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League of Legends Build Guide Author EllaTheQueen

Nami, the shark caller (TT S3 guide)

EllaTheQueen Last updated on March 1, 2013
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This is a guide for my favorite Champion, Nami the Tidecaller. I think she is an amazing champion. She is great for Twisted treeline. In this guide, I'm going to show you your main build, and other optional builds for situations. I hope you enjoy my guide and tips are very much appreciated. I really hope you can manage to NICELY comment on my guide, with helpful tips. I would really appreciate it guys!

And please, if you can atleast try the builds out before you start complaining about item choice, I would appreciate it.

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Why I choose nami, Pros/Cons

The reason why I normally choose Nami for 3v3 is because of her damage output and survivability.

She does good damage with her W, and it's not the best heal, but it's fairly good. Her passive is

good for helping her teammates chase down enemies in a teamfight, or run away. Her Q is good CC

for team fights. Her ultimate is really really long range, so when you're chasing someone down you

can usually catch them with it.

Great crowd control
good damage output
chasing capabilities
good for the whole team

Bad escapes
really slow
squishy ( because she's support)

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Stats, abilties, and lore

Lore: Nami channels the primal energies of the ocean, harnessing its mystical restorative properties and commanding the raw power of the tides themselves. Though many doubted her, Nami had the bravery and determination to take on a dangerous quest when no one else would. Now her people believe she is the Tidecaller, a chosen one destined to complete a quest essential to the survival of her entire race.

The Tidecaller's sacred duty is to acquire a moonstone, a powerful object found only in the towering reaches of the surface world. Her people, the Marai, rely on the moonstone's light to ward off the terrors of the depths. However, the stone's power lasts only one hundred years. Before its light fades, the Tidecaller must journey into the Great Deep, retrieve an abyssal pearl, and carry it to the surface. There, on the night of the winter solstice of the hundredth year, the Tidecaller makes a ceremonial exchange with a landwalker bearing a moonstone. By trading the pearl for the moonstone, the Tidecaller ensures the survival of the Marai for another century.

However, in Nami's time, as the hundred years drew to a close, no Tidecaller had been found. Without a chosen one to complete the quest, her people would face disaster, but the Marai waited in faith that the Tidecaller would appear. Nami refused to sit idle, insisting that without a Tidecaller to save them, someone had to act. Bravely, she decided to begin the quest herself and ventured alone into the dangerous depths. None expected her to survive, but after six days of battles with untold horrors, Nami returned with the pearl in hand. The Marai hailed her as the new Tidecaller. All that remained was for Nami to journey to the surface and complete the exchange.

When Nami arrived at the surface, however, she found only an empty shore. She waited for days in a mystic cove, unsure of what to do. In all the legends of the Tidecallers, the bearer of the moonstone had never failed to arrive. Nami faced a choice. She knew the surface world only through tale and rumor, but the survival of the Marai depended upon her. Summoning the tide to bear her ashore, Nami began her search for the moonstone and became the first of her kind to explore the world above the ocean. She left her home behind, and vowed not to return until she had completed the Tidecaller's quest.

"I am the tide, and I cannot be turned."

HEALTH 365 (+74) ATTACK DAMAGE 48 (+3.1)
HEALTH REGEN. 4.5 (+0.55) ATTACK SPEED 0.644 (+2.6%)
MANA 305 (+43) ARMOR 9 (+4)
MANA REGEN. 6.9 (+0.6) MAGIC RES. 30 (+0)


surging tides: When Nami's abilities hit allied champions they gain 30 movement speed for

1.5 seconds. Surging Tides is a passive ability that increases Nami's and her allies' movement

speed whenever they are hit by any of her abilities.

Surging Tides will proc on allies if:

They are in Aqua Prison's area of effect.

They are one of the 3 targets hit by Ebb and Flow.

They are the target of Tidecaller's Blessing.

They are in Tidal Wave's area of effect when it passes.

Surging Tides is a good passive to have for Twisted Treeline. you can use it on your allies to

chase people, help them escape, or reach somewhere quickly. Since Nami has kinds bad escapes, it's

good for yourself too.

