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Wukong Build Guide by Renthil

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Renthil

Monkey King in da face

Renthil Last updated on January 14, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello and welcome to my guide how to play solotop Monkey and win with it. Before voting up or down please try this build and give me some feedback. It will take some time to practice but I'm sure that if you can master this build you will be ruling solotop as a juking monkey. It depends on oponent of course, when you play a normal game, enemy team is without a jungler and you get for example Kog'maw and Renekton against you, you will be lucky to lose outer turret in less then 10 minutes, but in most 1v1 situations I was capable of defeating almost every enemy. Only strong counters on Wukong can defeat me on solotop like Riven, Lee Sin or Garen. But in that case our jungler can save the situation in most cases.
As a last thing before I start with guide itself I'd like to say that very good combination with Wukong is Sejuani in jungle, friend of mine have also guide for Sejuani. We can win almost every game with this ultimate duo.

This Guide is still in progress and please excuse me for my bad english, but TRY IT before you vote.

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Wukong, The monkey king. This is the first champion which actually forced me to go to solotop :D. Before I sometimes gotta go to solo but I never wanted it. But once, Wukong was in a free rotation and I tried him, firstly I was trying to play him as an AD carry and without Tri-force, but I soon realised how bad is it. When I started to play him as a solotop with Tri-force I loved him immediatly. His damage output is just insane plus he is very hard to kill and his juking and espacing mechanics are just awesome.


+ Insane damage output with Tri-force
+ Almost no cooldown on Crushing Blow and Nimbus Strike
+ Awesome off-tanking and anti-ganking passive
+ His ultimate can reverse whole teamfight due to great damage and minor CC
+ Decoy is AWESOME ability which takes escaping to whole new level and can block some abilities like Caitlyn's Ace in the Hole or Nidalee's Javelin Toss
+ Its a Monkey, what more do you want?!


- Not so tanky as some others solotop champions
- Decoy won't save you against champions like
Riven with lots of AoE damage
- No damage before you get Sheen
- Very focused in late game

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Viable picks

Heal is very usefull summoner spell for almost any solotop becouse when oponent towerdive you and you use Decoy > Heal > Cyclone it very often ends with wonderfull extra roasted kill for you. And this spell is also very good in teamfights when it can heal entire team for a half and you for a full efficiency which helps you a lot becouse in lategame you will be probably focused more than you wish.

Ghost is also one of my two favorite spells for Wukong, i tried Flash alot but after some time a find Ghost more usefull. Especialy in combination with Decoy or Cyclone is this spell awesome, also I used this spell often to get closer to escaping target so i can kill him with Nimbus Strike or just for escaping from anywhere.

Teleport isn't a bad summoner spell at all, it is especialy good for solotop becouse you can go back to base , buy something and be back in a few seconds. Also nice when you are killed and your opponent tries to push a turret and suddenly: BOOM! Monkey in da face, no pushing when I am here!

I used Exhaust alot before some time, in combination with ghost its a "no-escaper". Using a Ghost > Nimbus Strike > Cyclone > Exhaust like "Don't even try to get away." Also pretty strong when tower diving, but after all I prefer Heal now.

Flash is definetly most used summoner spell nowadays and it has it's reason. Jumping throught the walls when chasing or escaping, faster movement on the line, supprise Flashes to the bush or from it. Throught and throught it offers great movement and gives you extra mobility which can be used in many situations. Good pick if you don't like ghost.

Not viable picks

I dont really like this spell, it may be good in ARAM, but I don't like it on solotop.

No, this is not support guide.

Well, I never really get low on mana with Monkey so I dont think this is good.

Really? U have an item for it you know?

Ehm...yeah, sure. Crystal scar and Summoner's sure you know the difference?

I don't know why it really is that bad but I never picked this as a solotop Wukong, yeah sure i use it often when i go other lines but I don't find it particalary useful for role which Wukong represent. Still some may like it and use it, but there are much better spells for Wukong.

No...No...just NO!

Same as with Clairvoyance, this is solotop guide, not any other and Smite is pretty much jungling spell.

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Greater Mark of Armor Penetration

Greater Mark of Armor Penetration Well, actually not much to say, when you add these runes to a Crushing Crushing Blow you get 30% + 12 Armor pene and you will buy The Brutalizer in early game which adds another 10 Armor pene, you will deal almost true damage to characters with low armor, later additional Armor penetration from The Black Cleaver will couse that any attemps to counter you with armor are determinated to fail.

Greater Seal of Armor

Pretty standart runes for a solotop I think, becouse most of characters on top deal damage with autoattack or with abilities which have AD scaling, these runes should help you survive longer in your lane and be prepared with enoght HP to help your jungler kill when he come to your lane.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

I like these runes becouse they give you more MR than flat MR in late game and in early game you won't need much magic resist becouse most of the solotops and junglers deal AD damage.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

After all the defense you have from Seals and Glyphs there is time to use your Armor pene, these runes will give you like 7 AD which could be good when killing enemy champions when your jungler came to gank and its also viable when pushing turrets.

