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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mathmos3

Quality Quinn, An In-Depth Guide

Mathmos3 Last updated on March 6, 2013
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

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Hello, I'm Mathmos and this is my second (proper) guide on MobaFire. It features Quinn, an AD carry with extremely good chasing and defense abilities. Now, without further ado, my Quinn (and Valor) guide!

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Hall of Fame

Send me your results, and when I get more Quinn games I will also submit mine.

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Getting to Know Quinn and Valor

Spoiler: Click to view

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+ // Best cleaning up in the game.
+ // Easy to run away.
+ // Has a blind.
+ // Good laning.
+ // Doesn't fall off.
+ // Nice voice.

tag team

- // tag team not very good in actual teamfights.
- // A support with a stun can stuff up her early game harass.
- // Hard to play.
- // Harrier can be very annoying.
- // Pretty bad splash and in-game appearance.

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Offensive Tree
  • Summoner's Wrath : Only get this if you have Ignite or one of the other less viable Summoner Spells it supports. Getting this extra 5 AD is very useful early on in the game, especially for the cost of 1 point. If you don't have Summoner Spells that this supports, invest the point into Sorcery.
  • Fury : Get more attacks out on your enemies and make last hitting easier. Essential for any ADC.
  • Butcher : Make last hitting way easier as well as well as getting that Dragon down just that little bit faster in the early game. If you feel you don't need this, invest even more points into Sorcery.
  • Deadliness : Give yourself a slight edge in the late game with this extra 12 AD. Not really going to help your early game though...
  • Weapon Expertise : Cut through just a bit more armor, in all stages of the game. One of the most noticeable masteries in the game, you can not neglect getting this.
  • Brute Force : Even more damage! Pretty much the opposite of Deadliness , helps out your early game, but doesn't really make a difference late game.
  • Lethality : You will be building some Crit Chance in this build, and this will make them do more damage, even if you are ranged. (As Valor, you will get the 10% extra damage).
  • Frenzy: Give yourself a nice little buff after landing a Crit. In the 2 seconds you can probably get another Crit and just keep it going. And you can never go wrong with more attack speed.
  • Sunder : This will make you deal way more damage early game and help with last hits, but it wont do that much late game. Of course, early game can be key to victory.
  • Executioner : Make it way easier to last hit and to clean up with tag team. This could be easily called the best mastery in the game.

Defensive Tree
  • Durability : Get yourself a bit more tanky in the late game so that you have a chance to get out of a bad situation and life steal it all back.
  • Perseverance: Get a bit more sustain in the laning phase so that you can delay going back for longer.
  • Hardiness : The extra 6 armor can easily save your life early game, and in some cases even late game.
  • Veteran's Scars : This is extremely effective in the early game, where getting away on under 30 hp is not an uncommon occurrence. Very much a life saver.

Utility Alternatives
Get these in place of Defense Masteries if you want.
  • Summoner's Insight : Get this to escape from bad situations or catch up on a kill more often, with Flash!
  • Wanderer / Meditation : Take your pick, do you want better roaming around the map and getting back to lane, or do you want to solve some of your early game mana problems? (I'd go with the speed).
  • Improved Recall : Get back to base in 1 less second, save time and possibly get out of a sticky situation.
  • Mastermind : Get your Summoner Spells up even faster for more daring escapes and unlikely kills.
  • Runic Affinity : Keep your buffs up for longer for more kills and such. This wont be doing to much for you early game though.

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Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

  • Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage: Unlike Marks, with Quintessences, you should generally be getting the AD, not armor penetration. This is because, assuming you want some penetration and some AD, Marks will give you better Armor Penetration. As getting absolutely no AD runes is bad, you should always get the AD Quints.
  • Greater Mark of Attack Damage: Extremely interchangeable with Armor Penetration Marks. Both of them serve the purpose of increasing our physical damage output, which is what we want. Getting the AD ones will make last hitting easier and make you deal increased spell damage, whereas armor penetration ones will make you do a bit more damage to champions in the early game.
  • Greater Seal of Armor: Reduce the damage the enemy ADC (and possibly support) can do to you and make minion aggro hurt a bit less. An essential if you want to stay in lane for longer periods of time and be able to survive a fight.
  • Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist: You do not need MR in the early game, but mid and late game the enemy AP mid will want you dead. Thwart him with these wonderful scaling runes by massively (for runes) reducing his damage.

