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League of Legends Build Guide Author brkl789

Lunar Eclipse - S4 Diana Guide

brkl789 Last updated on May 6, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone and welcome to my champion guide, featuring Diana, the Scorn of the Moon. This was my first guide ever written here on MOBAFire and it's now fully reworked. I'm BroxXx95 and I currently play on EU West. The highest division I hit so far is Gold I in season 3.

I really enjoy playing AP champions and Diana is one of my favourite, right after Syndra and Morgana. The combination of high damage, durability and mobility makes her very rewarding and fun champion to play, while you're able to build her in a few different ways, which makes her able to adapt to many situations.

In this guide I will cover runes, masteries, summoner spells and possible ways of playing Diana, along with detailed explanation of her abilities and different phases of the game.

You want to make your own guide but you don't know how? That's ok, because there are some great guides that will help you out:

Like any champion, Diana has her strengths, or Pros, and weaknesses, or Cons. She's a hybrid assassin/fighter, therefore she's more durable than most assassins. However, once she gets into fight there are usually only two choices: Fight or Die. -

  • High killing potential
  • Suprisely durable
  • AoE Spells
As an assassin, Diana has very high burst potential, especially against squishy targets. When she's doing well, she can snowball hard and eliminate most enemies in one combo. Also, she can easily stick to them thanks to Moonfall and Lunar Rush.
Unlike most assassins, she is pretty tanky and has strong shield with Pale Cascade. This allows her to stay alive in team fights longer and deal crazy amounts of damage.
All of her abilities are AoE, except Lunar Rush, which means they can hit multiple targets. This makes Diana very big threat to enemy team in team fights. It also gives her good wave clear and fast jungling ability.

  • Melee Range
  • No Natural Escape
  • Requires Precision
Being melee range is one of Diana's biggest weaknesses. This is especially true in early levels (before level 6) when she can be easily denied from creeps by any ranged champion or ability.
Even she can easily stick to her target, Diana may have trouble trying to escape enemies. Unless there are enemy minions or jungle camps near, you won't be able to use Lunar Rush to escape to safety.
For maximum burst it is needed to hit enemy with Crescent Strike to use multiple Lunar Rushes. Miss you Q and your damage will be significantly lower.

Moonsilver Blade: Diana passively gains 20% attack speed. Additionaly, every third attack will deal bonus magic damage to all enemies near her.

  • Moonsilver Blade deals bonus magic damage to structures such as turrets and inhibitors, allowing you to push fast, especially combined with Lich Bane;
  • Although Moonsilver Blade deals magic damage, it will not apply slow from Rylai's Crystal Scepter or spellvamp from any item, though it will damage Black Shield;
  • Passive makes it viable to build Attack Speed on Diana, through items like Nashor's Tooth;
  • Moonsilver Blade gives you high wave clearing and jungling speed;
  • After you reach level 6 and you get Lunar Rush, use two basic attacks on nearby creep and than Lunar Rush to enemy and proc Moonsilver Blade for high burst.

Crescent Strike: Diana unleashes a bolt of lunar energy, dealing magic damage and applying Moonlight to all enemies hit.

  • Crescent Strike is your main damaging tool and as such you should always max it first, by level 9;
  • Crescent Strike will apply slow from Rylai's Crystal Scepter and spellvamp from items, but with reduced effects. It will also damage Black Shield and pop Spell Shield, while damage will be negated;
  • It can be used to check bushes if you suspect enemies are hiding there. However, know that it won't reveal stealthed units, such as Twitch or Akali;
  • Using Crescent Strike before Lunar Rush is highly recommended, as Lunar Rush will have its cooldown refreshed if used on enemy affected by Moonlight.

Pale Cascade: Diana gainst shield and creates three spheres orbiting around her that explode on contact dealing magic damage. If all three spheres explode she gains bonus shield.

  • Pale Cascade makes Diana more durable than most assassins. It is worth maxing second by level 13, for bigger shield and higher damage output. When jungling, a point should be taken at level 1;
  • Like Crescent Strike, Pale Cascade will apply slow and spellvamp from items, but, with reduces effects. It will also damage Black Shield, but Spell Shield will negate only one sphere;
  • Putting extra points in this ability early should be considered if facing an enemy with high burst, such as LeBlanc or Fizz;
  • Along with Moonsilver Blade, Pale Cascade gives Diana high jungling speed.

Moonfall: Diana pulls all surrounding enemies to her, applying slow on them for 2 seconds.