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Starting Items

As s first thing I usually buy basic boots and 3 pots. I like these due to high durability and mobility which can be used in many ways.


Alternative starter is Doran's Shield which offers flat hp, some armor and usefull health regen. Some may like it more than pots becouse it gives you more flat defense but for a longer sustain I prefer basic boots and 3 pots.

Early items

When you get back to base for the first time you should have just enought money to buy Sheen for increased damage and some mana, Hp stone for sustain and some pots.

When you save enought money its time to buy Brutalizer for some damage and cd reduction which is very good in combination with Sheen's passive.


When you get The Brutalizer there is time to get better shoes, I personaly prefer Mercury's Threads Mercury's Threads for some MR and CC reduction which saved me life lot of times.


But Mercury's Threads Mercury's Threads are not the only possible choice CDR boots and superspeed boots are also a viable pick.

Core Items

After obtaining the boots, you shloud have some basic damage output and moderate sustain but its far from the stats you actually want. This is the time you'll be building your Ruby Crystal into a phage which gives you some more AD and nice slowing passive.
When you get phage there is a time to finish Tri-force and reveal the full potential of this character plus you'll get 30 AP from it which means your extra 18 damage on exploding Decoy will be mind blowing! :D
Well, back to serious things. Immediatly after building a Tri-force you should head straight for a The Black Cleaver which boost your damage give you solid armor penetration and some HP.

Late game items

Now, you should be relativly durable and deal awesome damage so its time to realize what you want now. In this phase there are many things to buy, I mostly use the build which is up there but it could be changed if you see your or enemy team with some unusual things, like 4 heavy AD or full-tank team.
So lets dig into it. My first choice is Atma which is awesome off-tanking item becouse it gives you armor some damage and crit chance which could be usefull too. Big advantage of this item is the fact that if you build Avarice Blade you get some money back.
Then I often build the item with second badass name in this cool game :D Maw of Malmortius. And that is pretty much my favorite item. It gives you solid MR, strong anti-magic shield and some damage with passive which icreases damage when you drop on low health so its pretty cool and useful item.
As the last item in my usual build I buy Warmog which very well synergizes with Atma's Impaler and gives you 1000 hp and that's just ridiculous when you count that 1.5% into it.


Of course there are some other usefull item, for example, if you are looking for more damage, you can buy something, at the expense of durability of course. First item which helps your dps alot is without a doubt Ravenous Hydra which you can buy instead of Warmog. It gives you nice chunk of splash damage, minor lifesteal and some nice regen.
If do you look for some more damage and bigger lifesteal you can buy Bloodthirster, but I don't prefer that. Bloodthirster can rival with Warmog's in some way, becouse in a long fights you may steal more HP than 1000 and lifesteal can be more effective than extra HP regen, but you can't befenit from lifesteal if you get under CC, but you can benefit from flat HP and increased regen. Althrought you can use it instead of Tri-force if you don't like it's passive.
Another situation item which I like is Mercurial Scimitar which I sometimes take instead of Maw of Malmortius when is enemy team full of champions with heavy CC. This items gives you solid MR and active ability to set yourself free from all CC effects on you plus gives you bonus speed for a while. On the other hand it lacks the magic shield of Maw of Malmortius and also the "Less HP = More damage" which is pretty strong.
If you're facing heavy AD team is viable to take Thornmail instead of Maw of Malmortius. Thornmail Is a reall pain for every AD champion becouse of massive armor and it's passive which reflects a big chunk of physical damage, another option is taking Sunfire Cape with some armor solid HP and wondeful passive...Monkeys in flames are just OP and I'm not even talking about Vulcanic Wukong skin + Sunfire's Cape. It helps you with last hiting and merely improve the AoE damage of your R the Cyclone

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Skills and how to use them


Well, let's start with Wukong's passive Stone Skin. After all Wukong is pretty cool monkey, he used to be magical stone but than it probably started to be boring for him so he decidet to be monkey. Part of the stone shaped into monkey and part into a 8,5 tons heavy staff. If he wants he may shape his skin back to stone form which is pretty usefull when 4 enemy champions jump into you, so in shortcut. This passive gives you bonus armor and magic resist responding to number of enemy champions nearby, it beggins on 4 per champion and ends with 8 per champion which is pretty cool becouse during teamfight you can have up to 40 armor and magic resist for free and thats A LOT!
As for me, usefull passive in teamfight and even on laning, if you suddenly receive some Armor and Magic Resist it's pretty clear that enemy champion is nearby and maybe it's going to gank you. So you can just return and hug the turret. This passive exelently synergizes with his ultimate the Cyclone which leaves him a bit vulnerable and often suddenly focused, this passive really helps in that cases. Overall great passive, I wouldn't wish any other for my favorite solotop champion.