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Kha'Zix Build Guide by Mathmos3

Assassin [S3 Updated] Kleptomaniac Kha'Zix, An In-Depth Guide

By Mathmos3 | Updated on March 2, 2013
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  • LoL Champion: Kha'Zix
    Solo Top / Mid
  • LoL Champion: Kha'Zix


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Hi, I'm Mathmos and this is my second guide on Mobafire. Yes, second. On my normal account this thing doesn't publish properly so I was forced to make this account. The guide focuses on one of the recent additions to the League, Kha'Zix the Voidreaver. Kha'Zix is a melee assassin, and one of the best duelers in the game. This guide is unfinished and will soon include a jungle guide and more information. Please do not downvote this guide without leaving a reason. Now, without further ado, my Kha'Zix guide!
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Hall of Fame

Feel free to send in your own results using this build. Feel free to also send in your results if you didn't use my build exactly, nothing is set in stone! If you would prefer your summoner name above your results, tell me so in your comment/PM giving me the link.

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Getting to Know Kha'Zix

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+ // Great dueler. (1v1er)
+ // Decent lane sustain.
+ // Flexible.
+ // Great running away power.
+ // Is good at all stages of the game.
+ // Cool in-game appearance.

- // Requires good positioning.
- // Teamfights can be hard.
- // Hard to play.
- // Focused .
- // Rengar wants your blood.
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Offensive Tree
  • Summoner's Wrath : With this guide you will be taking Ignite and the extra 5 AD early game will help out tons with your ability damage and last hitting powers. If you do not take Ignite, this will still improve Exhaust and Ghost. If you take none of these, put another point into Butcher to improve your last hitting.
  • Fury : Attack speed is another essential for AD champions. While this build doesn't focus on attack speed, it's still a nice thing to have.
  • Sorcery: Kha'Zix is quite dependent on his abilities and CDR will help you gteatly when combined with your 9 Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction.
  • Butcher : For improved last hitting and clearing of camps later in the game. If you feel you don't need the extra help, invest points in either Destruction or Havoc .
  • Deadliness : Ahh, more precious AD. In the end this gives you 12 extra AD. It doesn't look like much but in a close fight it can really make the difference. (Assuming you have Ignite down, that is 20 extra AD of masteries).
  • Weapon Expertise : This is one of the best masteries in the game. Most people don't really notice how much armor is reducing their damage output and this nullifies some of that.
  • Brute Force : More damage, essential for any AD champion. Once again, the extra 3 AD will really help out with last hits and spell damage.
  • Sunder : This isn't nearly as good as Weapon Expertise but early game 6 armor is quite a bit and this will make a difference. And winning the lane or not can effect the rest of your game.
  • Executioner : That extra 6% damage on low health targets will really help your assassinating powers and last hitting. Also good in duels.

Defensive Tree
  • Durability : The extra 6 health per level will help you out quite a bit, well as far as masteries go. You also need this to unlock Veteran's Scars which is a truly awesome mastery.
  • Hardiness : The extra 6 armor can easily save your life early game, and in some cases even late game. If you are in draft pick and you see that the enemy top is AP, put 1 point in this and 3 in Resistance instead.
  • Resistance : The 2 magic resist will help to slightly reduce the damage of any of your enemy top's magic damage abilities (if they have them) and the damage of ganks from mid or an AP jungler.
  • Veteran's Scars : An extra 30 hp. Early game this will help tremendously with taking minion aggro. And I can't count how many times I escape with under 30 health. This thing is a real lifesaver.
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  • Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage: Due to Kha'Zix's awesome AD scaling, I find that flat AD works better than armor penetration on him. And if the enemies armor is really becoming a problem, just get Last Whisper earlier. You can swap either these or your marks for armor penetration if you really want it.
  • Greater Mark of Attack Damage: Once again, flat AD is better on Kha'Zix. Because of all the extra AD you will have off masteries and runes, (at level 18 with Ignite down) you will have an extra 32 AD!.
  • Greater Seal of Armor: Most of the enemies you will be against at top are AD champions, and the extra 12.69 armor will really help reduce their poke. Even if they aren't AD, this will reduce their auto-attack harassment and minion aggro.
  • Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction: As I mentioned earlier, CDR is really effective on Kha'Zix. These, combined with Sorcery, should really help you kill your opponents with your abilities and to escape with Leap and Void Assault. These, like Sorcery, are very flexible. Feel free to get MR per level or flat MR runes over this.
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Summoner Spells

Beast Summoner Spells
Ignite is an awesome ability at finishing low health targets that would otherwise escape. As an assassin, killing low health champions is one of your jobs. This spell cannot be swapped if you see someone like Sion or Dr. Mundo on the enemy team. Flash is great for escaping or covering long distances to kill escapees when combined with Leap. If you Leap into a fight, this can be used if things get hairy and you need to make your escape. A smart player will not need this much and it can be swapped with Exhaust. If you do this, make sure to be careful where you leap and try to get into a fight with Void Assault when possible. Exhaust makes you virtually impossible to escape. In addition, you have to remember that it will lower its target's damage output and their armor, so don't just use it on fleeing enemies. Replace this with Flash if you think you can handle it.

(Note: After you evolve (if you evolve) Leap, Flash won't be necessary as you can Leap in, kill your target, and Leap out again. If you are jungling, this spell is essential for clearing camps faster while retaining health. When you start getting into mid and late game, you will also need Smite to secure monsters for your team, like dragon .

