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Gangplank Build Guide by drakon136

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League of Legends Build Guide Author drakon136

Miniguide - Bankplank [Utility Gangplank]

drakon136 Last updated on October 21, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Utility: 21

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Hello, members and guests of MOBAFire! I am drakon136, and this is my miniguide on Gangplank; specifically, a miniguide on the uncommon Bankplank build, known by racists some as Jewplank, and by many others as Utility Gangplank. blacktext blacktext blacktext blacktext blacktext blacktext blacktext blacktext blacktext blacktext blacktext blacktext The purpose of this build is to farm farm farm as long as you can, in an attempt to get as many items as possible before you have to join teamfights. Believe it or not, this is surprisingly easy! With early GP10 items, GP10 runes and masteries, Parrrley for even more gold from minions, and Cannon Barrage to farm other lanes, you can get tons of gold very quickly! Before we go any further, I have a warning for you! As I said before, this is a miniguide. Unlike with a full guide, I will not be going into incredibly detail on absolutely everything! If you don't like that, then please go look at a full-length guide. blacktext blacktext blacktext blacktext blacktext blacktext blacktext blacktext blacktext blacktext blacktext blacktext

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• Recommended quintessences.
• Gives additional GP10 (Gold Per 10 Seconds), allowing for faster items and less time spent in lane before first back.
• Strong early, useless when full build.

• Next best option.
• Gives flat AD, making last hitting easier and giving higher damage output in trades.
• Best early-game, fall off past mid-game.
• Do not take with Greater Mark of Attack Damage.

• Strong at all stages of the game.
• Give a lot of movement speed, making you even faster.
• Worst option of the three, as Raise Morale is as strong as two of these at level 1.


• Recommended option.
• Gives flat AD for easier last-hitting and stronger trades.
• Best early, falls off past mid-game.
• Do not take with Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage.

Greater Mark of Armor Penetration
• Next best option.
• Gives flat armor penetration, giving more damage to champions with auto-attacks and Parrrley.
• Strong at all stages of the game.


• Two best options.
• The former is best against AD top-laners with little-to-no magic damage, such as Tryndamere.
• The latter is best against AP top-laners or AD top-laners with high magic damage, such as Vladimir or Lee Sin.

• Good option, but generally very risky.
• Gives more cooldown reduction for more Parrrleys for more gold.
• Only take them against top-laners with very little magic damage, and junglers with low magic-damage.
• Not recommended with bruiser build, as you will not need the cooldown reduction from these mid- to late-game.


• Absolute best option.
• Very few situations where you shouldn't take these.
• Gives flat armor, meaning less damage from minions, towers, and enemy champions.

Very risky option.
• Gives a large amount of MP5 (Mana Per 5 Seconds), allowing you to stay in lane much longer and farm with Parrrley more often.
• Falls off very quickly.

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Masteries and Summoner Spells



Important Masteries:

Sorcery for more CDR.


Important Masteries:

Summoner's Insight for bonuses to Flash and Teleport.
Mastermind for Summoner Spell CDR.
Greed for GP10.
Pickpocket for bonus gold when harrassing.
Intelligence for CDR.

Summoner Spells

First Slot

• Greatest option for first slot.
• Strongest summoner spell in the game; instant repositioning is huge.
• Improved by Summoner's Insight .

• Next best option.
• Gives more overall mobility than Flash, but lacks the instant repositioning.
• Which you take is generally personal preference; I prefer Flash.
• Improved by Summoner's Wrath .

Second Slot

• Must-have for this build.
• Allows you to return to lane quickly, defend a tower, teleport to a ward to gank, or even jump into a teamfight you were late for.
• Take it every game.
• Improved by Summoner's Insight .

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• Gangplank's Q.
• You shoot your target with your pistol, dealing damage and applying on-hit effects.
• Although this skill is ranged, it is treated as a melee auto-attack. Therefore, it applys cleave from Tiamat / Ravenous Hydra.
• It is treated like a normal auto-attack. Therefore, it applies lifesteal, on-hit effects, and can crit for TONS OF DAMAGE!

• Gangplank's W.
• You eat oranges, healing for a large amount and cleansing almost all CC.
• Knockups are not cleansed, but suppressions are.
• Easily one of the most powerful abilities in the game.