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Summoner Spells

Beast Summoner Spells


A very good spell that will spell the end of enemies flashing away on 20hp. While it is down, you can enjoy increased AD. You should pretty much always take this if you are up against a lane with lots of heals, namely Soraka.


A wonderful escape spell for Quinn, who doesn't have any spells to instantly close or open a gap between her enemies. I strongly suggest taking this every single game you play as Quinn.


If you get caught out in teamfights or are fighting for your life in a 2v2 at bot, just activate this and survive it all. A superb spell for any ADC, especially seeing as you sometimes need to get in close and personal. Swap with Ignite.


The best Summoner Spell you can get if the enemy team has lots of CC that they are just dying to use on you. Even if they don't have that much CC in general, it's still good to have if the enemy have a CC support like Taric who can stuff you up.

Good Summoner Spells


It should probably be your support that is taking this, but if they don't you may want to take this. You can completely shut down the enemy ADC for a few precious seconds, seconds in which you can beat their face in. Later in the game you can also use it on enemies that have managed to reach you in teamfights.


Quickly gain some health back to surprise your enemies and survive their damage. The only reason Heal isn't higher, is because Barrier does a better job at giving you a sudden health boost.

Bad Summoner Spells


Teleport is great at getting you back to lane fast, after you died from not having a better Summoner Spell.


Quinn really doesn't have mana problems bigger enough to warrant getting this. In fact, nobody does.


You already have extremely op speed with tag team. What more do you want?

Quinn will send Valor to your home!

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Skill Explanation and Sequence

tag team
  • Harrier: Not the past passive in the game, but nor the worse. As Valor tries to mark enemies that you are attacking, it can increase your damage output to enemy champions. A good time to start attacking the enemy is when this appears on them. You can then use other spells on them if the situation is right. This can also help a bit with last hitting, as Valor will also often mark minions on lowish health. This passive is not in effect whilst you are Valor.
  • Blinding Assault (Q): This is one of 3 blinds in the game ( Teemo and Heimerdinger are the others) and on an ADC, is quite op early game. It can allow you to harass the enemy ADC while taking nothing back and it will save your life on many occasions.

    If you are Valor, Blinding Assault will take effect in the area around you. This is helpful to make sure the enemies you are killing as Valor do not kill you themselves. Max it first for more poke damage and the ability to blind the enemies more often.
  • Heightened Senses (W): Firstly, its active is like an Ashe Hawkshot except based around your current position, not a place you target. This is good for making sure there aren't enemies waiting around whilst you take objectives, or to see if the enemy is coming for you when a MIA is called. Secondly, it gives you bonus attack speed for a short while after hitting an enemy marked by Harrier. This makes it easier to farm up a minion wave or to kill an enemy that you marked with Vault.

    As Valor, you permanently get a massive AS bonus. This makes valor a very formidable foe, and what makes Solo Top Quinn a lot more viable than solo top with any other champion. (Not that I like it). With this you will be able to kill fleeing enemies even faster. Max this second for more AS and more frequent vision.
  • Vault (E): This spell, as many think, is not made for going balls deep in the middle of teamfights to finish off that support Sona. (I've actually seen this :D). While it can be used as an engaging tool sometimes, mainly in the laning phase, it is mostly used as a gap opener between you and enemy enemy that reaches you. Lets say the enemy Vi ults on you and your team are in no position to help. Just use Vault on her to get to auto attack range and then run away while she is slowed or kill her!

    As Valor it is used as the opposite, a gap closer. Zone in on those fleeing enemies and end their hopes of living. Max this last because it is your utility.
  • tag team Tag Team (R): On its first cast, Quinn vanishes into thin air somehow and Valor replaces her. As Valor you get 80% increased move speed while out of combat and 20% when out. This makes Quinn quite good at ganking midlane during the laning phase and quickly getting into teamfights started without you. Also, using Flash while playing as Valor makes for an almost certain get away. In laning you can use this to chase and finish your enemies or escape with ease.

