Movement and Attack Speed will support his ultimate, The Culling, by adding to its overall damage (remember, it scales with his Attack Speed) and allowing more mobility while lining up those shots from said ultimate. I prefer to use the Enchantment: Alacrity with these boots for that little extra Movement Speed, but there are some situations where the Enchantment: Homeguard is necessary. Enchantment: Furor works well for chasing, but usually chasing isn't a good idea.

Next we have the Infinity Edge, giving you raw Damage, Critical Strike and Critical Damage. Remember, the second attack from his passive, Lightslinger, can also Critically Strike, making this item a must for harass and overall burn-downs.

Next is the Statikk Shiv, and here's where everything starts to fall into place. The passive proc from Statikk Shiv is actually crazy awesome... IF you fashion you build around it just right. On top of its favorably high Attack Speed and Critical Strike Chance, it also has a great Movement Speed modifier to it. Also, when its passive procs, it deals 100 magic damage to up to four targets in a given area. This happens when the item reaches 100 stacks of "statikk", which is obtained by moving and attacking. This effect can also Critically Strike. See where I'm going here? Each attack grants 10 whole stacks. This means that if your passive procs somewhere in there, you'll gain DOUBLE STACKZ!!! Omgsh hao awezum is dat?! PLUS, since this item can Crit, it also benefits from the Critical Damage component of the Infinity Edge. This means 100 damage X 2.5 X 4 possible targets = 1000 extra free bonus damage!!! But wait, there's more!

The Runaan's Hurricane really seals the deal here, giving you a whopping 70% bonus to your Attack Speed!! Remember, Attack Speed equals more damage from The Culling. ALSO, the passive from this item lets you shoot off two smaller half-damage bolts at nearby targets, applying on-hit effects. Remember that Statikk Shiv we just talked about? Well, each one of those bolts counts as an attack, so as long as you're shooting in the vicinity of 3 or more enemies, you'll get 30 stacks of Statikk per shot. Don't forget your passive, Lightslinger! If you proc this somewhere in between, you'll shoot your Runaan's Hurricane TWICE! That equals SIX attacks, which translates to 60 CHARGES of statikk, in ONE AUTO ATTACK!!! You can potentially fire off this statikk every other attack, if there are sufficient enemy targets in the vicinity like, say, during teamfights? "Hey guys, what's the focus order again? Oh wait, it doesn't matter, cause I'm gonna FIRE MAH LAZOR at four of them anyway with mah Statikk Shiv! Like, every other attack. Like, right now. I'm totally chargin' mah lazor. Yeah." So yeah, do the math, that's phenomenal Area of Effect Auto Attack Damage, or AoEAAD for short (I know, I have a problem, right?)


Finally we have the oddball items, the Trinity Force and the Executioner's Calling. Let's talk about those, shall we?

For a long time now, I've always felt that the Trinity Force was a great item for an AD carry. It has EVERYTHING. Literally. I mean, just look at it. Yeah, right now, hover over that icon I have up there. That list that pops up in that window is enormous. Don't deny it. It's also listed in-game under certain champions with the description "TONS OF DAMAGE". No joke. Go play Nasus or Poppy and check it out for yourself. PLUS, since the last patch in August of 2013, it's "Sheen" proc after casting an ability will now increase your next Auto Attack by 200% of your base damage, and each Auto Attack made against a target will give you a small burst of Movement Speed. Wait, where have we heard those situations before? Oh yeah! We attack twice after using an ability due to Lightslinger, and any Auto Attacks made against an enemy afflicted with Ardent Blaze with also give us a small burst in Movement Speed. So since we're already doing that, why not make it count that much more? Don't forget, the Trinity Force has more Attack Speed and Critical Strike Chance on it! =D

