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Ahri Build Guide by MixupMatty

Middle Nate's guide for Gab ft. Ahri

Middle Nate's guide for Gab ft. Ahri

Updated on May 18, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MixupMatty Build Guide By MixupMatty 8,321 Views 0 Comments
8,321 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author MixupMatty Ahri Build Guide By MixupMatty Updated on May 18, 2020
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Runes: Common Runes

1 2
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Ultimate Hunter

Future's Market
Perfect Timing

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2
Agressive set
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



Build Path - Survivability
First back - Goal: 1600gold

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Nate's guide for Gab ft. Ahri

By MixupMatty
Chapter 1 Pros and Cons


decent in laning phase

hp sustain with Q

great at eliminating squishy targets

insane mobility with Ult

assassin with crowd control


skillshot reliant

weak when behind or lost early

not as effective with beefy champs with Magic resist items

Chapter 2 Abilities and passive

lucky for you Ahri's kit is not overall complicated, its almost straight forward to be honest, she's actually one of the champions back then when all champions used to have cut and dry but straight and understandable kits unlike nowadays *COUGH* APHELIOS *COUGH* but anyways lets dive right into her abilities

Vastayan Grace

after getting 2 spellhits or when you hit an enemy with any spells 2 times gain a short burst of movement speed, this synergies with her Q since it returns back to ahri so if you successfully land your Q on its cast and on its way back you'll gain some extra movement speed to reposition,run away,or catch opponents

Orb of Deception

Ahri throws out and pulls back her orb,the ability deals true damage on the way back. if ahri gains 9 spellhits (max 3 spell hits per spell) her Q will turn into "Essence Theft" restoring her HP for each enemy hit, gaining "Spell Theft" can be a little bit tricky as it requires you to land all of your three abilities (Q, E, and W)it also requires alot of mana ealry game so only aim on getting "Spell Theft" when you need it, dont panic on using "Spell Theft" cause it doesn't have any duration so feel free to use it any time


Ahri releases three fox-fires,then locks on to a nearby enemy (prioritizing champions)then fires after a short delay, Additional fox-fires that hit the same target deal 30% damage, this doesn't have that much benefit apart for the increased damage so players don't usually unlock this ability at lv.2 but if you're planning on getting some minions or for some waveclear then grab W lv.2 (TLDR: Grab W if you want to farm or grab E lv.2 if you're looking to engage on your opponent)

Fox-Fire prioritizes any enemy champion affected by Charm's damage amp and the target Ahri most recently basic-attacked within the past 3 seconds.


Ahri throws a skillshot that stops at the first enemy hit (whether its minions,monsters,or champions)that deals magic damage and also stops any dashes causing them to walk towards her, this is your main source of damage output since no.1 you'll mostly be using this first and no.2 your Q and W will deal increased damage when the enemy is charmed

When Charm damages a champion, Ahri's abilities deal 20% more damage to them for 3 seconds.

this ability has ton of uses one of them are for catching opponents when running away or catching them off guard this also stops them from using any spells so you can also use this as an escape since they can't do nothing but walk towards you for 2 seconds

Spirit Rush

Ahri dashes forward and fires essence bolts, damaging 3 nearby enemies (prioritizing champions), Spirit Rush can be cast up to three times within ten seconds before going on cooldown, this is what makes Ahri extremely slippery and impossible to catch due to her ult when used correctly this ability allows her to dive in, reposition quickly, run away to safety, or to dodge certain skillshots like Yasuo's tornado from Steel Tempest or Ashe's Enchanted Crystal Arrow and many more

to understand on how to use Spirit Rush some champions (mostly assassins) can engage on you and try to kill you at lv.6 when they finally have their ult this technique is called an "ALL IN" some champions are known to do that like Leona,
Akali, Tryndamere, Yasuo and many more Ahri is one those champions, Ahri can all in mostly using her ult first so she can land her E ability Charm then quickly finishing them off by using her other abilities preferably W Fox-Fire quickly, this is mostly enough to kill an opponent in one go, it depends actually so try to get familliar with your damage before all in-ning

