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Aurelion Sol Build Guide by Magmora

Middle r/Aurelion_Sol_Mains community guide for S12!

Middle r/Aurelion_Sol_Mains community guide for S12!

Updated on January 14, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Magmora Build Guide By Magmora 84 7 117,524 Views 5 Comments
84 7 117,524 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Magmora Aurelion Sol Build Guide By Magmora Updated on January 14, 2023
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Runes: Default burst runes

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Taste of Blood
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

Biscuit Delivery
Time Warp Tonic

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+10% Tenacity/Slow Resist


1 2 3 4
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

r/Aurelion_Sol_Mains community guide for S12!

By Magmora
Artwork by pionartwork on instagram

Who I am

Hi there! I am Magmora, or u/npri0r over on reddit. I am an Aurelion Sol player that has been obsessed with this champion since around 2020, and am a one trick pony. I wanted to help all you fledgeling star dragons, but I am no high elo player. Because of this, I reached out to the r/Aurelion_Sol_Mains community to draw on their combined thousands of games on our champion to give me all the advice they had to give. I hope this helps, and if you have any questions, thoughts or cool plays make sure to drop by our sub!
A special shoutout to Saibot0 and lol_sol for being amazing content creators and really helping me make this guide as good as possible, as well as Aurelian Sol (yes, that is their IGN) for in-depth game plan advice. The list of other wonderful people who helped me make this are at the bottom of the guide. Make sure to check them out!

Why play Aurelion Sol?

When you look over all the champions in league, you may notice something different about Aurelion Sol. Not only is he non-humanoid, which is rare, but he is a dragon. In fact the only true dragon champion in league. Riot have gone all-out with making this champion the coolest thing possible in lore, personality and visuals. You could certainly say Aurelion Sol has the coolest base champion model in the game.If you are at all into epic fantasy, dragons, mythology or generally like stars then Aurelion Sol is well worth a play.

In game he can be a roaming monster, able to be everywhere at once while ofering great peel. True to the theme of the narcisistic star dragon, Aurelion Sol truly comes into his own when there are many allies and enemies around to observe his glory. Aurelion Sol really comes into his own in teamfight, and excels at being wherever the fight is at.


+ Amazing visuals
+ Insane map pressure
+ Great peel/lockdown
+ Great objective control
+ Great scaling
+ Insane teamfighting
+ Fun and unique playstyle
+ Is dragon


- hard to pick up
- gets countered easily by mobility
- squishy
- low crowd control pre 6
- has two abilities locked behind an ult cooldown

How to use this guide

If you are an experiencd player just wanting to see Aurelion Sol's recommended runes, items and how his kit works, then you do not need to read past the abilities and combos section. Follow the builds given and you should find you can play somewhat optimally. But if you really want to understand the champion, reading through the entire guide will be very useful.
For newer players, I know this guide will be a LOT of information. Take it a step at a time. You do not need to know about different runes and items right from the start. Pick up a premade build shown above, and the recommended runes, and focus on the abilities and combos. Try and master them, and get to a point where you can hit your W stars easily. Then try different items to see how they feel, and after you've understood all of them move onto runes. Don't overload yourself, and make sure to have fun!
In this section, we will be covering all of Aurelion Sol's abilities, how they work, and how you can use them most effectively.

Center of the Universe


Center of the universe is Aurelion Sol's passive. Aurelion Sol has two limits, which are circles around him. The first is the inner limit and the second is the outer limit. These are very important, and affect almost all his other abilities.
Aurelion Sol has three stars that orbit around his inner limit. These deal damage that scales with level, ability Celestial Expansion rank, and AP. They also execute minions below 25 HP. Whenever the stars hit anything they trigger any on-ability effects, like liandry's.

How to use it

Part of playing Aurelion Sol is always keeping track of where your stars are. They are your main source of damage, so you want to be using them most effectively. On their own, the stars do not deal much damage. They just slowly orbit around you. But they can be very useful for farming, and stacking runes like electrocute on close-by enemies.

Tips and tricks

As mentioned previously, Aurelion Sol's passive can be very useful for farming. Early game your autos can do a lot more damage than your stars, so make sure you are still farming as normal. But sitting in the wave allows you to damage it just with passive, which is great for when you want to clear it fast without using mana. And, your stars have an execute. If you line up your stars so its just about to hit a low health minion, then auto just before the star hits, you almsot guarantee that you will kill it. As you get better on Aurelion Sol, farming using auto attacks and passive together will become much more natural. With enough practice, you'll be farming like a true Aurelion Sol player!

Aurelion Sol's passive stars are separate entities to him. This means even when enemies might not be able to see Asol himself, they might still be able to see his stars! Aurelion Sol cannot hide in bushes and enemies can see you over walls if you walk right beside them. Be careful!