Good Summoner Spells
Ghost is a great spell for chasing fleeing enemies, especially seeing as you already have an inbuilt Flash in the form of Leap. This is also quite the good spell for running for your life, but you shouldn't be doing to much of that. If you do get this, do not get it with Flash. Cleanse is a good spell for heavy CC teams. I do not recommend getting this in blind pick and only get it in draft pick when they have some major CC. Make sure to wait for the right moment to use this and don't use it when you can still secure a kill/run away. I would only suggest getting Teleport when you are against a hard lane. Its only other uses are to backdoor and counter backdoor and that isn't really worth it when you can have things like Exhaust and Ignite. Barrier Some of you may recall me saying that Barrier was an awesome Summoner Spell and was only down here because you couldn't get it on Summoner's Rift. So why is it down here? Well it's simply because it's not as good in Summoner's Rift, a place in which you can simply recall when on low health, rather than using Barrier to give yourself enough health for an upcoming fight.

Bad Summoner Spells
This thing is only good for tower baiting early game. Late game it isn't even worth an ADC auto-attack and if used in a life or death situation, you will still die. If you had any of the Beast Summoner Spells, you could possibly survive. If you got this in the jungle, you should see a specialist. If you got this in top lane, you do not know how to conserve mana at all. If you really need more mana, just get a flask! (You shouldn't neeeed this for mana though).

Kha'Zix will hunt you down and kill you

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Skill Explanation and Sequence

  • Unseen Threat: Proper use of this spell can seperate good Kha'Zix players from bad Kha'Zix players. As far as passives go, it's one of the best, a good damage increase and an awesome slow. When harrasing the enemy with auto-attacks, only do so when this is active. When fighting people, weave in and out of bushes to continually proc this. You can also use Void Assault while fighting to get this active.
  • Taste Their Fear (Q): This is your bread and butter and one of the most powerful basic abilities in the game. It scales massively of bonus AD, so getting lots of AD is very important. The ratio against isolated targets is higher, along with the base damage. Try and use this on isolated targets as much as possible, but still use it on targets that aren't. Try and only harass isolated enemies with this. This is also what makes Kha'Zix very good against long ranged champions. (They are isolated in fights). Max this second for damage.
  • Void Spike (W): This is your only ranged harass and it can hit rather hard. If you want to use it to hurt your enemy, but don't need range to do so, use this up close for the heal effect, even though it scales with AP. This should be maxed first for a massive nuke when evolved as well.
  • Leap (E): This is Kha'Zix's utility spell and as a result should be maxed last. It can be used to close the gap between you and an enemy, or to run away like a boss. As it still does deal damage, try and land on your enemies when you are using Leap to reach them.
  • Void Assault (R): Ahh, your ultimate. It gives you stealth for 1 second and an extra 40% move speed for this time. Void Assault has many more uses aside from running away and, from personal experience, not many people use them. Its first use is, as I said, to run away when the going gets too tough, using stealth and speed to evade your enemies. As you will usually engage with Leap, this will be needed to get out if you can't beat your opponent. It can also be used to trigger Unseen Threat so that you can damage and slow your enemies more. It's third use is to engage on a fight, keeping Leap open for running away. This won't be needed as much if you evolve Leap. Note that it can be used again within 10 seconds for free. Level it up whenever possible and remember to not use your evolution point in combat.
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Evolutions Explained

(No alliteration intended)

  • Evolved Enlarged Claws (Q): This is Kha'Zix's best evolution for dueling. You will deal 12% of isolated targets health in bonus damage. On top of Taste Their Fear's insane isolated damage, this evolution will utterly destroy low health targets. As an assasin, you will be killing the low health guys first and this will help heaps. This can take out squishes that are on around 1/4 health in one shot. It will also increase the spells range and your attack range. However, all his other evolutions bring a bit more too the table and you should generally not evolve this.
  • Evolved Spike Racks (W): It sends of 2 more spikes to the sides of the original one and applies Unseen Threat which makes it the best evolution for teamfights but the worst for dueling. What it brings to teamfights however, is nothing small. You can devastate the health of enemies before fights even start while putting yourself in almost no danger. A well placed one can also completely take out a creep wave, no matter how big. In laning, especially in mid, using this can get you easy kills with its insane burst. Using it within close range will heal you for massive amounts as well. Evolve first.
  • Evolved Wings (E): Firstly, this will increase the range of Leap. This means you are way harder to chase and that you can easily get up close to your chosen victim. Secondly, it turns your Leap into Tristana's Rocket Jump without the slow, that is that it refreshes on kills and assists. I always evolve this second, after Taste Their Fear for the greater defensive and offensive power it gives you.
  • Evolved Active Camoflage (R): Evolving this allows you to enter stealth for a third time to get Unseen Threat up again and makes you take 40% reduced damage in stealth. It may not seem like much, but it gives Void Assault a fourth use, reducing the damage from otherwise fatal projectiles. When you think about it, lots of champions have abilities that will take a while to reach you, and using this can save your life. I evolve this third in practically all games.
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Rengar Rivalry

As per viewer request, I have added this special section to talk about our arch-nemesis;

Firstly, lets look at Rengar himself. He is a pretty OP guy, but since the Shadow Isles Patch, he isn't actually that powerful. In fact, he was nerfed to the point that Kha'Zix is better than him in almost every way. This obviously doesn't mean that you will always beat Rengar players, but it sure as hell makes him manageable.

