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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nolog

Renekton is legendary

Nolog Last updated on February 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, foremost I have two things to say :
- English is not my native language so this guide may hurt your eyes, I apologize for this.
- I don't pretend to be a Renekton master, I'm just working on a personal build for this lovely champ. If some players have fun with my build, that's fine.

I tried many builds like full cooldown reduction, tank, hybrid, burst & more... None of them is really effective for me. Renekton have three main problems and I'm trying to balance them with this build :
- He got pwned during late game ("ROAAAH I'm teh croc *YOU DIED* ... sigh").
- He's doesn't kill because of his low damages.
- He's out of fury 95% of the time without a DPS build (but he'll die with this).

If you're making a tank build, you will survive during a team fight but your only efficiency will be some assists thank's to your ultimate. If you're making a fully damage/dps/CDR build, you will melt like an icecream during a sunny day.

Let me resume : we have to make damage, produce fury and survive during teamfight.... Hmmm... What about a build mixing attack speed & lifesteal ?

Well, let the show begin !

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01/28/11 - Guide published.

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Pros / Cons

Pros :
- Toolbox (heal, stun, dash, AOE)
- Can be deadly during lvl 1-6 with a good lane mate
- No mana
- Buffed abilities with 50+ fury
- Fun to play !

Cons :
- Cooldowns are huge
- Relatively weak
- Hard to play (effectively) !

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A new gameplay mechanic appears with Renekton : "Fury". Most of the League of Legends's champions use mana for their abilities (skills), there are some special cases like ninjas (energy), Mordekaiser (shield) or Garen (nothing !) but no one was using fury.

If you're a MMORPG player, you will recognize the warrior's system (rage/fury/whatever it's nammed). To be clear : more you hit, more you produce fury, more you can use abilities, more you're deadly !

Your goal with Renekton is to always get some fury (ideally 50+) before engaging an enemy.

Renekton's swiss knife. This skill allow you to do AOE (zone damage) AND heal you. This is your main farming skill : just place your char amid a creep's wave and release the Kraken... euh Cull the Meek. It's also a very good skill to use during a team fight.

Spirit Visage and his "+20% healing & regeneration effects" is the Cull the Meek's best friend.

A stun skill is just perfect for a hunter like Renekton, it'll hit the target twice and stun him ! Used after a surprise Slice and Dice, it'll make terrible terrible damages early game. If your lane mate have a stun too, you should get a nice start.

My favorite skill ! It makes Renekten unpredictable, he can catch some easy target or escape from a close end !

The base combo is Slice and Dice through some creeps before a champion > Ruthless Predator (50+ fury) to stun and hurt your target > Cull the Meek > Slice and Dice to escape after your kill / harass.

Important : you can pass through some walls with this abilities !

A temporary "����¯�¿�½������¼ber form" who give makes Renekton :
- Bigger (*FEAR little Teemo*)
- A 300 HP heal
- Zone (magic) damages ! (like the Sunfire Cape).

During a teamfight, you have to add Dominus to your combo :

Generate some fury before > Slice and Dice to enter the brawl > Ruthless Predator on a weak champion (you should have 50+ fury for this) > Cull the Meek for heal and additional zone damage.

Now, two choice :
- you're not focused by the enemy team and not taking huge damages : stay a little more, use your skills & auto attack and escape with Slice and Dice when you're low hp.
- you're taking huge damages, escape using your 2nd dash of Slice and Dice.

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Summoner Spells

My choice
During your chase, you'll be distanced by a lot of your prey. That's why I usually chose Exhaust & Ghost. Note that you can use them to escape a deadly opponent too !

Why not
Ignite could replace Exhaust to ensure some kills.
Smite if you feel like a jungler today.
Flash to be faster in the middle of the team fight or to escape through a wall (but you have already Slice and Dice for this).
Teleport for some map control.

Other are pretty useless in my opinion.

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I tried a lot of combinations and even if a defensive masteries build is not bad, the 21/0/9 seems to be the best choice to fully exploit the deadly Renekton's potential.

