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Renekton Build Guide by Embracing

AD Offtank Rampant Renekton, an In-Depth Renekton Guide by Embracing

AD Offtank Rampant Renekton, an In-Depth Renekton Guide by Embracing

Updated on April 29, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Embracing Build Guide By Embracing 526 81 3,260,360 Views 287 Comments
526 81 3,260,360 Views 287 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Embracing Renekton Build Guide By Embracing Updated on April 29, 2013
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DISCLAIMER: This guide's information may be outdated in many ways due to my lack of free time to edit. However I will be constantly updating the cheatsheet when I find out better ways to play Renekton!

  • Build One items shuffled around a bit. Force of Nature too overkill just for one AP, so I replaced it with a GA. A Negatron Cloak and health is enough to deal with one AP.
  • Changed back from Heal/ Ignite to Ignite/ Flash - Flash still most reliable spell in most general situations.
  • Changed from Warmog's Armor to Frozen Mallet - Warmog nerfs + damage / slow on Fromal
  • Marks changed from ArPen to flat AD - Mastery changes made this boss.

  • Masteries changed from 9/21/0 to 21/9/0 - Top lane is really aggressive right now, and Renekton can snowball a lot better with these masteries.
  • Added a build two section and two scenarios:
    1) First one of build two is if you snowballed early and got an advantage, but you cannot use that advantage well enough thus transitioning to defenses.
    2) Second one of build two is if you snowballed early and kept applying pressure and kept dominating from then.

  • Minor bug fixes.

  • Changed a LOT of formatting; hopefully it looks better ^ ^

  • Removed cheatsheets at top of guide
  • Added two new sections; Sample Builds and Getting Raped

  • Revamped cheatsheet + items section
  • Slight fixes to the "I'm getting raped" section
  • Fixed Lane Harass B

  • Revamped cheatsheet and masteries

  • Revamped cheatsheets

  • Updated item list

  • Updated information

  • Changed skilling order and fixed introduction and skilling explanations

  • Updated itemization
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Hello guys. I'm RosePhoenix, an 1840 elo player on NA (s2) and 1875 elo player on CN (s3), and this will be my third guide on MOBAFire. This one's going to be about Renekton, the Butcher of the Sands.This guide will be focusing on an offtank bruiser Renekton while also focusing on some important damage output he needs.
Renekton's current status and role of the game is a tanky armor-shredder. With large amounts of health Renekton can easily sustain through teamfights, and combined with Slice and Dice, enemies will have low armor values which leaves them vulnerable to damage from your ADC.
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On a faraway world, Renekton was born a member of a race of bestial guardians created to serve as the rulers and protectors of their people. Alongside his brother Nasus, Renekton oversaw the upkeep of the Great Library, which served as both a vault of ancient knowledge and the repository of the teachings of the Cycle of Life and Death. While the enlightened Nasus taught those scholars who came to study, Renekton served as the Great Library's gatekeeper. He could sense the true natures of those who sought Nasus' teachings, and he sent away those with dark ambitions. Over time, however, his repeated exposure to this evil infected his mind. He grew furious with the malevolence in the hearts of men, and as he descended deeper into madness, he discovered he could quell the fury by cutting the evil from the men who possessed it. Unfortunately, the relief was as short-lived as the subjects, and the ''butcher's rage'', as it came to be known, would resurge even stronger.

Consumed by his anger, Renekton turned on the one being who could defeat him -- his own brother. Nasus pleaded with Renekton to see reason. Realizing that he was beyond redemption, the despondent Nasus valiantly struck down his wayward sibling. Defenseless, Renekton waited eagerly for death's release. It never came. He was spared when summoners from the League of Legends claimed his brother. Caught in the wake of this powerful spell, Renekton tumbled for what seemed like ages between realities. When he finally emerged, he fell deep into the sewers of Zaun. Insane with fury, Renekton languished in his newfound home, driven senseless by his rage. That is until, by happenstance, he caught a familiar scent on the air. Believing that the familiar scent who guide him to the solace which was fading from his memory, he his brother all the way to the Institute of War.

''My brother has become hollow. Full of rage, but empty.'' -- Nasus, the Curator of the Sands.
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Pros / Cons

Pros / Cons

+ Strong laning phase with large damage radius.
+ Great pushing potential.
+ Double-dash for easy gap-closing.
+ Powerful low-cd sustain ability.
+ On-hit burst + stun.
+ HP and AOE damage buff in ultimate.
+ Needs no mana, even gains fury by every hit!
+ EXTREMELY fun to play!

