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Lulu Build Guide by Darkny

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Darkny

Lulu the happy Vivi (offensive build)

Darkny Last updated on March 29, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi and welcome to my Lulu guide!
This is mostly an offensive build for Lulu even though she is a support character. Every champion can be played offensively, Lulu is no exception.

This guide isn't aimed at ranked play so it will be a very noob-friendly guide which will work fine without runes, might have a little problem without any mastery points but as long as you're over level 20 you should be fine. This is my first published guide but I have a lot of drafts that might be published at a later time. Too many guides here are too "advanced" for newer players where it's totally normal with 4 ad carries in a normal blind game.

If anyone wondered, the name of the build is from Final Fantasy IX, she reminds me of the little black mage there except she's a lot happier.

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Updates and thank you's

26/3: Fixed some typo's here and there and expanded the masteries section.
24/3: added runes and edited some minor stuff.
Published 23rd march 2012.

Thanks to JhoiJhoi for her How to make a guide guide!

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Word meanings

MR = magic resist
CC = crowd control (stuns, snares, fears, slow etc)
AP = ability power
AD = attack damage
CDR = Cooldown reduction.
HP = Hit points or health points, same meaning.
MP = Mana points

Most other shortened words are explained or not shortened.

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Pros and cons

  • Is an awesome support even when built offensive.
  • Good CC.
  • Your autoattacks hit FOUR times. You one and pix three with Pix, Faerie Companion
  • Has a huge heal with ulti Wild Growth
  • The combination of a right timed Help, Pix! and Glitterlance can secure you a kill on a fleeing champion.
  • Good escaping possibilities for you or an ally.
  • Good lane sustain with the right items.
  • Polymorphs enemies.
  • Rides her staff like a witch when using Whimsy on yourself.
  • Good damage even without lots of ap.
  • VERY Mana hungry.
  • Squishy, especially early game.
  • A bit slow without constant use of Whimsy.
  • A bit hard to aim with Glitterlance.
  • Easy to hit the wrong target(s) with Whimsy and Help, Pix!.
Both good and bad
  • Pixs autoattacks is blocked by enemies in the way. This makes it easier to farm and push but harder to harrass well.

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Summoner spells

I usually put Heal or Clarity and Flash on Lulu. The heal is for semi-supporting and lasting longer in lane, and who doesn't love to piss off enemies with heal? Clarity is because Lulu is mana hungry through the whole game. I've had to go back even late game because of empty mana. Flash is for escaping and catching up with fleeing enemies.

Viable spells
Clairvoyance is a viable spell since you're a support but since you're an offensive support you really don't need it that bad, you don't see many Fiddlesticks with that spell do you?

Cleanse is a really good spell if you can use it. But if you can't use it fast enough the same second you get cc-ed it isn't very useful.

Ghost if you like ghost better than Flash it might be viable but with your speed from Whimsy it isn't really needed.

Exhaust might secure you a kill or save your life but I think Flash is better. You can escape ALL the enemies instead of just slowing and debuffing one.

Ignite If you need just that little extra damage to kill a lucky bastard then get this instead of Heal/ Clarity but then you will have to play more defensive and not spam your spells.

Surge Maybe you can get EVEN BIGGER with this and your ulti? It's a viable spell but not something I recommend, attack speed and ability power for 12 seconds is nice but you get more from Heal/ Clarity and Flash than surge on Lulu. You get that extra ability power from Whimsy

Teleport Teleport is mostly needed for defending mid lane so you don't lose that tower, but you're not going mid (see laning section). It's viable because you get a lot more control over the map. Needed on the other side of the map? You'll be there in seconds.

Not so viable spells
Smite You're not a jungler so this is practically useless.
Garrison It's dominion only, this guide is for summoners rift.
Fortify doesn't exist anymore
Rally Wasn't this also removed?
Revive THAT cooldown...
Promote Might be useful for a little more gold and making a siege minion a little hardier but with 2 gold per 10 item it's not needed.