Difficulty: 3/5

So it's Rengar, the big cheese. Facing him in toplane will result in an epic battle to prove who is the ultimate hunter! Using the things you learnt from this guide, and the Shadow Isles Patch, it's time to show them all who is boss!

Well you don't really need to worry about him leaping from the brush onto you for starters, because you can simply Taste Their Fear and Unseen Threat him. This will usually result in you dealing more damage to him, and if it doesn't, his health regen sucks now so you will get it back faster. Be a bit more careful around him when he has over 3 of his orange bars up. When he doesn't beat the **** out of him whenever possible and he won't be able to do anything about it without losing even more life.

If you see him using Empowered Battle Roar to get his health back, Leap in and pulverise him. In fact, Leap in and pulverise him whenever you have even the slightest advantage.

If you are both jungling, just counter-jungle him to death, and if you see him, feel free to kill him.

Now lets talk about the hidden passive (or easter egg) between Rengar and Kha'Zix. Contrary to popular belief, Rengar doesn't need to have a fully stacked bonetooth necklace or be level 16, he just needs to possess a bonetooth necklace, at any stacks. You will only need to be level 16 or higher.

When both these conditions are met, the secondary quest called The Hunt Is On will begin at a seemingly random time. It will only end when either Rengar or Kha'Zix gets a kill or assist on the other.

If Rengar wins he will receive a fully stacked bonetooth necklace that can not lose stacks. If you win, you get the coveted fourth evolution point. When the quest is completed, the victor will get a buff that does nothing and reads; (for Rengar) " Rengar has slain his otherworldly nemesis Kha'Zix, proving to the world that he is the ultimate hunter." and; (for Kha'Zix) " Kha'Zix has slain his bestial nemesis Rengar, evolving into the ultimate predator."
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Items Explanation

Early Items
  • : Great boots for an enemy team with some deadly AP and/or CC, which would be almost all teams. The CC reduction is especially important because if you are CCed during a team fight, it might give the enemy team the chance they need to take you out.
  • : Choice boots for jungling because of their low cost and the defense they provide against jungle camps. If you are rollin in money or the enemy team has demented amounts of CC and magic damage, get Mercury's Treads. Good with Zephyr as you can only get tenacity once.
  • : This is the item that will make jungling relatively easy. With this, you can take on dragon 1v1 with ease, not to mention jungle camps. Place the ward at the enemy jungler's most important buff or Dragon so you can go kill them and steal it when they go for it.
  • : Ahh we get this thing now, cause it upgrades into Black Cleaver. It always was a good item with that wicked damage and CDR for a small item, but it didn't upgrade into anything good. Get if after full boots if you wish.
  • : You get the 2nd highest damage in the game off a fully farmed Bloodthirster and you definitely need it. After you get this bad boy, you can start bursting down lone squishies so fast they shout "OP" in all chat. The base damage on this was also increased to 70 while you can only stack an extra 30, making it easier to get full damage.
  • : So it gives you damage, CDR and health! I know it also gives you all that flat armor penetration and the % armor reduction that is kinda reduced by having Last Whisper, but this does not make Black Cleaver in anyway not worth it. It will also give your ADC an easier time crushing your target.

    Possible Choices
    • : Get this in 100% of ranked games and most other games as well. Get it either 5th or 6th for its awesome life saving capabilities. After getting this you can be far more suicidal in your teamfight goals and will probably not be focused as much. It also gives nice resistances.
    • : Only get this with Muramana as it isn't worth getting without the extra damage you would get out of Muramana. Its other benefits are good CDR, more durability and an active that makes ADC's hate you.
    • : Massive mana and some damage are just the beginning of this spectacular item. The active allows your auto-attacks and Taste Their Fears to do massively increased damage at the price of some mana. Only turn this on when attacking champions and important objectives such as Baron Nashor. If getting this make sure to get Tear of the Goddess during the "Now You Should Get This" section.
    • : As well as having Sheen to greatly increase your damage after every spell (and we use heaps of spells) this will also give you great stats all around. The only disadvantage is that it gives critical strike which we don't use. However, it is still easily worth getting for all the other stats.
    • : This is a Cleanse turned into an item with tons of AD piled on top, not to mention a brief but powerful speed boost since Kha'Zix is melee. This is great for when you find that you can't do anything in fights due to constant CC. Get this in 100% of games with an enemy Malzahar.
    • : I would almost always recommend getting this item. The only time you should not get it is when the enemy don't build armor (for some reason). In combination with Weapon Expertise , you will have 43% armor penetration after getting this and will find killing tanks a lot easier.
    • : Choice item for heavy AP teams and teams with a fed AP carry due to its juicy damage and the strength it gives you against AP attacks. Also makes you more dangerous as you die, increasing dueling power.
    • : A well rounded item that gives Kha'Zix all that he needs. Since it gives you tenacity it is less beneficial to have Mercury's Treads and you can consider selling them for Ninja Tabi.

    • : Just a flat movement speed modifier. Its the best when you need to travel around the map a lot or when you need to catch back up to enemies that just used a movement spell.
    • : This is the enchantment I usually get on Kha'Zix as it makes him very, very hard to escape. As your target attempts to flee you should find that you move much faster than them and the kill should be yours assuming the target's allies don't intervene.
    • : Good late game item for when your base is under siege and you need to be back up and fighting as soon as possible. This is the only case you should get this enchantment.
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Early Game

Grab your Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potions and make your way to top. If you are on blue team, help leash your jungle's wolves and blue or guard the blue if they start at red. The same goes for purple team but the other way round.