Beware, this build won't forgive any error from you and that's why it's difficult to be a good Renekton : you have to be careful !

If you feel too weak, try the LordSlash's 1/21/8.

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* Greater Mark of Desolation (x9)
* Greater Seal of Vitality (x9)
* Greater Glyph of Focus (x9)
* Greater Quintessence of Desolation (x3)

Renekton's abilities are all dealing physical damages except his Ultimate so you have to get some armor penetration. In view of the huge Renekton's cooldowns, Glyph of Focus are non-negotiable. Other runes aren't definitive, you also could use the following runes if you're feeling too weak :

* Greater Seal of Evasion (x9)
* Greater Glyph of Shielding (x9)
* Greater Quintessence of Fortitude (x9)

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Skill Sequence

By taking Ruthless Predator as first skill, you're looking for some early kill. The best way to do this is to get a lane mate who can stun too. Don't be too cocky at level 1, wait your Slice and Dice to try something if you feel confident.

On the contrary, if you don't feel confident (a lanemate's champ without stun, 2 good ennemy, ...), you can replace Ruthless Predator by Cull the Meek as first skill to get some free heal.

Don't forget, Cull the Meek is your best abilitie ("fast" cooldown, heal, AOE) so it's your priority (after Dominus of course).

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Boot choice

My favorite choice : MR is always welcome in LoL and you'll enjoy the 35% cooldown for movement inhibiting effects when you have a team running behind you !

If you're having a great start (like 2/0/1) and feel confident about this game, you could take the Ionian Boots to get some cooldown reduction.

Such as the Ionian Boots, you could enjoy some attack speed although I don't really like them for Renekton.

If you feel frustrated by being outrun by your prey, try these.

But don't forget that Mercury's will save your *** many times !

Base items


I used the Doran's Shield during a looong time with Renekton, and it's a bad choice. Renekton is born to be aggressive, don't lose your time/masteries/money on making him tanky. The Doran's Blade + 21/0/9 + Armor Penetration (from runes) should give you some easy kill during the first 10 minutes. Moreover, the 3% lifesteal fit perfectly in this build.

You're now doing your first way back, two situations :

Bad start


You're standing behind your tower while taking huge damages? Be patient and start with the Mercury's Treads (if you haven't enough money, take the Negatron Cloak).

Good start

+ +

You made some kills and/or assists and should be able to buy basic boots (you'll finish them later) & Madred's.

Do I really need to explain why boots are important? :-)

You should be lvl 7-8, it's now time for some gank but before... You'll say hi to the jungle's citizens to get money & buffs. That's why we are going to start with the Madred's Razors and their "15% chance on attack to deal 500 damage to a minion".

Once you have clean the jungle, let's make some kills by ganking !

+ + +

Earn money to finish your Bloodrazor, start with the Recurve Bow (attack speed = moar fury !) then take Pickaxe.

This item will give you all you need (except lifesteal) :
- AD + atk speed = hit hard while you're generating fury.
- Armor = always useful.
- Passive = perfect to take down tanks.

During a long period, this was one of my first items but as I already said : Renekton have to be offensive, so you would lose too much time for the Madred's Bloodrazor by starting with Spirit Visage. I prefer a Madred's Razors to be more powerful.

One you got your Bloodrazor, Spirit Visage is still welcome for his MR and healing buff for Cull the Meek.

+ + + +

Start with Emblem of Valour and finish with Recurve Bow.

This item will turn on your Renekton in a crazy (support) monster :

1. Moar fury with your 1.5 attack speed.
2. Moar survivability thank's to a crazy lifesteal (thank's to your 1.5 attack speed).
3. Moar damage for your abilities (especially Cull the Meek as AOE) with the -20 armor of nearby enemy champions.
4. An aura for your allies that will help during teamfight.

Most of your games will end at this moment (or before), the Fervor close the core build of my Bloody Crocodile !