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I go 21/0/9 because you're an offensive mage. I think utility is better than defense on Lulu but 21/9/0 works too:

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I don't use runes myself because I prefer using my ip on champions for now but after calculating all tier 3 runes for what Lulu needs most (Ability power, mana, mana regeneration and magic penetration), this is what I see as the best runes for Lulu:


Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Scaling Mana

This means that you will get
  • 8.5 magic penetration from the marks
  • 0.58 mana per 5 seconds at level one (this gets higher every level) and 10.5 mana per second at level 18 from the seals. This might help your mana problems.
  • 1.53 ability power at level one and 32.4 ability power at level 18 from the glyphs.
  • 12.5 mana at level one and 225 mana at level 18 from the quintessences.

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I recommend playing with one or more friends as Lulu since she's a lot more powerful with good communication with your lane partner. Lulu should not go mid in my opinion because of the good support abilities would often go to waste where you could have saved a lane partner who just died with Miss Fortune as laning partner instead of you.

Lulu goes well with most champions but with someone tanky like Blitzcrank you will dominate the lane or at least it will be hard to bring down your tower. That being said, your lane partner shouldn't go full tank support because even though you play Lulu offensive, you still won't dish out as much damage as a classic AD carry which usually go with full support champions. An offensive Blitzcrank has worked well as my lane partner. He grabs them and we burst them down together.

Farming as Lulu is easier than most other champions because you can attack 2 minions at the same time by attacking a minion behind another minion. Pix will attack the closest one with his 3 magic shots ( Pix, Faerie Companion) and you will attack the targeted minion. But don't forget, the most important thing is to LAST HIT, whether that is the minion you are attacking or the one pix is attacking. That might be a problem without practice. Both might die by other hands than yours because of lack of attack speed. (I might be working on an ability power/attack speed/magic penetration guide for Lulu later which is highly based on pixs' attacks)

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Skill sequence and playstyle

Glitterlance is your main attack spell which is why I max it first and combined with Help, Pix! it's really awesome. Those 2 are the only spells that do any damage which is why Help, Pix! is maxed second.

Use Help, Pix! either on an enemy champion, minion or even on an ally close to the enemy champions. Glitterlance shoots from both pix and Lulu but only one does damage to the same enemy and pix flies behind the enemy champion so it's basically your Ignite when they run away with low health and with pix on their back. Aiming Glitterlance need some practice but it isn't as hard as it seems. You have 6 seconds to aim before pix comes back to you and that is usually enough if you haven't already used Glitterlance before you have CDR and Glitterlance at level 5 (you should have that at champion level 9)

Whimsy is either a silence + slow in the cutest way possible, by turning your enemy into a cute pink squirrel-like animal with 2 tails, or giving you or an ally a speed boost and 20/30/40/50/60 extra ability power for 5 seconds. The speed boost is always at 35%.
Another awesome thing with your Whimsy is that when you use it on yourself you mount your staff and fly like a witch does with her broom! It's doesn't make it more practical but it looks awesome.

When at level 6 Lulu is also a decent towerdiver due to her ulti Wild Growth(you shouldn't do it frequently like you were a tank or something but it might save your life or get a kill). It adds a lot of hp and it actually stays there even when the ulti has expired. It's a HUGE heal. Might not be as powerful as Soraka's Wish or Janna's Monsoon but it really helps with the debuffs (knocks up and slows enemies around it) and it makes you or your ally HUGE. You'll be the biggest yordle in the game! Even Rumble has to look up at you from his robot!

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Early game

Philosopher's stone(anotherphilosopher's stone OR Kage's lucky pick)

Mid game

Late game

This is why I chose the items I did and some of the items that can be switched out in some situations. The rest of the items I see as viable on Lulu is in the next section.

I start with a Regrowth Pendant because Lulu is VERY squishy and if harassed she will have to go back too many times, but with Regrowth Pendant you can regenerate the missing hp by tower hugging a little or generally just staying out of range. The other reason for Regrowth Pendant is because it's put into Philosopher's stone early which gives you 5 gold per 10 seconds which actually makes a big difference since you might have problems with farming due to possible harass from ranged units. The whole build is quite expensive so double gold per 10 items is a good idea. Always get philosopher's stone and either another one or kage's lucky pick which you build into Deathfire Grasp. If you don't want Deathfire Grasp then sell your stones later or build one into Eleisa's Miracle. This will unfortunately replace a core item; Deathfire Grasp. You CAN switch out Will of the Ancients or Rylai's Crystal Scepter instead but the spell vamp and slow is in my opinion better on Lulu than CDR and mana regen. You get an even better regen if you get Eleisa's Miracle.