Starsurge is Aurelion Sol's q. Upon activation, he shoots a star in the target direction that slowly expands and grants him move speed. Upon recasting the ability or the star passing Aurelion Sol's outer limit, the star explodes, dealing magic damage and stunning enemies for a duration that depends on how long the star has been alive.

How to use it

This ability is Aurelion Sol's primary self peel and combat initiation ability. Pretty much whenever you want to start a fight, you open with starsurge. Stunning the oponent allows you time to land your other abilities, and either back off or go in for the kill.

Starsurge's stun duration is very low on its own, but it increases with level. This is why you should level it up second.
Starsurge also grants movespeed and becomes larger and more powerful as it grows. So even if the enemy is not within your outer limit, you can use the bonus movespeed to chase them. and the larger star will give a longer stun. This is taken to the extreme with the infamous EQ combo, utalising ability Comet of Legend in tandem with starsurge to create a mega stun

Tips and tricks

Starsurge grows larger as it travels. Having a larger star not only increases the stun duration but makes it significantly harder to evade. So if you think you can predict where the enemy will be, it is very advantagous to bring as large a star as possible to the fight. There are many movespeed options avaliable to Aurelion Sol that can allow him to keep his star growing that bit longer. Two very underused ones are the homeguard and homestart effect. At the start of the game, the homestart effect is actually large enough that you can run a star right from base up to midlane or river! This can allow for some great early cheese. And combining movespeed items with the homeguard effect after 20 minutes allows you to carry a star much further than you normally would. And if you use ability Comet of Legend before the star explodes, you can allow it to grow much larger than it normally would.
Any movement that puts starsurge outside of Aurelion Sol's outer limit detonates it. This includes flash. You can Q flash for an instant stun!

Celestial Expansion


Celestial expansion is Aurelion Sol's W ability. Passively, ability Center of the Universe stars gain additional damage that scales with ability level. Upon activation, Aurelion Sol expands his stars to his outer limit, causing them to rotate much quicker and increasing their damage by 40%. The stars decrease in speed, before eventually returning to his inner limit.
Upon recasting this ability or the ability ending, the stars return to the inner limit and Aurelion Sol gains 40% movement speed that decays over 1.5 seconds.

How to use it

Celestial expansion is Aurelion Sol's main damaging ability. And, each level also empowers your passive making farming with it easier. Because of this you want to max this ability first.
Whenever you are fighting, you should be looking to land as many W hits as possible to maximise damage. This is what separates a good from bad Aurelion Sol player: how well they position. Requiring the stars to be at his outer limit to maximise damage means any enemy who can either fight from outside or within the limit can avoid the majority of your damage. This means you need to be constantly positioning well around enemies, keeping them in that sweet spot.

Tips and tricks

Since deactivating his W gives movespeed, spamming celestial expansion when it has a low cooldown can allow Aureion Sol to traverse the map quicker.
Aurelion Sol's stars tarvel in a clockwise direction. This means moving in a counterclockwise circle allows your stars to hit more frequently, and moving in a clockwise circle makes your stars hit less frequently.
There is a 'sweet spot' beside a wave where you can stand and hit every minion. Doing this can make yourself a target, but is the quickest way to clear a wave.

Aurelion Sol's stars cannot be disabled, and this still holds true if they are at his outer limit. If you use your W, only death, recasting this ability or the duration running out will cause the stars to leave your outer limit. This means you can use effects like stasis from Zhonya's Hourglass to damage enemies while taking none in return.

Comet of Legend


Comet of legend is Aurelion Sol's E ability. Upon casting, he retracts his stars and takes flight in the target direction at a high speed. While in flight he has vision over terrain and enemies can see him if he is over terrain they can see. Any damage taken during this ability ends it.

How to use it

This is Aurelion Sol's highest impact ability. Despite this, it is generally maxed last, because level 5 comet of legend does not give too much better stats than a level 1 comet of legend.
This ability is one of the best pre level 6 roaming abilities in the game. Whenever there is an early fight happening (especially around scuttle crab), it allows you to leave lane with the click of a button and be there before your lane opponent. To carry games as Aurelion Sol, you want to use this ability to its maximum potential. You can use it to get back to lane quickly and not miss minions, though its most impactful use is roaming to other lanes to get them ahead.

Tips and tricks

After deactivating comet of legend, there is a very short duration in which if ability Celestial Expansion is cast, the stars rotate much quicker.
As stated earlier, comet of legend can be used to crease a massive ability Starsurge. This is not advisable while roaming, as the enemies will likely have moved out of the target area as you arrive and you will be left with a q ability on cooldown at the start of the fight. It can be much more effective to wait until you arrive to cast Q.