    On its second cast, you activate Skystrike. This is a nice AoE finisher move because of the way it deals more damage based on how low on health the enemies are. It also makes it even clearer that Valor is an assassin. Details of when you should use tag team in a teamfight will be gone over in the "Teamfights" section and details of using your spells in a combo will be gone over in "Combos".

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Items Explanation

Early Items
  • : The best ADC boots on the market, and for a reason. As well as their relatively cheap price, Berserker's Greaves bring to the table a hefty amount of Attack Speed, great for ADCs who both need Attack Speed and don't need the defenses other boots offer.
  • blood thirster: Treat yourself to the second biggest amount of AD in the game, as well as tons of LifeSteal to stay in lane forever! While it is listed as a possibility and is perfectly viable, I prefer Blade of the Ruined King for reasons outlined below.
  • : An extremely strong all around item at the moment that most AD champions can build for devastating effects. It gives a pretty small AD boost, but it's better than nothing. And then it gives you LifeSteal, just a bit less than a fully stacked blood thirster, but more than enough to keep you in lane early and stay healthy in fights. Then comes the true beauty of Blade of the Ruined King, a massive Attack Speed bonus that every ADC loves AND an awesome passive and active to shred tanks alive. Get this every game, either as an option in the LifeSteal section or the Attack Speed section.
  • : You will usually be getting this after building a Blade of the Ruined King to build into either Phantom Dancer or Statikk Shiv. You get a nice bit of Attack Speed and finally start to get your Crit Chance going for even more damage.
  • : You have to get this early on for more gold if you plan on building a Statikk Shiv. Asides from that, getting a Crit on the enemy during laning can tip a fight in your favor or give you more zoning power.
  • : Wonderful early game item in all situations. When winning this can give you even more power and let you stay in lane to bully longer and when losing you can use these to possibly tip the balance in your favor or to just survive and farm. Never get more than 2 and don't get them too late into laning when you could be building bigger items.

Mid Game
  • : Give yourself way more Attack Speed so that you can dish out more damage faster. You can also move faster to catch fleeing foes. You will also get more Crit Chance, that you will need later with Infinity Edge to deal way more damage.
  • : While giving you Attack Speed and Crit Chance like Phantom Dancer so that you can be faster, Statikk Shiv's passive will allow you to deal more damage in an area, something which Quinn isn't too good at.
  • : Another essential item for any ADC, you will be dealing way more damage with both regular auto attacks and Critical Hits with this. We do not get it earlier because of its high cost and the fact you will have little Crit Chance early.

Late Game
  • : By this stage of the game the enemy will have quite a bit of armor and you won't be dealing anywhere near your potential in damage. Getting this will crush your enemies dreams of surviving you and will give you a bit more AD on the side. Get it as your 4th item if the enemy have lots of armor earlier on.
  • : Now you will need some defenses because this late in the game, a slight error can result in your instant death. Sometimes not even a mistake will be needed if the enemy team have champions like Vi or Malphite. Guardian Angel ensures that when you die the first time, your team can kill your killers or drive them away, and you can come back while all the enemy ults are down. Warmog's Armor would be a better choice if your team are all really weak and will be completely crushed before you are back.
  • : Your second option in the way of defense, Warmog's Armor is generally better to get when you are the sole carry of the team, as mentioned above. While it will make you survive quite a bit longer, I prefer Guardian Angel in games where your team is pretty strong and can get you safe during the respawn time.

  • : This will make it impossible for enemies to escape you combined with your ult, for your move speed will be just too damn high.
  • : The other enchantment you could get, in instances where your team is losing the game and defending your base is either necessary or will be soon.

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If you are in the laning phase and a fight starts or you are in a 1v1, you should use your abilities as so;

> > > tag team >

This is obviously just in general, and you may wish to use more spells as Quinn before using tag team. You may also want to use some spells as Valor before using Skystrike. To deal more damage, wait until the enemy are marked by Harrier, attack them and then use the combo.