Aqua prison: (Active): Nami sends a bubble into the air towards a targeted area. When it lands,

it deals magic damage to all enemies in the area of impact and encases them into bubbles, lifting them into the air and stunning them for 1.25 seconds.
Cost: 60 mana
Range: 875
Cooldown: 16 / 14.5 / 13 / 11.5 / 10 seconds
Magic Damage: 75 / 130 / 185 / 240 / 295 (+0.65 per ability power)

Aqua Prison is great crowd control for team fights, with Aqua Prison you can stun the enemies

strongest person and let your team have free time to kill him. It's also great for escaping slippery situations.

Aqua Prison is a ground targeted area of effect ability that fires a projectile towards the target
location. Upon impact, enemies in the area of effect take magic damage and they are stunned for 1.25 seconds.

Aqua Prison procs spell vamp and Rylai's slow similarly with

all area of effect spells and abilities with diminished effect.

Aqua Prison pops Spell Shield.

Aqua Prison will damage Black

Shield and the stun will be negated.

While Aqua Prison's animation may seem like a knockup, it is actually only a stun.

A very important distinction between the two is that stuns can be cleansed by effects like

Quicksilver or Cleanse while knockups cannot.

Knock ups are also unaffected by Tenacity.

Bot champion will attempt to cast Cleanse

while stunned in the Aqua Prison.

Enemies in a bush that are hit by Aqua Prison will be revealed for the stun duration.

Ebb and Flow : (Active): Unleashes a torrent of water that bounces between allied and enemy champions. This ability can only bounce to each target once and hits up to 3 targets.
On ally hits, Ebb and Flow heals the target and bounces towards a nearby enemy champion. On enemy hits, the tides deal magic damage and bounce off towards an allied champion.
Cooldown: 9 seconds
Cast Range: 725
Bounce Range: 875

Cost: 70 / 85 / 100 / 115 / 130 mana
Heal per Bounce: 65 / 95 / 125 / 155 / 185 (+0.3 per ability power)

Magic Damage per Bounce: 70 / 110 / 150 / 190 / 230 (+0.5 per ability power)

Ebb and Flow is a targeted ability that can be cast on either an allied champion or on an enemy

champion. When cast, Nami sends a blast of water that will bounce off her target towards another

champion, alternating between allies (herself included) and enemies. When Ebb and Flow hits an

allied champion, it is healed and the water will bounce towards an enemy champion. If Ebb and Flow

hits an enemy champion, it deals magic damage and bounces towards an allied champion.

Surging Tides procs spell vamp and Rylai's Crystal Scepter slow similarly with all multi-target spells and

abilities with diminished effect.

Surging Tides pops Spell Shield.

Surging Tides will damage Black Shield.

Even if Ebb and Flow is blocked by an enemy spell shield, the spell will still bounce off the

target. Currently, Ebb and Flow can bounce back to a target who was already hit by Ebb and Flow if

the initial hit broke a spellshield.

Ebb and Flow can only hit a maximum of 3 targets. The initial target will determine the order of the bounces:

If cast on an enemy champion, the spell will hit as follows: enemy → ally → enemy.

If cast on an allied champion, the spell will hit as follows: ally → enemy → ally.

If there is no appropriate unit for the middle bounce effect, such as if no enemy unit is around

in an ally -> enemy -> ally bounce, only the initial cast will occur.

Ebb and Flow has a brief channel time upon cast before it activates. Nami will resume previous

orders once the channel is complete.

Ebb and Flow will not bounce on minions.

While Ebb and Flow will not target stealthed enemies or enemies hidden by the fog of war, it will

still target nearby champions if she is afflicted by abilities like Nocturne's Paranoia or Graves' Smokescreen.

Ebb and Flow is good because of its bounce. You can deal alot of damage with Ebb and Flow. And the heal, although not the best, can really help your teammates.

tide callers blessing: (Active): Empowers an allied champion for 5 seconds or until they have attacked 3 times. During this time, their basic attacks deal bonus magic damage and slow the target hit for 1 second.
Cooldown: 11 seconds
Range: 800
Cost: 55 / 60 / 65 / 70 / 75 mana
On-Hit Magic Damage: 25 / 40 / 55 / 70 / 85 (+0.2 per ability power)

Slow: 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 %

Tidecaller's Blessing is a targeted ability that buffs the target allied champion for 5 seconds or

until they have attacked 3 times, whichever comes first. During this time, the affected champion's

auto attacks deal bonus magic damage and slow their target for 1 second.

