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Ornn Build Guide by Sammystinky

Top Ornn Top Guide Season 12 (Master Guide)

Top Ornn Top Guide Season 12 (Master Guide)

Updated on January 19, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sammystinky Build Guide By Sammystinky 8 3 17,241 Views 0 Comments
8 3 17,241 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Sammystinky Ornn Build Guide By Sammystinky Updated on January 19, 2022
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Runes: Main

1 2 3
Grasp of the Undying

Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery

+10% Attack Speed
+6 Armor
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Champion Build Guide

Ornn Top Guide Season 12 (Master Guide)

By Sammystinky
This section will discuss specific useful facts about each ability and tips for them.

For more information head to the Ornn Wiki

Build items in lane, can't build consumables (pink wards, pots). You keep the same percentage of your health when you build health. So building health when you are full health you get all the new health. When 50% health, the new health gives you 50% of the new health. So you get more health the more health you have, so build early and after healing if possible. Due to the passive, you spike at 13 and every level after until 17 so avoid fighting at 12.

Slam ground, create pillar. Stops early if it hits a champ. The slow sets up well for W and E. And the pillar will stay longer if you are Eing at it. The pillar also knock aside and consumes brittle. Fiora can use it for W to stun you. And Camille can use the pillar to E off.

Walk forward breathing fire the last hit applies brittle. Both the fire and consuming brittle do damage based on enemy max health, and the fire damage increases with levels. Autos or hard CC consumes brittle. Autos knock up. Enemies have decreased tenacity while brittle making CC last longer until brittle is broken. So slows or soft CC last longer and don't consume brittle. You also ignore CC while in W.

Charge forward and if you hit terrain (wall, your Q, Anivia wall, J4 wall, etc.) Knock up in a circle. Both the dash and knockup do damage, but enemies can only be hit by one.

Call in ram, longer it travels more it slows, hit it back and it knocks up. The hitbox to hit it back is quite generous and you can hit it early or late if you are worried about being CC'd. Often back up so you don't get CC'd. Can be blocked by Yasuo Windwall or Samira W.
Summoner Spells
Flash (8/10)
Flash is pretty good, you lack mobility so it helps a bit in that department and you can flash E to catch people or flash Q or flash brittle auto to finish. It isn't the best synergy with your kit, but the summoner is just good.

Teleport (8/10)
Helps with getting back to lane in tough matchups. Helps to gank lanes and help allies, you gank really well with Ult. Helps to match split push late and you love teamfights.

Ignite (5/10)
Ornn can push advantages if he gets ahead or utlize his built items and enemy unspent gold to take one. He bursts fairly well and ignite can give him the extra little bit. But he doesn't need to win lane and loves to scale

Ghost (5/10)
Ghost could work and has teamfight potential, but it leaves you pretty vulnerable in lane, however. In teamfights it has some potential, but E and W are fairly long and waste some ghost time. Needs more research.

Exhaust (5/10)
Helps survive lane, set up ganks, and scales pretty well in the late game exhausting carries. Worse than ignite in lane, but better out of it I would say.

Heal (3/10)
It gives movespeed and health. It just doesn't do enough of either and you rarely have a buddy for it. Needs more research.

Barrier (3/10)
Helps you survive lane, but the flat amount is insignificant compared to your health late. Needs more research.
Plated Steelcaps
Good against auto attack. Good against Yone, Yas, Jax, most ads. I generally build them against 2+ strong auto attackers. A common mistake I find is building these against AD teams. Instead, you can build Mercs against AD teams if they CC a lot and are ability-based and then stack armor with Legendary items (For example vs Pantheon, Kayn, Talon, Miss Fortune, Leona. Be mindful that they don't reduce true damage or on-hit effects. I probably build them 65% of games.

Mercury's Treads
Good against crowd control. Good against Leona, Morg, Maokai. I generally build them into teams with lots of CC. Be mindful of what will be used on you, often champions like Panth and Renekton which have strong stuns will avoid hitting you as a tank. Be mindful that they don't reduce knock-ups or suppressions. I probably build them 30% of games.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity
Good in general. The ability haste is good for Zac and the summoner spell haste is good too. The boots are also cheap. If you want them, build them earlier than most boots to take advantage of the price and stats. I probably build them 5% of games.

Sunfire Aegis
The burn and tankiness are super nice. But you don't auto much. Running Attack Speed does help with this. Sunfire gives more damage than Gauntlet and works better in long fights. I go Sunfire most often and it is better when I want to carry more and am fighting in longer fights (against tankier teams).

