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Ryze General Guide by boning2010



Updated on March 29, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author boning2010 Build Guide By boning2010 7,795 Views 5 Comments
7,795 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author boning2010 Ryze Build Guide By boning2010 Updated on March 29, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Change Log

[03/28/12] - ADDED CHAPTERS
[03/29/12] - ADDED "TIPS AND TRICKS"
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Hi.. This is my first time making up a guide here on mobafire and what i want to share to you is the build of my ryze as a semi off tank.. OFF TANK CHAMPION are champions who are capable of staying in the long game or can finish the game early.. they are capable of CARRYING the all game all through the playtime.. Since they have not only BIG HP but also BIG DAMAGE to rhe opposition team.. And ryze could be one of the CHAMPION that can be built as an OFF TANK.. allow me to explain briefly to you.. BTW i'm just new in guide making so please bear with me if my guide is kind of ugly and not to attractive to scan upon. :))
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Ok first of all, are you on MID , SOLO TOP or BOTTOM or DUAL?
you see playing as Ryze and building him up comes in different situation , natches on who's on the lane and if what lane are you in. Building him up might be complicated if your build is stagnant on every situation that's why there's options. OK here we go.
ON the Champion Select Mode communicating with your team on who's lane who will be best to be prepared.

If your ON MID

Purchase and 3x at the beginning.

if your SOLO TOP or SOLO BOT

purchase and 3x at the beginning.

if your on TOP or BOT with PARTNER

purchase and sight ward at the beginning since your role is to support the carry ex. Tryndamere , Master Yi and others.
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FIRST of all we're gonna discuss all about his RUNES

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration X9 - you really need to max this runes in your mark.. since mark runes concentrate more on damage and magic pen. its really needed to pierce into the champion even though he has magic resist at the beginning of the game.

Greater Glyph of Mana X9 - since ryze damage depends on MANA not on ABILITY POWER he really needs to max this out so that he will have a pump mana at the beginning of the game. It's best for early kill spree especially if your ganking and solo mid.

Greater Quintessence of Mana X2 - helps you boost your mana at the beginning of the game for full pack early damage.

Greater Seal of Mana X2 - aid for mana to :D

Greater Seal of Health x4 Greater Quintessence of Health x1 - Now this seal will help your champion to be a bit more durable since ryze has a small health he needs this runes to stay longer in the lane especially if his in the mid. Also ryze is really squishy so you need these runes for him to be able to absorb damage.
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now since ryze is a SKILL BURST he really nid to sustain a lot of mana. this will help you sustain mana so you can skill spam. especially if you have Tear of the Goddess this mastery is a big help. the more you use yout skill the more bonus mana will be stack in your Tear of the Goddess the more ryze can deal damage to his enemy. and with this mastery the mana regen is just flowing.

for fast gold and fast lock items this mastery will be useful trust me.
now this is the beauty of appreciation for this mastery. since your mana is exploding you will also have a tremendous health regen because of this mastery. if you max this mastery you will have 1% mana convert to health regen per 5 sec. Let's say you have over 3500 mana you nid to get the 1% of it and we will have 35, so by the help of this mastery you will have an automatic 35hp regen per 5 sec even without health regen items.
Summoner's Insight : for Flash cooldown
Expanded Mind : free mana.
Meditation : necessary!
Swiftness : aid to enhance his mobility.
Wealth : in order to buy 3 Health Potion at the beginning.
Intelligence : more cooldown reduction means fast skill cooldown.
NOTE: Overload10%cd reduction + Frozen Heart20%cd reduction + Intelligence 6%cd reduction = a whooping 36%cd reduction.
Mastermind : definitely needed!
Hardiness : great for early survivability
Resistance : good defense against enemy AP
Summoner's Wrath when Ignite been use extra 10ap bonus till its cooldown
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  • for skill use