Empowered attacks do not proc spell vamp or Rylai's slow.

Empowered attacks do not pop spell shield.

Empowered attacks will damage Black Shield and the slow will be negated.
Runaan's Hurricane will apply charges of Tidecaller's Blessing onto the minor bolts. It is

possible to use all three charges in one attack.

Nami can cast Tidecaller's Blessing on herself.

Abilities that proc on-hit effects (e.g. Gangplank's Parrrley) will also apply the magic damage

from Tidecaller's Blessing.

Empowered attacks are not applied or consumed when attacking structures.

Tidecallers blessing is really really nice for a good damage buff on your teammates, that's some good extra damage, it's also really good for killing turrets.

tidal wave: (Active): Summons a tidal wave outward from Nami's position. The tidal wave briefly knocks up enemies that it comes into contact with, slows them and deals magic damage. The slow duration increases based on how far the tidal wave has traveled, with a minimum duration of 2 seconds and a maximum duration of 4 seconds.
Range: 2550
Cost: 100 / 150 / 200 mana
Cooldown: 150 / 130.5 / 110 seconds

Magic Damage: 150 / 250 / 350 (+0.7 per ability power)

Slow: 60 / 65 / 70 %

Tidal Wave is a pass-through linear skillshot and line area of effect ability that sends a giant

tidal wave in a straight line in front of Nami. Enemy units hit are briefly knocked into the air,

take magic damage and are slowed for up to 4 seconds based on the distance the wave traveled

before hitting them.

Tidal Wave procs spell vamp and Rylai's slow similarly with all area of effect spells and

abilities with diminished effect.

Tidal Wave pops Spell Shield.

Tidal Wave will damage Black Shield and the knockup and slow will be negated.

Its effect range is shown in the mini-map with green edge.

To give an estimate of the range on Summoner's Rift: standing next to top lane's Blue Team

inhibitor turret, if you launch the wave towards the lane's tier 2 turret, it will reach the jungle entrance to Blue buff area.

Tidal wave is AMAZING for chasing people or saving your team. It's got such a long range that I've caught people from quite a ways off and my teammates killed him.

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Item choices

Item choices for: YOUR MAIN BUILD:
I getalmost every time I play her. It's got great mana regen and some damage. You'll need this to spam your spells frequently

I get black fire torch for the burn it has, and all the other stats, ap, cdr, Health.

I get abyssal scepter because of its high magic resist and the debuff to your enemies. It's good against AP teams.

Wooglets Witchcap: Good ability power for good damage output, and some armor is always nice. The Zhonya's Hourglass activate is nice as well

Will of The Ancients: With it's spell vamp and the decent damage you'll be dealing, it could really save your life. It's gotten me out of some very sticky situations with the vamp. And the aura is nice for your team :)

Ionian Boots of Ludicity: I get these boots because of the cooldown reduction, CDR is nice on her in TT because of how frequently you'll be able to cast Ebb and Flow.

Item choices for: A TANKIER BUILD
Rod of Ages (RoA) I always get RoA whenever I'm going for a tankier build for Nami. It's got great health, mana, and ability power. Great for her! The passive can really save you in a sticky situation! I've had ignite on me and my teammate kill someone I had an assist on, I leveled up and the Catalyst healed me right up.

Rylais Crystal Scepter: I usually get this for the purpose of slowing people down. It's got a great amount of health too! With the slow you can really catch up to people with Tidal Wave.

Hextech Sweeper: I get this for the vision active, and the health and ability power are good. The CDR is good, because you always want CDR on her. And not only that, the passive is GREAT for chasing people down! Vision for 4 seconds? Hell yes :)

I still get these for the fact of the CDR.

I still get this for the extra damage output. The magic pen and CDR are really nice as well.

You still want your witchcap! Although this is a tankier build, you'll want this, because it has armor and mass AP.

Shurlyas-reverie: I choose this because early on you get Philo stone, and it's good extra gold income. But the purpose of this is the movement speed buff and the CDR. This stacks well with Surging Tides, for chasing as well as saving yourselves.

I get this because even though you're support basing your build, you still want to be able and spam your spells all the time.

Frozen heart is for all the armor, CDR mana, and the fact it reduces enemy attack speed. Since 90% of teams are bruisers and have ADC, you'll want to get this so you don't die in a few seconds. And it'll help you ALL out with reducing the enemy attack speed.