• Gangplank's E.
• Passively, you gain AD and movespeed.
• When activated, you shoot your gun into the air, removing the passive bonus and replacing it with a greater boost to AD and movespeed.
• When active, nearby allied champions gain half the boost.
• The passive boost returns once the active buff ends.

• Gangplank's R.
• You call your ship to rain unreliable death down on the target area. Cannonballs rain from the sky, hitting random areas in the circle, and damaging any enemy units hit.
• All units within the circle are slowed.
Global range!
• Can be used to take down Baron Nashor / Dragon quickly, to farm lanes with big minion waves coming, to KS, to slow fleeing enemies, to KS again, or to cause heavy damage in teamfights...
• ...if the ult hits anything. It is infamous for its unreliability.

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Notice from the Author

As I said previously, I will not be going into much detail in this section. I will only explain the core items to this build, and my two example builds. To be honest, just about every item is somewhat effective on Gangplank; pure AP items, however, are obviously weaker than AD items.

Starting Items

Sight Ward
• Recommended start.
• Allows for a much faster Philosopher's Stone.
Sight Wards are very important to see ganks coming early on.
Health Potions should not need explanation.

• Next best start.
• Trades safety from ganks in the form of an early Sight Ward for two Mana Potions, letting you farm with Parrrley more often early-game.
• Only take this start if the enemy jungler has weak pre-6 ganks (such as Warwick), AND you are on the blue side. If you're purple side, you need a ward for that stupid tri-bush.

First Back

Philosopher's Stone
• Do not recall until you can get both of these; they are essential to the success of this build.
Philosopher's Stone gives a high amount of health/mana regen, allowing you to stay in lane longer, as well as an extra five GP10. This is huge.
Avarice Blade gives a small amount of crit chance, a little bit of GP10, and +2 gold on unit kill, which is great as well.
• Sell Philosopher's Stone once you feel that you do not need it anymore, or upgrade it to Eleisa's Miracle before level 16 for permanent health/mana regen.


• Very important items for Gangplank in general.
Statikk Shiv builds from Avarice Blade, but you do not need to upgrade it right away.
Parrrley is considered an auto-attack; therefore, it applies Statikk Shiv and Sheen.
Statikk Shiv's passive will crit if your auto-attack or Parrrley crits, giving them great synergy.
• If you use Parrrley and the Statikk Shiv proc kills a unit, you gain the bonus Parrrley gold from that unit as well.

Example Build: Tons of damage!

• Total cost: 18978 gold (full build plus early Philosopher's Stone)
• This build is as powerful as it is risky and expensive. He may have the lowest damage output of all melee carries, but he's still a melee carry.
Infinity Edge gives a ton of AD, high crit chance, and an amazing passive that increases the damage of crits.
Trinity Force builds from your earlier Sheen, and gives a nice bit of almost everything, plus two incredibly strong passives. Gangplank is arguably the best user of Trinity Force.
Ravenous Hydra gives a large amount of AD, lifesteal, cleave (both of which applie on Parrrley), health regen for no reason, and a nice active component.
• If you use Parrrley, units killed by Ravenous Hydra's cleave will grant you the bonus gold.
Last Whisper gives some AD and percent-based armor pen.
Spirit Visage gives health, magic resist, a ton of cooldown reduction, a lot of health regen, and an amazing passive that makes your Remove Scurvy stronger.
• This build chooses to take no boots; you gain enough movespeed from Statikk Shiv, Trinity Force, Raise Morale, and your masteries.

Example Build: Bruiser

• Total cost: 16475 gold (full build plus early Philosopher's Stone)
• A cheaper and much safer build, yet still quite effective. Less damage, but much more survivability and speed.
Iceborn Gauntlet builds from your earlier Sheen, and grants mana, armor, cooldown reduction, and a very strong passive.
• When you use Parrrley, units killed by Iceborn Gauntlet give you the bonus gold.
Boots of Swiftness give a huge amount of movespeed, and a very strong slow reduction passive.
Randuin's Omen gives a ton of health and armor, plus a very powerful passive and active.
• Since you took boots, Enchantment: Distortion is very important. It lowers the cooldowns of Flash, Ghost, and Teleport by a large amount.

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The End

Well, that's all for my miniguide. Please don't forget to comment and vote on this guide now that you have finished reading it! :D

Also, before I forget, special thanks to jhoijhoi for her Guide to Making a Guide. It taught me a lot when I was learning to make guides.