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Rengar Build Guide by xRosco19x

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xRosco19x

Rengar, the True Hunter! Rengar Solo Top Guide! Updated

xRosco19x Last updated on September 1, 2015
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Top Rengar


Jungle Rengar

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Rengar with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Twitch His only escape is his invisibility and his Flash so there's nothing keeping you from kill him.
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Hello and welcome to my Rengar Guide! Well first things first, who is Rengar exactly? Well I will tell you! He is a complete badass Lion who jumps on enemies over and over and leaves them crying as he takes their heads as his own!
Rengar works from jumping on an enemy with insane burst damage and sticking to the enemy with an enormous amount of attack speed.

A Rengar has the possibility to snow ball very hard and carry a game. He takes out towers very fast and can be a huge help with backdooring.

Even if a Rengar is not doing too well, he snowballs well so he can comeback and still carry a game.

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Pros / Cons


  • Easy to harass in lane
  • Oracle's Counters his ultimate
  • Needs bushes for a good no ulti gank
  • Countered with hard CC and wards
  • Weak against full tank builds

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

This gives you an amazing first blood potential, as well as it scales better than the Armor Penetration Marks. They give a much more noticable difference in your early game than the ArPen Marks do.

Take 1 Critical Chance Mark for that lucky level 1 crit, it gives 1% but that crit melts anyone.

Armor Seals,good against ad top laners, like Riven or Jayce.

Magic Resist Glyphs,Good against ap tops like Nidalee or Cho'Gath.

AD Quints, Good for Rengar's Damage, giving your Savagery enough damage to give easy farm and first blood potential.

Other Options

Movement Speed Quints,Good to get if you find enemies escaping and are all around good for roaming.

Attack Speed Marks, I have tried taking these Marks many times and there isn't anything wrong with them. You lose some damage early game yes, but you gain a lot of self sustain other than Battle Roar, if you get an early Vampiric Scepter. I don't recommend these over anything else, but they are good Marks.
If you do take these, only get 6 along with 3 AD Marks.

CDR Glyphs, I would recommend taking either half, or all of these. They give a great boost to your jungle clear time, but late game you will need to purchase magic resist.

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Abilities and Skill Sequence

Knowing what Ferocity boosted ability to use in certain situations is KEY.

When Rengar is in a bush or in stealth, his next basic attack on an enemy will make him leap to that target. Can be used as an initiation, or an escape. How this passive is utilized will determine a good Rengar from a bad Rengar.
When activated, Rengar's next basic attack will do bonus damage and apply a buff that gives extra attack speed. The AD scaling on this ability is great, just keep that in mind.
Ferocity Boosted: Deals even more damage and gives a HUGE attack speed buff.
Deals magic damage to every enemy in a small radius around Rengar, and Rengar gains extra armor and magic resist for a small duration.
Ferocity Boosted:Deals more magic damage and heals for an amount plus a percentage based off of Rengar's AP.
Rengar tosses a bola at a target enemy, slowing them for 2 secondsand dealing physical damage.
Ferocity Boosted:Deals more physical damage and stuns the enemy target for 1.5 seconds.
Rengar goes stealthed and gains 15% extra movement speed, and after he unstealths, he gains +25/35/45% movement speed and rapidly generates ferocity points.


Your main combo for assassinating will be: R > Q > Q > W > E

Your Main combo for harassing in lane will be: Q > W > E > Q > Ignite if they are low enough. BE SURE TO HAVE 2 STACKS OF FEROCITY TO DO THIS COMBO!

Your Main combo for assisting in kills will be: R > E > W > Q >E

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Core Build

My favorite boots to get on Rengar, best for stacking ferocity points and for fighting 1v1 on top. There are plenty other options for boots you can get, these are just my personal favorite.
Rengar works great with this item. I hadn't started using this item for a while, but once I did I regretted never using it. It provides enough crit, attack speed, and with the new Thrill of the Hunt you need the movement speed.
I never looked into this item until very recent. This item gives 75 AD, a good amount of hp regen, and some lifesteal, it has an active AND a passive that deal damage to everyone around you. In teamfights when you jump on the enemy carry, this item will damage everyone around you. So even if you die, if you win the teamfight, you get 5 stacks on Bonetooth Necklace.
Playing Rengar on top you should always get at least 2 Doran's Blade. These really give an early game advantage against a lot of setups that cost roughly the same amount of gold.