Locket of the Iron Solari. Told to be a bad item, but not on my terms. It can really save your team and make you WIN. I would really suggest this item.

Oh look, a non support item. Well, even though this is a support BASED build you'll want to get this, so you have SOME damage output.

As usual, get these, or

You will want this against AP heavy teams because of the Magic Resist. And it debuffs THEIR magic resist so YOU can burst THEM down and not THEM burst YOU down.

You'll want Mercurys Treads. Most likely, whatever AP heavy team you're fighting is going to have some sort of crowd control, and you dont want to be caught in it for the full duration, trust me.

You will want this for the shield, magic resist and the Catalyst proc whenever you level up. This item will really save your butt.

You'll really want this for mana regeneration. This also has some magic resist, so you'll definitely want it.

This is really nice for you. Health, magic resist, AND you can heal yourself for MORE! how fun is that? haha... yeah. but seriously. you'll want this. :)

You'll want this so you can slow your enemies and have atleast some health.

I buy these againt AD heavy teams that are whooping my teammates because really, I don't want to get caught by the enemy team. With these, 99% of the time you can get away.

Armor and damage, nuff said.

If you're against an AD heavy team, you're REALLY going to want this.

I always get this because when you get attacked, you slow your enemy. I'm not passing up on that!

As usual, mana regen, blah blah blah.

spell vamp, survivability.

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Farming can be quite difficult at first.

BUT once you get enough ability power, youraqua prison should be able to deal enough damage to kill a group of minions with 1 hit. If not, drastically decrease their health.

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Skill usage

Nami has very high potential in ganking. Her passive Surging Tides gives bonus movement speed

for 1.5 seconds, which is enough for a teammate to catch up to an opposing enemy. It gives a

temporary effect that is similar to the active on Shurelya's Reverie.

Tidal Wave should be used immediately in large team fights to gain an advantage.

When Tidal Wave passes through ally champions, it grants Nami's innate ability Surging Tides .

Aqua Prison can be casted on an ally just to apply nami's innate ablility Surging Tides.

Tidal Wave and Aqua Prison can interrupt channeling spells, like Death Lotus, Requiem and Absolute Zero.

Ebb and Flow is great for casting in a 2v2 fight in bot lane. It damages your enemies, heals an ally and activates your passive Surging Tides, which will provide a significant advantage.

Ebb and Flow bounces between allied and enemy champions and doesn't hit the same target twice,

depending on which side you cast the ability on.

If cast on an allied champion, the spell will hit as follows: ally → enemy → ally. If cast on an

enemy champion, the spell will hit as follows: enemy → ally → enemy. If there is no appropriate

unit for the middle bounce effect, such as if no enemy unit is around in an ally -> enemy -> ally

bounce, only the initial cast will occur.

This ability hits harder than you would think , and if you conect both bounces on a single target

it delivers an strong nuke , and also healing you or your partner , with some ability power it

can be used to nuke down fragile targets.

Tidecaller's Blessing works great with skillshot champions like Corki and Ezreal, because of

their great poking potential and how they rely on spamming basic attacks between skillshots.

Nami is a squishy champion, so be careful not to let yourself get caught alone. Positioning is always important.

Care should be taken when utilizing and choosing targets for Nami's abilities:
Aqua Prison should be cast on squishy targets, like an AD carry or a support, unless they have high mobility or can easily dodge it (like Ezreal or Vayne). In these cases, you should instead

aim at a target with a lower chance of dodging it.

When prioritizing healing, Ebb and Flow should be cast on allies: this will potentially heal two

allies or yourself as well. On the other hand, when harassing, prioritizing enemies may result in

two enemies taking damage while healing one ally or yourself.

Tidecaller's Blessing damage increases with your AP, not the allied champion you cast it onto.

Unlike most other attack steroids, there is no need to choose a high damage or attack speed target.
As long as your target attacks three times in five seconds, you get the full effect of the skill. A slower attack speed target may even be able to apply the slow longer. It will, however,

benefit from the allied champion's magic penetration.

It will also work with champions that are using on-hit builds like Teemo and with abilities that apply on-hit effects like Gangplank's Parrrley.