Chapter 3 Tips and Tricks

so lets do a recap on Ahri's abilities and some tips on using them

always unlock at lv.1

after 9 spell hits,heals you on each target hit

Ahri's waveclear ability

make sure that you'll hit your target cause "True Damage" deals straight to their hp it ignores armor, magic resist, shield and many other more

increases damage by 30% per fire

highest damage on Ahri's kit

gets another increased damage by 20% if the target is charmed

This ability can be used differently either for waveclear or increased damaged when the target is hit with Charm

out of all of your abilities this deals the most damage - 30% increase damage per fire maximum cap of 60% percent plus another 20% when they're charmed to a total of 80% increased damage plus base damage from the ability itself plus extra from the items you have so yeah that packs a punch

makes your other abilities deal more damage

perfect for enemies escaping with dashses

perfect for holding down enemies

use this to catch enemies, escape or burst out a squishy target by landing your Charm first

isane mobility

great for repositioning

perfect for engaging combined with charm or for disengaging

after landing your Charm if you still have any dashes left in your ult Spirit Rush for example; you still have 2 dashes in your ult try ro land 1 spell then dash again then land another spell example:

R > W > R > Q

full combo:

(R > E > R > W > R > Q) or (E > R > Q > R > W > R)

Chapter 4 Laning phase

Legend (game timers)

Early game

--> 01:30 - 16:00

Mid game

--> 20:00 - 30:00

Late game

--> 30:00 - (and forward)

Early Game

In the Early stages it is very crucial that you'll

be able to get Boots and

Lost Chapter or just Lost Chapter if you

can't afford Boots on your "first back"

(a"back"or "recall" is the time when you want

to go back to base to heal up or buy items)

when i said first back it means that you need enough

gold to buy Boots and Lost Chapter

which is a total amount of 1600 gold combined

In laning phase is that you'll be focusing on poking

your enemy with your Q Orb of Deception and just

play passive until lv.6 where you have your Ultimate

Spirit Rush where you'll be looking for an

opportunity to kill your opponent since it's quite

easy for Ahri to all in her opponent so always

keep that in mind that Ahri is dangerous

whenever she has Ult Spirit Rush, another part is

if you can't fight your opponent or if its too

dangerous to fight him/her then try to push your wave

to the enemy turret (use your spells if needed) then

roam to the other lanes and see if you can help them

out one of the examples is "ganking for Top or Bottom" or

see if you can help out your jungler to take objectives

Mid Game

This is usually the time where everyone has one item completed

at mid game you should have at least a

Luden's Tempest and Oblivion Orb which is 4300 gold if

you dont count Boots and Lost Chapter's price

so what that means is that from "Early game" to "Mid game"

you should have Luden's Tempest , Sorcerer's Shoes and

Oblivion Orb finished which also means that you need to

have basically 5900 gold from Early to Mid game, so you

need 1600 gold Early game and 4300 gold Mid game and if

you have some extra gold consider buying a Stopwatch

which is only around 650 gold

in the "Mid game" is the part where "Teamfights" occur since this is

mostly where the important objective spawns which is baron nashor

or usually at this stage either team should probably have at least

somewhere around 3 or 4 dragon points which is 1 dragon away from

getting a "Dragon soul" and makes the elder dragon spawn

so in a game of league of legends one of the extra win conditions are

either "Baron Buff"

that empowers or buff minons so that you can push more effectively

or a "Dragon soul" which gives powerful buffs depending on the last

dragon killed or a "Elder Drake" buff

that instantly executes the enemy below 20% HP

So as Ahri your role is to well cast spells at the back or assassinate

a squishy target or poke the enemy whenever we're like pushing or

something like that,after all you're a Mage/Assassin so you're play style is "Back

line and poke" or "Dive and burst and possibly one shot a target"

