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Shyvana Build Guide by Mortalizer

Jungle Mortalizer's Shyvana S12 ~work in progress~

Jungle Mortalizer's Shyvana S12 ~work in progress~

Updated on April 17, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mortalizer Build Guide By Mortalizer 5,141 Views 0 Comments
5,141 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Mortalizer Shyvana Build Guide By Mortalizer Updated on April 17, 2022
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Runes: Standard Runes

1 2 3
Press the Attack
Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand


+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+65 Base Health


LoL Summoner Spell: Challenging Smite

Challenging Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Champion Build Guide

Mortalizer's Shyvana S12 ~work in progress~

By Mortalizer
I'm writing this guide to help myself improve as a jungler. Please leave your opinions and share your knowledge in the discussion/comment section.
Shyvana's playstyle
Shyvana is a powerfarmer who focuses on snowballing by out pacing the enemy jungler. With the changes to shyvana to give AP scaling on all of shyvanas abilities, she has the ability to farm faster than anyone. Taking objectives is shyvanas primary way of winning. Ganking is sub optimal pre-6, but every time your ult is up you should seek to use it to at least get a first strike proc off and provide pressure on the map.
Rune Explanation
First Strike as a rune is relatively weak early on providing very low gold, in a 20 minute game you could expect about 500 damage and 500 gold from it usually. In a 40 minute gate you can expect over 2.5k damage and gold from it total over the entire game. It's relatively easy to proc because red smite and ignite both proc it and shooting fireballs from a distance is the ideal team fight scenario for AP Shyvana. The noteable thing about this is that while the damage may seem low the extra gold translates directly into a permanent increase in all damage through items.

The free boots are an extra 300+ gold that you don't need to worry about and as shyvana I often find myself counter jungling and not having time early on to base for boots anyways. Stop watch is a viable alternative if you prefer to rush ionians for more smites.

Futures market is a fascinating rune that is underutulized and misunderstood. In economics there is a term "opportunity cost." The opportunity cost of something is the value you could of had if you made a different decision at any given time. In other words, hitting a powerspike like night harvester earlier because you have this option is incredibly valuable and likely will directly correlate to more action on the rift and less time in base. Note if you use futures market make sure you get the full value out of it by using any excess limit on it for red wards.

Cosmic insight is my rune of choice here simply for the increased smite and ignite uptime. The alternatives are both good with blue smite or a refillable respectively.

Eyeball collector is an easy rune to stack and for free ap is the default for many people. An alternative is taking ghost poro and deep warding enemy jungle camps. This gives incredible value for counter jungling, counterganking and objectives on the opposite side of the map. It also provides increased safety for your teammates who would otherwise often be oblivious. The downside to ghost poro is you dont get to use red trinket which is valuable for securing objectives and ganks so you will need more redwards on you.

Treasure hunter is a free 550 gold during the game and as jungler you should be ganking regularly anyways so it will stack relatively quickly. There are other great and possibly better runes but I find the combined value of 850 free gold (boots+treasurehunter) and the spending limit increase of 150-300ish during a game to be incredibly helpful. Note that gold decreases in value as the game continues so the later you get this stacked the less useful it is. The reason gold decreases in value the further into the game you are is that the power spike differences are smaller at higher amounts. Think about the difference between 500 ap and 550 ap as compared to 0 ap to 50 ap.
I prefer to rush nashors for clear speed on camps but more importantly the attack speed of a first back recurve bow conspiderably speeds up early dragons. Without this attack speed the dragon takes too long and costs you time which is correlated to gold and experience.

Ionians are often a great first rush because theyre a cheap back that increases clear speed via smites and ability up time. I get these as soon as I can, which is usually 2nd due to my usual 9-10 minute timer on boots.

Many people argue you should rush night harvester to help with your ganks, however these people often misunderstand shyvana. Shyvana is a juggernaut class champion which is made to be nearly unstoppable and the method for doing that is outpacing the enemy jungler not trying to match them at their stronger areas which is almost always better ganks than yours. Play to your strengths by farming early with nashors then buy the night harvester second when you hit your mid game power spike to amp up pressure.

3rd item can be mejais if you want to snowball it is the single most valuable ap item. The thing about mejais is it requires a perfect playstyle which you should be aiming for anyways. Stay out of danger and maximize aoe damage especially on squishies. The mobility nd ap 10 stacks gives significantly bolsters movement speed and clear speed.

