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Pantheon Build Guide by ObiW

Top Prepare for Glory - All Recommended Builds

By ObiW | Updated on November 24, 2020
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Runes: vs Tanky Team

1 2 3 4 5 6
Legend: Tenacity
Coup de Grace

Magical Footwear
Time Warp Tonic

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
Sums for TOP&MID&SUP
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Win 48%
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Ability Order TOP&MID&JUNG [Q>E>W]

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Champion Build Guide

Prepare for Glory - All Recommended Builds

By ObiW
Hello there,
Im 39 years old, old-scholl gamer who loves to play LoL.
I saw myself in the top 300 in world with Pantheon once. My highest elo was Plat1. But then my friends left me. Playing alone is really hard for climbing :)
Im playing with Pantheon as Top Laner regularly, but i tried to share all successful runes with you.
Vocabulary Back to Top
Lethality : Lethality is a champion statistic introduced in season 2017 that is converted to flat armor penetration at a rate that increases based on your level.

Map Pressure : term simply meaning to create pressure on various parts of the map.

Attack Damage : Attack damage (also known as AD) is the stat that determines the amount of physical damage dealt by basic attacks. AD also determines the damage of various champion abilities, items and runes.

Ability Power : Ability power (also known as AP) is a stat that increases the effectiveness of some items, abilities, and runes.

Cooldown Reduction : Cooldown Reduction (also known as CDR) is a champion statistic that reduces the cooldown of champion abilities, or the amount of time before an ability can be used again after activation, by a percentage.

Health : Health (aloso known as HP) is a stat referring to the amount of life a unit or structure has.

Mana : Mana (also known as MP) is a stat that is the resource of many champions necessary to cast most of their abilities.

TF : referring to Team Fight.

CC : Crowd control is a blanket term used to describe abilities or spells that remove or diminish the control a target unit has over aspects of itself.
General Back to Top

Pantheon is AD caster. His priority stats are : Attack Damage>Armor Pen>CD Reduction. So if you select your items with these stats, he will show his full potential.



Ban Suggesitons:

Jarvan IV

Pros & Cons Back to Top


+Targetable Stun
+High Map Pressure
+Good 1v1 potential
+Lane Bully at early stage
+Few Real Counters
+Long Range Execute


-Weak at 5v5 Fight
-Weak if behind
-Mana Hungry at early stage
-May struggle against Tanks
-Must Win the lane

Playstyle Back to Top
I will always deal with the guide as Top Laner. I provided only example builds for other lanes.

He is kind of Bruiser after rework instead of Assassin. But play style in lane is still similar with the old one.

Since he is more of a bruiser now built for longer fights and with a more predictable defensive tool, you cant just jump on someones head and expect them to die easily. You will have to approach fights more strategically, you should avoid enemy crowd control spells when you can.

Despite the less extreme burst damage, his overall damage output is actually much higher and he scales into the late game now. Pantheon has more tools to stick to an enemy, and if they are a carry, they should die almost as quickly as before. Updated Pantheon is also much better equipped to deal with tanks, especially with Conqueror.

Recommended Builds for Matchups;

[*] You may use Conqueror builds versus Melee Bruisers / Tanks and Akali.
[*] Do not use Conqueror builds against Urgot, Illaoi, Mordekaiser, Assassins and Mages / AP Bruisers.
[*] You may use Aftershock build for AP Bruisers / Mages.
[*] You may use Hail of Blades or Electrocute build for Assassins and Engagers like Riven.
[*] You may use Cull on farming lanes.
[*] You may use Exhaust against Illaoi

Since his sustained damage is far superior than old Pantheon, you’ll want to run Conqueror over Electrocute. But still if you want to try a more burst damage like old Pantheon, then try out Electrocute. The runes you choose in Domination arent too important and you can use your personal preference. As for secondary, take Sorcery with Absolute Focus and Scorch. You will have good poking power and strong all-in potential in 1v1. Spam out your Comet Spear and poke your opponents low enough to go for a kill.

If You are a Jungler Back to Top
The ability order for Jungler Pantheon has a slight difference over the other ones. Getting Aegis Assault rank 2 on level 8 will help with jungle clear due to its AoE. The basic order is Comet Spear first, then Aegis Assault and lastly Shield Vault. Note that you may take Shield Vault on lvl 2, so you can gank early and be able to 1v1 to the enemy jungler.