Late game

In Late game where as an assassin like Ahri will now have a
tough time well "ASSASSINATING" targets, you're still able to one shot
a squishy target but you won't get as much opportunities as before in the
mid game where assassins shine the most,the same rules still apply,
"play safe and group with your team and be a backline mage" or either
"play as an assassin and dive the backline to either eliminate a "Marksman" or
another "Mage" who are the ones who deal the most damage" but the first
option is much better in my opinion cause no.1 you already deal a TON of damage,
no.2 is that there are other more important things than a "Kill" something like
baron nashor , and elder dragon which are more crucial in winning the game
"Kills lead to objectives,objectives lead to a Win Screen"
no.3 is too risky to dive in the backline since "Death timers" are
around 1min at best and that's enough time to win the game
you will also might notice me say that at late game
"isang teamfight lang kailangan natin panalo tayo"
so basically at late game play with caution cause one single mistake
might be enough for either team to win the game but don't worry cause
you rarely reach "Very late game" around 40:00 to 1hr cause most games end
very quickly this section is just basically a guide if that were to happen

but luckily for you Ahri has a high "pick potential"
("pick potential" a word used to define a champions capability
to find/catch someone "off guard", "mis-positioned", or

which means that you're one of your teams "win condition" thanks to your
mobility with your ult Spirit Rush combined with Charm
("Win condition" a word used to describe a situation/scenerio or a
champion that will help them win the game ex. Master Yi deals tons of damage, he'll help us win the game or if we get elder dragon we can teamfight easily and
we win)
if one of them gets hit by your
charm they'll mostly likely be dead already
so in late you can try to catch a target with charm and let your team
do the rest as you reposition to a safe distance

TLDR if you see someone overstep or made a mistake, take it, ult or flash then charm them, make opportunities for your team


Early game

plan with what items you'll be building and prioritize what items you
need early on which is Boots and Lost Chapter (ideally),
poke your enemy when given the opportunity (be careful on wasting mana)
and wait til lv.6 to look for an all in if you can't find an opportunity to
all in then look for opportunities elsewhere such as "Top" or "Bottom"
or help out the jungler

Mid game

where impoetant objectives spawn and should be a no.1 priority
to the whole team, in a teamfight there are two play styles for Ahri
a "back line mage" that will help deal damage
without risking dying or a "assassin mage"
who eliminates a "marksman" or a "mage" who are very squishy but deal lots of damage
so that the enemy team deals less damage

Late game

when you're not behind you are one of your teams win condition
its more effective if you group with teammates and make opportunities for them
there are more importnat things than a kill,
kills only make opportunities to take objectives which helps
win the game, death timers are pretty long so play with caution

Chapter 5 Matchups



*poke him out before he reaches lv.3 as this where he has all of his abilities and can finally combo so beat him up before lv.3

* Zed's is at his weakest when he doesn't have his W Living Shadow so wait for his shadow to dissapear and this gives you at least 17 seconds, to go aggressive against him

* Zed's Q Razor Shuriken reduces it's damage after hitting the first target by 40% so hide behind minions so his Q Razor Shuriken will only deal less than it should

*when facing against Zed or any AD assassin its highly recommended to buy Seeker's Armguard as it gives you armor and ap so it's a REALLY good buy early game and this also builds into Zhonya's Hourglass which is also a very good item against Zed


*trigger his passive Way of the Wanderer by simply attacking him this will get rid of Yasuo's shield which will make him a bit weaker,

*much like Zed Yasuo is at his weakest when he doesn't have his W Wind Wall as it blocks all projectiles, it also has a long cooldown of 26secs so take advantage of it when he doesn't have Wind Wall

* Yasuo's Q is Steel Tempest where he thrust his sword forward dealing damage but on its third cast his Q will send out a tornado that knocks up enemies hit