The Sorcerer's Shoes is for the magic penetration which makes all of your abilities and pix's autoattacks better. If you need Mercury's Treads instead and think you don't need Magic penetration early on (Or rush Void Staff or Abyssal Mask) then get those boots instead.

Kage's lucky pick comes after that which will get you a lot more gold faster and a decent amount of ap so you can finish your build earlier and do more damage earlier.

To make your sustain better, I go for Hextech Revolver after that which builds into Will of the Ancients later. This is a good support item too for team mages because of the awesome aura. Dual Will of the ancients is deadly.

Lulu has a cooldown problem which leaves you useless when you've used all of your abilities in a fight so cooldown reduction is a good idea either from Frozen Heart, Morello's Evil Tome or Deathfire Grasp.

Lulu already has slow from Glitterlance and Whimsy but slow on her other abilities makes sure no enemies escape you and the extra hp from Rylai's Crystal Scepter is also good for sustain, if you also get Frozen Heart or Abyssal Mask/ Lich Bane and/or Mercury's Treads you are a lot less squishy.

I've already covered the rest of the items and Rabadon's Deathcap is a must on most ap-offensive mages. Void Staff is for the awesome magic penetration which is a very good item late game.

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Optional items

"No item guide is written in stone, always build to counter your enemy" is a popular saying in this community. Some items here can be switched out if you have big problems with the other team.

If their team is very AD-based, switch out Deathfire Grasp with Frozen Heart. It has a bit more CDR and armor and base mana instead of mana regen and ability power. You also miss the active on Deathfire Grasp but you slow down all enemy attack speed by 20%. That can shut down a fed Ashe.

If the enemy has a very AP-based team, switch out Void Staff with Abyssal Mask or Lich Bane and rush it before Rylai's Crystal Scepter. Abyssal Mask is especially good if your team is ap-based.

As mentioned in the cons, Lulu is very slow so Lich Bane is a good item on her, the only problem is, what to switch out? Could switch Rabadon's Deathcap but then you'd lose a lot of ap. You would get more attack power with the passive from Sheen but I don't think that stacks with pix's attacks. Could switch Void Staff too if you don't need more magic penetration late game.

If you are being targeted and stunned, silence etc. all the time, switch Sorcerer's Shoes with Mercury's Treads or upgrade your Philosopher's Stone to Eleisa's Miracle instead of Deathfire Grasp. If you don't want to sacrifice any ap then get Moonflair Spellblade instead of Deathfire Grasp.

You can also switch Rylai's Crystal Scepter for a Rod of Ages if you want more hp, more mana and the passive from catalyst the protector. You won't get the slow and it will take time to get from 60 ap to 80 ap instead of getting it when you've finished Rylai's Crystal Scepter. It's also about 100 gold cheaper but that won't make much difference, especially not with philosopher's stone and kage's lucky pick.

If you of some reason don't like Deathfire Grasp, want more mana per second, more CDR and/or started with 2 philosopher's stones then get Morello's Evil Tome instead, you get a bit more CDR and 12 mana per second instead of 10. That way it gets cheaper, especially if you got 2 philosopher's stones instead of kage's lucky pick.

When to sell Pholosopher's stones:
If you need space or miss just a about 100-200 gold for the Deathfire Grasp, Eleisa's Miracle, Frozen Heart Morello's Evil Tome etc, then sell one or both of them. Of course, don't sell both of them to buy Eleisa's miracle when one of those build into it. That's like selling your car to afford gas.

If you know of other good optional items on Lulu, write it in the comments and I'll add it if I agree with you.

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End notes

Thanks for reading, hopefully you found it helpful. I'm always open for constructive criticism and help but please don't downvote or flame before you've tried the build a few times, I won't guarantee your success with this build but it has worked well for me in normal blind games.

If anything is unclear or wrong just post a comment about it and I'll clarify it or fix it.