When the minions reach the lane, focus on last hitting. NEVER push your lane, either by using spells on the minions or battering away with multiple auto-attacks. Hit your opponent with a few Void Spikes to discourage them from attacking you, or even last hitting. Don't harass them with regular auto-attacks unless you have Unseen Threat active. If you see that they are isolated, use Taste Their Fear on them.

If the enemy jungler ganks you, quickly Leap or Void Assault out unless they are both on quite low health and you think you have the health and damage to burst them down. If you are on purple team and the enemy jungler starts on blue, I suggest getting Leap first or second to escape in case you are level 2 ganked.

If you are zoned or getting killed lots, make sure to buy gold gain items and get your jungler to gank top frequently. If the enemy is isolated and you think you can beat them, use the 1v1 combo mentioned in the next chapter.
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There is 1 main combo for fighting 1v1s with Kha'Zix. It can be shortened or lengthened based on how strong your target is. (Remember to try and fight while the target is isolated).
> > > >

Add Ignite/ Exhaust at the end if the target is still alive. If you have Youmuu's Ghostblade, use it after Void Spike. Keep repeating this combo if required. You can also use Void Assault to engange the fight or to keep getting Unseen Threat up.
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Lane Opponents & How to Beat Them (A-H)

Note that these are not set in stone and are just general difficulty levels. Don't feel invincible against champions I marked as 1 and don't feel hopeless against ones I marked as 5. When it comes down to it, it's mostly based on your skill level compared to your opponents.

Difficulty: 4/5.

Akali is a rather annoying opponent to play against. Before she reaches level 6, she can't really do much but evade you with Twilight Shroud and last hit. When she hits 6, she will suddenly turn hypo-aggressive and hurt you heaps. The best way to counter her is to harass her tons before she gets 6, zoning her and putting her on low health. This way, she won't be able to hurt you without getting a gray screen. If you fail to do this or she goes back to base play very defensively and just try and last hit. If it gets really bad, invest in an early Hexdrinker.

Difficulty: 1/5

You won't see many Amumus in top but sometimes you will have to face one. Stay behind creeps to avoid a Bandage Toss, ult and jungle gank. To avoid this completely, place a ward near baron and the tri-bush if your purple team. Amumu can't beat you 1v1. Make sure to Unseen Threat attack him and shoot Void Spikes at him, to keep his health lowered. When you see that he is isolated, go in for the kill with the 1v1 combo. Pretty soon you should be fed. At this point, start helping out your mid a bit with well timed ganks.

Difficulty: 3/5

Alas, you have to harm a fellow of the Void. And he can be quite tricky too! Cho'Gath has pretty good lane sustain through his Carnivore passive and can burst you down when you think you are safe with Feast. He also has the health to survive your combo. Just concentrate on farming and harassing him and try to zone him so he doesn't regain life. Dodge his Ruptures by moving toward him or to the sides as most Cho'Gaths will use it behind you. If he is isolated and on around half health and he uses Rupture, use Leap to get to him and start bursting him down. Without Rupture, he will be forced to burn Flash/ Exhaust or die. Check to see how much damage his Feast does so you know if you have the health to attack him at anytime.

Difficulty: 3/5

Darius isn't as bad as most people think. Focus on last-hitting and harassing him with Void Spike. Since his range is bad, he won't be able to do much about this. When you try and last hit, he will probably use Decimate. The best thing for it is to walk towards a creep and then quickly juke back when you think he is about to Decimate. If he blows it and is isolated, Leap onto him and combo him to hell. This will either kill him or put him in no condition to stop your last-hitting. If he is beating you, call for lots of jungle ganks so you can get more gold and levels than him. Use Exhaust on him when you think he is about to Noxian Guillotine. If he pulls you and is isolated, stay close to him and kill him.

Dr. Mundo
Difficulty: 3/5

This guy generally goes jungle but he can sometimes be found top. Stay behind minions to avoid his Infected Cleavers. Harass him with a few Void Spikes and call for jungle ganks to wipe him out. If he is isolated and on low health, leap on him and force him out of the lane, or even kill him. NEVER tower dive a Dr. Mundo. If he is chasing you, weave unpredictably so that you aren't slowed by his cleavers. Always take Ignite.

Difficulty: 4/5

She deals more damage than you. It's that simple. Stay back and try and last hit as well as harass her at range. Ask your jungler to camp top and start Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potions. If you are in draft pick and you see a Fiora pick before you, do NOT go top at all costs. Only try and harass her up close when you see that her Burst of Speed and Riposte is down. Don't attack her when you see Riposte active. EVER! When she uses Blade Waltz, flash into your tower so she comes with you or use Void Assault. Alas, if the Fiora knows how to play, she will not ult you while Void Assault is up. If you go her into the tower Exhaust her and spam all your skills on her. This is one of the only ways to kill a good Fiora player. Another is too relentlessly attack her, which may or may not lead with you on top, depending on a number of factors. Good Luck!

Difficulty: 1/5

Gangplank is a very easy opponent for Kha'Zix. Unless his Parrrley crits you, there is not much he can do. If he comes to Parrrley you, retaliate with Void Spikes or an Unseen Threat auto attack. Save Exhaust (if you have it) until after he eats some oranges, or it will be k. Pounce on him and kill him whenever you have around the same health and he is isolated. If he uses Cannon Barrage, simply Leap through it and it's not k. Also don't tower dive him unless he is really low, cause a crit Parrrley could kill you or he might just eat some oranges.

