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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Pyke Build Guide by LuxIsMyCrush

Top Pyke top 8.23

Top Pyke top 8.23

Updated on January 4, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author LuxIsMyCrush Build Guide By LuxIsMyCrush 11 3 38,285 Views 4 Comments
11 3 38,285 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author LuxIsMyCrush Pyke Build Guide By LuxIsMyCrush Updated on January 4, 2019
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Runes: kinda best full damage runes

1 2
Dark Harvest
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Ultimate Hunter

Gathering Storm
Absolute Focus

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Pyke top 8.23

By LuxIsMyCrush
Welcome to the unecessary and unasked pyke guide about playing pyke top. I'm .. amm how can i change the username on that site?! anyway nvm, for start let's explain a little the champion, then an admin maybe can help me to change the name in a cooler one, pyke is a mix between support and assasin, designed obviously as support. Unlike most of hookers, pyke had no problem with mobility (which was a little nerfed recently btw) and damage, being a 3 in 1 if i can say so. Even if he had a lot of assassin traits tho, he is not as dangerous, except if is extremly fed, but anyway is such a good champion, sometime underated and disrespected, especially on top lane, and that is in your advantage ofc.
General lane and playstyle
So kinda we said a lot and nothing, but that cause i want to keep the important things and fit them in best moment of that guide, AND SO I WILL BECOME POPULAR, or not.
So about your lane phase, most of time you will try to do small pokes with your Q and some basics when enemy is looking for last hit, if enemy is a bully or you had a bad time, is not a bad idea to leave him pushing you, even if you miss few cs.

A big part in your lane phase are junglers, thanks to your mobility, enemy jungler will not found very many ocassion to kill you, but your jungler clearly can gank pretty easy your lane, you have both cc and damage, so most of junglers can benefit from ganking you, even if bests are the ones which can secure the kill.
Don't worry, you are not a Blitzcrank top anyway, so if your jungler had better things to do that not mean you can't do anything on lane, sometimes you don't to be honest, but in a lot of cases you can manage to do some kills.

Early game priorities

  • CS is probably obvious but the gold from minions are your main resource of money to build items, and you need duskblade as soon as possible, so trying to get as much minions as possible is extremly important, even so that not mean you should hard pushing (i will come back at it below) or die to get a cs
  • Make your opponent useless it's pretty common to abuse your advantage and completly deny any resource of gold from your enemy, how?! Simply kill him, or bully him extremly hard when he's trying to get some cs, also zoning him out of xp range can do a lot of impact, and snowball yourself compared to enemy. That ofc you can do only when you are in an obvious advantage alerdy, and increse it.
  • Get plating gold That one is kinda oppose of your first advise, but still very valuable, pushing your lane extremly hard (but not haotic, you must be aware of enemy jg location, or at least know how safe you are doing it) and get the gold from plate turret can give you a lot of gold
  • be looking for roams after 6 your ult is an extremly powerful exectuion skill, and you should be looking to use it as soon as possible and snowball as hard as you can, roaming on mid or bot is best way to do it, that will not help only you, but will help your teammates directly too, counting your ult give full gold on assist.
  • be looking for jungle invades as someone playing, and still trying to learn jungle (but i think im doing well) i can say most annoy part of it is when you get invaded. Now don't really matter if your jg is the one invaded or he invade the enemy, you could be looking to do something about it and win something from it. It's kinda sad, in low elo you will not see ever someone to react on an invade (still don't know if it's cause they don't know to use the map, or just prefer to get those 2 cs insead of a kill/assist/flash). Anyway, basically thats is free gold, at least for pyke, and you don't really need to rely on your own stats so much, cause pyke alone can't really do to much after some time passes, so you should try to snowball your team too, not just yourself. Guess with that i covered some points right?
Runes kinda explained
Dark harvest is a great aggresive rune for executions, and increse of power overtime, and personally i think is best stacking rune
give you some extra lethality when you dash/stealth/etc.. for 5 second, which is good not only cause you will ignore more armor, but pyke skills are scalling with lethality.
some bonus ad, probably best choice for a non-support pyke.
give you cd on ult based on how many unique enemies you killed, or get assist on their deaths, pretty good counting you kinda need always you ult to secure a kill.
deal bonus damage on low enemies, which is good counting your ult and dark harvest playstyle.
Cut down is a great rune against tanky enemies, and hp stacking, or champions which usually buy a lot of health (i didn't said it alerdy)
Triumph restore some of your missing health, and give some extra gold, is pretty good on both risky plays and in general giving you some more sustain (after you kill someone)
Gathering storm gives you some bonus ad over time, thats all
Absolute focus grants you ad/ap (but you are pyke so ad) when your hp is higher than 70%, and having your passive and corrupting potion that isn't to hard to aquire
for when they have sick ap champs
kinda trash, gives you some bonus movement speed based on your bonus movement speed, excluding the bonus movement speed from boots, so i think you can benefit from it only from your W and yommu, not worth anyway.
meme ad
i think was nerfed, anyway i prefer Second Wind or Conditioning if i want more sustain than i alerdy had, dunno im tired sry guys.
future market good for getting earlier the items, you still need like 99-95% of gold from items to use it lol
got nerfed and now is trash, use something else, anything else if you want to go on inspiration.
Items kinda explained
my fav lethality item, and easy to proc as pyke, you just go in bush or in your w and BOOM, free passive, a good ward killer too.
I think corrputing potion is best start item for pyke, if you dont play him supp ofc, then Relic Shield is best one, anyway, corrupting potion gives you a lot of sustain.
Dominik gives you a lot of armor pen, which help you to deal better with tanks, you will not want it to early tho.
Guardian Angel is best defensive option for a snowball champion, or pyke, you can go for it even after finishing the second item if you are fed enough
Maw is best ad item to deal with a heavy ap enemy, or just a ridiculous fed ap enemy.
gives you some survability and tankiness
Adaptive helm is a great item against spammers, and in time damage champions (malzahar E, teemo shrooms, etc.) Not the best item on Pyke, but can be used in some rare situations.
only you are a lot behind/extremly useless and want to do something for the team, buy it and take down some turrets buddy.
Mortal reminder is a good items against champions with a high sustain or heals, like Vladimir for example, giving them grievous wounds which reduce their healing.
skills kinda explained
steal it and adapted from my supp guide about pyke btw, if you wanna read it too