Frostfire Gauntlet
Gauntlet gives more utility and costs less. But the Gauntlet slow can get stacked with general Ornn CC. Gauntlet is good when you have good items to build later.

Turbo Chemtank
Adds pick, but it is not the best synergy with Ornn. Does he Ult and then Chemtank or Chemtank then ult. Does he lead with E when he Chemtanks and lose out on the slow as they are knocked up from E.

Legendary Items
Anathema's Chains
The raw health is great for general tankiness especially given you have resistances from your Mythic. The passive is pretty good, but does not reduce true damage so best against things like Divine Sunderer or Liandry's Torment which are health-based non-true damage. You can also use the activate on an AD target on AD limited teams and build more MR or vice versa.

Similar to Anathema's Chains, the raw health is great for general tankiness especially given you have resistances from your Mythic. The passive is okay, and it synergizes well with your passive. You can stay out of base, build items, and stay on high health. Mana, consumables, and placement on the map become the only reasons to back.

Gargoyle Stoneplate
A great item as Ornn often becomes a clear focus for the enemies and Gargoyle prevents you from getting bursted. It gives you a rare answer and survivability against things like Vayne. But the components aren't great, the price is high, and it requires bonus health so I would go it a bit later (3rd or 4th).

Abyssal Mask
Strong item, MR and health are quite nice. And you make good use of the passive with your E and Ult.

Randuin's Omen
Randuin's is just a strong item, the fact that Ornn gets a lot of health synergizes well with the passive. It gives a lot of armor so if that's what you need, it does a good job. Also, Ornn does a good job getting to the center of enemies.

Everyone heals nowadays (well not everyone, but healing is overdone in League) making this item really good. It hurts people focusing you, increasing your damage. And you apply CC pretty well with good ults and Es. The stats are quite bad, however so if people do not heal, build something else.

Frozen Heart
Gives armor, but not health. Great once you have health against strong AD teams. Ornn does a good job getting in the middle of enemy teams. Good against enemy teams based around auto attacking.

Force of Nature
Again MR and health are good and quite limited to build. The movespeed is nice, but not super crutial. It works best in cases similiar to Sunfire Aegis with more drawn out fights to allow stacking.

Spirit Visage
The items is a little weak, the MR and health are still nice. But you don't heal or sheild much.

Knight's Vow
The item is super weak, but the idea is good. You can be forced to answer split push and lose the benefit of this item. Better the strong your carry is.
Early Game
You have a solid argument for being the best late-game tank in the game if not the best champion. The bonus stats + the extra resistances from passive + a good team fighting kit is just incredible.

It is a mistake to say Ornn cannot win the early game though. He has some bad matchups though *cough cough* Illaoi.

I will divide his matchups into 2 categories for now

Vayne, Kennen, Teemo, Vladimir, Gnar, Quinn, Kayle, Jayce
All In
Darius, Wukong, Mordekaiser, Volibear, Renekton, Nasus, Dr. Mundo

Against Poke

Against poke champs I take Revitalize and try to cs with Q and W while allowing them to push in for the most part. Utilize bush whenever possible. Often take longer trades as they punish you going in and out. So I often trade with full combo Q, W, E, then try to disappear before letting them trade back. Later I try to all in for kills with ult. Jungle ganks are very nice. I often take Aftershock or Unsealed Spellbook as you generally will not be able to auto much for Grasp.

Against All-In

Against all in champs I try to trade with Q, W, grasp, and/or E while they try to cs, but make sure you save abilites to survive and back up when you lack them. Often saving W or E works pretty well. You can W things like Darius/ Mordekaiser pull and stuns. Most of them beat you in drawn-out fights and you are very ability dependant so just space and avoiding trading with abilities down. If you get lane control you can zone off the wave well with Q W. If they get lane control you can cs with Q W.
Late Game
Try to play with the team if possible, as you team fight really well. But often you are the best on the team at dealing with split pushers.

Be careful being caught in no man's land as you have limited mobility and a lot of champs (notably Olaf, Camille, Cassiopeia) can run you down well.

Before the fight, try to spam Q for poke and to have terrain for your E. Mana is not a big problem at this stage unless you enter the fight low on it. If the enemies overextend you can flash E the pillar to catch them out. Then Ult and then W.

Your ult also provides great pick potential.
In Teamfights

Your ult makes a great fight starter, but be careful that allies are close enough to follow up. Often best case scenario is you can E to break brittle right after ult. And try to W as many people as possible for the brittle.