*a tip on Yasuo's Q Steel Tempest is that its midly easy to dodge, its hard at first but you'll get used to it plus this is the only way Yasuo can hit you from afar, to know when his "Tornado" is up you'll hear a sort of high pitched *TING* sound you'll also notice him being surrounded by wind (similar to goku when going super saiyan)this will give a clear sign that Yasuo has his "Tornado" up and will most likely find a way to throw it at you

* Yasuo can only use his ult Last Breath when the enemy is knocked up by him or by his allies, Yasuo's ult Last Breath makes his auto attacks ignore 50% of your armor


* Veigar is weak early game but increadibly strong late game due to his passive Phenomenal Evil Power

* Veigar will mostly try to land his E Event Horizon as this is his only main form of CC, Veigar puts you in a circular cage only the sides will stun you so if you're inside his E Event Horizon his next move is to land his W Dark Matter you can see where it'll hit so try to dodge it and his Q Baleful Strike also

* Veigar is at his weakes without E Event Horizon its at a 18sec cooldown


* Katarina's passive Voracity where she spins dealing magic damage whenever she picks up a dagger

* Katarina's damage output only comes from her passive Voracity, her Q Bouncing Blades, and from her Ult Death Lotus a Katarina player will most likely use her Q Bouncing Blades to poke you and use her E Shunpo to dash to her dagger so she can trigger her passive Voracity

* Katarina's W Preparation throws a dagger abover her self that falls after 1.25 seconds when re-cast Katarina will blink to her W Preparation triggering her passive Voracity in the process this will also give her a burst of movement speed when used

*a Katarina player will try to poke you with her Q Bouncing Blades and trigger her passive Voracity then finish you with Ult Death Lotus

*stay away from her daggers as much as possible and when she uses her Ult Death Lotus qucikly use your E Charm to cancel her Ultimate


*Dodge her Q Light Binding it'll only root 2 targets so hide behind at least two minions to avoid her Q Light Binding

* Lux,s W Lucent Singularity slows enemies inside it then detonates after re-casting it the longer it stays the greater the damage Lux will follow up with this after hitting you with her Q Light Binding she will also use this to poke you

*the only way to dodge Lux,s Ult Final Spark is to have Flash or Stopwatch or Zhonya's Hourglass or maybe side step it since you can kinda see the Ult Final Spark before its cast giving you enough time to react


* Fizz is a melee burst assassin with 2 mobility in his kit his Q Urchin Strike and his E Playful / Trickster

*his damage output comes from his W Seastone Trident and his E Playful / Trickster, his W Seastone Trident is an empowered auto attack that bleeds you over 3secs and his E Playful / Trickster is that he hops first becoming untargetable then smashes the grounded dealing magic damage

* Fizz is at his weakest without his E Playful / Trickster cause not only he now only has one dash in his kit but he won't have his ability that makes him untargetable for a few seconds

*since Fizz is a melee champion expect him to use either his Q Urchin Strike or his E Playful / Trickster to reach you and use his W Seastone Trident so remain distance from Fizz

* Fizz'es ult Chum the Waters is a really hard skillshot to land since it stops on the first target hit whether it be minions or monster or even you, so expect him to find a way to hit you with Chum the Waters in a open angle or area


* Talon's passive Blade's End bleeds his target getting hit by spells or auto attacks

*his Q Noxian Diplomacy is a short distance dash, but when used in melee ranged his Q Noxian Diplomacy will critically strike, this is Talon's gap closer and only way to get to you quickly so much like Fizz REMAIN DISTANCE

* Talon sends out three blades in a cone then returns back to him, avoid his W Rake since it deals bonus damage on the way back

*his E Assassin's Path lets Talon jump over a terrain,a good Talon player will try roam constantly thanks to his E Assassin's Path by shoving the lane to your turret then leaves to roam, expect him to be aggressive doing it, so warn your enemies when Talon is missing