The safer 3rd item option is zhonyas hourglass it allows you to R into groups e and zhonyas before there is counter play or use it like a standard hourglass to prevent assasinations. It's less snowbally but it helps maintain your advantage. Dying on shyvana is incredibly bad because every second you're not on the map is a second you're not gaining experience or pressure. Some people believe a kill is equal to a death but for shyvana this is not true. Dying is never worth it.

Void Staff should be fourth because it provides a massive damage increase arguably as great as Rabadons for a cheaper price and at this point everyone has tangible MR in the game with just base stats. Faster powerspikes are better powerspikes

final item should be rabadons simply because of synergy with all of the other AP items.

Cosmic drive is a notable replacement for boots. Also note you can go sorc shoes into 3rd item cosmic drive if you prefer a little more burst early. Sorc shoes are incredibly high damage value on shyvana early but gradually fall off.

wits end
120 damage on hit at level 18 auto q would hit this 3 times
20 move speed on hit
w 8 extra magic damage per tick
2 extra damage on hit
36 extra damage on e in dragon form
2 extra damage per tick on e

35 (+ 20 perc ap from other sources) damage on hit auto q would hit this 3 times
28 move speed on w w/o boots 31.6 w/ 45 move speed boots
170 damage on e in dragon form
10 extra damage per tick on e
100 extra damage on ult
Jungle Route
Red>krugs>Raptors>wolves>gromp>scuttle> blue buff reset. Use your first smite on the big krug and your second smite to break the shield on the scuttle, do not waste smite on gromp as gromp gives you plenty of hp back when he dies. Buy recurve bow and a red ward run and check the second scuttle or go to krugs and repeat full clear. On the second full clear look for the enemy jungler to show on the map. If the enemy jungler shows top, pop ur red trinket and run to dragon put a red ward in the pit to verify there is no vision and take the dragon. Keep an eye on enemy mid and bot to see if they react at all if they do leave and continue farming. After you take dragon gauge if you can invade. Ask yourself did the jungler stay top and invade you or immediately recall (if he recalled he's likely very near to dragon as you're finishing dragon). Continue to farm until 6. At 6 make sure to look for anywhere to ult and proc your first strike and put pressure on the map.

I found this guide by citric to be helpful in increasing my early first clear:

Note that he doesn't explain on raptors you need to try to E all of the raptors then do 2 auto attacks on the big chicken before activating your w. If you do this and keep the raptors in your w burn till it ends they will all die to the jungle item passive while you walk to your next camp instead of having to hit each one individually.

Another note is that I do not do the full clear with lvl 4 in his method because I like to keep the extra 150 gold for an expensive early buy so doing gromp before scuttle/blue is ideal for me. Holding smite for the crab helps break its shield and you can clear it near instantly.
Counter Jungling
When you counter jungle make sure you red trinket as you walk through river if at all possible.

If you notice the nearby enemy laners coming towards you or disappearing leave the area.

Taking 3 enemy camps is about the same value as securing a kill albeit there are many variables.

Gromp provides a ton of fury and health taking it and ultying over a wall for a dive or escape are both great options.

You take raptors incredibly fast especially in dragon form, if you gank the midlane with dragon form always check the enemy raptors.

Wolves and krugs are more dangerous to counter jungle, only take wolves if you're ahead. If you attempt to take krugs keep an eye on the minions coming down lane the ones on your team will be in the mirrored position on the enemy team don't let them spot you as they walk down the lane.

Leaving 1-3 small raptors alive and 1 small wolf alive to mess up your enemy junglers camp respawn timers is a great way to significantly decrease their efficiency.

Counter jungling has drawbacks if you start too early. If you clear a camp for an enemy then when it respawns it will be a higher level and give them more experience.

Generally you dont want to counter jungle much before 6 as you have no escapes otherwise.

you don't need to clear all the krugs if you leave the original small one it will mess up the enemy junglers camp spawn timers.

While counter jungling is twice as good as jungling in your own jungle, dying for it is exponentially worse.
Always gank when your ultimate is up and never when it is not. It does not matter if you get a kill as long as you provide pressure on the map. Do not gank top if dragon is coming up gank either mid or bot lane unless theyre behind and feeding. Prioritize lanes that are winning as these are likely better players who can help you carry. Ganking bot lane is high risk high reward as the numbers advantage ratio of 3:2 is less advantageous than 2:1 if you gank top or mid. When ganking consider ultying to cut off escapes and distance yourself from enemy counter play and shoot fireballs into them. Never fight at a disadvantage, if you're outnumbered use your w movement speed and leave. Note you can wave clear with E and absorb minion waves.