Offensive items

The key of a good game is adaptation, so feel fry to test other items like :

is a pretty good item for Renekton with AD, Atk speed and armor penetration.

is a really good choice for Renekton thank's to his cooldown reduction, AD, armor penetration and his active that will make you a perfect predator.

can give you some survivability and slow down your targets.

for moar AD and armor penetration.

for moar AD and some lifesteal.

wut wut loliwut? It's a little strange but yes, I really think this item can be useful for Renekton with his ultimate Dominus and his magical damages ! Moreover the +180 HP give you some survivability.

Against physical enemy

is one of the best defensive item of the game and his active will help during teamfight.

for some health/armor and moaaaar zone damage in addition of Dominus.

and Ashe, Tristana & their friends will stop focusing you.

is a nice armor/ad hybrid although it's not a "very good" item.

Against magic enemy

is always welcome with his MR, health regen & movement speed.

will save your croc's *** from unpleasant moments like Kennen's ulti or Karthus's one.

can save you while boosting your AD.

can be a funny choice with some attack speed, MR and a very nasty passive for casters !

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Rage management
Hitting creeps will generate rage, try to get 50+ before a fight with an enemy. If you're very low (or out) of fury, the fastest solution to make it grow is to use Cull the Meek in the middle of a Creep's wave. Getting a decent attack speed will help you to generate a constant 100 fury in late game.

Laning phase
1v1 and 2v2 during the first ten minutes of the game is one of the best moment to make kills. Try to play with a stunner and you'll be devastating.

Without ultimate :
on your prey (through creeps to generate fury and get the dice).
on the prey to stun her and allow you and your mate to inflict huge damages.
to make more damages and heal you (be sure to be surrounded by some creeps to be effective).
to catch your escaping prey or to escape.

Don't forget to make some auto attack between skills to generate fury.

With ultimate :
Use right after Slice and Dice if you feel confident or keep it to save you with the 300 HP heal. Usually, it'll allow you to finish a champion by running near him while he's trying to escape.

Jungling & Creeping
Once you're level 6-9 and if your lane mate can solo lane, back to town in order to buy Madred's Razors. Now it's time for a jungle cleaning, make money/XP and get buffs. The opposing team missed you some minutes ago and you'll find some ganking opportunity.

Team fight
People are now moving in team and you you will not have much opportunity for a lonely prey. You're face to face with the opposing team, waiting for the brawl. Never engage them, it's the tank's role and you'll die instantly by doing this.

One the fight is engaged and some enemy's skills launched, it's your time :

1. If you can, generate 40-50+ fury before the fight.
2. Enter the melee with Slice and Dice reaching as many enemies as possible.
3. Release the Dominus when you're in the middle of the adverse team.
4. Stun a weak & dangerous champion with Ruthless Predator.
5. Use Cull the Meek to deal some zone damage and heal your crocodile.
6a. If you're taking huge damages, escape with Slice and Dice.
6b. If not, overuse your capacities and kill catch up the last champions with Slice and Dice !

Note : Don't forget to use your item's active if you have one.

Since you're a melee champion, it can be very frustrating to see a low HP champion escaping successfully. But don't cry my friend, you have some solutions :

can make you close enough to use Ruthless Predator and finish your prey. Always try to use it through a creep to get a second dash.

"Oh you thought you were faster than me?"

"Wait dude !"

You got a crazy team running behind you? Ok, stay calm and use what you can :

[icon=Slice and Dice through a thin wall (look at the LordSlash's map). If you have no wall around you, try to use this skill on a creep to get a second dash.

can save you by stunning a champion but be careful, it's a very dangerous move if you're low HP.

to move faster.

can be useful on a champion who is much faster than you.

Note : At first, I was using Slice and Dice for some creep farm but I changed my mind after getting ganked many times. Actually, I always keep my Slice and Dice available when I'm in a potentially dangerous situation (like be far away in a lane while some enemy are missing), it'll save you many times.

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Final word

My last games (5v5 random & premade) with this build :

Don't forget, Renekton is not a beast that enter the fight without brain : you have to play him like a hunter and be extremely careful. I tested this build many times and it works, think about this if you're having a sequence of 2/12/4 :)

Enjoy & feel free to make constructive feedbacks after testing it (a simple negative vote wont help me to improve this guide) :)