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Master Yi Build Guide by leageolegends

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League of Legends Build Guide Author leageolegends

Master the yisus [6.24]

leageolegends Last updated on December 9, 2016
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Welcome to my guide about Master Yi, I play on the EUW server, my most played and favourite champion is Master Yi. This guide shows you how I build yi, hopefully it will help you improve with yi.

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Pros / Cons


+ High damage to tanks if ahead.
+ Can reduce damage (Except true damage) can help with execution abilities.
+ Can dodge damage or impactful crowd control such as Unstoppable Force with Alpha Strike
+ Enemy may flame at you for "noob champ"

- Very vunrable to Crowd control.
- No crowd control without red buff.
- Often focused in teamfights
- Enemy may flame at you for "noob champ"
- It isn't easy to use Alpha Strike and Meditate to it's full potential.

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Items (Standard build)(In-progress)

Is taken first because attack speed and lifesteal in the jungle is extremly usefull, as well as challenging smite which reduces their damage to you, while dealing true damage to them and giving vision.

This item is taken second because all it's stats are usefull for yi, also attack speed and attack damage are essential. Lifesteal helps sustain the jungle, the unique passive and active can be extremely useful. Due to the buff in 6.23 this item is even more useful on yi and should be taken in pretty much every game.


Titanic Hydra is taken after Blade of the Ruined King because the health and damage this item provides is very good on Master Yi, adding in the cone from each auto allows you to clear the ancient krug and crimson raptor alot faster as well as later on with the active be able to eliminate squishy targets such as Caitlyn very fast.
This item can also be used inbetween autos to reset your auto attack, allowing very a second auto if you aa- Titanic Hydra-aa in quick succession.
This active can also be used on towers!

The Black Cleaver is a good item on Master Yi because the Attack damage, Health and cooldown reduction this item provides all help yi, the bonus movement speed on-hit also allows yi to stick to his targets even more. The Black Cleaver is also a good item because it allows you to reduce up to 30% of an opponents armor.

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Skill sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Max first because the increased movement speed and attack speed are helpfull for ganking and killing squishy and tanky champions faster.

Max second to speed up jungle clear time as well as decrease the cooldown.

Max third as the true damage and passive attack damage it provides adds up to create massive true damage onto your enemies.

Max last because you will not be using it very ofen unless you are using it to reduce damage for 1-2 abilities or 1 tower shot, maxing it for slight reduction for these is not worth it over the damage you could do with Wuju Style in that time and you will be using lifesteal to regen your health.

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Jungle route

Start the side of the jungle that starts with blue buff, this is because this side of the jungle is much easier too clear.

Start with Blue Sentinel , avoid smiting if you are not under 75% health, try to kite to lower damage taken.

Then clear gromp , greater murk wolf and rift scuttler

Now you should recall or gank a lane.

Then do red brambleback and then ancient krug .

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and are recommended skills for jungling with most champions including Master Yi

is always used as a jungler it is essential to your clear and to secure dragon and baron buffs as well as to help you to sustain in the early game clears.

is used in most games, and most champions, with good reason as Flash allows you to escape jarvan ults, juke skillshots, escape over walls, get over walls ect.

can help vs a team with a Riven, Jax or similar champions as it reduces damage output alot to affected champion.

can be used if you play aggressivly with yi in the early game, but leads to having no escape orientated spells and most of the time you will be able to secure the kills without ignite.

Most/all other spells aren't particularly useful.

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Team Work

While split pushing is a good strategy and can help take down towers and inhibitors, try not to splitpush if it will cause your team to lose towers and/or objectives such as baron.

While in teamfights remember that you aren't to engage this will lead to you being stunned and being focused by the enemy team. Try to wait for your tank/frontline to engage and for your opponents cc to be used.

Also try to flank the enemy team so that you can get straight to their marksman.
What is flanking

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This is my first guide on mobafire, I hope it has helpped you with Master Yi in any way. If you want to watch a streamer who plays yi at a high level, Cowsep is a good streamer to watch.
Thanks for reading my guide.

Watch the video in the spoiler to see what good Alpha Strike and Meditate timing can do.
Cowsep gameplay highlight