Jungle Route;
1. Red buff
2. Krugs
3. Raptors
4. Wolves
5. Scuttle Crab
6. Gank or do Blue buff

Detailed Look for Abilities & Skills Back to Top
Mortal Will
Pantheon gains a stack whenever he casts an ability or lands an auto attack. This stacks up to a maximum of 5 times. At 5 stacks, his next basic ability consumes the stacks and gains additional effects. Pantheons starts with full stacks.

Comet Spear
First Cast: Pantheon winds up for 4 seconds, increasing his range while being slowed.
Second Cast: Pantheon hurls his spear dealing damage to all enemies hit. It deals reduced damage to enemies hit beyond the first while dealing increased damage to enemies below 25% health.
Releasing the ability within 0.5 seconds causes Panth to thrust his spear which refunds 50% of the cooldown. If he is interrupted during the charge or doesn’t reactive it, it gets put on cooldown and refunds half the manner cost.
Mortal Will (Passive empowerment): Deals additional damage and slows the target.

Range: 575
Cost: 40 mana
Cooldown: 10/9.5/9/8.5/8 secs
Physical Damage: 75 / 115 / 155 / 195 / 235 (+ 140% bonus AD)

Shield Vault
Pantheon dashes to the target enemy dealing damage and briefly stunning them.
Mortal Will (Passive empowerment): Next 3 basic attacks deal 45% damage and occur in the span of one attack- dealing a total of 13% damage. The flurry of attacks all behave as 1 auto.

Range: 600
Cost: 55 mana
Cooldown: 13/12/11/10/9 secs
Magic Damage: 60 / 85 / 110 / 135 / 160 (+ 100% AP)

Aegis Assault
Pantheon braces his shield which striking in a cone. During which he is slowed while moving in any direction but forward. For the duration, Pantheon becomes invulnerable against enemies and turrets that face him.
At the end of the duration or upon reactivation, Pantheon slams with his shield- dealing damage.
Mortal Will (Passive empowerment): Duration is increased to 2.5seconds.

Range: 400
Cost: 80 mana
Cooldown: 22/20.5/19/17.5/16 secs
Total Physical Damage: 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 / 300 (+ 300% bonus AD)

Grand Starfall
Pantheon channels for 2 seconds to leap high into the air. He then marks and reveals his destination before crashing down in the target area. On landing, he deals damage- decreased towards enemies at the edge. Grand Starfall instantly readies your Passive.
The cooldown is reduced to 30 seconds if the channel is interrupted or cancelled.

Range: 5500
Cost: 100 mana
Cooldown: 180/165/150 secs
Minimum Magic Damage: 200 / 350 / 500 (+ 50% AP)
Runes & Build Path Back to Top

Precision Builds

Especially good versus Melee Bruisers / Tanks and Akali.

Conqueror - Healing is the power, also with rework its more easier to stack.
Triumph - Helps to keep you alive in Team Fights.
Legend: Alacrity - Increase attack speed to proc Conqueror stacks.
Last Stand - Even more healing with Conqueror and Death's Dance.
Coup de Grace - It increases your Comet Spear's execute damage.

Key Items:

Black Cleaver - Helps to live longer for Conqueror. Also grants HP, CDR, AD and Armor Shred.
Death's Dance - Works well with Conqueror's healing. Also grants CDR.
Sterak's Gage - More survivality for Conqueror.

Resolve Builds:

Especially good versus AP Bruisers / Mages.

Aftershock - Easily proc by using W on enemy.
Demolish - Helps to take down tower platings.
Font of Life - You can take it if you are a support.
Bone Plating - Helps to get tankier and live longer.
Overgrowth - Extra HP to get tankier.

Key Items:

Youmuu's Ghostblade - Movement Speed and Lethality.
Black Cleaver - Grants HP, CDR, AD and Armor Shred.
Guardian Angel - Keeps you alive.

Domination Builds:

Especially good versus team comps that are all Squishies, Assassins, ADC's.

Electrocute - Burst Damage for your combos.
Hail of Blades - More easy to stack your passive ability Mortal Will.
Taste of Blood - Extra Heal.
Cheap Shot - Strongest early game rune.
Sudden Impact - Easily proc by using W on enemy. Grants Lethality.
Eyeball Collection - More AD that you need.
Ravenous Hunter - Your abilities heal you.
Relentless Hunter - Movement Speed. You can take it if you wont buy Youmuu's Ghostblade.