And, last but not least, the Executioner's Calling. With 25 Attack Damage and 20% Critical Strike Chance, it's pretty well priced at 1900 gold. Not to mention it's passive on-hit effect, which adds Grievous Wounds to any and all targets that you strike. When, and if, you buy this item is entirely up to you. If you're fighting against a strong healer in bot late, like Alistar or Nami, this passive will keep those heals down to a minimum, allowing a more favorable trade in your, um, favor...? (too many "favors"... XD). This also works against those pesky champs that like to bring a surplus of Health Potions to the lane. Finally, late game, its stats are considerably synergistic with our loadout, and again, its Grievous Wounds effect will really cripple that fed AD carry that has some-odd 40% Life Steal. Again, you can, at any point, take another item, if you disagree with the Executioner's Calling. I feel its just the best item for this build, all things considered. Plus its yellow. XD


If at any point you don't like the Trinity Force or the Executioner's Calling, you're welcome to switch them out with any item of your choice. My preferred alternatives are as follows:

The Atma's Impaler really isn't that good of an item. It's overall damage pales in comparison to many other items better suited for an AD carry. So why build it? If you're in a jam and you're just getting plowed over, the little extra damage and armor might just be the kick you need to stay in the game, especially if your team isn't cooperating like they ought to. For 2300 Gold, it might be all you can afford, plus the extra 15% Critical Strike Chance synergizes with the rest of your build pretty well; it's probably the best armor-bearing item that won't sacrifice too much offensive potential for it's price. I would only recommend buying this item if you REALLY have to.

Now that that's out of the way, let's talk about some of the more practical alternative items.

The Zephyr, Mercurial Scimitar and Guardian Angel are my preferred defensive options, in that order, if the situation calls for it. The Zephyr is idea for countering a Crowd Control heavy team while still keeping up with the Attack Speed and Attack Damage needed for offensive plays. The Movement Speed and extra CDR are a nice plus, too. The Mercurial Scimitar is a great offensive and defensive option for a magic-heavy team, and also has some counter-CC built into it. However, no Critical Strike Chance or Attack Speed makes this a less likely pick over Zephyr. Finally, if you're dying a lot or are worried of such, the Guardian Angel is a classic defensive item that will bring you back from the precipice of death. Yielding reasonable armor and magic resist is good, but it has no offensive potential whatsoever.

If you're fighting an armor heavy team, Black Cleaver, Youmuu's Ghostblade and Last Whisper are the way to go. I feel that Youmuu's Ghostblade fits the Yellow Build the best, with its passive Crit and active Attack Speed, but sometimes it's just not enough. For the more heavier-armored foes, the percent armor reduction from Black Cleaver or the Last Whisper will get the job done quite nicely. The Last Whisper is especially good for helping your ultimate, The Culling, eat through those stubborn tanks.

Finally, if you're looking for more Life Steal, I recommend the Blade of the Ruined King or Bloodthirster (a classic). I prefer the Blade of the Ruined King over Bloodthirster only because it has Attack Speed, a crazy awesome active and an on-hit passive, which is applied to each and every hit from your Runaan's Hurricane. The combined Attack Speed and 5% damage-to-current-health-on-hit effect with this build will do some devastating damage.
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Playstyle - Early, Mid and Late Game


At level 1, you'll want to harass as much as possible with Piercing Light and follow up with a double shot from your Lightslinger. By level 2, your harassment nearly doubles in effectiveness. With your second point in Relentless Pursuit, you can now follow up after an initial burst from Piercing Light and your first Lightslinger. Just dash after your target (assuming it is safe to do so) and your Lightslinger will already be charged for another double shot. So, something like this:

> > >

This combo will do wonders with a Sheen on board. If you can't safely harass your opponent, or you are being outplayed or countered, use your passive to farm minions instead. Lightslinger's second shot will target another nearby low health minion if the first shot kills its target, even if the second minion is almost behind you, like, cowboy style. It's pretty cool, actually. =)

If you need to make a quick escape, use your Relentless Pursuit to dash away. This skill also lets you hop over small walls, and as you level it up, it becomes cheaper, down to 0 mana cost! 0 mana cost = free Lightslingers!! Yay!