- High cooldowns.
- Short dash if not touching enemies.
- Easy kited when dash is on CD
- Damage falls off as game progresses
- Auto-pushes lane with haras (sometimes bad)
- Dependant on items
- Minimal damage to tankier champions
- Nothing else, really.
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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush
Other Viable Runes
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Now that the masteries have changed, there is only one optimal way to spec Renekton.

Provides best stats for Renekton, since Renekton is better off with more tankiness in his early game lane because of his already-strong damage in lane. The damage mitigation will help a lot with his lane sustain and mid game tankiness.
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Summoner Spells

Viable Summoner Spells

Ignite provides so much extra damage early game and late game. Can be used for that last finishing touch to a kill and greatly adds on to killing potential.

Still one of the strongest spells in game because of its blinking capabilities. You can still use this aggressively in teamfights, and defensively to jump over walls.

Another great summoner spell on Renekton. A great escape mechanism along with your Slice and Dice, and is awesome for chasing. Brings less utility than Flash, but now that Flash was nerfed, Ghost has a lot more usage in solotop lanes now for covering distance. Generally best used when enemy laners have little blinks and dashes.
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Ability Explanations

Reign of Anger
ABC This makes Renekton what he is. Gives him that red bar of rage below his health! This passive boosts up so much of every other ability.
  • Try to get your fury bar above 50% for maximum harass in lane.
  • Remember the bonuses >50% fury gives each ability!

Cull the Meek
abc Cull the Meek is Renekton's bread and butter all game. It gives Renekton so much sustain and harass early game. Does a GREAT amount of AoE damage with a large radius and low cooldown. Allows for insanely strong chain-harass and AOE burst.
  • Use Cull the Meek with >50% fury for extra sustain in lane.
  • Don't be afraid to spam this in lane for harass or sustain!
  • Make sure you don't ruin lane freezing with this ability.
  • If you're almost down and a DoT will kill you, use Cull the Meek for that last bit of health to save your life.

Ruthless Predator
abc A great stun that lets Renekton pretty much 1v1 anybody. Deals two or three hits along with a stun, while also resetting the autoattack timer. Allows you to be the first to dive in and lead your team to focus down one target, while preventing him / her to escape.
  • Be sure to focus down the right targets with this ability.
  • While running from one target, you can stun them to ensure your escape.
  • If you see enemies put down a ward, dash to it and autoattack, then immediately use Ruthless Predator to kill it before it stealths.

Slice and Dice
abc Renekton's gap closer that isn't like any other. It has a small range without applying the second effect, but as long as it touches any sort of enemy, you can do a double dash. Allows you to chase up to people, does great damage, and shreds armor along with >50% fury! This gives Renekton the ability to harass like mad early game, and also gives so much mobility during the whole game.
  • Jump to a minion while chasing to double jump in front.
  • Can be used over small walls; it has the same range as Nidalee's Pounce.
  • Can be abused for early game harass and juking.
  • Has a SUPER strong armor shred when maxed that will greatly help your team's AD Carry.

abc An Ultimate just like Nasus's. Provides him with a HUGE amount of HP, an awesome DoT around him, and constantly gives him fury. This ability allows Renekton to dive in the fray while being tanky enough to do massive damage, while also lettting Renekton to easily 1v1 anybody throughout the whole game.

  • Use Dominus when near enemies to do massive amounts of AoE.
  • Dominus provides a lot of HP, so when you're running away and almost dead, using this might actually save you.
  • If you get ganked or see two enemies that are low, you can probably score a double kill just with this ult. Do NOT underestimate it. The timings must be mastered by yourself in game.
  • Has a decent range, so if you're near an enemy running away from you, popping this can ensure the kill.
  • Allows Renekton to easily turret dive any enemy that's low.