Key Items:

Duskblade of Draktharr - Highest burst damage with Electrocute for your combos.
Edge of Night - Health, AD, and Lethality.

Itemization Back to Top
If you want to make your item build, use items below;

[*] Youmuu's Ghostblade - essential to move faster on the map, and catch up with your enemies, moreover, Pantheon synergizes very well with lethality.
[*] Black Cleaver - Extra health, CDR, and again Lethality. Helps you to live longer for more Conqueror stacks.
[*] Guardian Angel - Keeps you alive for Team fights.
[*] Lord Dominik's Regards - Take when enemy team has lots of Tanks.
[*] Mortal Reminder - Take when enemy team has lots of Healing.
[*] Maw of Malmortius - Take when enemy has lots of AP damage.
[*] Sterak's Gage - Take when enemy has 3 or more AD champion.
[*] Duskblade of Draktharr - The most aggressive choice to favor if you dominate your lane. Highest burst damage for your combos (especially for Electrocute)
[*] Edge of Night - Extra health, AD, and Lethality (useable before your Ult)
[*] Death's Dance - AD, CDR and Works well with Conqueror's healing.
[*] Titanic Hydra - a good item to become more tanky. In addition, when Shield Vault is empowered by Mortal Will Pantheon applies 3 stacks that work with the Hydra's passive.
[*] Ninja Tabi - when enemy has lots of AD damage.
[*] Mercury's Treads - when enemy has lots of AP damage or CC.
[*] Adaptive Helm - Take this if they have Teemo, Brand, Katarina or Kayle
[*] Spirit Visage - You may take against AP damage and for increased healing.
[*] Sanguine Blade - You may take it for great dueling potential. Also faster stacking for Conqueror. Actually it seems tailor made.
[*] Umbral Glaive - You may take it for Vision clearing Jungle item or Support item.
Combos Back to Top
[*] Basic Trading Combo 1
A A --> Comet Spear --> A A
Mainly used for short trades.

[*] Basic Trading Combo 2
Shield Vault --> Comet Spear --> Aegis Assault

[*] Basic Trading Combo 3
Comet Spear --> Shield Vault --> Aegis Assault

[*] Basic Trading Combo 4
Shield Vault --> A A --> Comet Spear --> A A

[*] W into Q combo
Shield Vault --> Comet Spear --> A A --> A A

[*] W into E combo
Shield Vault --> Aegis Assault --> A A --> A A --> Comet Spear

[*] True Combo
Shield Vault --> A A --> Aegis Assault --> Comet Spear

[*] Prolonged Combo
Comet Spear (tap) --> Shield Vault --> A A --> Aegis Assault --> Comet Spear

[*] Full Rotation
Aegis Assault --> A A --> Shield Vault --> A A --> Comet Spear --> A A

[*] Ultimate Full Rotation
Grand Starfall --> Comet Spear --> A A --> Aegis Assault --> A A --> Shield Vault --> A A --> Comet Spear --> A A
Tips & Tricks Back to Top
[*] One thing you need to be comfortable doing is diving to your opponent and make a combo.

[*] Most effective way to roam is have the lane priority.

[*] You should use a Comet Spear tap when you are playing against melee champion in lane.

[*] You should use Comet Spear (hold&release) when you are zoned your opponent off the wave or if you are trying to poke them at range.

[*] You can use Flash at any time during Comet Spear which greatly increases the range of the spell.

[*] You may use Shield Vault without 5 stacks, if you just want to poke your enemy and end the trade or if you want to extend the trade.

[*] Dont waste your Aegis Assault randomly.

[*] A Mortal Will enpowered Shield Vault will give you 4 Conqueror stacks.

[*] Your Comet Spear refunds some of its CD and Mana when you use it with Tap.

[*] An Empowered Comet Spear does significantly more damage and will slow enemies.

[*] You can jump over any wall using Shield Vault.

[*] You can jump on enemy minions to approach your enemy using Shield Vault.

[*] Enpowered Shield Vault activates on-hit effects.

[*] Grand Starfall is a global ultimate that is good for roaming to other lanes, pressuring map or returning to your own lane.

[*] Hitting someone with Grand Starfall counts as 1 Conqueror stack.

[*] Look to slow push minion waves while dueling the enemy. If you get ganked within a large minion wave, you can often turn the gank around.