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Offensive Item Options

Giving 100 attack damage, and 15% lifesteal, this item is one of the best. Take this for insane damage, and a good amount of lifesteal. Can't go wrong with this item.
This is probably one of my favorite items in the game. I didn't put it in the Core build because it isn't very essiential for Rengar. It gives 40 attack damage, a good amount of lifesteal, and attack speed. To top it all off with an active that makes noone able to escape, or catch you. This is an awesome item.
This item, I feel, is inferior to Youmuu's Ghostblade in combat abilities. You can take The Black Cleaver over Youmuu's Ghostblade by all means if you please, but I recommend to wait til late game to buy this.
This item is a must if they you are having a little trouble assassinating the enemy or maybe you aren't doing it fast enough. 40% armor penetration. Nuff' said.

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Defensive Item Options (Healthy)

This item is amazing for fed enemy carries. It slows enemies who attack you, as well as their attack speed. It has an active that slows enemies in an area. It gives a good amount of HP and armor, and should be taken in every game there is more AD than AP.
Playing around with this item was rewarding against bursty mages like katarina and ahri where you need to be healthy. Along with The Black Cleaver you can still burst an enemy and survive long enough.
I have experimented with this item, and I have found this most useful with team comps like Rengar Orianna Zilean or anyone that can speed up Rengar. This active is perfect for any hard engage, and under all the chaos of 5 man teams sprinting at an enemy, assassinations become easier.

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Defensive Items Options (Magic Resist)

I take these two items together if there is an enemy APC that is carrying through teamfights like a Brand. They will hardly be able to hurt you with these. Although be very careful for the ADC of the group. You have hardly any armor with this.
Now this item I take if the enemy AP top lane is doing good. Like an Elise (who should not be doing good since Rengar ***** on her in lane), but if she somehow came back, take this for the increased heal, cdr, and the magic resist.
Take this for an enemy AP who works off of Single target mives. This item completely counters Fizz, Ryze, and Nidalee. It does give mana and hp, even though you do not need mana, we don't take it for that reason.

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Jungle Rengo!

With the new s5 jungle, there is a lot of options you have. You mainly want to start at Krugs for the stun buff. After I take the Red and make my way down to the birds to get level 3. Kill off the little birds first, they hurt a lot more. Then if you are nice you can go take your weak side's skuttler. Counter jungling is possible anytime you spot the enemy jungler on the map, and you can honestly invade and kill them with 5 ferocity stacks, your kill pressure is pretty high. I usually take the first blue like normal, but all the others i give to my mid or support whoever needs it. Ganks at level 6 are easy mode, just ult in with 5 stacks already up, you can throw your Bola Strike mid leap for insta root and lockdown for easy kills. Without ult its still possible, just as long as they are near a bush, so it gets a little more difficult. Most of the time you can walk from behind and get a root off, you can find some malleable lanes to play with.

Dragon control is the name of the game as a jungler these days, every time you go back, pick up a pink ward for that dragon brush, keep on that skuttler, and don't let that damn Udyr solo that thing anymore!

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Early Game: Harassing, Farming, and Warding

KEY: Green is for sight wards, pink for visions
Every time you go back, if you have enough space in your inventory pick up a Stealth Ward and/or a Vision Ward. These are VERY good for your team and do so much more than people realize when they are playing. They get passed up by pretty much everyone on your team until about Gold 3-ish. That's when I noticed people getting more and more wards and understanding how important objectives are. When you are playing just remember, it is about gold. Towers, dragon, baron, and vision. Kills are the least important thing!

Ward near the enemy blue if on purple team, so you can see ganks coming or try and steal the blue. Ward the tri bush always, you can also pink the tri if you are fighting an Evelynn or anyone else that stealths. Put a pink ward on as many high traffic crosspaths. The solo bush by drag, the tri bushes near blue team red, or anywhere else you want.

Ward the enemy red, and/or golems if on blue team. You can ward either side of the red, one you can see them doing red or going to golems, the other you can see ganks coming.
Put a Pink ward in the very end of the bush so you can see and kill the wards they may or may not have up.
When farming, you want to use Battle Roar the most. Wait until the minion has VERY little hp and hit W. It will give you a stack on Ferocity, give you extra armor and mr, and does not put Savagery on cd. You want to keep this off cd in case they decide to engage.

Once you are at 4 Ferocity stacks in case they decide to jump on you.

Rengar is a very,very good bully. For example, Nasus does not do too well against Rengar because a god Rengar will make him pay for every Siphoning Strike he tries to do. A good way to get around you bullying them is to let you push and then freeze lane at their tower. This leaves you to gank mid, or just safely farm with Bola Strike as best you can. It is a risky move but worth it to deny farm from your enemy.