Voice of Light


Voice of light is Aurelion Sol's ultimate. Upon casting, Aurelion Sol channels then exhales starfire in a line. All enemies within his outer limit are stunned temporarily and knocked back. All enemies hit are slowed.

How to use it

This ability serves two main purposes. It is Aurelion Sol's uno reverse card, allowing you to knock an enemey away who has managed to get within your outer limit. Whenever a bruiser or assassin decides to engage on you a using R can save your life. The other use is as a high damage AoE slow. If all the enmeies are grouped together, a well placed voice of light can deal large damage across the entire enemy team, and slows them allowing your less mobile teammates to enter the fight and wreak havoc amongst the enemy team.
And if you're especially fed, or the enemy is low health your ultimate can be used to finish of low health enemies that are trying to escape.

Tips and tricks

Abilities can be cast during ultimate, allowing you to knock enemies right into your ability Celestial Expansion. Additionally, flash can be cast during ult allowing you to reposition. Since the ability knocks enemies back, you can push enemies into your team or into a tower.
Casting ability Starsurge into voice of light gives a guaranteed stun and a lot of CC.


Main trading combo

ability Starsurge> ability Celestial Expansion
This is your main combo. You land the stun, and you bop them with your stars. Early in the game you can also add autos onto the this combo to increase damage.

Kill combo

ability Starsurge> ability Voice of Light> ability Celestial Expansion
This combo gives the maximum burst damage and crowd control. You use this combo if you want to all in, and you think you can guarantee a kill. It can also be useful to make sure an enemy cannot escape a gank.

EQ combo

ability Comet of Legend> ability Starsurge
This is your main playmaking combo. Though be careful! It requires you to predict where the enemy will be so has a high chance to miss. You should only use it when the enemy is all pushing up mid lane, or if they are all stood around an objective like dragon. There are other instances where it can work, that you will learn as you play. If you are just roaming to a lane, it is best to save your q for when you arrive.

EW combo

ability Comet of Legend> ability Celestial Expansion
This is another very high damage combo. It is excellent for when you are roaming. Though, it is one of the hardest to pull off. It requires perfect W timing, and takes a lot of practice. It can be used in conjunction with the EQ combo for a juicy team melt.
The EW combo can be triggered in fights by using E and quickly ending it with a flash.


Flash> ability Voice of Light
This is the flashiest combo on Aurelion Sol. When done well, you can easily win fights. Either by knocking a key enemy into your team to die, or knocking an enemy into tower doing this combo well is sure to get the appreciation of your team. You want to flash, then immediately use your ultimate behind you. When done right, you will knock back any enemy into a more desirable position for you.
A variant of this combo switches the abilities around. You ult in the direction you want, then ult flash to reposition. This is harder to execute, but also harder to avoid.
Why this section is so important
The builds listed above are only really meant for inspiration. If you are new to league, then of course you can follow them to the letter. They should give you everything you need to perform well. Though if you really want to learn Aurelion Sol, it is quintessential to learn what items work on him and why. That way you can truly adapt to any matchup, building the most optimal items to guarantee you are at 100% effectiveness.

What type of items Aurelion Sol wants
Aurelion Sol has a very specific variety of items that he wants, and some things he does not want. You can guarantee that if an item revolves around one of the stats he wants, it is a possibility as an item.
The main things Aurelion Sol wants from an item are magic penetration/damage amplifiers, on-ability damage effects, move speed and utility/defensive effects. And Asol really likes it if an item also gives health. Along with this is ability power, which is a nesessity for any item he builds, as is the same with any other mage.
Aurelion Sol never wants omnivamp (or magic vamp), attack damage and never builds items for ability haste. If an item does have a lot of haste, it has to have some other useful effect to make it worthwhile.

Starter items + wards

Doran's ring

Doran's ring is a pretty standard mage starting item. It gives good passive mana regen, which is increase when you fight. And it gives good ability power, which makes your stars and electrocute do more damage. Though, it does not give health regen unless you are on max mana.

Corrupting potion

The default Aurelion Sol starter item. It gives mana and health sustain which is great, along with a burn! Make sure to use it at the start of a trade (while you are not at full health and mana of course) to gain a burn for the duration, and heal back the damage during it. And, because of your waveclear and E, if you run out of pots you can easily shove and back to refil them.

Dark seal

Not a recomended starter item, but very useful on an early back. Aurelion Sol can snowball hard so having one of these makes your roams that bit more worthwhile. And when you get 10 stacks you can upgrade it to Mejai's Soulstealer which is an insane item on Aurelion Sol (assuming you have the stacks that is).

Control ward

An essential item. Make sure to pick one up early and place it in the side of midlane you are most likely to go down to roam. You could waste your E entirely if an enemy sees you flying and backs off.