Difficulty: 2/5

Garen is a pretty easy opponent to beat if you know how. Most Garen's will try and Decisive Strike you alot. When they go in for this, strike back with Taste Their Fear and an Unseen Threat auto attack. He will lose more than you. Make sure to harass him with Void Spike so he doesn't get his health back from Perseverance. When he starts using Judgment, Leap over him so he can't escape back to his tower. Then use your combo on him. If there is a pattern of him escaping through the river when you do this, tell your jungler to wait in the river bush. Never fight Garen on low health.

Difficulty: 1/5

Gragass is an easy opponent. His only form of harass is Barrel Roll which you can dodge easily by doing things such as moving forward not backward when he uses it. Don't make a pattern of how you dodge it though, or he will change his strategy and hit you. Keep harassing him with Void Spike. If you see him channeling Drunken Rage in an isolated location, Leap onto him and use your combo. His combo involves Body Slaming into you and then using Barrel Roll and Explosive Cask. If he starts this combo, Leap behind him. He will probably only have his Explosive Cask left at this point, maybe nothing. Go and combo him and the kill is yours.

Difficulty: 3.5/5

This first paragraph was written (with a few tweaks by me) by NoizeKill. I wrote the second and third ones though.

Hecarim is a better jungler than laner, since his ganks are SO strong (especially with a Youmuu's Ghostblade or a Shurelya's Reverie (Movement gives him AD)). However, as a laner he can get more farm and turn into that lategame everythingkilling firetruck. Hecarim's early game is kinda weak though, since his Rampage was made to keep Sheen stacks up, but unfortunately (for him), you can't buy a Sheen at level one. Also, his mana costs are terribly high when spamming Rampage in duels, with a blue buff these problems are gone, but since he is now laning, it is way harder to get than when he would have been the jungler. After level 6, and he has gotten some items (maybe a Sheen), DON'T ENGAGE. Hecarim's mid game is TERRIBLY STRONG and he can almost kill ANY champion. In lategame, FOCUS HIM DOWN. Hecarim can probably 1v3 and WIN and ESCAPE.

Yep, so it's up to you to shut him down before it's too late. Go in with Unseen Threat, use 1 or 2 Taste Their Fears, use your passive and Void Spike him, then, walk into a bush and repeat. It's quite easy. If he uses Spirit of Dread while you are attacking him, simply get out, either by walking or using Leap. Deny him farm so he can't get Sheen.

Once you get to the second half of the laning phase, your life is going to start getting pretty difficult. With Sheen and an expanded mana pool, not to mention his ultimate, Hecarim can probably 1v1 you unless you are fed on CS/kills. At this stage, start calling for lots of ganks. Even though he will probably escape from any ganks you attempt on him, it will still zone him giving you an edge in farm and levels.
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Lane Opponents & How to Beat Them (I-P)

Difficulty: 4.5/5

Her passive doesn't work on you and that's about all you have going for you. Her sustain is quite nuts with Hiten Style and Transcendent Blades and she deals boatloads of damage with mere Hiten Style auto-attacks. And if you actually get the advantage over her, she just stuns you with Equilibrium Strike. Do not play Kha'Zix if you see you are against Irelia. If you end up having to face her, get tons of jungle ganks. Just focus on last hitting and keep in mind that you have better auto-attacks than her. If she goes for you, use an Unseen Threat auto-attack and Void Spike. If she becomes isolated when trying to attack you, spam Taste Their Fear and get her down. Only engange her if she is isolated and on much lower health than you. Good Luck!

Jarvan IV
Difficulty: 2/5

Jarvan IV is pretty easy but not a total walk over. Always keep moving to dodge his Dragon Strike and Demacian Standard and never stay around the flags. If you are fast enough, you can also leap out of Cataclysm as Jarvan IV is in mid-leap. When fighting him, make sure to push at him while his Martial Cadence is already used up. If he uses Demacian Standard behind you whilst you are chasing him, quickly go to the side to stop the knock-up. Otherwise he will put the flag in front of him and just run away like the Demacian Dog he is. Then it's just free farm! I suggest attacking Jarvan IV while he is isolated but you don't strictly have to.

Difficulty: 4/5

Jax is so strong, it even says that in his lore. Leap Strike and Empower used together will take out large chunks of your health, and if you actually manage to beat him, he can just use Leap Strike and Counter Strike to get away. Try and last hit and harass him from far away. If he enganges on you, he will probably be isolated. Whatever the case, use Taste Their Fear and Unseen Threat on him and then quickly back off. The longer you fight Jax, the more likely it is for him to win. If you have your jungler stationed in the river bush or tri-bush, you can bait a Leap Strike and Counter Strike stun, and then unleash hell on him. Don't do this on low health cause he will probably just kill you and then slaughter your jungler.

Difficulty: 4/5

He's ranged and he's TANKY! It's like a Teemo that you can't insta kill, making him a very hard opponent for Kha'Zix. Thankfully, he gets mana starved, and when he has no mana, you can beat him. The problem is, how do you get him down to low mana without getting to low health? Well, just stay back and farm as much as you can while trying to avoid getting attacked by him. Go out into the open and try and bait Thundering Blow / Acceleration Gate and To The Skies! / Shock Blast combos. If you dodge enough of those and he gets to low mana, go 1v1 the guy. I suggest getting A philo stone for this match up.