  • x3health regen

  • for movement speed


  • stacking bonus mana for damage

  • magic penetration

  • mana and cooldown


  • for defense

  • spell vamp

  • stay long on CC and clash


  • big health

  • good for spell flux


these items will provide the mana you need to execute a skill combo and to launch heavy damage at your opponent the mana regen are very useful to spam skills, a good way to pin down the opposite lane. Also the bonus mana will be a big help since the damage of your skills depends on the mana you have. If you have a big mana much assure that your will also deal a big damage at your opponent.
recommended shoes so that opponents receive your magic damage purely since it has 20% magic penetration. Its a really big help especially if your opponents has less magic resistance .
always remember that you have lower health, very squishy, and slow mobility, because of that you are the favorite prey to be hunted since your can only snare 1 opponent the others will likely take advantage of you at the beginning especially to AD opponents. Now this item will come in handy since it will slow them everytime they make a contact to you, also this item will give you 99 armor to toughen you up against physical attacks, 20%cooldown reduction to simultaneously cast your skill, and 500mana to bombard your enemy right away with your skill combo.
the beauty of this item is that it has a 20% spell vamp allowing you to draw against an opponent and if your team are skill base AP champion this will be helpful especially in clashing and tailing onto them since your granting them +30ability power.
this item is a balance boosting item since not only it boost your mana by giving you +525mana it also gives you +450health allowing you to stay longer on clash. the method of this item is that you need to purchase it before you got into lvl 18 for the passive to be use.
this is the item where we can make ryze an off tank champion. having those early list of items the Tear of the Goddess, (remember the bonus mana +1000) Frozen Heart, Rod of Ages. All of this item can give you to around 3500+mana hence it may exceed to about 4000+mana but with very low health lets say about 2000+health only. on the odds your still the lock target in CLASH,(because your a skill burst and with the help of you can deal massive splash damage and can kill multiple enemies) GANK(with you on the clash it will be difficult for them to execute their plans, cant push well because your a skill user. so they need to take you out on the list for them to move at ease) because of that WARMOG is the best item to toughen you up making you hard rock alligator skin giving you +920health with a stack bonus up to +350health and 30health regen. with this item you can reach having up a 4000hp and 4000mp.
this item should only be purchase if you already achieved +1000 bonus mana since this item convert 3%mana to your ability power enhancing your Spell Flux to deal heavy damage.
useful when you have a lot of AP opponents it can block 1 of their skills allowing you to escape or draw to them in battle.
if you are playing on a long game i know you will still be their lock target this item comes in handy when opponents only have minimum health and if the opponents will focus fire on you.
elixirs are often used or purchased if you have a stealth opponent trying to escape or sneaking at your back. Also this item is very useful in counter wards instead of buying vision wards.
Candidates for Replacement


Q. WHY Rylai's Crystal Scepter , Zhonya's Hourglass , AND Rabadon's Deathcap IS NOT RECOMMENDED?
A. because Ryze skill doesnt depend on ability power. his a mana maniac not an ap nuker.
Q. THEN HOW ABOUT Lich Bane , Manamune?
A. Lich Bane is not particularly needed since Ryze doesnt depend on physical attacks. also why bother upgrading it to Manamune when you can upgrade it to Archangel's Staff.
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The Survival Mode

OMG! Too much GANK from the LANE
If you're the favorite food in the game here's my opinion for surviving those killjoy enemies.
if GANKERS are stealth, AD carry TANKS or AP
purchase some sight wards and place it on the side bushes. if your on mid place 1 sight ward on either of the side bushes and stick there for security. Also place some Vision Ward at your lane so that you may spot if there's some stealth enemy trying to sneak from your back.
sight ward
SUGGESTED ITEMS if gankers are AP
sight ward
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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
allow me to briefly explain the abilities of ryze.
Ability Explanation