Stealth ward

Make sure to always use these to stop ganks. Place in the bushes by mid lane, bushes in the river or just around one of the walls in mid lane to stop ganks. If you have a side warded, try to stick to that side so you can see ganks coming.

Oracle lens

A very useful item, but not the most recomended on Aurelion Sol unless no-one else is getting it or you are into a teemo/shaco team.

Farsight alteration

A very useful ward on Aurelion Sol. Farsight can be used to check objectves to set up an EQ combo, and to place in allied jungle to watch for counter-jungling. The best thing is that they are permanent!


Hextech alternator

Hextech alternator is the best component you can get on Aurelion Sol. It offers an on-ability hit effect, ability power and health! If you can pick this item up, it is really recomended to do so.

Lost chapter

Lost chapter is an alright component on Aurelion Sol. It gives mana and ability power, which is nice. The ability haste is also not wasted. But it's damage is nothing special, and its not as hard of a power spike on you as it might be on other mages. You really start getting strong when you turn it into a mythic.

Blasting wand/amplifying tome

These components are surprisingly good on aurelion sol. If you have the option of getting a lost chapter or buying another amplifying tome or a blasting wand, it may be more worthwhile just buying the more ability power. This is especially true if you are finding mana issues arn't too bad.

Oblivion orb

If an enemy team has a lot of healing, oblivion can be a great buy. Into the likes of Yasuo, Yone and Sylas it can be a great help in trading. Oblivion orb is one of those items that you can buy early and just sit on for the rest of the game and it you don't need to finish it to use it well.

Seeker's armguard

Essential into hard AD matchups. Only build into AP if you are going to upgrade it straight into Zhonya's Hourglass.

Verdant barrier

Decent into hard AP matchups.


A very useful item into burst champions. When used, make sure to get Zhonya's Hourglass.



Aurelion Sol is very heavy on positioning, so having the extra movespeed really helps. If you are having a hard time dodging skillshots then buying boots first back is a good idea, but otherwise buying some ability power is more worthwhile.

Boots of swiftness

These are very fun boots to run on Aurelion Sol, and are very good into bruisers like Nasus, who you can just run circles around.

Sorcerer's shoes

These are the boots you will use 99% of the time. The extra magic penetration is just too useful to not buy. It is generally a bad idea to buy these boots before getting some ability power, unless you really need the movespeed. You should always have tier two boots completed AT LEAST right after mythic, if not sooner.

Mercury's treads

Sometimes useful into high AP or crowd control teams, but generally not that good.

Plated steelcaps

Can be useful for surviving enemy laners who auto attack a lot, but generally not recomended unless you're really struggling.


Crown of the shattered queen

Crown of the shattered queen is strong on Aurelion Sol. It gives survivability, ability power, health and movement speed. Damage-wise it is a bit lacking, but it makes up for it in all of its other stats. This item is essential into enemies with a lot of burst, but watch out because it can be really easily triggered and put on cooldown.


Everfrost is really similar to crown of the shattered queen stats wise. The active is especially strong into really mobile enemies like yi and kassadin that really need to be locked down to kill them. This item is generally better than crown for setting up plays and peeling for your team, but requires you to hit the skillshot. Which one you opt to use is down to preference.

Liandry's anguish

Liandry's anguish is one of the highest damaging mythics on Aurelion Sol. Obtaining it gives a huge damage power spike. It is an anti-tank item, but also does very well into squishies. If you expect to be in long, drawn-out fights liandry's is the perfect item for melting enemy teams. Make sure to pick up some magic penetration as this mythic does not give any.

Luden's tempest

Another high damage mythic, more burst orientated. It gives great magic penetration, and speed on its active. The main downside is that it gives no health, and its active is not refreshed by hitting multiple stars. Ingenious Hunter is recommended to make the cooldown of this item more managable.

Hextech rocketbelt

Similar to ludens in terms of damage, but gives you a dash. It builds out of alternator, so has a great build path. The dash can be great for getting away from enemies or engaging a fight. Out of the alternator mythics this is the most recomended on Aurelion Sol. The only downside is that the dash has a high cooldown and if you are struggling with mana this mythic will not help you.

Night harvester

Much like rocketbelt, but gives great on-ability hit damage for teamfights, with movespeed. It looks great, until you realise it has no magic penetration. It is a powerful first item powerspike but does not scale well at all. This item is not recommended unless you find it works very well with your playstyle.


Rylai's Crystal Scepter

Aurelion Sol has always, and always will (as long as his w remains untouched) synergise with rylai's. It grants him health and AP which is great, along with a slow on every star that can be invaluable for positioning. And it is dirt cheap. Unfortunately, its damage is not the best. Rylais is a great item to have, and a good first item to rush instead of a mythic. But if you want to snowball with great damage rylais is not the pick.
Rylais is most effective into targets without dashes or limited mobility, such as bruisers, mages and marksmen. Roams can become much more successful if the enemy is permanently slowed, and you can beat bruisers like Darius much easier if they can't get near you.