Difficulty: 3/5

I must say, this is a very equal lane, atleast from my experiences. Just try and farm and stay back a bit when she uses Righteous Fury. Keep harassing her with Void Spike and perhaps auto-attacks when she gets too close. Soon her health will be down and, hopefully, her mana too. If she uses Reckoning on you, lay low for a bit as she will deal extra damage too you. If she is isolated, go for it with your combo, but don't Leap in if possible. If her ultimate is up, she will fight back knowing that with the 2 seconds of immunity her ult provides she can kill you. When she does ult, get the hell out of there and come back if your health is high enough when it wears off. You should probably be able to kill her here or burn an escape summoner spell.

Difficulty: 2/5

Kennen is merely annoying. He will throw shurikens at you all day and hit you with a couple of auto-attacks. Stay behind minions to avoid this a bit and always harass him. If he gets too close, hit him with auto-attacks, Void Spike and Taste Their Fear. Either wait to he is isolated or to when he is on lowish health, and then crush him. If he uses Slicing Maelstrom, simply Leap out. If it is on cooldown, either burst Kennen down quickly or Flash out.

Lee Sin
Difficulty: ?/5

More information needed. Come back later.

Difficulty: 3/5

You can't stop the rock, but he can't stop you. His Granite Shield makes him harder to harass than other champions and allows him to take minion aggro while hurting you. When you harass him, make sure to not just take out his shield, but some of his health. Fortunately, he won't be able to use his own harass much without getting mana starved. Like Jarvan IV, Malphite's ult can be dodged with Leap if your reflexes are good enough. You can also use ganks to hurt Malphite and either make him go back to base or get zoned. You will not be able to combo Malphite down from full health as you can with lots of other champions, so you will have to slowly wear him down with ganks and harass. If he is on high health but isolated, you can still use your combo, but don't go and put Ignite and Exhaust on him.

Difficulty: 3/5
arcane smash

Aren't many Maokai players that go top, but it still happens. His passive means that the more spells you use, the more sustain he will end up getting. So don't waste your spells! Make sure to ward the river (and tri-bush for blue team) because Maokai is a CC nightmare and you probably won't survive jungle ganks. Try and harass him alot but don't miss or you are practically giving him health. One stratergy I have found effective when pushed to the tower is to Flash into your tower as he is using Twisted Advance. You can the proceed to combo him to death with the help of the tower. When your jungler is ganking, don't stand too close together or arcane smash will slow both of you. When he uses Sapling Toss, it is also wise to put some creeps between you and it before it lands.

Master Yi
Difficulty: 2/5

This lane barely scraped in to get a 2, just because he can kill you. But hardly ever. Just keep harassing him and he will go into Meditate. If he does this whilst isolated, simply pop Ignite on him and burst him down. He's so squishy and you should almost always be able to do this. If he somehow gets fed of other lanes or something and you need to run away from him, make sure to Leap over walls and not just towards your tower. You have just escaped. If you are actually having trouble, get ganks before level 6 because chasing Master Yi with Highlander is about as useless as chasing Singed.

Difficulty: 4/5

Mordekaiser is tanky enough to survive your combo and yet he still hits like a truck. Fortunately, you can actually do something about. When you go to farm, Mordekaiser will generally use Siphon of Destruction on you. This will also hit your creeps and, combined with the fact that he will be zoning you, will push your lane hard. Then, get your jungler to gank top heaps so that you can either kill him or get him out of lane. Pretty soon, you will enough of a level and gold advantage that you can actually 1v1 him. Even if he gets wards while he is still beating you, you will be pushed to the tower and he won't have time to escape. If Mordekaiser is killing you, simply leap away. He can't realistically kill you if you are smart. As you get into teamfights later on, make sure your that your whole team focuses him or no one hits him at all because of his shield. You don't want to waste your firepower.

Difficulty: 3/5

Nasus will just be farming his Siphoning Strike in the laning phase and it's your job to stop him. Harass him as much as you can and deny his last hits whenever possible. His only sustain is through lifesteal, so if you can harass him enough in one go and then zone him, he won't be able to do much. If Nasus suddenly turns aggressive on you, it almost always means that you are about to be ganked. RUN! If you can't get Nasus to back down and stop last hitting, let him push your lane. Now he won't be able to last hit as much. This requires a bit of a sacrifice from you, but remember that his last hits are more important than yours. If he is pushed to your tower and continues to last hit, get jungler ganks. As Nasus can only slow one person, you should probably be able to kill him. Never tower dive a Nasus unless his ult is already turned on/on CD.

Difficulty: ?/5

More information needed. Come back later.

Difficulty: 1-3/5

If it's AP Nidalee, this is insanely easy. INSANELY! The only thing she can throw at you (literally) is her javelins and besides that she can't do anything against a good Kha'Zix player. Dodge her javelins by hiding behind creeps or making unpredictable movements. Push your advantage as much as possible by zoning her and using Void Spike. When you see her isolated, go for it. Your Taste Their Fears should be able to take out crazy amounts of her health, (around 1/4). Make sure to have Unseen Threat ready for killing her though, she is very good at running away so you need the slow. Make sure to ward if you are pushing the lane down too far.