  • Moonfall is good to take early, for the utility it provides, but should be always maxed last, as it deals no damage;
  • Moonfall won't pull enemies with Black Shield and Spell Shield will be popped;
  • It can be used to interrupt channeled abilities, like Katarina's Death Lotus;
  • Moonfall can help you secure kills when ganking/roaming pre-level 6. After you reach level 6 almost no enemy will be able to escape you.

Lunar Rush: Diana dashes to target enemy, dealing magic damage on impact. If Moonlight was applied on target, its cooldown is refreshed.

  • Like any other ultimate ability, Lunar Rush should be taken whenever it's possible, at levels 6, 11 and 16;
  • Lunar Rush will apply full slow and spellvamp from items, and it will damage Black Shield and pop Spell Shield;
  • Lunar Rush serves as great gap closer and should be saved when enemy uses Flash to quickly close the gap, unless you can kill them immediately;
  • Lunar Rush can be used on nearby minions or jungle creeps to escape scary situations when Flash is on cooldown.


When chosing masteries for Diana, there are few setups to consider. You can boost you damage by going 23/0/7 or go for a more defensive setup with 19/11/0.

If you want to go 23/0/7 setup, you should aim for all damage increase in Offense Tree. The main masteries we want to take are Double-Edged Sword , Executioner , Spell Weaving , Blade Weaving and Havoc for nice overall damage increase. For increased Ability Power take Mental Force , Arcane Mastery and Archmage , while Arcane Blade will add some late game power through basic attacks. Sorcery will make you a little closer to CDR cap and allow you to use abilities more often. Devastating Strikes will make you ignore some of targets armor and magic resist.
Utility Tree will give you some movement speed and mana regen through Fleet of Foot and Meditation , to stick to your targets easier while being able to spam abilities without going out-of-mana too fast.


For a Defensive oriented Masteries you take all damage increase in Offense, except Spell Weaving , Blade Weaving , Havoc and Arcane Blade . In Defensive Tree you'll want to take Block and Unyielding to reduce the power of enemy's basic attack, which stacks up nicely with Doran's Shield passive. Recovery will give you a bit of health regen to heal up if you take some damage. Veteran Scars will boost your early health and make you able to take extra damage. Choose to take either Hardiness or Resistance based on the type of damage your enemy mainly deals; Against AD casters take Hardiness while against AP casters you should take Resistance .

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power boost your early power by giving some Ability Power for stronger ablities and more effective trades.

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed are another great choice, as they give you more mobility for faster moving between the lanes and while chasing enemy. They are especially good against Cassiopeia or Syndra, who relies on skill shots to deal damage.

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration are standard choice for most AP champions and Diana is no exception. When combined Sorcerer's Shoes you will ignore almost all of enemy's magic resist.

greater mark of hybrid penetration give you both armor and magic penetration for more early power on basic attacks, since most enemies will have armor Runes. However, I don't like them very much since you won't have an opportunity to use basic attack on enemy early, while in late game they make no difference in damage output.
greater mark of hybrid penetration

Greater Seal of Armor are pretty much needed in any situation, as being melee means you are always in range for enemy's basic attacks. This is where these Runes come handy, as they reduce all physical damage you take.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist are also Runes I consider core in every situation. They give you all necesarry early magic resist to counter enemy AP carry in lane.

Standard Spells


Against High Burst


Pre-Level 12

plus or
Optimal Spells

- Flash is the most important spell to take. It is awesome utility spell that allows you to cross a small distance in a second, whether you want to chase an enemy or you're trying to escape them, even over walls. If timed correctly you can dodge global ults like Enchanted Crystal Arrow.

- Ignite is another spell you want to take in most situations. It reduces all healing effects on target plus it deals true damage over time to them, helping you to kill them faster and easier. It is especially useful against enemies with high sustain, like Swain or Vladimir.

- Barrier comes very handy when you are facing high burst enemy, like LeBlanc or Veigar. Barrier absorbs decent amount of damage and can possibly save your life in many situations. It can be especially useful in team fights.


- Ghost should be taken if you are not level 12 yet, since Flash won't be available. It increases your movement speed and allows you to move through targets and can be used either for chasing or escaping enemies.

- Heal is more team-oriented spell, that heals you and nearby allies for decent amount. It should be only considered if you're bellow level 7 and Ignite is not available.

When it comes to building right Items for Diana, it's best to make balance between damage through AP Items, and survivability through resistances. This is why items like Abyssal Mask and Zhonya's Hourglass work great on her. This will also make her shield more effective. On top of that, she is melee after all and she needs some defenses to be able to survive in fights.

This is my preferred start most of times. With Crystalline Flask you will give you 3 charges every time you return to base, and it quickly repays itself. Three additional Health Potion s will hive you 450 effective health and will heal you quickly if you take any damage. Warding Totem serves as free ward to keep you safe from enemy jungler.