Bone Skewer is your mainly ability to trade/poke and farm,you can use it for a lot of things, one not mentioned yet would be dragging a foolish enemy in your turret xd, manage ganks or secure them.
You can use Ghostwater dive in a lot of ways, to roam, escape sometimes, and to get close to your enemy, or just to go faster in a certain area. In most of cases after active Ghostwater Dive you will want to use Phantom Undertow to stun your enemy benefing of the ms you got, that make it easier to get close enough to get a guaranted stun.
Phantom Undertow is a dash, which stun all enemy positioned between your original position (before dash) and your actual position. Except the obvious stun enemy usage, you can also use this skill to jump over walls, escape (which is a lot effective cause enemy can get stuned if not pay attention on his position) and.. i forgot last one sorry.
Death from below is probably most important skill from Pyke kit, a skill which can execute enemy, the last one which assist at the kill get full gold from it and the ult got a free reset for ~20 seconds, the reset get a reset too if you execute someone, the reset of reset get also a reset,etc. I think is important to notice, you can't use it as escape, the teleport?! whatever is work only if you hit a enemy champion with it.

Would be good to mention you can use Flash both when you cast Bone Skewer or to secure your stun from Phantom Undertow.
disrespecting pyke true stories
While playing Pyke and some other weird champs on top i noticed something interesting, a lot of people are tempted to dive you, even if you are full ap, most of times with their jungler. And honestly, that is the stupidest thing someone can do against pyke, especially if they can't otk you.
Well in those situations most of time it's a free kill, or at the worse a 1 for 1, but you can't really need to had to many, just wait for them to start it and then use either Q or E to be sure they remain more and think about their life decision under the light of your turret, easier than this?
I think some people confuse pyke top with a lame blitz top strategy, while in their opinion as long as they are between minions or are not single, they are perfectly safe to do what they want. Well.. for some champions is true, but neither they can freely dive you (assuming you know basic mechanics with the champ), actually no one can dive except camille, or a horde of enemies with hard cc.
in the end
I will work more on this guide when i got some time, rly now im really tired and i want just to end and publish it lol, not for a certain reason, i just love to play pyke on top, and i need to share it somehow with more people, cause is really enjoynable, fun, and effective sometimes.
So if you think i should explain, or remake completly some chapters tell me pls, like anything you think i should change there.
P.S i love sand wraith pyke recall
p.s2 admin what we do about my username change?
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