  • hey anyone wants a fast cooldown skill right? well this skill is the key for fast cooldown skill combo burst mode since each type you cast your abilities and cast another one the previous ability that has been cast will reduced its cooldown by 1sec and when you cast another skill same will happen to the two previous skills that has been casts.
  • Ryze 1st skill usually use to skill spam to creeps or to champions at your lane which also irritates them because of the range of your Overload and perhaps the damage cause to them overtime inficting damage continuously reducing their hp. also this skill gives cooldown reduction which is very useful in skill combo.
  • snare an enemy for 2 seconds which can give opportunity to initiate a skill combo also this skill can deal heavy damage to an opponent.
  • if you want to inflict greater damage to an enemy you should cast this skill unto him much better if your close to him so that the Spell Flux can bounce on both of you. The more bounce the more the damage is being inflicted to the opponent. It also reduce their magic resistance by up to 24 to make them more squishy in your abilities.
  • this spell grants Ryze the power to make all his abilities an AOE for over 7seconds also you will have a bonus mana up to 225 if you cast this skill. But the best part of this skill is that it has a spell vamp up to 25%, ain't that cool?
here i have discovered a skill combo for Ryze but i know there are many other ways for him to cast a combo but i hope this will be a little help. :D

- - - - -
Ryze can kill his opponent with this combo also if you follow this pattern Rune Prison can be cooled down fast if another opponent tries to get in the way. Oh if this combo cant directly kill your opponent then make sure to have an Ignite with you its a very big help specially in the early game since it can scortch out whole 1 bar or 1 bar and a half.

simple. because not only with the 2second snare it also deal big damage if you cast Overload then Rune Prison which is your focus skill you will notice that the opponent's hp depletes in a very big amount or should i say bar. try it and find out. see the big damage dealt to the opponent :D.

Tips and Tricks
  • casting Spell Flux on an opponent lowers their magic resistance also this skill can be bounce back to you, when on head to head situation best if you close the gap before casting Spell Flux so that it will bounce thoroughly to inflict more damage.
  • using Overload for last hitting creeps is another way in earning gold better just be aware of your mana.
  • Overload has a high range of 675 you can use it to cheatshot your opponent by hitting them and backing a little bit make sure you are remain at your range spot to simultaneously bombard your enemy with Overload.
  • if you have equip Ryze with a Guardian Angel its better if you use Desperate Power after you have been resurrected by Guardian Angel that's another way of recovering your life again and to chase those opponents with little hp.
  • Rune Prison can intercept Nunu & Willump Absolute Zero or Galio Idol of Durand when they are casting. P.S. make sure that you are out of Idol of Durand range in order to intercept it.
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Summoner Spells

Ryze is a killer, off tank, can also be a big support in ganking situations a good CC player also in clashing. He may have slow mobillity so you might wanna put in a Ghost or probably a Flash spell on him not only for escaping but also for chasing opponents. You might wanna add up Ignite since this is a very helpful spell for early kill spree. I'll explain to you why my spells are flash and ignite.
"D" ignite in early game can ensure a success kill. It can deal 70-410, also when your enemy has a spell Heal this spell can be casted upon them before they use their Heal to reduce its healing potential. A good way to Eradicate your opponent and simply not allowing them to regenerate as ignite slowly scorching their life away.
"F" flash can enable you to run away if your being chased, outmatch, or being gank by stealth opponents. It can also use to close the gap between you and the opponent to ensure a kill or to chase them if the skill combo is not enough to kill dem.
For ex. your enemy is Vayne she's an AD RANGE since she's squishy she'll set a distance at you so that you cannot reach her with your skill. That is where the Flash comes in handy. what i do is that first i use Flash to close the gap then i use my skill combo Overload Rune Prison Spell Flux Overload make sure to already cast Ignite since you have already consumed 2sec of your snare by that your Overload will refresh again and cast it to her. BOOM! sure kill!.. just like taking a candy from a baby.
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To make it real

Ryze KILLS 28 DEATHS 5 ASSISTS 14 HP 4009 MP 4478 AP 346
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Ryze is a fun playing champion in the league of legends. You can do ganking, multikills, do 1 on 1 solo mid. He can carry games even though he is very slow like a turtle, probably the scroll is just to heavy for him :D. If you have questions, comments or queries about my guides feel free to write at the comment box, i also accept suggestions since i know this build is not perfect and i know we have a lot of builds in this champion.
If you like this guide please upvote or +rep I would really appreciate it. And if you dont like this guide then its ok for me if you downvote it just post a comment why so that i may respond to your opinion :).
Have a Great "KILL SPREE" with Ryze
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Pros / Cons

  • slow mobility
  • very low hp
  • can be easily gank
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