If she is AD Nidalee, this will be a bit tougher. Make sure to be super aggressive so that she can't just wear you down with auto-attacks 24/7. You will be able to get her low pretty quick, and once you do so you can retaliate and kill her is she tries to auto-attack you. Remember to dodge the spears, they still hurt.

Difficulty: 3/5

This is a surprisingly hard lane for Kha'Zix. His Ice Blast deals insane damage and can perma-slow you. He also has high sustain through his Consume. It's important to remember that he can't do much after using his Ice Blast on you. Abuse this. A Taste Their Fear when he is isolated as well as a few auto-attacks will lower him tons. Unfortunately for you, Consume will nullify some of this. However, you should still be trading even. Once Nunu & Willump hits 6, be careful for Absolute Zero and try to keep Leap available. If you can't see Nunu & Willump and your move speed and attack speed suddenly drop, get out of there if you don't want your health bar at absolute zero. When ganking Nunu & Willump, try to do it when his Blood Boil is down.

Difficulty: 5/5

Yeah, your screwed. Avoid this lane at all costs. His Undertow will take out unreasonably large amounts of your health out from afar, and during the slow he can come up and Reckless Swing you, crushing your health bar. He also has massive sustain and damage through his Vicious Strikes. And did I mention he has loads of health? If you end up getting stuck with this lane, just focus on farming. You can harass him if you want, but he will just lifesteal it back or retaliate violently. Get your jungle to camp top. If he wards, get vision wards. It can't be stressed enough how much you need ganks. Get lots of gold gain items to make up for the farm you will probably miss.

Difficulty: 3/5

Pantheon is a pretty annoying guy but can generally be beaten if you play right. When he goes and uses Spear Shot on you, use Void Spike and even Leap on him if you see he is isolated or he is on lowish health. Also note that your Unseen Threat will penetrate Aegis Protection, not dealing auto-attack damage but still slowing him. If he jumps on you and starts using Heartseeker Strike, Leap behind him and start crushing him. Obviously don't do this if he has a clear health advantage. If he does have this advantage, simply Leap away. Also call for jungle ganks if he is pushing a bit, because it will almost always give you a free kill or burn Grand Skyfall.

Difficulty: ?/5

More information needed. Come back later.
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Lane Opponents & How to Beat Them (Q-Z)

Difficulty: 3.5/5
puncturing taunt

Since Kha'Zix is meant to be bursting down enemies instantly, Rammus can be a bit of a problem. He gets a free Thornmail when activating Defensive Ball Curl, making harassing extremely ineffective, especially seeing as he can retaliate with an inescapable taunt. Also, always get wards because if you get ganked, Rammus will CC you to hell while the enemy jungler beats on you. Try and attack Rammus when his Defensive Ball Curl is on CD so you deal more damage to him. Call jungle ganks and then bait his Powerball so you can more effectively kill him during the gank.
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Jungling - Pros/Cons


+ // Good clearing speed.
+ // Good sustain.
+ // Awesome counter-jungling.


- // Meh ganks.
- // Little CC.
- // Not the fastest clearing speed.
- // Rengar wants your blood in the jungle as well.

Now, when the jungle rework comes, Kha'Zix will have massively increased jungle power. So don't give up on Kha'Zix jungle!!!
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Jungling - Masteries

As you can imagine, your masteries will be different with jungling. Yes, I just change my masteries. This section goes over jungling masteries. The masteries I took when going solo top will be mentioned pretty briefly here.

Offensive Tree
  • Fury : Needed for weapon expertise and the attack speed is kinda nice.
  • Sorcery: The ability to use your spells faster will result in faster clearing speeds.
  • Butcher : Kha'Zix isn't the best at killing jungle camps and taking this really helps. 4 damage will add up and improve your clear time.
  • Deadliness : You won't really notice this while in the jungle, but we still need to think about late game.
  • Weapon Expertise : This is one of the best masteries in the game, in the jungle too. Yeah jungle creeps have armor as well, not to mention the champions you are ganking.
  • Brute Force : More damage to take out those jungle camps.
  • Sunder : With this you can be doing nearly true damage to some of the weaker camps.
  • Executioner : Jungle camps get below 40% as well!

Defensive Tree
  • Summoner's Resolve : Smite will now be giving you an extra 10 gold per use. This actually turns into a lot of money over the course of the game, and it makes it easier to get the gold for your first back items.
  • Hardiness : 6 armor will be reducing lots of camp damage over the course of the early game.
  • Perseverance: Once again, you need to keep your health up.
  • Tough Skin : You need to keep your health up if you want to counter-jungle and gank well and this is the best mastery for doing so.
  • Bladed Armor : This thing is probably the best jungling mastery there is. You are certainly gonna kill the jungle camps faster with this.
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Jungling - Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

The skill sequence is the same as if you were going solo top. A point in Taste Their Fear on level 1 makes for the best clear time, while getting Void Spike on level 2 will further help your clearing time and improve your sustain. A point in Leap is taken at level 3 for ganking. Points in Void Assault are taken whenever possible and the rest is taken in the order it is due to reasons explained in the laning Skill Sequence.
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Jungling - What to Evolve

Now the big question is, what do you evolve when jungling as Kha'Zix. Well, there are lots of choices you are going to have to make.

First, evolve either Taste Their Fear or Void Spike. It really depends on the situation. If your lanes have lots of CC, evolve Taste Their Fear first to deal extra damage while your ally holds them in place. If your lanes have little CC, evolve Void Spike first so you can slow your target from far away, letting you and your ally kill them. Of course, you will have less damage this way, but you need to slow down your enemy from afar so that you can attack them.