These are good items when you're planning to play aggressive or you're against an easy opponent. Doran's Ring gives you a lot of early power through AP, health and mana regen, for more damage output. Two Health Potions let you heal up after you take some damage.

When enemy has good harass and deals mainly physical damage this start can work for you. Doran's Shield gives you health and health regen, while its passive will block 8 damage from champion's basic attack. This stacks well with Defensive Masteries and will make you very tough.

These items should be taken when you are laning against magic damage dealer. At your first respawn grab a Doran's Ring or two, depending on your starting items, and take Boots of Speed. If you're being harassed hard by an enemy, take Negatron Cloak, otherwise you can take Sorcerer's Shoes first. Negatron Cloak is later upgraded to Abyssal Mask.

This is suggested early build to use against physical damage dealers. Seeker's Armguard gives you bonus AP and armor, and passively increases the same for every minion you kill up to the cap. Combined with health from Doran's Rings this item's gonna make you more resistant to physical damage. Seeker's Armguard is later upgraded to Zhonya's Hourglass.

There will be sometimes games in which you can't get your Blue Buff, for any reason, and that's when Chalice of Harmony should be considered. It's quite cheap and gives you a bit of magic resist and lots of mana regen to spam your abilities freely. It is later upgraded to Athene's Unholy Grail.

ABYSSAL SCEPTER: I absolutely love this item on Diana. It gives you all stats you need in Early/Mid game and has great synergy with Diana's kit. Ability Power makes your abilities and shield stroger, while magic resist makes you more resistant to magic damage. The Aura reduces magic resist to all surrounding enemies by 20, which stacks up nicely with bonus penetration from runes and Sorcerer's Shoes, while it also helps your team deal more damage.

ATHENE'S UNHOLY GRAIL: This item works as substitute for Abyssal Mask, when you're in need for mana regen and CDR. Compared to Abyssal, this item gives you a bit less AP and magic resist, but it greately increases your mana regen and gives you amazing 20% cooldown reduction. Due to nerfs to Blue Buff cooldown reduction bonus, Athene's Unholy Grail is more than viable to take and should be considered if you cannot have Blue Buff for any reason.

RABADON'S DEATHCAP: Absolutely Core Item for most AP carries due to massive AP increase it gives. Ability Power from all sources will be increased by 30%, making your burst stupidly high. However, you should never take it as first major item on Diana cause you will be too squishy, unless you're snowballing really hard. Take it after your Abyssal Mask/ Zhonya's Hourglass.

NASHOR'S TOOTH: Nashor's Tooth is an amazing item that will increase your DPS significantly, as it increases your Ability Power and Attack Speed in addition to 20% CDR, for lower cooldowns on your abilities. It also gives you bonus magic damage on basic attacks based on your AP, which has great synergy with Arcane Blade . This item isn't exactly substitute for Rabadon's Deathcap, but it's usually better to build more like a fighter if you choose take it. Avoid taking Nashor's Tooth if you took Athene's Unholy Grail or Frozen Heart, since you'll already reach CDR cap so you'll be wasting some of your gold on unnecessary stats!

ZHONYA'S HOURGLASS: Zhonya's Hourglass should be your first major item when you're facing AD caster in Mid Lane, or enemy team deals mostly physical damage. Like Abyssal Mask, it also boosts both your damage and durability, but instead of magic resist it gives you armor. The Active works great when you need to remove focus from you in Team fights, while you're waiting for your abilities to become available again. It can especially work good against some ultimates like Requiem or Hemoplague.

VOID STAFF: Whenever you see enemies start to my magic resist, go for Void Staff. Besides Ability Power this item gives you 35% magic penetration, which means your abilities will ignore the same percentage of enemy's magic resist.

LIANDRY'S TORMENT: Liandry's Torment, unlike Void Staff, gives you flat magic penetration. This is generally stronger option against enemies with lower magic resist, who stack health, since Passive burns the percentage of target's current health upon dealing magic damage. This damage is double if their movement speed is impaired, which can be easily achived with Moonfall.

DEATHFIRE GRASP: This is a great finishing item when you want to maximize your burst. Besides bonus AP it gives you a bit of cooldown reduction and an amazing Active that deals percentage of target's maximum health magic damage and amplifies all magic damage they take by 20% for next 4 seconds.

LICH BANE: Another great finishing item, great for split pushing. It gives you Ability Power, a bit of mana, increases your movement speed and has a Passive that makes your next basic attack to deal bonus magic damage based on your maximum AP after using an ability. Along with Moonsilver Blade it will help you destroy enemy turrets in a matter of seconds and will also give you more dueling power.