Shadowflame is a strong early damage item on Aurelion Sol. It gives health, stacks of ability power, and ramping magic pen. And it builds out of alternator! What's not to love? It may be marketed as an anti-shield item, but in fact that is not true. Shadowflame is a magic penetration item that happens to be slightly more effective into shields.
Since shadowflame gives flat magic pen, it does not scale as well as Void Staff. Shadowflame is a viable rush before a mana mythic, so you can still get the early alternator and have the benefits of a mana mythic at second item. Though if you are into any tankier players, or want a third, fourth or fifth item Void Staff is a much better pick.

Cosmic Drive

Cosmic drive gives health, ability power, and move speed. And in fights it gives more ability power and more movespeed! Cosmic is a truly great item for kiting and damage. The only issue is that if you are zooming your team can't always do the same, which is where Rylai's Crystal Scepter is better. But if you are looking for more movespeed to initiate fights, or dodge enemy abilities, or to keep your distance from melees cosmic can be a great help.

Zhonya's Hourglass

Stasis is overpowered. This item is essentially a get out of jail free card, allowing you to take a zed or fizz ult without taking any damage. And even better, your stars remain active throughout stasis! With the likes of liandrys especially you can deal a lot of damage by using W then going into stasis.
This item is a must have into AD assasins, and always a great pick generally. If you have Mejai's Soulstealer, zhonya's can really help protect those stacks.

Banshee's Veil

This is a very niche item on Aurelion Sol. It is good into tricky ap enemies or high AP comps, but most of the time you're better of keeping Verdant Barrier and selling it to buy something better as a final item. Banshee's is best into enemies that have single abilities that can win fights, like blizcrank hook or zoe's sleep bubble.

Void Staff

One of Aurelion Sol's best items for damage. It grants a whopping 40% magic penetration! If you want to have more damage, you cannot go wrong with void staff. It's 40% magic pen means it is useful throughout all stages of the game, but it is at its best mid to late game especially when people are buidling magic resist and their natural magic resist values are increasing. Despite its good stats having low ability power, and % magic pen being worse early means you cannot build this item first, and its not recommended second in most cases.

Rabadon's Deathcap

The big boi stat amp item. While its stats look very nice, deathcap is actually not too great on Aurelion Sol. Most of the time other statistcs are just better, and if you want more damage Void Staff is a cheaper and more effective alternative. But, if you are fed and want to snowball a game, buying deathcap could give you the damage you need to carry. Just make sure you have a fair amount of magic penetratioon first!

Horizon Focus

This item is somewhat overhyped on Aurelion Sol since it gives a 10% damage increase when paired with rylais. Unfortunately most of the time getting magic penetration is just better, and gives a higher damage increase. This item is only really recomended for use after you have rylais, and a fair bit of magic penetration.

Mejai's Soulstealer

A great item on Aurelion Sol, and a must have if you have 10 darks seal stacks. It grants great snowballing with ability power and movespeed. But you do have to be careful, so having Zhonya's Hourglass can really help you keep those stacks.


A really trash, but often nessessary item on Aurelion Sol. Morellos offers little more for Aurelion Sol than oblivion orb, since its antiheal relies on the target being low health, something Aurelion Sol cannot achieve too easily in 1v1s, especailly if the target is constantly healing. This item is only good built early on into really heal intensive teams, otherwise sitting on Oblivion Orb and upgrading it as a final item is just better.

demonic embrace

Demonic is mainly an AP bruiser item. Because of this the double burn build ( Liandry's Torment and Demonic Embrace) is not particularly viable. Building demonic is only really nessessary into teams with either a really fed tank, or a team with multiple tanks and you are in the late game. Since many tanks and juggernaughts build magic resist and/or healing as well as health, you should be building Void Staff and/or antiheal before getting this item.

Items you should NEVER build no matter what youtube clickbait says

Ravenous Hydra

Hydra's cleave effect does work on Aurelion Sol's stars, but it is a really bad item. Ombnivamp is only a third as effective on Aurelion Sol's abilities, and the cleave deals minimal damage. Along with this the build path requires AD, which is useless unless you are playing Aurelion Sol like an ADC.


Muramana does apply physical damage on your stars. The problem is that you are building magic pen not lethality, so getting more magic damage is just better than having hybrid damage. Also muramana requires you to build ad, which is not good on mages.

Seraph's embrace

A whole stack of ability haste with some ability power and health. It has a heal, but the heal is useless. By the time you get this item, the pitiful amount of healing when using W is just not worth the item.