Spell Combos
Lane Harass A: ABC Slice and Dice(In) --> Ruthless Predator --> Cull the Meek --> Slice and Dice(Out)

Lane Harass B: ABC Slice and Dice(In) --> Cull the Meek --> Ruthless Predator --> AA --> Cull the Meek

Chase: ABC Slice and Dice(1st) --> Slice and Dice(2nd) --> Ruthless Predator --> Cull the Meek--> Rinse and Repeat

Initiation: ABC Slice and Dice(1st) --> Ruthless Predator --> Cull the Meek --> Dominus --> Then depending on the situation

Escape: ABC Ruthless Predator --> Slice and Dice(1st) --> Slice and Dice(2nd) --> AND IF NECESSARY --> Flash
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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Q > E > W > E > E > R > E > Q > E > Q > R > Q > Q > W > W > R > W > W

Simply said, R > E > Q > W

I start off getting a point in each ability for maximum lane control early game.
Getting a point in Ruthless Predator first is strong for the strong burst it gives at level 1.

I start off maxing Slice and Dice because the armor shred is what gives Renekton his strong presence through harasses, duels, and teamfights. The armor shred proves to be very effective early game against low armor or medium armor targets. Though you lack out in huge amounts of sustain, you still have enough to cope with lane phase.

After that I'd max Cull the Meek for the AOE nuke which synergizes greatly with your ultimate and also provides massive amounts of sustain. Maxing Cull the Meek next gives Renekton his key damage output in teamfights and also sustains him up as well.

Lastly max Ruthless Predator because it's a one-point-wonder, with each successive level not giving as much as his other abilities.

Of course, add points in Dominus whenever you can (6,11,16).

If you're having problems in lane maxing Cull the Meek first helps to sustain and helps you survive through lane while also giving you key damage output. After that max Ruthless Predator or Slice and Dice depending on what you need (lower cooldown and armor shred versus lower cd stun)

Alternatively if you're against a weak laner or need the early heavy CC maxing Ruthless Predator gives you a huge nuke early game.

It all depends on the enemy laner.
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Core items

These are the core items for Renekton. The double Giant's Belt build helps a lot for suvivability and tankiness mid-game for dives. Renekton also has really high damage as well, which helps greatly. Sunfire's Cape also helps for pushing a lot.
Starting Items

Sight Ward SPACE
9 Health Potions + 2 Sight Wards
Common starting items for solo-top at the current moment. Early game is focused on sustain, and grabbing the pots and wards will help with sustain and safety.

Sight Ward
SPACE Elixir of Fortitude + 4 Health Potions + Sight Ward:
REALLY strong snowball build. The red pot is used when you are low (gives instant health) or when going all in and needing extra damage. Pots are good for sustain and ward gives safety as well.

Early Game Items

Giant's Belt
This is a great item to buy for lane control. It gives a LARGE amount of health, and also builds off into Warmog's Armor or Frozen Mallet.

A great item that provides a decent amount of health, but most importantly, CDR. A great item to get early on. Further explained in Core Items.

The Brutalizer
Best early game tanky DPS item to ever get. Provides just the right amount of Armor Penetration for you to be a nasty threat to carries.Really cost effective, and generally always the first item you want to aim for if not Kindlegem. This item provides most of the damage you need from mid to late game.

Chain Vest
Standard armor item to get versus strong AD. Rush this into Sunfire's Cape for massive anti-melee potential.

A GREAT anti caster item for Renekton. Gives a hefty amount of MR and AD, which both benefit Renekton. Costs relatively low, and is a great item now since the release of Maw. Provides a great passive that will save you from nukes like Karthus's Requiem.


Mercury's Treads
One of the best boots in the game. Provides massive amounts of CC reduction while also giving a decent amount of MR. Every team comp usually has more then 3 CC's, so generally you'll always be getting these boots.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity
A GREAT pair of boots that provide 15% CDR, which is almost half the amount of max CDR. CDR benefits Renekton a LOT. I still prefer to get Mercury's Treads for the tenacity though, since tenacity is so favored in the current game.

Ninja Tabi
Another viable choice of boots. Gives a decent amount of early game armor for a really cheap price with a decent unique that furthermore lowers enemy damage. I generally get this if I'm up against an unfavorable strong lane, or if the enemy has a strong AD jungler. Like Lee Sin or Darius for example.

Core Items

The Black Cleaver
This item exists for AD casters. Not only does it provide insanely strong stats, it also allows for one extremely strong early game item to be changed into a strong mid / late game item as well. Squishies will be squishier and tanky enemies will also be affected as well.
Warmog's Armor
The flat health on this item simply gives the survivability Renekton needs for mid game. By purchasing this item Renekton's bulkiness lets him have an extremely strong presence while building up to other items.