If you see an ally roam to gank and you're in the area with ult you should help them. However, if they left a big wave and the enemy laner is pushing while they roam you should absorb the experience from the wave and gold if possible. Everytime you gank and do anything of value help shove the wave because this gives you very important experience to gain a level lead. Levels are more important than items on almost every champion so gaining an experience advantage is vital. Lanes give substationally more experience than the jungle so prioritize accordingly. The only exception to pushing is if your ally has a freeze that they want to maintain instead of backing.
Team fighting
In team fights never ulty into the enemy team it will get you killed 9 times out of 10. Ulty away and shoot from a distance. Note you can slightly misposition to bait a fight and ulty into a good position with the unstoppable R to create the fights you want.

Always take note if your top laner builds hullbreaker if they do that means you need to adjust your playstyle for a splitpusher. In splitpush scenarios usually 4 people will stay mid and provide pressure there while the sidelaner also provides pressure creating confusion for the enemy team. Do not engage and do not allow yourself to be engaged on if its a 4v5 scenario. If a team mate gets caught out don't die for their mistake. You can use your dragon form e to wave clear to mitigate pushes and objective losses.
When you're ahead always prioritize pushing out lanes that no one else is if you can get them to a tower then it will deny the enemy gold, if you push 1 wave and then not the rest it will slow push into them denying your team and giving enemies a lot. However, do not push blindly make sure you know where the threats are on the map and have escapes in mind for the worst outcomes use red wards to guard your flanks. Always prioritize lane pressure over farming the jungle because the jungles nerfed experience isn't too valuable anyways. Remember counter jungling is nearly twice as valuable as jungling in your own jungle because you not only gain but deny your enemy.

If you do not have dragon form don't stand around go farm in the jungle even if your team is pressuring without dragon form you farm. Remember to not use abilities and only auto to build your ultimate up faster. Also note that gromp gives a chunk of fury and health when you kill it. If your team is grouped and pushing and you have ultimate make sure you're close to them in case an opportunity presents itself.

AP Shyvana takes towers incredibly fast so splitpushing down towers can be done in the blink of an eye if enemies dont react fast. Splitpushing to force a response then rejoining your team and team fighting is an incredibly powerful tactic enhanced by movement speed w to rotate faster than almost anyone else. Many people would tell you not to use w to get to a fight but that only applies to ad shyvana not AP unless you're specifically going for a solo pick which I never advise.

Never fight 1v1 as shyvana. Your damage is significantly more valuable in groups and the risk of you dying and losing time is too great. Even if a squishy seems to be by himself just dont risk it its not worth it you can get great value for certain somewhere else rather than take the risk.

When you're ahead try to maintain pressure, backing often and giving breathing room for your enemies to catch up is not ideal.

If you take an early inhibitor make sure you use that pressure to get other objectives (i.e. dragon, baron, or other lane towers/inhibitors). If you do not then taking that early inhibitor is actually costly for you because the super minions kill minions you could have which wastes experience and gold.
If you're behind don't panic. Shyvana can come back if played well. In the early game if you're being invaded dont even bother contesting back buy the component item s you can afford (early darkseal is always nice) and see if you can counter jungle or just continue on your normal farm route. Later in the game when the enemy is pressuring maintain a turtle close to the base and make sure no one gets picked be sure to ward yellow/blue wards are more effective than red trinket when you're behind to prevent your allies from getting caught out. If a team fight breaks out ulty out of the way and just shoot fireballs into the squishies if a tank pushes forward auto them back if at all possible. Percent health damage from the e passive shreds them. Do not front line. When behind let the enemy misposition rather than force fights yourself. It's their responsibility to win so give them the option to make the mistakes.

Splitpushing is often the most effective way to win if you're behind creating pressure and confusion for the enemy rather than a direct confrontation. Splitpushing requires extreme map awareness from everyone and constant coordination. If the mid group stops pressuring then the sidelaner needs to as well. Kiting is essential for the group in the middle. Warding and safety are essential for the sidelaner. Shyvana is an excellent splitpusher because she can knock down any objective extremely fast and is very slippery from ganks due to w movement speed and her unstoppable ultimate dash. As jungler however, you also need to be aware of objectives; dragon soul and elder dragon are things only you can contest, but dying for the cointoss of getting the objective is almost never worth it.

Try to always gain a counter to anything the enemy jungler does. If an enemy ganks a lane invade the opposite jungle if theyre doing dragon do rift herald or take a tower. If a teammate isnt in their lane take lane experience and gold.

