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Poppy Build Guide by Insane Vulpine

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Insane Vulpine

Poppy the Carry Killer

Insane Vulpine Last updated on February 18, 2014
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Top / Jungle / AP

Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 23

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 7


Utility: 0

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is a very good lategame champion that can win fights by killing carries while ignoring crowd control with . She requires intelligent and skillful play, especially with such an offensive build like this one. Her strengths are assassinating, splitpushing, and cleaning up low health enemies.

CAUTION: Squishy poppy wil die if you misplay

The Information below is almost exclusively for the first build (Top lane)

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Summoner Spells

and are my personal choices. allows you to escape ganks earlygame and chase down kills at all points of the game. is important to win trades in lane, secure a kill, and reduce the lifesteal that the enemy adc gets during teamfights.

is also a very useful summoner spell and would be my second choice, replacing . An example of when to use instead is when the enemy team has Jarvan IV so you don't get locked in his ultimate, Cataclysm.

and is a niche strategy to utilize to bait enemies during the laning phase, especially if they tower dive you. This strategy is designed to help Poppy during her most vulnerable phase of the game (the earlygame/laning phase). I never use this strategy because I am confident in lane and prefer the better lategame that other spells provide.

can be useful in providing map pressure for your team (for example, when dragon is contested). If you take this do not waste it on getting back to lane unless it will save your tower or many creeps.

is a must if you are jungling. Do not take it in any other situation.

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(quints of movement speed) are my personal favorite. I take them for the same reasons that i take . With you can complete triforce without needing any boots.

The alternative is (quints of AD). I have so much damage in my build that I prefer the utility from . However, will make early game last hitting and trading more effective. They can also give you that small edge you need in certain situations.

Marks of AD and seals of armor are a MUST. Glyphs of scaling magic resist can be replaced by glyphs of flat magic resist if you need magic resist in lane. Other glyphs such as mana are also viable (preference).

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I run a an offensive page for the lategame power. Alternatively you can run more in defense for a safer laning phase.

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First Buy

is the best start in almost every situation.

For more mana, start or
and with potions and a ward. With this start, build a . You can then either sell it or build

When building , you can start with 2 and potions.


is the best item for Poppy. I always rush it.

and are very powerful Items but expensive.

or are cheaper and have good utility. The active provides more chasing potential, remember to use it.

has very good wave clear and area of effect damage. Again, don't forget the active.


is my favorite choice. I love being Speedracer Poppy from the combination of ,, , and . Let none escape your wrath.

and are good if you need to defensively itemize with your boots.

*All of the boots can work for Poppy to compliment specific playstyles/builds*

Final Items

is essential when the enemies are building armor.

synergizes well with .

is my preferred defensive Item. It is good in most situations.

Consider when the enemies are auto attack reliant

is good if you need a cleanse.

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is a passive and active ability. The passive gives you armor and damage for every time you attack or take damage (up to 10 stacks). Activating it will give you full stacks of the passive and a short speed buff. Maintain 10 stacks on whenever possible (by hitting something before it times out). With full stacks, you can also last hit under tower easily (the standard 2 tower hits on melee minions and 1 on caster minions).

is a powerful auto attack buff and auto attack reset. If possible,use it immediately after an auto attack. It is relatively spamable.

You always want to enemies into walls. This will stun them and deal extra damage. can also be used as a gap closer to get in range to get the final hit with

is a single target ability that makes you immune from all crowd control and damage from any other source than your target. It also causes you to deal extra damage to the target. The duration is very short so do not activate it early (that would also telegraph your intentions). One of the funniest things to do with is; when one enemy is about to kill you and their teammate is coming to help, you ult the "helpful" one, who cannot kill you (i have had my life saved by enemies in this fashion many times). It is also very useful in tower dives because if you draw turret agro, the tower will shoot you but deal no damage until the duration ends. In fights, Ult somebody who won't crowd control you or kill you.

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Early game

This is Poppy's weakest phase of the game. However, there are plenty of matchups that she can win early. During this phase of the game, you should focus on last hitting while not taking unnecessary damage. Be careful of your mana usage because Poppy is very mana hungry.

Champions that tend to stack health should fear Poppy. does bonus damage based on their max health.

Poppy has trouble in lane against champions that can deny her farm by harassing her when she tries to cs. (often Poppy will beat these champions in a straight up fight while is active and she gets the stun by pinning them to a wall with .

Champions with damage over time abilities such as poison, burn, or bleed tend to do well against poppy because each tick is halved by her passive not the damage as a whole. (true damage negates her passive completely)

Poppy can usually still win these matchups by snowballing the lane after successful gank(s) from her jungler. Poppy is good in ganks because she has a speedbuff, a stun (if used correctly), and an ultimate that makes tower diving easy:
Draw agro and activate . When an enemy is hiding under tower, he often position himself in a good spot for you to him into the tower or the wall next to it.

Poppy can usually survive being ganked, and you will probably be ganked a lot (everyone is scared of your lategame), either by warding/map awareness or quick reaction. Your W, E, and R are all very useful in surviving ganks. (also pop ghost if necessary)

Champions with good kiting also do well against her. If Poppy can't catch them, she can't kill them.

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Mid game

This is the time when you have decisions to make.

Option 1: push and try to take towers

Option 2: group with your team or pick off enemies when you have the chance

With either choice, you should be farming. Whether it be minions, towers, or champions. Maintain good map awareness and look for opportunities. Poppy excels at going the distance to secure a kill and escaping.
You should push and take towers if you know it is safe to do so. You should group with your team when they need you; either for a fight or for an objective.

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Late game

As with mid game, you should either be split pushing or ready to fight with your team. Always be ready to delete a carry when you have the chance but be careful not to bait yourself. In team fights, you must use your ultimate wisely. Ult somebody who won't crowd control you or kill you. You do more damage to the ult target, but it turns off when you kill them (do not waste it). In most cases, you will use it on their adc.

With this build, you can melt structures as well as squishies. Inhibitors, death timers, and baron are most important. Obviously nexus is #1, and you may have the opportunity to end it while some enemies are alive (ult an enemy with little damage or hard crowd control while you finish it off).