By level 6, you can do two things:

1) If you're being pushed too far back into your lane or are being outplayed, you can use your ultimate, The Culling, for opening damage and to help farm a fresh wave of minions, due to the fact that it deals triple damage to minions! As awesome as that sounds, though, it's put to better use to land kills, bringing us to:

2) LANDING KILLZ!!! When you begin an engage with an opponent AWAY from their tower, try to land an Ardent Blaze first. This will allow you to keep up with them once you start firing off your Ultimate (assuming you're hitting them). When you're looking to snipe a kill when they're UNDER THEIR TOWER and with low health, first make sure there are no minions in you way. Then, unload on them with your Ultimate from a safe distance. Don't forget that you can still move and use Relentless Pursuit while your Ultimate is on, and that it also RESETS the cooldown of Relentless Pursuit when you kill someone with The Culling. This helps to line up shots, close the gap between you and your opponent, or to keep a safe distance while being pursued. Although The Culling has decent range, remember that it is limited, so be careful when walking or dashing forward with it on near a tower; I've occasionally waltzed right into an enemy tower while trying to pick someone off. So after you blast away your ult, finish them off with a Lightslinger, or if you're not close enough, use Relentless Pursuit, if its available, to get in range and then hit them with your Lightslinger. So your combo should look something like this:

> > >


> > > > .



This is pretty simple. By now you should have your core items, Berserker's Greaves, Statikk Shiv, Runaan's Hurricane and the Infinity Edge. With this build, you can just pick a target, harass or poke with a skill, charge up your stacks of Statikk and unleash HOT YELLOW FURY upon your opponents. Remember to use skills in between Auto Attacks; this allows your Lightslinger to fire off SIX total shots between yourself and your Runaan's Hurricane, granting you 60 stacks of Statikk. That means that after two rotations you can hit them with all that statikk, as mentioned above. So your end game combo should look like this:

AUTO ATTACK - DISCHARGE!!! Repeat as needed. =)

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT engage with someone in a 1 on 1 fight with your ultimate AT ANY GIVEN TIME during the late game phase. This is unfortunately one of Lucian's downsides. The Culling DOES NOT add on-hit effects and DOES NOT grant Life Steal. I have made the mistake of trying to finish off another AD carry with this move in a 1 on 1 fight, and they just tear through me. You need to just Auto Attack other AD carries in 1 on 1 matchups so that you can nullify their Life Steal with the on-hit effect from your Executioner's Calling and to get some Life Steal yourself. Save your ultimate for runners or teamfights. Also don't forget to use your Ignite spell on an AD carry BEFORE you engage them to cancel out their Life Steal as well. That's pretty much its best use at this point in the game. Great Anti- Dr. Mundo combo, too! =)
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Final Notes and Conclusion

Lucian's an awesome champion, and I don't think Ezreal should take all the thunder with his patented "Blue Build". Give this new "Yellow Build" a shot, tweak a few things as needed, and shred some bot lane! Get Lucian in lane with a good healer or someone with some solid Crowd Control [Taric comes to mind, but Leona or Nami work well, too) and let the photon-powered-bullets fly! Thanks so much for taking the time to read this. Please vote accordingly, and, as always, comments are greatly appreciated, but not required. If you find any errors on this, be it spelling or spell-mechanics, feel free to let me know in a comment. Suggestions in the form of constructive criticism are welcome, as well. "Everybody deserves a 'Second Shot'" =)
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Edit Log

- fixed various spelling errors
- added more in-depth item analysis, covering starting items, build order and alternative items

- updated for Season 4

- further updated for Season 4; changed starting items
- changed runes and summoner spells
- added sections for "Pro's and Con's" and "Playstyle"

Thank you to those who have commented; your thoughts are appreciated. =)

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