Later in the game with teamfights going on, there is no real combo. Just stay at the edges using spells and attacking and then use tag team as the fight is ending. All that matters spellwise is that you don't go balls deep with tag team to chase down enemies mid fight.

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Laning Phase

Get your chosen starting items and head out to either help leash your junglers chosen starting Buff if it is close, or to watch for invaders if it isn't. Consider getting Golems if they are close. Once in lane you should focus on farming, harassing your enemies when opportunities arise or when they are marked with Harrier. Use Blinding Assault if you get a clear shot, and Vault if they have no ready stuns, but watch your mana bar. If the side bushes aren't warded and you are about to push forward past one, use Heightened Senses to check for waiting junglers. If it is warded, use Heightened Senses anyway and they will not think that they were given away by a ward.

If your support goes in for an engage or the enemy make a slip, move in with your support and use your combo, preferably on the ADC. If your support deals damage as well, as most do, they will get to low health quite quickly and attempt to escape. Use tag team if you haven't already and chase them down and kill them, or possibly to run if you misjudged their strength and THEY are killing you. If you get engaged on, use Vault on the closest enemy and you will quickly open a gap. Using Blinding Assault on the enemies will also increase your chances of escape. Use Flash or tag team if it is required, but simply using Vault can get you out of most bad situations, especially if your support has CC. You may also be able to turn the engage on your enemies heads at this point.

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Lane Allies - Supports

This section will be filled out as I gather more information from my Quinn games. Supports with heavy CC generally work the best, especially seeing as that means the enemy aren't using them.

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Lane Opponents - ADCs

This section will be filled out as I gather more information from my Quinn games. Just watch out for Caitlyn, your hard counter.

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Lane Opponents- Supports

This section will be filled out as I gather more information from my Quinn games. As a general warning, watch out for supports with hard CC.

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Mid Game

Just go about farming up the lanes and jungle whenever possible and spend the rest of the time teamfighting or pushing lanes with your team. If a teamfight starts while you are farming, use tag team to quickly reach the fight and then activate Skystrike so you can attack from a range. If this happens, you also may want to loop around the back and kill a low health target that is getting away.

However, you should not rely on tag team to get you to teamfights, and then go on split pushing like a Shen or Twisted Fate. You have to remember that helping your team kill a tower or win a teamfight is waaaay more important than farming or backdooring a tower by yourself. Also, don't be hesitant to use Flash to get out of a sticky situation. In general, I see alot of people saving Flash until it's either too late or they are on too low hp to help in a fight anymore. As the ADC, it's important that this doesn't happen to you.

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As I briefly outlined in "Combos", it's important that you stay back and deal damage. If you go balls deep and pick up a kill but die, it will not be worth it almost all the time. As the ADC, your team needs you to stay around the whole fight. If any enemies reach you in a teamfight, use Vault and Blinding Assault so that they cannot harm you. When the teamfight is drawing to a close and 1 or 2 enemies are left, use tag team and chase them down. Use Heightened Senses to see where they are going and then use Vault to get up close. Blinding Assault can then be used for additional damage and to prevent them from damaging back. Finally, use Skystrike to finish the job. You should be able to quickly pull of an Ace for your team and you can then commence killing towers or getting Baron .

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Late Game

Late Game is much like Mid Game, but much, much, much more important. A single slip by you could allow the enemy to quickly pick of an Ace and then win the game, which is why you should get defensive items. Stay with your team at almost all times or the enemy could pull of a surprise Baron or push some towers while you are on the other side of the map. In teamfights you should be super cautious. Also stress to your team that you need protection from the enemies and that they should not just be trying to get their own kills.

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Closing Statements

Well, I hope you have enjoyed my Quinn guide and that you will leave feedback on my guide, hopefully positive but also negative. I also hope that you will acknowledge that this is a Guide not a Build and that you will not downvote if you dislike my item choices or skill order, but leave comments on what you would like to see. Thank you for reading.

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For now, I suppose I can just thank jhoijhoi for the dividers, again.

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Change Log

  • 06/03/2013: Guide released.