Another way to farm is from a bush. Get to 2 Ferocity stacks, and stay there. Sit in the bush and wait for a minion to be low and jump on it. Run back to the bush and repeat.

You can use this same method to harass the enemy (SEE ABILITY AND SKILL SEQUENCE TO SEE COMBOS!!!). At 2 stacks of ferocity, Jump the enemy and use the harassing combo. This will do tons of damage, and if it is early enough in the game it may kill them or make them waste a Flash or Exhaust if they have it.

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Mid Game: Roaming and getting objectives

Mid game is the point in the game where you should roam and take objectives. The first thing after laning is to go gank bot. If you can get the kills on the enemy bot lane, take the dragon, or take the tower.

Next you should go gank the mid lane if needed, help kill the enemy of possible, and take the tower. Kill the enemy adc as much as you can, and the teamfights should be easy.

You can take the more annoying approach for the enemy and just shove top as hard as you can and keeping their laner up there with you. Do this if you are behind mostly.

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Late Game: Teamfights and Winning the game

Late game, where it all matters. The entire game has led up to this point. If you did everything right you should have been able to get dragon, beat your lane, helped other lanes win, and are well on your way to victory!

When the teamfight starts wait til everyone to be engaged and focused, now is your chance!!! Ulti in there and kill that ADC using the assassination combo. Turn now to peel for your adc. Beat the hell out of whoever is attacking them. Show them who is the real assassin around here!

What to do after the teamfight? One of a couple things: Take Baron, take an inhibitor, take nexus towers, or win the whole game! The recommended thing is to have the adc and yourself 2 man baron, the rest take an inhib, if you cannot 2 man baron, help your team.

What to do when losing teamfights? OH NO! The late game came and they ace you in every fight? Don't start typing "gg report blah blah" Focus up and tell your team to guard and farm up gold. You now have the job of backdooring. Rengar is one of the best at it. you can ulti in and jump that tower, taking it down or most of it. Try not to die doing this, if you do, thats too bad. When you spawn, wait for your ulti to be back up. When it is back up get back out there and be very careful.

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Top lane: Different enemies and how to fight them