A core early game item on Renekton to further his early game advantage. The health allows for more harass soak and the CDR helps for harassing. This item is extremely cheap and also builds into stronger late game items like Spirit Visage if having trouble with APs or Zeke's Herald when your team needs it.


Last Whisper
Another great addition to armor penetration which allows for a larger damage output to enemy carries buying armor and enemy tanks as well.

The Bloodthirster
A strong damage item for mid / late game when you actually need the damage output and sustain. The item helps you damage carries and bruisers in the front line, giving you a lot of presence in a fight.


Spirit Visage
A great tanky item that gives a heap of MR. Is generally a great item to buy that builds out from Kindlegem, a core early game item. The passive improves your hp regeneration, which is helpful with aura buffs and baron buff.

Sunfire Cape
A great item that provides a LOT of HP and armor. Brings in an awesome AoE passive that synergizes so well with his ultimate.

Randuin's Omen
Another great item that provides a MASSIVE amount of armor while also providing an active slow that will really improve your chasing capabilities. This item is probably the single best anti-AD carry item because it greatly slows your carries when diving them (they are forced to attack you) and serves its slow role much better than Frozen Mallet does.
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Early Game

This guide is meant for Renekton to go solo top, so remember to call for it for playing.
Renekton has a really strong early game in lane. He is, if not, one of the best laners in game. What you'll be focusing on early game is last hitting, farming, like every other solo top champion, and outlaning the enemy solo top.
Farming is the most important concept for a solo top champion along with harass and lane control. Unless mid game starts earlier, which would be something along the lines of a teamfight / group push at mid, you'll want to be pushing or pressuring the enemies the whole time. Generally you can start efficient harassing at lvl 3. Always make sure to ward your own lane. Also don't overpush your own lane when the enemies are near top, because sometimes even if you see the enemy jungler coming, they can reach you before you escape. When you see the enemy jungler somewhere else, you are free to push your lane and roam with that advantage.
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Mid Game

Renekton shines the most mid game. You'll be dealing out massive amounts of damage while also being tanky enough to survive. You can either wander around looking for overextended or outpositioned enemies, or just keep farming at all times, because farming is usually what wins games besides kills. If possible, take the red buff, and go help other lanes that are under pressure.

At this point you probably will have a Warmog's Armor and Black Cleaver. You'll generally want to aim for around 200 CS in 20 minutes.

Generally, if you played well, you can assure victory solely at mid game, because of the massive threat Renekton is mid game. Renekton is a threat to all enemies in a teamfight, because his Dominus provides so much tankiness, while his other abilities give him so much more AoE AD damage. He can pretty much turret dive any champion that's near half health, because of his Dominus and Cull the Meek. In mid game you can easily lead dives and invades and force objectives.
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Late Game

During late game Renekton should be one of the most tankiest champions on the team. Your damage will fall off, but you will still be a huge threat. After all the items, you should generally stick with the team and do things any champion should do late game. Make sure to keep map awareness and always be helping everyone. Make sure you play safe, just like any other champion you play in this game. Generally, one death on a teammate will lose people the game. Do NOT get outpositioned or overextended. Make sure to keep vision everywhere on the map. If you can save a teammate with your stun, go dive in and save them.
Always aim to either peel for your carries or dive the enemy carries.
Tank damage for your teammates, shred down the enemies, and win!
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In a team fight, you will be one of the hardest ones to kill. You should be dashing around the fight, dealing massive damage and ripping apart carries. Renekton can stick onto enemy carries ridiculously well. Dominus and Cull the Meek will make you a humongous threat to all of their champions. In the teamfight, dive in and focus the carries. If the enemies are onto your carries and your team has no one to defend them, go save them by stunning some of the enemy anti carries / bruisers. Otherwise, dive in the enemies and focus down the squishy carries. You generally want to focus down the Ranged AD carry first, following along with the AP caster and support.
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Closing Statements

Thanks to jhoijhoi for the awesome guide on making guides! You can find it here!
Also thanks to Voyboy's Renekton guide on SoloMid.NET! For all of you who don't know who he is, he's probably the best Renekton player in this game.
Thanks for everyone who provided good feedback! Especially Psiguard and whoever provided a lot of help!

Thanks for reading this guide. I've spent a lot of effort writing this guide, and I hope it has helped you in some way. I hope you enjoy this interior crocodile alligator and have great success with him!

Again, thanks a bunch!
/signed, RosePhoenix
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