[*] Pantheon isn’t great in team fights. Look for picks and try to skirmish as much as you can. Limit 5v5 team fights.

[*] At level 6, keep track of other lanes cooldowns. If they do not have Flash available or if they’re pushed, roam and try to kill them with your Grand Starfall.

[*] Dont try to roam if its not necessary or you lost lots of tower plating.

[*] Zeke's Convergence works when you even cancel your ulti. If you are playing as Support, you can use it in fight and it will be very helpful when you use Shield Vault on someone.

[*] Always get Serrated Dirk first, if it is on the recipe that you are building.

[*] Always get Ignite. Grand Starfall is his built in Teleport. Also you need that extra offensive tool.

[*] At lvl 3, his full rotation deal tons of damage. He can 100 - 0, especially with Ignite.

[*] Never Start with Aegis Assault.
Buffs & Nerfs Back to Top
10.23 - Preseason big item rework

10.22 - Nothing changed for us (small nerf for URF), Still A-tier

10.21 - Nerf - A⇒A - Q damage and critical damage decreased; damage and critical damage ratios increased; Mortal Will bonus damage ratio increased.

Comet Spear - DAMAGE :70/100/130/160/190 (+1.15 bonus attack damage)
Comet Spear - CRITICAL DAMAGE : 155/230/305/380/455 (+2.3 bonus attack damage)
Comet Spear - Mortal Will BONUS DAMAGE : 1.15 attack damage

10.20 - Nothing changed for us, Still A-tier

10.19 - Nothing changed for us, Still A-tier

10.18 - Nothing changed for us, Still A-tier

10.17 - Nothing changed for us, Still A-tier

10.16 - Nothing changed for us, Still A-tier

10.15 - Nothing changed for us, Still A-tier

10.14 - Nothing changed for us, Still A-tier

10.13 - Nothing changed for us, Still A-tier

10.12 - Nothing changed for us, Still A-tier

10.11 - Nothing changed for us, Still A-tier

10.10 - Nice skin for us, but we are Still A-tier

10.9 - Nothing changed for us, Still A-tier

10.8 - Nothing changed for us, Still A-tier

10.7 - Nothing changed for us, Still A-tier

10.6 - Nothing changed for us, Still A-tier

10.5 - Nothing changed for us, Still A-tier

10.4 - Nothing changed for us, Still A-tier

10.3 - Nothing changed for us, Still A-tier

10.2 - Nothing changed for us, Still A-tier

10.1 - Nothing changed for us, Still A-tier

9.24 - Nothing changed for us, Still A-tier

9.23 - Nothing changed for us

9.22 - Nerf - S⇒A Q minion damage reduction increased; execute threshold decreased. W increased dash speed from boots removed.

Comet Spear - MINION DAMAGE REDUCTION : %20 ⇒ %30
Comet Spear - EXECUTE THRESHOLD : %25 ⇒ %20
Shield Vault - Pantheon's dash speed is no longer increased from boots

9.21 - Nothing changed for us

9.20 - Nerf - S⇒S Decreased some of his early-game damage as it's more impactful in higher-skill ranked games.

Comet Spear - BASE DAMAGE : 75/115/155/195/235 ⇒ 75/110/145/180/215
BUGFIX : Pantheon's Q - Comet Spear and W - Shield Vault now properly work when taking Thresh's W - Dark Passage within 0.2 seconds or less

9.19 - Nerf - S⇒S Base magic resist decreased. W empowered damage now scales.

MAGIC RESIST : 32.1 ⇒ 28
Shield Vault - EMPOWERED DAMAGE : Deals 135-165% (levels 1-18) total attack damage over three hits.
BUGFIX : Increased the recast lockout time for Pantheon's Aegis Assault so spamming the key doesn't accidentally, almost instantly, cancel the ability.

9.18 - Bugfix - Pinging Pantheon's Grand Starfall will tell Pantheon's teammates which enemies are in range.

9.17 - Buff - A⇒S - Q Thrusts now grant execute damage. E monster damage reduction removed.

Comet Spear - THRUST DAMAGE : Thrusting Pantheon's spear (releasing the ability within 0.35 seconds) now also increases the physical damage on targets below 25% of their maximum health (matching a fully hurled spear's bonus damage).
Aegis Assault - MONSTER DAMAGE REDUCTION : No longer reduces damage against non-epic monsters.
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