Imperial Mandate

Mandate has been reworked since it was meta. It is now garbage on Aurelion Sol, unless you are playing him as a support. But even then everfrost is better.


While the omnivamp, ability power, health and ramping damage may look good on a battlemage, it is not. Omnivamp is only a third as effective for area of affect abilities. And Aurelion Sol only deals area of affect damage. And, the damage you get from the item is just miserable. Add in the bad build path, and this item is beyond useless on Aurelion Sol.

How runes work on Aurelion Sol

On Aurelion Sol, there is not one rune page that is just by default best always. A lot of the rune pages have their strengths and weaknesses, and alot of them are perfectly viable.
For burst and lane trading, you can go First Strike or Electrocute.
For kiting, sustained damange and drawn out teamfights you can go Phase Rush or Conqueror
Secondary wise, you can go any tree you want. Everything has something to offer. Sorcery gives maneuverability, scaling and mana regen. Precision gives mana regen and burst. Domination gives snowballing, burst, sustain and roaming. Resolve gives lane sustain and tankiness. Inspiration gives lane sustain. It is up to you to pick which secondary is appropriate for the game.



Electrocute is the main keystone taken by Aurelion Sol players. It offers great burst, especially in laning phase. It is easily the most reliable rune for trading in laning phase, as you can fight around its cooldown and chunk your enemy.

Cheap Shot/ Taste of Blood

Both are good runes on Aurelion Sol. Cheapshot gives higher damage when you hit your Breath of Light, but taste of blood gives healing in lane. Whichever you pick is down to preference.

Eyeball Collection

This is the only optimal rune you can take here. It gives great snowballing ability power, which you can make great use of with your roams.

Ingenious Hunter/ Relentless Hunter

As a rule of thumb, go relentless hunter because it makes your roams quicker, which means you are away from lane less and can surprise enemies easier. But, with items like Crown of the Shattered Queen, you want ingenious hunter to reduce it's cooldown.


Phase Rush

Phase rush is a great keystone on Aurelion Sol. It offers no damage in laning phase, but allows you to take quick trades and then get out before the enemy can react, or to get away from an enemy trying to all-in you. It's main strength isn't in lane though: it's in teamfights. Phase rush gives you the mobility you need to consistantly land stars, and scales incredibly well. Pair it with Cosmic Drive and Rylai's Crystal Scepter and you'll be uncatchable. This rune works especially well with Liandry's Torment as a mythic, as you can easily position to apply an AoE burn to the entire enemy team.

Manaflow Band

Manaflow band is a great rune for Aurelion Sol, because it really lessens any mana issues you have. Make sure to play around it's cooldown, and stack it as early as possible. Then you'll be set for the rest of the game.


Celerity just amplifies the effectiveness of Phase Rush, as well as items like Boots of Swiftness and Cosmic Drive. It allows you to roam slightly easier, but its main strength is making positioning and kiting that much easier.

Scorch/ Waterwalking/ Gathering Storm

All three runes are very effective on Aurelion Sol, and are down to preference and playstyle. Scorch is best for trading in lane, and gives a nice damage boost. Waterwalking is what you want if you are going to be supporting your jungler and roaming a lot, but in low elo or without a 5 stack this may not be that possible. Gathering storm is great for those drawn out games, or if you want a passive lane so you can sit back and skayle.



Conquerer is an alternative to phase rush on Aurelion Sol. It gives higher damage and healing that unlike omnivamp is not reduced on Aurelion Sol's abilities, but it is less popular than phase rush because it does not give move speed. The healing is pretty inconsequential, but the ramping damage is very useful on Aurelion Sol. Phase Rush is the easier rune to use, but whether you would use this one or phase rush is down to preference.

Triumph/ Presence of Mind

Presence of mind is good on Aurelion Sol for reducing your mana issues. Though if you find mana is not an issue, you can opt for triump for the extra sustain in fights.

Legend: Tenacity

Not really any of the legend runes are too great on Aurelion Sol. This is one of the reasons why precision tree is not typically used for primary runes. Though of these runes tenacity is the only viable option.

Coup de Grace/ Cut Down

Generally you will want coup de grace if you are running precision as primary or secondary runes, but cut down can also be useful into tankier teams.


First Strike/ Glacial Augment

First strike is an alternative to Electrocute, especially favoured by content creator Saibot0 (check him out in the recommended content creators section). It is more difficult to use than elecotrocute, since the enemy can disable it and it has a long recovery time. But into low-range matchups you can easily proc it and get a lot of money. This is why this keystone is good for top lane, but less so for mid lane. Late game it is better than electrocute since it gives a percentage damage increase. Elecrocute is generally favoured over first strike because the whole inspiration tree is very unique, and of all the trees is the hardest to understand and know how to use most effectively.
Glacial augment is a very supportive rune. It is good for supporting teammates in fights, but it is near usless on your own in lane. You do not want to be going this rune if you want any solo impact on the game or carry potential.

