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Kha'Zix Build Guide by Beagle6

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Beagle6

Mass AD Kha'Zix

Beagle6 Last updated on May 27, 2014
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My main is Kha'Zix, I play him like everyday when I get to play him. I like going AD Kha'Zix because I like him built like that instead of buying a Raduins, Mercury treads or Ninja Tabi and Banshee's Veil building tanky. Instead I like to get GA and only a Maw of Malmortius for my defensive items only. Few games ago I went 23 and 0 using my build when I was playing a game with my friend and kept complaining to stop getting kills.

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I like to go more AD runes have a little bit of critical chance so it'll help just a little not too much. Make sure you have a lot of AD runes because jungling without the AD runes will make you have to recall a lot more if your taking this build. Noob players under lev 20 do NOT take this build because without the runes jungling is much harder for you making you have to recall more other wise take the pro builds and others or just get at least a few AD runes.

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Since im going most AD I go 23 and 7 for masteries with Butcher and feast I think that most people don't take that as a junglier but I might be wrong but it will help you anyways in the jungle.

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Start off normal jungle start hunters machete and 5 potions sometimes you can take mana potions because your Q and W is spammy. When you finish off one of your items buy a ward after I go with my Maw of Malmoritus for first damage items cause it stacks with your evolved Q. You can switch thing around for Maw of Malmortius second cause I evolve my ultimate right after I go with my Q for better cause my ultimate is better with ganks and escapes. But you can have the Maw first to have a small Q, then when you get your evolved Q it does additional 8% of the target's missing health. I don't take last whisperers because you'll have more shred more than armour penetration but if they get thorn mail one of the tanks then you can build the last whisperers.

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Evolution and Skill Sequence

Skill Sequence: I start off with my Q for clearing out the jungle a lot easier some people take W to have more sustain instead of damage when you have your leash you'll start out with a good amount of health. I max my W because it does more damage that my E and more useful by healing.

Evolution Sequence: Take your ultimate because by that time people will be asking a lot of ganks to help win there lane and your ultimate is more used for banks then E and more effective go with your Q after to clear camps and buffs. Take your E last to escape and catch up to people better and your mass AD killing someone would be much easier to reset your E. Sometimes you can evolve your Q first to get the shred fast when you get your Maw of Malmoritus because there a few tanks on the enemy team or go with your E if they have a lot of CC and escapes.

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Don't Forget to ward

For every ranked game DON'T FORGET TO WARD, vision wins games by giving vision in advance to seek if someone is ganking. I only see the support who actually wards enough junglers should always pick up wards is the gonna get caught getting the buff. One video I seen in a diamond ranked game BARELY ANYONE WARDED your whole teams needs to know that one ward in one bush is not gonna save your life at all a game with other people there's no wards at all, in the LCS though they ward like crazy they ward so it's impossible to not get caught trying to get buffs or even wraiths putting a pink ward in that small bush in river is really effective lots of pro's do it so you should that's how you'll get to the next division, tier or even get to challenger.

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Jungling early game

when you finish off your blue buff I only like to do this i like to go to the other side of red and wait there till the enemy shows up stay there to make him get some damage by the buff then go in try to kill him he'll expectedly flash so don't hesitate to flash to him and get the kill. After that get the buff and leave leaving only one of those lizards so if he thinks going back will be better it won't reset if he's not gonna kill that one lizard after awhile check back at the camp so you can time it. By that time it's like 6 minutes in so I timed that every time at 7 and 10 minutes in the buff spawns but every time the buff spawns every 5 minutes if you don't want to have a marker in your head and just do the calculations so go for it don't forget to give your mid blue once you got the enemy buff.

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Pros / Cons

1. A combo of his ultimate and E has really good ganking potential.
2. Maw of Malmortius and your evolved Q does addition 8% damage of the target's missing health as bonus damage/ TONS OF DAMAGE.
3. He's strong against the champion who is always banned Kassidin.

1. E takes a long cool down so jumping over walls you either need a kill or just go around
2. You'll appear if you take any damage when using your ultimate.