Xin Zhao Difficulty:5/10
This Lane can go either way depending on the skill of the enemy Xin Zhao. Just harass like usually and stun him before he can knock you up and get away so he can't keep up in harass. Keep him from farming too much but still focus on getting as much last hits as possible. Call ganks from your jungler and try to shut him down early or he can be a scary enemy later. Darius Difficulty:4/10
Pretty easy lane here since you can counter him harder than he can counter you. When you harass or are fighting try to get out of his range before he can do too much damage, but he probably will Decimate you on the way out unless you stun him and leave while he's stunned. When you think he is going to ulti you, stun him and use your ulti. Remember that most Darius's are very easily baited. Remember that =] Shen Difficulty:6/10
Enemy full tanks counter Rengar pretty hard, the best time to try and kill them is early levels before he can out tank your damage. He can easily get away with his dash and can save his teammates with Stan United. Consider maxing Bola Strike against him. Malphite Difficulty:6/10
So Malphite is easier than Shen, and actually killable. The Brutalizer can counter him a bit, be sure to ward your lane and careful for his harass with Seismic Shard. Teemo Difficulty:5.5/10
Welcome to the champion I believe is the most OP in the game and needs a nerf already! Gladly Rengar is good against him and can beat him in lane pretty easily. Most Teemo's I see try to blind me when i harass, but my abilities go through this OP little rat and will keep him from owning the game and killing you by attacking you once and letting poison take you to half hp. Now you only need oracle's and you can kill him in every way there is. Stay in the bush and when he least expects it, get Savagery on him before he blinds you or it will hit him after the blind. Difficulty:4/10
Gangplank is pretty squishy, but has some nice harass, stay in the bush and wait for his Parrrley is used on a minions before you jump him, without it he has almost no damage, and will likely lose lane unless he saves it for you. Difficulty 7/10
I used to think Rengar couldn't beat MANtheon, but turns out, he can. Do not use Savagery to harass him when his shield is up, or it does NO damage and goes on CD. Call in a gank and try not to feed him. His stun is pretty annoying so try to avoid getting close so he can't combo you. Consider maxing Bola Strike in this lane. Difficulty 5/10
Again Vi can beat you but can be beat by you the same way. Harass like usual and don't be afraid when she jumps at you, or she will beat you. Harass like usual and you should be fine. Difficulty 4/10
Pretty annoying lane here. He can heal whatever you throw at him. A good strategy is to let him push you kinda to your turret, and fight him. His Burning Agony will damage you and cause turret agro. This is only if you are having trouble. Like any other lane just farm and call for ganks. Another item that counters the hell out of him is Executioner's Calling. Difficulty:Varies
Fiora is a little weird to fight. Depending on how you use your skills depends who wins. When she uses Burst of Speed use Savagery to try and out damage her. But like every Fiora she WILL come back and she WILL get fed. Be prepared. Her reposte can block Savagery so consider maxing Bola Strike Difficulty:7/10
So Nasus is a very, very annoying lane, he can free farm with his passive lifesteal. you can't kill him with his perma-slow, and his ulti makes him ridiculously tanky. Harass as much as you can and try to deny him farm. Call in a gank when you can and try not to let minions push to his tower. Freeze the lane by your tower, but to where your tower cannot hit the minions.Man Bola Strike against him for the most effective and the safest harass. Difficulty:Varies
He is another counter to you. He has a lot of tankiness for your harass, and when you jump on him, he will stun you and Slice and Dice out. Call for a gank whenever you can and play passively. He is not a very big problem if you can handle a harass. Difficulty 7/10
Jax had always been a real pain in the *** to fight. He has a dodge, stun, leap, increased basic attack, and has snowballing attack speed. Although you may be able to beat him and stop him from carrying too hard. If you wait for his dodge to be on cd, you can do your harass like normal. If you wait for him to use Counter Strike and stun him, walk out of it's stun range,walk back in to do your combo. Do not 1v1 Jax, and know that when your jungler comes in, that he can Leap Strike to ally wards or minions. Consider maxing Bola Strike. Difficulty 6/10
The only real pain is his Demacian Justice and how it does a lot of damage when you are low, and since it has a cooldown, he may use it to start the fight. When he uses Judgement walk away until it is over. Go back in to be able to fight. After the silence from Decisive Strike, combo him and walk away again. Call for ganks and watch his movespeed from Decisive Strike, it is his best get-away move. Difficulty 4/10
Pretty easy lane here, until she reaches level 6. Then don't let her too close without being able to strike back. Try to wait until the mark from Mark of the Assassin is over(6 secoonds). When she uses her Twilight Shroud is when she is gonna harass like hell, or is running. Either way, Spam Battle Roar and then get out of her shroud. Also an early Hexdrinker would be good too. Your combos will completely make her HP pop! Difficulty 8/10
Jayce in a pain almost as much as Jax. The reason is because you HAVE to dodge Shock Blast or you will lose. Period. Also Jayce is a good counter to Rengar, so you really shouldn't go against him. Harass him and dodge the Shock Blast by staying behind minions. When he uses it, you can jump on him. Difficulty 4.5/10
Jarvan is a really fun champoon to play and kind of difficult to fight, but once you know how, he won't be a big problem. Be careful and WARD WARD WARD He can easily knock you up, and use Cataclysm so his jungler can kill you from behind. He works well with ganks, so again WARD WARD WARD!!! You can kill him early game before he gets too tanky. Difficulty 4/10
Irelia is only a minor problem to fight. She will most likely dash to mnions for last hits, so when she does, use Bola Strike and Savagery. Other than harassing her out of lane and getting lots of farm like always, she's a really easy lane to beat. But do be careful she can do some good damage with her ulti and has a stun. Difficulty 4/10
Harass him, he is squishy. Get an early armor item, then go for damage. Try to stay out of a bush when fighting him. Try to shut him down and stay near minions when you fight. Difficulty 7/10
Lee Sin is a pain. He will be jumping all over the place, and a good Lee Sin will always have a ward to escape, always. Care for him being so slippery, the kill may get away, or he may kill you and be on your *** the whole time, without being touched. Call for ganks and do not expect a kill, but you will need the free farm. Consider maxing Bola Strike Difficulty 2/10
Very easy lane here, your Savagery completely wrecks his health, making him almost useless against you. Still harass like always and farm a lot, don't be caught in a gank, but Mordekaiser has no cc really, so you can just Thrill of the Hunt out when you see the jungler in the river. Difficulty 3/10
Dodge and you win. Watch for her traps in a bush and avoid them, she is so squishy and cannot get away until level 6. Difficulty 4/10
Rengar actually counters Olaf early game. So harass and dodge his Undertow, he has good lifesteal and gains attack speed depending on how low hp he is. Difficulty 3/10
The only problem with him is Cannibalism, other than that, you are too damn slippery for him to fight. An early gank should be enough to shut him down until he gets caanibalism where you can't take a 1v1 unless you are really fed. When he casts it try and stunning him with Bola Strike and walk away. Difficulty EASY
You counter him sooo hard. Jump on him all day and he can't do anything about it. He is such an easy lane. As Rengar at least. Difficulty 9/10
The new Yi is literally ******ed. He has an AD Alpha Strike, and has his E to give him TRUE DAMAGE!!!!! on his basic attacks! Try not to fight him, and call for a gank. Difficulty 3/10
Talon is a pretty bad top lane,you out sustain him, out harass him, and out... well everything him. Just kill him. Remind him why he should stay mid! Difficulty Varies
Tryndamere, a carry, is generally easy to beat until he gets Undying Rage, which he will he get soooo annoying to fight. At 1 hp, he will dive you, kill you, then dash out untouched. Pretty OP if you ask me. Harass him and be sure to try and be facing him when he hits Mocking Shout so you won't be slowed. Force his ulti and kill him, you want to shut him down pretty early, because every Tryndamere always comes back. Difficulty 4/10
Vladimir is another one of my main mids, but i never have top laned him. I have fought him many times as Rengar. He will heal from you constantly and escape with Sanguine Pool. All you need to do is jump on him and force his pool. He will take lots damage and if you keep doing this he will have to recall or get killed. Deny him farm so he can't heal. Difficulty 4.5/10
Volibear is a tank that will heal from your harass with his passive, but only once. So all you need to do is force the passive to activate as soon as you can. Then you cut him down pretty easily, be wary of his Frenzy, because like they say "Its all fun and games until Volibear Bites your lion-***!" Difficulty 6/10
Wukong is a very fun champion that is a difficult lane and will have your work cut out for you. He will harass you with Nimbus Strike and Crushing Blow. Then he will Decoy out. When he does, walk past his decoy and use Battle Roar to try and wait for him to reappear. The use your Bola Strike and Stun him. He will regret trying to harass you. Difficulty 8/10
Yorick the uncountered, except for Trundle.He can harass the hell out of you and is soooo tanky. If he is a good Yorick he will farm all day and freeze lane, if you try to farm like this he harasses you. So what you need to do is get in the bush and jump out and last hit. Walk back in the bush and his ghouls won't follow you. He is beatable, its just hard. Consider maxing Bola Strike against him. Difficulty 6/10
Zed is a pretty easy match up, harass him all day and expect retaliation. When he ulti's you keep fighting, if he gets you low Flash and ulti out, if you have enough hp, and he has pretty low, you can jump and kill him. His burst has a pretty long cd so do not be afraid of that.