GUARDIAN ANGEL: There will be some games where enemy team will focus you to death and where you can't stay alive long enough to actually deal some damage. In these situations you should take Guardian Angel. Firstly, it will give you both armor and magic resist, making you overall more durable. Secondly, its Passive will revive you upon dying, which will force enemy team to find another target who they can actaully kill, while you'll be free to burst them.

RANDUIN'S OMEN: When enemies have two or more auto-attack dependant champions, you should go for Randuin's Omen. The mixture of health and armor will make you more resistant to physical damage, while passive will reduce their attack and movement speed every time they hit you with basic attacks. This is especially strong when you want to shut down enemy AD Carry. Active combined with Moonfall can pull in and slow whole enemy team and has great synergy with AoE abilities, such as Miss Fortune's Bullet Time.

FROZEN HEART: Similarly to Randuin's Omen, Frozen Heart is good choice against heavy AD auto-attack reliant teams as it creates Aura debuff and reduces attack speed to all enemies around you. Just like Athene's Unholy Grail it can solve your mana issues and provide you good amount of CDR, in case you cannot afford Blue Buff. However, never buy these two items together!

ICEBORN GAUNTLET: This item is a defensive version of Lich Bane. It gives similar stats that Frozen Heart gives, like armor, mana and CDR, but it also gives you a bit of Ability Power and Passive that creates AoE slow on next basic attack after using ability.

Magic Resist
BANSHEE'S VEIL: Against heavy AP teams or when you just need extra protection from enemy APC Banshee's Veil is great item to consider. It is especially useful against combo based champion like LeBlanc or Morgana, as it blocks one spell every 30 seconds, making thier burst much lower.

QUICKSILVER SASH:Very rare situations you'll need Quicksilver Sash, but it doesn't make this item any worse. Active removes all kinds of debuffs, even suppresion like Nether Grasp or Infinite Duress. Only weakness is that it hasn't any late game upgrade that suits your role of AP carry.

RYLAI'S CRYSTAL SCEPTER: Rylai's Crystal Scepter works very well on Diana as it increases both her damage and durability and it also gives you utility, as it makes your abilities slow all enemies hit. It has good synergy with Liandry's Torment.

WARMOG'S ARMOR:With 1000 HP, this is the best health item you will find in the game. If you don't have need for resists, feel free to take Warmog's Armor for massive HP boost.

MERCURY'S TREADS: Mercury's Treads are useful against magic damage and CC. Should be considered against champions like Annie or Cassiopeia, or when playing against hard CC teams. Tenacity reduces duration of any CC you are affected by.

NINJA TABI:When having trouble against AD champions in lane, or facing heavy AD team you may take Ninja Tabi to counter some of their physical damage. Its Passive reduces power of their basic attacks by 10%.

ENCHANTMENT HOMEGUARD: This is one of the best, if not the best Enchantment you can take. It instantly restores your health and mana upon recalling and gives you massive movement speed boost to quickly return to lane. It is good to take when enemy team is pushing hard.

ENCHANTMENT DISTORTION: Another great Enchantment to conisder. It reduces the cooldown of your Flash/ Ghost by 25%. Normally Flash has cooldown of 300 seconds, but with this Enchantment it will have only 225 seconds (75 seconds of difference). This is pretty good to consider when enemy team has someone like Jarvan IV, as you'll need Flash to escape his ultimate.

GREATER STEALTH TOTEM: You should usually avoid upgrading your trinket before you finish your other items. Greater Stealth Totem is your standard Late game upgrade, which gives you longer-lasting Stealth Ward.

GREATER VISION TOTEM: If you are playing against someone like Evelynn or Twitch, Greater Vision Totem is better choice as it will give you one Vision Ward so you can counter their invisibility.

In early game you should mainly focus on farming creeps, AKA last hitting. Having good Creep Score is the key to success and always keep in mind that one kill is worth around 12-15 minions. The first 5 levels may be the hardes phase for Diana as she doesn't have her Lunar Rush yet, therefore she will be vulnerable and unable to fight ranged enemies. Try not to abuse your passive a lot as you risk pushing your lane, which makes you vulnerable to ganks.

Try to poke an enemy with Crescent Strike but avoid hitting creeps with it. If you're unable to farm with basic attack you may use your abilities for that purpose. Try to save Moonfall when your jungler comes to gank. If your jungler has some kind of stun it's usually better to let them initiate first and save Moonfall when enemy flashes and tries to escape. A good usage of Moonfall can secure a kill in most situations.