When you're behind base often for every little item you can, every increase in power will help and you're safer and more reactive the closer you are to your nexus.

If the enemy teah is pushing an inhibitor and you don't have the ability to fight back don't die to try to protect an already lost inhibitor.

If the enemy takes an inhibitor early its actually helpful to the losing team because the super minions will always push gold and experience towards the losing team and deny it to the winning team.
If you're against a full clear jungler and start on the right side of the map, then clear red raptors run to their gromp and clear it quickly then wait in their blue brush with a ward over the wall. You will be level 3 and should have a few seconds to wait until they finish clearing wolves and come to their blue. Immediately ignite e w auto q auto and 40-60 percent of their max hp will be gone in an instant do to press the attack. Most players will then panic and try to get away giving you the opportunity to freely chase them or take their blue and leave. Beware of side laner rotations and play accordingly.

If you fall behind play for objectives and counter jungling on the side of the map the enemy jungler isn't. Tracking enemy junglers usually is very simple because they need to continuously reclear camps to stay relevant.

If a laner dies consider abandoning your route momentarily and going to that lane. You can at worst gain experience from the minions dying or if the enemy laner leaves you can hold the wave and create a freeze for your ally when they come back. Creating that freeze if the laner knows wave management can let you gank or at worst give them a boost of experience and gold. Another alternative is to just clear and push and pressure plating which is something you should consider more if your midlaner is roaming rather than having just died.

Don't be afraid to sometimes use dragon form to instantly clear waves with your E. Some times to do it might be when everyone is dead and the enemies are pushing an objective you're defending, or no one is in the lane and you can push the minions into turret before an enemy responds to the push. If all your minions die to the tower then the enemy lost all of that experience and gold permanently.

When you're ahead abuse the enemy jungler in his own jungle but only in areas where your laners have priority (your team is more pushed up).

Most people won't expect a shyvana gank to come early, but with ignite and press the attack you have the early damage often times. Look for a lane where your allies have some hard cc to help you land your full combo and path towards them early.

If you're afraid of being counter jungled, start diagonally opposite of where they start, or ward your other buff at 1:12 and walk to the one you want to start at.

Warding the enemy raptors at around 1 minute is an effective way to figure out where the enemy jungler started and his pathing. Get in his head and figure out what his plans are.

The default is to farm your camps as shyvana, but if you want to have impact you need to always be looking for opportunities to pressure a lane or an objective. However, fighting before level 6 is always a risk as you're much more vulnerable. If you take the risk and die pre 6, focus on farming until you catch back up.
Q is an auto attack reset.

During early ganks don't lead with e while in human form, walk up to them and auto see how they react then throw ur e into an auto q auto. The less distance there is between you and the enemy the less likely you are to miss.

Between auto attacks make sure you orb walk with them, shyvanas weakness is being kited. However this tip is less applicable for AP Shyvana.

If there are 2 enemy tanks consider playing AD shyvana with botrk into frostfire or AP bruiser shyvana with frostfire into demonic instead.

If there is an all AP enemy comp consider running frostfire into wit's end. Wit's end is an underutilized incredibly powerful item on shyvana.

There is a setting in game to change your left click to attack move and another setting to make it attack move on cursor this helps significantly with orb walking/kiting. Consider turning off movement with the map if you use this.

If you often get tilted there is a check box which will remove allied chat and/or all chat in the in game settings. /mute all is another temporary option you can use if you just dont want to listen for that one game.

Survival and maintaining a high pace are the cornerstones of a successful shyvana.

Win Condition will often be dragon soul for shyvana. Each dragon shyvana takes is 120 gold worth of free stats for her due to her passive.

Giving up the first dragon to secure an experience/jungling pace lead is a viable strategy despite most people always talking about how she can do early dragons. Most enemy junglers know this and will constantly keep vision to try to prevent this anyways and if you get caught it resets your momentum.

If you're being counter jungled place a redward in the bushes at your jugle entrance and consider switching to yellow trinket as well. Yellow/blue trinket is more valuable when you're behind and red trinket is more valuable when you're ahead.

Think about yourself as a ball rolling down a hill steadly gaining momentum. This is you when you are jungling as shyvana. Every time you die you lose significant amounts of that momentum but the longer you're alive the harder that ball is going to hit when it lands.

Levels through gaining experience are more valuable than items gained through gold. Soak experience but don't take punishment for gold.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mortalizer
Mortalizer Shyvana Guide
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Mortalizer's Shyvana S12 ~work in progress~

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