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Hecarim Build Guide by Quin_n

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Quin_n


Quin_n Last updated on November 12, 2016
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Hi Everybody! My names C9 Quinn from the League OCE server. This is my first ever build I've made, so be sure to pick me up on things I can do better! I play a lot of Hecarim as i think he has a lot of potential in Solo Queue, and sometimes in 5s. (If you have the right Team Comp)

Be sure to vote my guide if you enjoy!

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Pros / Cons

Great Early-Mid game (current meta favors)

Easy sustain

Almost no one can out run you

Decent late game

Mana hungry early game

lacks CC

people who counter him, counter hard.

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Summoner Spells

Smite - Should be entirely standard on junglers of course.

Ghost - One of the best summoner spells on Hecarim, gives him speed and also damage because of his passive.

Flash - Also another great spell on basically any champ, allows ease of escape, or initiation. I prefer ghost though.

Teleport - Another great spell for some junglers who already have nice mobility. Should be considered if your top laner/mid laner does not take it. I rarely suggest taking it if you have enough global presence already.

Ignite - Ignite is easily one of the best summoners, useful when an enemy is about to flash over a wall and yours is not up. Ignite is a nice pick on Hecarim, take if the enemy team has alot of wall jumps etc. Or if your team has none it could be considered also.

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Hecarim favors alot off of items that grant passive, or active mobility. Supports that build items like Talisman of Ascension, or Righteous Glory.


The Black Cleaver is always a nice item on Tanky Fighters, gives a nice HP pool, Armor shred, and CDR.

Death's Dance is a new item added in 5.22, the reason i suggest it on Hecarim is the passive it grants - "Instantly heal for 12% of all physical damage dealt. Area of effect physical damage only heals 4% for every unit affected." Theoretically, with the amount of AoE Hecarim has, this is going to be a neat pickup for Hecarim.

Youmuu's Ghostblade doesn't offer the critical chance anymore, be aware. But has a nice toggle which grants speed which is what we need on Hecarim.

Iceborn Gauntlet gives a nice AoE slow, which scales with your AD. Or in Hecarim's place, movement speed as well.

Maw of Malmortius is always a nice pick if the enemy mages seem to focus you, as the shield is quite a nice addition to your defenses.

Titanic Hydra is only good if you stack HP for true damage etc. As the damage is increased by max HP (Ravenous is a free swap after 5.22, nice!)


Righteous Glory is a nice pickup for catching enemies, or to combine with our E for initiates.

Frozen Heart gives mana, CDR, and a nice amount of armor. The Passive is good against a heavy AD auto-attack team. (Vayne, Irelia, Xin etc.)

Spirit Visage works well with the CDR, and the passive that helps the heal we get from our W's health gain. Also grants a hefty amount of HP after the recent MR item buff.

Zz'Rot Portal is NOT a troll item if used properly. If your team lacks alot of wave clear/split push, Zz'Rot is a nice pick. Make sure to let your teammates know first before you get flamed for it though. *EDIT - Zz'Rot is now meta, always buy this if your team needs to be together at all times or lacks split push!

Quicksilver Sashis only good if you get focused by CC in fights alot, don't worry about it too much.

Thornmail recently got nerfed, but is still a nice item against AA based champs like the infamous Vayne, or a Master Yi.

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Runes are pretty standard for Hecarim, except I like to use Movement Speed quints, which grant 4.5% move speed (15 bonus move speed ontop of default) which is pretty decent to be honest!

Mark of Attack Damage x9

Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist x9

Seal of Armor x9

Quintessence of Movement Speed x3

Mark of Armor Penetration x9

Vengenator suggested a very nice point, Using armor penetration marks instead of flat AD is more effective, as your passive that grants AD does not scale with AD of course, but will deal more damage using Armor penetration. Therefore, I'd also recommend using Armor Pens instead if you want that extra damage.

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Offensive Mastery setup (FF@20)
This mastery page I'm still figuring out, but as far as I've tested, this works quite well. Extremely offensive but Hecarim has nice sustain to support this.
Sorcery for the Increase ability damage, Feast as we don't necessarily want to take more damage using Double Edged Sword . Natural Talent gives AD for our autos or Q/E, AP for our W/R.
Oppressor is just a more safe pick than Bounty Hunter , up to you though. Battering Blows over Piercing Thoughts as we are AD. Hecarim is an ability spammer, so Fervor of Battle isnt the greatest pick. Deathfire Touch is just right, and we dont get crits for any reason besides our Tri-Force so Warlord's Bloodlust isnt much use.

Defensive Mastery setup (Team-Player)
I'm still messing with my Season 6 masteries, but these are what I've had the best luck with so far. If you do take 18 in Cunning, be sure to take Thunderlord's Decree as its the only viable on for Hecarim. (You won't be 1 shotting anybody, or using shields.) Thunderlord's Decree procs when you hit champions with your Q, which with 45% CD, and 2 passive stacks, can be spammed once every second! (lowest cool-down possible? - There is currently a {maybe hotfixed} exploit that randomly allows Hecarim's Q to be used every 0.5~ seconds. )

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Skill Sequence

Skill sequence is generally standard on Hecarim, but if your team has a large lead and can easily carry to win, Max your E second.

We max W second for the sustain/AoE damage in team fights which leaves us standing longer.

Always max Q first, just do it. Easy damage which does not cancel move speed/auto attacks which makes it nice when you are running after somebody and cant afford to lose speed.

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For Hecarim, routes are pretty standard, you can go krugs, Red, Blue -> gank.

Or if you're feeling very confident and adventurous. Start boots, and red buff. Tell your mid lane to let the opposition push, and gank with the movement + damage from our passive. Does not always work, but worth the try sometimes.

If you struggle with mana issues from spamming, just start gromp, blue, red. I like to go red first then to blue just so that the blue buff lasts next time i back and re enter the jungle so i can spam easily and clear faster!

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I hope you enjoyed this not-so-indepth guide, be sure to check up for edits.

edit - removed pictures, the size changed randomly and it looked stupid.
edit - enlarged writing, people complained about it being too small.
edit - added some tips mentioned by Vengenator
edit - Routes
edit - Added new testing page, my new account is C9 Quinn