* Talon's ult Shadow Assault turns Talon invisible while sending out multiple daggers in a circle after a few seconds all the blades will return to Talon damaging enemies in its path


* Neeko's passive copies her allies from looks,stats,hp and many more, the disguise breaks when Neeko attacks or get hit by enemy champions

* Neeko's Q Blooming Burst explodes two more times when she kills a target or hits a champion

*a Neeko player will always try to land her E Tangle-Barbs and follow up with her Q Blooming Burst,

*Do not hide in minions when facing against Neeko since her E Tangle-Barbs roots at a maximum of 4 targets in a line with each root being longer than the last,

* Neeko is at her weakest when she doesn't have W Shapesplitter or more importantly her E Tangle-Barbs as this is her tools to disengage when you engage

* Neeko's ult Pop Blossom where she channels for a few seconds then jumps in the air gaining a shield dealing damage then roots enemy champions inside the circle , Pop Blossom's channel indicator becomes hidden when she's in disguise

* some Neeko players will ult then flash so prepare to flash also or use your ult Spirit Rush to dodge it

* Neeko is a caster/diver mage so her play style will be either be just sending out Q Blooming Burst and E Tangle-Barbs in the backline or disguise herself then set up a good ult Pop Blossom in the middle of the team fight


*watch out for Orianna's auto attacks as her passive Clockwork Windup lets her auto attacks deal more damage as she attacks the same target

* Orianna's Q Command: Attack sends out her ball in a selected location damaging targets near it, hide in minions when Orianna uses her Q Command: Attack as it reduces its damage when hitting subsequent targets

*her W Command: Dissonance slows enemies but speeds up allies or whoever is near the ball, her W Command: Protect shields a selected ally

* Orianna's Ult Command: Shockwave launches targets near the ball

* Orianna heavily relies on her ball and her Q Command: Attack as all her spells occur on her ball

*avoid Orianna's ball and you'll be fine


* Sylas is a battle mage who wants to fight enemies face to face so abuse your range advantage and remain distance from him

* Sylas E Abscond / Abduct is his only form of gap closer ("Gap closer" an ability used to get to their target quickly mostly dashes or blinks) its stops on the first target hit so hidding behind minions is ideal

*if Sylas can't land his E Abscond / Abduct then the only thing he can do is poke you with Q Chain Lash and even then its still not long enough to even poke you in a long distance so it is crucial to avoid his E Abscond / Abduct

*his passive Petricite Burst after using a spell his next auto attack becomes AOE and empowered, his W Kingslayer is a very short point and click dash that damages the target while also healing Sylas

* Sylas Ult Hijack steals an enemy champions ult the initial ability cost mana the cast is free,

* Sylas cannot repeatedly steal a specific champions ult

*if Sylas steals a Physical damage ult he switches it to magic damage so if he steals Jhin's ult it'll deal magic damage for him


*avoid Zoe's E Sleepy Trouble Bubble as this is Zoe's only main form of CC

* Zoe isn't much threatening without her E Sleepy Trouble Bubble so take advantage of it while its down

* Zoe's Q Paddle Star deals extra damage based on the distance traveled, to avoid it hide in minions as this ability stops on the first target hit

*be careful on getting hit with with her E Sleepy Trouble Bubble as the next damage you take after getting by it will do double the damage

* Zoe's W Spell Thief passively a random minion will have like a balloon on top of them if Zoe kills that minion she'll get a "single use active item", also when an enemy champion uses a summoner spell they drop an orb of what summoner spell they used,she can pick it up and this replaces Zoe's W Spell Thief so she can cast the item or summoner spell she pickes up

* Zoe can only pick up one item or summoner spell, you can see what item or summoner spell Zoe has on the side of her health bar

* Zoe's ult Portal Jump allows Zoe to blink in a nearby location then blink back to her previous location but usually they use it to blink forward so look for an opportunity to land your E Charm when Zoe uses her ult Portal Jump in an open angle

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