Next you should evolve Leap for its increased utility in either the final ganks of the laning phase or the first teamfights of the mid game.

Lastly you should evolve Void Assault for the extra increase in utility it gives you. You should never evolve the ability that you neglected to evolve at level 6.
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Jungling - Jungle Route and Ganks

Everything described in this section is for someone on Blue Team. If you are on Purple Team, just reverse it.

After purchasing your Hunter's Machete and 5 health potions, quickly make your way to the Wolf camp and take a point in Taste Their Fear. Make it clear to your top and mid that you do not wish to use Smite and that you would like lots of damage to be dealt to the Wolves and Ancient Golem . Kill the mini-lizards first and then when you kill the Ancient Golem itself, take a point in Void Spike and head to the Elder Lizard , which you will secure with Smite. (Remember to kill the mini-lizards first!) Then you can take a point in Leap and make short work of the Wraith camp. At this point you can gank mid if you really want to or if your Ap Mid is failing dramatically. However, you should usually proceed to either Wolves or Golems based on where you want to gank. (See Map)!

When you gank, try to avoid Leaping in first if it can be helped. This can be achieved by telling your laner(s) to CC the target first. You can then walk up to the target and slow them down with Red Buff and Unseen Threat. At this point the target will probably use Flash or some other escape spell and you can Leap after them. (If you needed to use Leap to get to the target, the gank is probably now over, but can be saved if you have Flash and/or they had a relatively small escape spell and you can catch them with Void Assault). Try and give the kill to your laner unless they are the support or a full-blown tank top, such as Shen, but it is important to remember that you getting the kill is more worthwhile than the target getting away.

After this first gank you should probably go back on the spot unless you need just a bit more money for something. After shopping get some more levels by clearing jungle camps and ganking lanes in need. After you successfully gank it may be a good idea to push the tower with your laners so that they can roam a bit themselves. Remember to make life hell for the enemy jungler as much as possible and to cover the lanes when required. When the game transitions into mid game, just carry on as you would if laning.
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Jungling - Counter Jungling

Kha'Zix is an awesome dueler, something I have mentioned time and time again. He is even better when there are no enemy units near your target. This makes him such a phenomenal counter-jungler, by which I mean killing the enemy jungler and the camps in his jungle. Only do this when you feel you are stronger than the enemy jungler. (Don't go in at a lower level on half health). When you feel up to it (and try to be level 6 with evolved claws), either just stroll into the enemy jungle or follow the enemy jungler, eg: he cuts across midlane to get to wraiths. Once in, it's a simple matter to combo them to death. In the case of most junglers, you can wipe them out and escape before any of their teammates can help them. You can also steal their camps, but remember to leave one of the smaller monsters alive so the camp doesn't respawn.
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Mid Game & Teamfights

Mid Game

By now the first few towers are down, and some teamfights are happening. If the enemy top remains in the lane, you should also stay to prevent them from pushing your towers and/or getting fed on CS. Make sure to ward the river and be aware if the enemy team is MIA. Try and kill the enemy top as much as possible if you have even the slightest advantage over them and make sure to not fight them with their minions if possible.

If the enemy top has joined their team you can either push the top towers (I suggest doing this if you haven't yet taken the Outer Turret) or also join your team. Make sure to ward possible routes the enemy may take to reach you and kill you. If you join your team and a teamfight erupts, you have to be ready.


There are 2 main teamfight combos. These combos should be executed on the biggest, isolated damage threat. If no damage threats are isolated, go for the squishiest damage threat. The first combo is for when you have not evolved Leap and the second is for when you have.

> > > >

Remember to flick on Youmuu's Ghostblade and add Ignite/ Exhaust if required. After doing this, you can either Void Assault out or move onto the next damage threat, either with Void Assault or without.

If you have evolved Leap, you can use it to engage instead. Then follow the combo and Leap to your next target or use it for an easy escape. This also leaves Void Assault open for running away. If you take down your second target without needing to run away, your team should have won the fight by now. If they haven't, clean up any stragglers or use Void Assault to retreat and defend your base.
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Late Game

At this point, most towers are gone and baron nashor has probably been slain. You can almost never go anywhere alone, the 2 exceptions been when the enemy team are all dead or all faraway from you. Unless the enemy ADC sucks really bad/is completely underfed, go for them. In Late Game, the ADC will almost always have the highest damage output and need to be shutdown fast. Even if you die killing them, your team's ADC can then slaughter the enemy team relatively unchecked. Late game Kha'Zix can also backdoor if the situation calls because of his good escaping abilities, but try and do this while the enemy are far away. When backdooring, you should almost always retreat if you have just killed a tower/inhib as the enemy team will come running. If you see an enemey that is away from their team, feel free to assassinate them. Remember that late game Kha'Zix is very hard to 1v1 if you play right.
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Closing Statements

I hope you enjoyed my guide on Kha'Zix and learnt how to play him better. Always remember that this is a guide not a build. So if you don't like my build, leave me a comment explaining why and don't just downvote me. Perhaps list a few items you would like to see included. If you didn't like the information in the guide or felt it was missing something, tell me what it is.

The jungling section will be done next and try not to hate me too much for putting it off so long.
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Firstly, I would like to thank jhoijhoi for the guide on making guides (found here) the dividers, and some of the template.

Others who have helped me are;
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Change Log

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