Tidecaller's Blessing synergizes well with Fizz's Seastone Trident when used in conjunction

with the Spellsword mastery, giving your ally great magic damage output on his basic attacks.

If you see that your teammate needs to escape or is chasing an enemy down, you can use either your Ebb and Flow or Tidecaller's Blessing to quickly activate your passive, Surging Tides increasing your allies movement speed.

Casting Tidecaller's Blessing is usually the better option than Ebb and Flow because it consumes less mana and is instant cast. Ebb and Flow may heal you or your allies, but it requires a very short channeling time, which could allow your chaser to catch up.

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Item usage

Nami's abilities require a high amount mana; buying mana regen or flat mana-giving items will

allow you to stay in lane longer to support your allies.

If played as support Nami has many viable build and the best one is to chose items that suit her

lane partner and/or counter the opposing duo.
Shard of True Ice is generally a great choice as it can be used both defensively and offensively.

It is strongly recommended if you have teammates with gap-closing abilities.

If you're aiming for mana, try buying items that grant plenty of mana, such as Archangel's Staff, Frozen Heart and Banshee's Veil. If combined, these items can give you some decent survivability and AP.

If your aim is for mana regen, try Athene's Unholy Grail, Morellonomicon, or Shurelya's Reverie. Another consideration is Mikael's Crucible, a more support-oriented item that could replace Athene's Unholy Grail; the downside is that Mikael's Crucible does not provide cooldown reduction.

All of Nami's abilities have long cooldowns, especially at higher levels, so items that grant CDR like Morellonomicon and Athene's Unholy Grail will definitely help you.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity may be your first choice of boots if you're a support; however, the previous three mentioned items will give you max cooldown, so these boots would be useless. Trying other boots, such as Boots of Swiftness or Sorcerer's Shoes, should be equally as beneficial in

case you wanted to move around faster to keep in position, or pack more damage into your spells.
If you are being focused by the enemy team because you are a good support then a Zhonya's Hourglass/ Wooglet's Witchcap might be a viable choice.

Hextech Revolver is a relatively cheap item, it can provide some more healing sustain, and it can later be built into Will of the Ancients to further support allies if their abilities scale off
of AP.

Rushing a Philosopher's Stone in early lane could help support your AD carry during those tough zoning enemies like Caitlyn, Lux.

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Trivia, skins, and quotes

Nami was designed by Classick.[1]
Nami was originally going to be named after Classick as "Romlariel", but this was decided against.[2]
The name "Nami" (波) has several different meanings in Japanese, but is commonly translated as "wave," as in ocean waves.
Her name and ultimate Tidal Wave thus refer to tsunami - a long ocean wave.
Nami's concept and "people" (The Marai) are inspired by the mermaid, a mythical creature, typically related to the sea.
The tiny sharks in Nami's joke are visually similar to the Pressman Toy Corporation board game Let's Go Fishin'.
Nami's lore draws some parallels with the Dinotopia series, where the safety of a fictional utopia was owed to the power of "sunstones".
As part of the story, the last of the sunstones were dying and the only known remaining supply resided beneath the ocean.
Nami's ability, Ebb and Flow, is a reference to the movement of water, often in relation to natural tides.
Nami's passive ability, Surging Tides, was originally named "Celerity".[3]
Nami's first ability, Aqua Prison, was originally named "Hydro Blast".[3]
Nami's second ability, Ebb and Flow, was originally named "Surging Tides", which is now the name of her passive, Surging Tides.[3]
Nami's third ability, Tidecaller's Blessing, was originally named "Aqueous Empowerment".[3]
Nami is the only champion that says a word when using the chat command "/laugh".
Skins Edit
Nami's eyes were originally red in her classic art but was later changed to orange-yellow. On Nami's in-game model, her eyes are still pinkish red.
Nami's Helm in her classic art is black, but in game her helm is distinctly purple.
Koi Nami is a reference to the Japanese fish of the same name.
When Koi Nami does her joke, three Koi fish are called out during the animation instead of three tiny sharks.
Koi nami has koi fish in all of her abilities except for Aqua Prison

Nami's quotes, "Let the seas reclaim them.", and, "We are all tied to the ocean.", are references to the theory that all life came from the ocean.

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I don't claim any pictures, and alot of my information for her is from LoL Wiki. Pictures found on GOOGLE.
Have a nice day guys!