You can play fights as a peel, a frontline, or more of a dive. If your carries are self-sufficient ( Ezreal, Lucian) you can peel less. If their carries are vulnerable ( Kog'Maw, Ashe) and you have dive help Jarvan IV, Zed, Zac) you can dive more.

Remember you taking damage is only helpful if it allows your team to deal damage. If enemies try to sneak past you, you often want to peel back on them while threatening or killing other enemies that step forward to help.

What To Upgrade?

Riot tried to make it so all upgrades are worth roughly 1,000 gold, but they didn't. Worth noting these stats are based on Wiki values of the cheapest items, so things like Amplifying Tome, Long Sword, Cloth Armor, Ruby Crystal, but also things like Serrated Dirk for lethality and Vampiric Scepter for life steal which makes for less accurate values for these stats.

Personally, I think Mana Regen and Health Regen are the most overrated as you are getting them at level ~15 which is a bad time and having 100% base health regen or 60% base mana regen I would argue is worth less than 112 health, but they are equal. I think Lethality is the most underrated from previously mentioned facts. Lethality is worth 6 times less than Magic Pen. 100 percentage-based health regen is worth 60 Lethality which is some ****.

So I think the Assassin items ( Prowler's Claw, Duskblade of Draktharr, Eclipse) are underrated while the support items ( Moonstone Renewer, Shurelya's Requiem, Imperial Mandate) are the most overrated.

Upgrade Gold
Stats Upgraded
Prowler's Claw
+15 Ad, +5 Ability Haste, +8 Lethality
Duskblade of Draktharr
+15 Ad, +5 Ability Haste, +8 Lethality
+20 Ad, +8 Lethality, +2 Omni Vamp
Immortal Shieldbow
+15 Ad, +2 Life Steal, +10 Attack Speed
Luden's Tempest
+20 Ap, +5 Ability Haste, +4 Magic Pen, +200 Mana
Trinity Force
+10 Ad, +5 Ability Haste, +10 Attack Speed, +100 Health
+10 Ad, +5 Ability Haste, +10 Attack Speed, +100 Health
Locket of the Iron Solari
+5 Ability Haste, +10 Armor, +10 Magic Resist, +200 Health
+20 Ap, +5 Ability Haste, +2 Omni Vamp, +150 Health
Night Harvester
+30 Ap, +5 Ability Haste, +100 Health
Divine Sunderer
+15 Ad, +5 Ability Haste, +150 Health
Liandry's Anguish
+30 Ap, +5 Ability Haste, +200 Mana
Kraken Slayer
+20 Ad, +15 Attack Speed
+20 Ad, +15 Attack Speed
Turbo Chemtank
+5 Ability Haste, +15 Armor, +15 Magic Resist, +150 Health
Frostfire Gauntlet
+5 Ability Haste, +15 Armor, +15 Magic Resist, +150 Health
Sunfire Aegis
+5 Ability Haste, +15 Armor, +15 Magic Resist, +150 Health
+20 Ap, +5 Ability Haste, +200 Mana
Hextech Rocketbelt
+30 Ap, +5 Ability Haste, +4 Magic Pen, +100 Health
+15 Ad, +5 Ability Haste, +150 Health, +100 Health Regen
Moonstone Renewer
+30 Ap, +5 Ability Haste, +100 Mana Regen, +100 Health
Shurelya's Battlesong
+30 Ap, +5 Ability Haste, +100 Mana Regen, +100 Health
Imperial Mandate
+30 Ap, +5 Ability Haste, +100 Mana Regen, +100 Health

Think about how well your ally makes use of the stats. Graves for example scales super well with AD while someone like Kog'Maw doesn't get as much benefit.

Remember the age-old adage of carries do better with gold, tanks and supports do worse. Interesting the tank and support items are some of the best upgrades so this balances out a bit.

So the biggest factor is how well they are playing and how well they utilize the stats. All else equal I generally start with anyone but support, most often mid or ad.
  • You can use W while waiting for ult to arrive to dodge CC that would stop you from ulting (ex Vayne E (Condemn))
  • Trade when enemies go for cs (so when allied minions get low). The enemy will either have to trade and lose the cs or take the cs and lose the trade or use certain abilities. (AOE abilities can hit both you and the minion)
  • Use the slow from Q to hit your W. Q W auto with grasp to E auto is my favorite early combo
  • Ornn has combos, I won't go into detail, but immediately casting abilities back to back and with autos can make them come out fast, harder to see (animation-wise), and easier to hit.

League of Legends Build Guide Author Sammystinky
Sammystinky Ornn Guide
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Ornn Top Guide Season 12 (Master Guide)

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