Always keep river bushes warded just in case enemy jungler comes to gank. It may be a little harder against enemies like Evelynn, since they can pass near the Stealth Ward without being noticed. In this case you'll have to invest in Vision Ward.

As the game goes on, Team fights will start to occur. Diana's role in team fights is pretty clear - eliminate highest priority target as soon as possible! But this doesn't mean you should jump in the middle of the enemy team as soon as you see enemy AD or AP carry. It's quite opposite actually - you WAIT for the opportunity to eliminate them without endangering yourself. You try to catch them out of position and punish them for exposing to you. Or wait for your initiatior to initiate the fight. After initiation you jump to the target with Crescent Strike followed by Lunar Rush. The main target is usually enemy AD or AP carry, but this can vary from game to game. If their jungler/top lane got fed keep on eye if they are building towards damage or durability. If it's damage, focus them first. Otherwise, stay away from them until you eliminate other enemies.

- It's very important to watch out if enemy has some sort of channeled ability, so you can interrupt them. This is extremely important against enemies like Nunu or Katarina, whos ultimates can deal tremendous damage if fully channeled. Or, if enemy team has someone like Warwick, who can lock down your AD carry with their suppression, be sure to use the first opportunity to interrupt it with Moonfall.

Always keep on eye important Team Objectives, baron nashor and dragon . Killing them gives team-wide rewards in form of bonus Gold or strong damage buffs. Always keep these places warded, or enemy team could kill them before you if you're not being careful. If you don' have a Ward at the moment, you can use Crescent Strike to see if enemy is attempting to kill them, as they will be revealed for a few seconds.

Who counters Diana?

- In general, champions that can beat Diana in lane are those with naturally high sustain/durability, abilitiy to reduce her attack speed or to poke her down from long distances without too much risk.
- One of good Diana counters is Mordekaiser. Nowdays you will rarely see him but he's one of the toughest enemies you can encounter. He is naturally durable thanks to his passive Iron Man, which converts percentage of the damage he deals into shield, making him hard to even poke. He doesn't have skill shots so he can easily punish you if you ever try to get close to him. Similarly to Mordekaiser, Swain has pretty good chances against you with his long range poke and high sustain after he reaches level 6.
- A champion that you can occasionally see in mid lane and who's good Diana counter is Lee Sin. He is energy-based champion so he will be able to spam abilities more often than you. His kit gives him nice mix of mobility, durability as well as some good damage. Additionally, he can drastically reduce your attack speed and knock you back if he ever feels threatened by you. Similarly difficult champion is Nunu with his high poke/healing abilities and AS debuff.
- Another good example is Syndra. Very strong champion with high poking potential and strong laning phase. She can spam Dark Sphere whenever you try to last hit with auto attacks, can toss minions on you and she can easily stun you with Scatter the Weak or knock you back if you try to Lunar Rush to her. At level 6 she has enormous burst, based on the number of spheres she conjured on the field.


Who does Diana counter?

- As an assassin, Diana is generally strong against most squishy champions, so she won't have problem with most AP carries. She is especially good against champions with channeled abilities which can easily be interrupted with proper use of Moonfall.

- Fizz is feared by many, but he's no problem for Diana. Whenever he tries to attack you with Urchin Strike, immediately use Pale Cascade to shield yourself as well as to damage him. You may want to put extra points to Pale Cascade early to reduce his burst. He can be a bit tricky to hit with Crescent Strike if he uses Playful / Trickster, so wait until the spell is on cooldown. If he lands near you use Moonfall to pull them to you, than use the rest of your combo.

- Katarina is also an easy pray for Diana since she is melee, like Fizz. She has decent burst with Bouncing Blades + sinister steel combo, but you have your shield to protect you. At level 6 you will win a fight easily, just wait until she starts channeling Death Lotus and immediately use Moonfall to interrupt it. Karthus is even easier opponent, just make sure to interrupt Requiem on time or otherwise it could be fatal for your teammates.

- Anivia and Morgana are also one of the easier opponents you can encounter, both relying on landing their Q to deal enough damage to actually kill. You should only be careful when to engage them, as Anivia cannot be killed so quickly if Rebirth is up, and Morgana has good sustain and farm clear, as well as good protective spell, Black Shield.

Well, you've reached the end of this guide. I honestly hope you've enjoyed it and it helped you understand Diana better. I'd really appreciate if you could leave me any feedback on how you liked my guide, and if you did like it, an Upvote would be nice ^_^

If you have anything to ask me, feel free to comment, PM me or add me in your buddy list, I'll help you anyway I can.

Good luck on Field of Justice!




Published on: 28/01/14
Last Edited on: 11/02/14

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