Perfect Timing

Free 650 gold to build into a great item ( Zhonya's Hourglass).

Biscuit Delivery/ Future's Market

Biscuit delivery is a really good rune on Aurelion Sol, and is often taken as a secondary rune. It gives lane sustain and mana, and synergises very well with Time Warp Tonic. Future's market is another option, that gives great snowballing. Be careful though, going into debt with future's market does incur a fee. If you cannot get a lead through the extra gold, then you have wasted your money. Though when paired with first strike you can really capitalise on getting an early lead and snowballing.

Time Warp Tonic/ Cosmic Insight

Time warp tonic is another really common secondary rune on Aurelion Sol. It synergises very nicely with Corrupting Potion and Biscuit Delivery. You can catch enemies off-guard with a short burst of health and move speed from consuming a potion. Alternatively, you can go cosmic insight for the item CDR, if you are building items like Crown of the Shattered Queen.


Bone Plating Second Wind

Very solid secondary runes on Aurelion Sol. Bone plating really takes the edge of opponent's burst combos, and allows a lot of safety in lane. Just be wary that it can be disabled by poke. Second wind is a more niche option that can be taken into enemies with a lot of constant poke like ADCs.


Aurelion Sol always benefits from more HP as it allows him to last longer and deal more sustained damage. Overgrowth is a really nice secondary rune for giving that little bit more HP at all stages in the game to live a little longer.


Attack speed/adaptive force

The choice here is preference. Generally, attack speed is better because it is good for early trading with auto attacks and makes farming easier. But you may want to opt for adaptive force with runes like Electrocute, since adaptive force gives ability power, and having early ability power gives electrocute more early damage.

Adaptive force/armour/magic resist

Generally you should go the adaptive force since it increases your damage and the extra AP makes farming with Cosmic Creator easier. But sometimes you will want the defensive option, especailly if the matchup is tough.

Armour/magic resist

Pick the shard that relates to the type of damage your lane opponent does. Into the likes of Zed you would pick armour, into the likes of Lux you pick magic resist.
Aurelion Sol is a reactive champion, that can do various things for his team. He can provide peel, burst damage, sustained damage and map pressure. When you see the enemy team and your own, you want to be deciding what you want to play into of Sol's strengths that game. When you're learning it is a good idea to pick one rune and learn how to play with it, but it can be a really good idea to learn how to use mutliple runes of different functions so you can adapt to your enemy. One example of this would be picking phase rush over electrocute into a team with multiple bruisers/tanks, so as to kite them better. Also have an idea of what kind of items you will want to be building, as specific items synergise better with certain runes and are better with/against certain team compositions.

Starting the game
Starting the game with Aurelion Sol you have to decide what ability you want to level up first: Breath of Light or Astral Flight. Starsurge is recommended into melees, as you can stun them whenever they try and farm and pepper them with autos. It can also be good if your team is wanting to invade the enemy jungle at level 1. Into ranged matchups celestial expansion is often better because you can harass them from a range easier, and it makes farming with passive easier.
When you get to lane don't forget that your auto attacks do a lot of damage. Whenever you can try and auto enemies. Just look out that you are not taking too much minion fire in return, as they will try and protect their champion if you attack them. You are very

Pre 6
After level 3 many champions' combat potential spikes pretty hard. Aurelion Sol's does not. Instead, his full kit allows him to shove the wave into tower and roam.
While you don't spike that hard in terms of combat potential, it doesn't mean you can't fight. Into most matchups you can continue trading, making sure to weave in autos to maximise damage. Though you do need to be careful of the matchup. Into the harder early matchups, you may need to just sit back and try not to fall behind on CS.
After you level up Singularity you should always be looking at the map for when you can roam. The key to roaming well is when you can leave lane, while losing minimal resources. Having your wave underneath the enemy tower gives you the golden oppertinity to leave lane, since it will take a while for the enemy to shove the wave to your tower and for you to start losing gold and xp from minions. One key aspect to playing Aurelion Sol is learning what is a good and what is a bad roam. You will expend a lot to roam, especially if you have not shoved the wave. What differentiates the best Aurelion Sol players from the rest is that they only take the best oppertunities, waiting for the oppertune moment so that their roam is almost guaranteed to yield a kill, or at least summoner spells. When you roam using the EQ combo is not advised, as you are coiflipping whether it will land. It is best to E to the enemy, then cast Q.