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The Hunt is ON!!!!!!

My Absolute favorite part of the entire game!

So what is it?
It is the Quest! When a Rengar and Kha'Zix are on enemy teams, and Rengar gets level 16 while Kha'Zix get his 3rd evolution point it will start. Rengar HAS to have Bonetooth Necklace for this to start.

If Rengar kills an enemy Kha'Zix when this quest is up, he gets an item called Head of Kha'zix, which replaces bonetooth necklace. It gives 14 stacks of the necklace and does not lose stacks! AWESOME!

If Kha'Zix kills Rengar during this, he gets 4th evolution. BOOOORIIIIING.

Kha'Zix is your enemy, your nemesis. He took your eye, now you take his head. What does he do?Unseen Threat (Passive): When Khazix enters stealth or a bush, he gains a buff, his next basic attack deals bonus damage and slows the enemy.Taste their Fear: Khazix hits the enemy dealing physical damage, this damage will be increased if the target is isolated.
If evolved: Deals damage and increases the range on it. Void Spikes: A skillshot that deals damage and heals Khazix if he is in the radius where it hits.
If evolved: Deals bonus damage and shoots 3 skill shots instead of one.Leap: Khazix leapps to target location, dealing damage where he lands.
If evolved: Gains massive range and the cooldown resets on kill or assist.Void Assault: Kha'Zix goes invisible for 1 second, gaining Unseen Threat and gaining movement speed. Can be used 2 times.
If evolved: Can be used a 3rd time.

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Thank you so much for reading this guide! This is my 3rd guide on Rengar the 1st one was dumb and I want to forget it, the 2nd got troll voted alot for no reason so please before voting comment or message me saying what i can fix. Thanks AGAIN :D

I also have a Renekton and a Talon guide! Please read those if you enjoyed this one!