Laning phase
Many champions also spike pretty hard at level 6. You don't spike too hard. Instead of having a great combat ability unlocked, you get a safety ability. You can definitely use your ultimate to fight and the Q>R combo can be devestating, but unless you are confident you can get the kill it is worth saving as it could save your life. Your ult can be incredibly useful when roaming, as you can E behind an enemy and then ult them into your team.
For the rest of the laning phase you want to be continuing as you were pre-6, with the exception that you can be more agressive into the more early game champions since you start to scale. Map presence is still hugely important here, and keeping up on resources. If you can keep a similar CS to your enemy while roaming once or twice, you are automatically doing better (that is unless you're donating them kills).

Mid game
Once the first towers have started being taken, your bot lane should go mid lane. By this time your ADC should have some items, and should start dealing a lot of damage. They need to be mid so they can be relevant in further teamfights and taking objectives. If this happens, you should then go bot lane (or wherever there isn't someone farming). Try and shove the wave up to where the first turret would be, or further if you have vision. Though if your bot lane does not go mid, just try and go wherever there are minions to farm. If a fight looks like it is going to happen, have Singularity ready so you can be there at a moments notice. One nice use of ability haste items like Liandry's Torment is your e cooldown is much lower. You can sometimes use your Singularity to get to a lane fast, then by the time a fight starts you have it up again. You need to be in every good fight your team starts because teamfights and objectives are how you win after laning phase. Aurelion Sol is good in the sidelanes since he can quickly group with his team, but his dueling and tower taking are poor.
If an objective is being taken, you can challange it with your E>Q combo.

Late game
Late game you should be grouping with your team as much as you can, and trying to get vision around the map. You are a great asset in teamfights, so you want to start a 5v5 if you can. If an enemy is out of place, use your Breath of Light to lock them down, and if an enemy is running you can use your Falling Star to slow them so they cannot escape or straight up use it to finish them off if they are low enough. Late game your positioning in fights is what will win them for you. This is something that cannot be taught in a guide, and only comes from practice. Make sure to be hitting as many enemies as possible with all your abilities, and if you are facing high burst high mobility champions like zed, irelia or yi try and focus them with your crowd control before they kill your carry/ies.

Your main power spikes

Level 1

Aurelion Sol has a surprisingly strong level 1. His autos give a fair amount of damage, and with a Breath of Light followed by two auto attacks, or three Astral Flight hits you can easily proc Electrocute

Hextech Alternator

Of all the components Aurelion Sol can buy, the alternator gives one of the largest power spikes. It isn't massive, but it means you can play a bit more agressive. Other components just give more power, wihtout it changing your damage output to drastically.

Level 6

Level 6 gives you Falling Star. It is generally a really useful ability, giving safety with the knockback, chase potential with the slow and long range damage.

Maxing Astral Flight

Aurelion Sol gets a lot of damage from ability levels, and when his main damage source is maxed his combat potential is almost at its maximum (not counting items).

First item

Aurelion Sol, like all other champions spikes on first item. The size of the power spike depends on the item. Damage orientated items like Liandry's Torment, Shadowflame and Hextech Rocketbelt offer a large powerspike, whereas for items like Zhonya's Hourglass and Rylai's Crystal Scepter the jump in damage is less noticable.

Completed boots

Having completed boots gives Aurelion Sol a great amount of room to position, and Sorcerer's Shoes especially give great damage. Most of the time you want to complete your boots either after your first main component, or just after your first item. Some players choose to even complete boots before buying anything else.


Building mejais on a 10 stack dark seal is really good for Aurelion Sol, giving you much more snowballing potential and some nice movespeed to go with it.

Two items

Two items is where Aurelion Sol starts to hit is peak. You will probably have one defensive/utility item and one damaging item, or two damaging items if you are ahead. At this point you should be a threat in teamfights. This is your most pronounced power spike. You do continue scaling after this and are still strong in the late game, but Aurelion Sol is not a high scaling champ.
saibot0: youtuber and twitch streamer who makes Aurelion Sol commentated gameplay videos, as well as videos talking about the champ, any changes that happen and how they affect him. Saibot0 is a pioneer of Aurelion Sol top, while being a great player of Aurelion Sol mid.

lol_sol: youtuber and twitch streamer, who produces loads of commentated gameplay videos.
Me (Magmora) - writing, phrasing, coordinating, title art, alongside splurging all the Aurelion Sol related thoughts since I started maining him into this guide
Saibot0 and lol_sol - answered my questions and provide great educational content for us to wach
Aurelian Sol - gave me detailed advice of what Aurelion Sol players should be looking to do at all phases of the game
Insoluble Salt - game plan insights
Kelvin Lo - game plan insights, itemisation advice, combo advice
DeathIsComing887 and AUSJAK - friendly yone mains giving matchup advice into yone

And finally all the unnamed redditors over at r/Aurelion_Sol_Mains who have shown me gameplay, given me advice and discussed this champion with me since I joined their wonderful community
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