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Rengar Build Guide by KrazyKid1024

Top Renguardian of the Top Lane (WIP)

Top Renguardian of the Top Lane (WIP)

Updated on April 16, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author KrazyKid1024 Build Guide By KrazyKid1024 5,287 Views 0 Comments
5,287 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author KrazyKid1024 Rengar Build Guide By KrazyKid1024 Updated on April 16, 2022
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Runes: Usual Page

1 2 3 4
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Sudden Impact
Relentless Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2
Most of the time
LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide

Renguardian of the Top Lane (WIP)

By KrazyKid1024
Who am I?
I'm Danny. I don't take this game too seriously but I love Rengar. My friend asked me for some tips on the champion so I decided to write an in depth guide on how to play him with some of my favourite builds. I'm by no means an amazing player but I still feel my advice can help some of you out there. This guide is a WIP, so just bear in mind.
Why Rengar?
Think of it this way you're like Zed with more damage, except you can't get out of the fight for free. You can reliably kill ANYONE in the entire game with the right items. There is a build for every scenario. Take what I've written as an example rather than a definitve way to play him. There's a playstyle for everyone. Build moonstone for all I care, just have fun while doing it. That's why I say play Rengar.
Unseen Predator (P): Rengar's passive is simple. In bushes your auto converts into a "leap" which does nothing but give you range and a ferocity stack. Rengar gains 1 additional ferocity stack every time he uses an ability. At 4 ferocity his next ability is empowered. Empowered abilities give you crazy move speed, and bonus effects. Addtionally, Rengar has a mechanic called "Bonetooth Necklace" where it acts similarly to the "hunter" runes from domination. Every unique kill he gets gives him % bonus AD like a rabadons deathcap. Into Kha'Zix there's a unique interaction called "The Hunt" that gives you a 6th stack on the bonetooth necklace.
Savagery (Q): Rengar's Q is amazing. It feels amazing to use. It does a lot of funny number damage. It's an auto reset so I recommend using it directly after auto attacking to deal even more damage than before an AA. His Q is always a crit and scales with it, so I usually like to throw in a couple crit items, it also procs on hits, so Essence Reaver is amazing. Collector is also super good since it's lethality and crit. Your Q will one shot people really Early with these items. Now something people don't really seem to notice is the fact that Rengar Q actually gives you attack speed for the auto after it as well, so it's surprising for burst. This synergizes well with BOTRK, as an AA Q AA comes out really fast. Empowered Q isn't anything too special, just some bonus damage, and bonus attack speed afterwards.
Battle Roar (W): Rengar's W makes him super tanky, even without levels in it. If you take 1000 damage, and use W you restore half that. So 500 health restored. This doesn't have a long duration on the stored health though, so use it reactivly. The gray health doesn't go away after using an empowered W, so double tap it under certain circumstances to completely heal back all the damage you took in a fight. Against monsters you store 100%, so a double tap technically heals you for the damage you took more than what was inflicted. Empowered W just does bonus damage and CLEANSES CC this is OP into champs like Mordekaiser, as it can remove his ultimate entirely.
Bola Strike (E): Rengar E is usually just used to get another stack on your passive. It doesn't do a ton of damage, and it just slows a little bit for target access. Empowered E is useful if they're mobile since you gain speed, it roots, and then you can kill them. I'd rather use the empowerment on something more useful like W or Q. Not saying E is bad, just in my opinion Rengar's weakpoint. Still strong, just not amazing.
Thrill of the Hunt (R): This is most likely the most terrifying thing an ADC player will ever experience in their entire life. Your screen goes slightly dark, you hear the background music, and the claw marks appear. Then all in an instant your screen goes black and white with no trace of who did it. Rengar's ultimate gives him a free leap from anywhere he's standing. It reduces armor slightly which doesn't sound crazy but 24 armor ignored is 24 armor ignored. With enough lethality you essentially deal true damage to people with your R. You deal bonus damage and gain bonus movement speed for the duration of your ultimate.
Early Game
What I like to do early is wait in the bush closest to the enemy tower. I'll stand at the very tip and wait for wave to get there. I'll wait for the enemy to walk up to wave and Q jump on them, and can usually maneuver this into a first blood if you wanna burn ignite. Otherwise I just repeatedly jump out of bushes while farming. Once you get sheen the game is in your favour heavily as it gives you damage into towers, players, cs-ability, just overall an awesome item. Rengar can roam into the river reliably as the bushes are accessible to jump on the enemy jg during fights. I like to try and help with scuttle fight if they need it, but usually focus on farming and going for some early kills.
Mid Game
Mid game I'll look for roams with my ultimate. It's not that hard to get kills on an ADC or support. If they have a tanky support I jump on the ADC. If it's a soraka/lulu they'll expect you to go on the ADC and not them, free double usually. Ulti makes roaming so free. 2v1s are almost always in your favour. Try to get Herald for an easy tower or two. Once you get core items you outduel 90% of the roster. Avoid getting locked down by the enemy team for someone to kill you. Mid game is arguably where Rengar is strongest as a top laner. You have your items, your damage is good, and they're catching up to the lead I assume you got.
Late Game
Rengar is by no means a weak champ late game, just other people will be catching up to you. Remember once you've got full build, you stagnate and no longer get stronger. Look to deal with the main damage source on the enemy team while split pushing between fights. You can dodge past the enemy frontline entirely, so just dive the AD/APC they have and shut down the damage.
The "Triple Q"
This combo makes Rengar deal EVEN MORE damage. So basically, get 4 stacks on passive. You're now at full ferocity, congrats you're done step 1. Step 2 is where it gets hard. Ult, chase down a target, use empowered Q when your passive timer gets low so you can get the move speed bonus from using a ferocity ability. Now jump on them, E, W, QQ. That's an easy way to get an insane amount of damage on someone. Tanks, ADCS, whoever really they get oneshot.
The "Triple W?"
This is a theoretical combo that I think you can technically pull off. If you have empowered W available, use it in a bush when someone gets close, Q, jump, E, WW. This would normally be used in conjunction with the AP build for rengar since his W has a 90% AP ratio. Crazy damage. If multiple people are close they should die. Usually tho it's just easier to land 2 W's. This should be faster than the Q combo since in theory, the cast time is limited by your ability to mash abilities and not misclick other things.
Standard combo
Usually I just like to go for an R Q E W Q. This is an incredibly fast combo to pull off and can kill most people. You can replace the R with a bush leap.
Items (WIP)
Items aren't that hard to understand, general Rengar build formula is: Sheen item + damage items + 1 or 2 survivability items. So in theory I could go Essence Reaver, Eclipse, Youmuu's, Death's Dance, and Steraks. You should be focusing on game specific items. If they have a lot of AP build a full Maw of Malmortius. That item is OP 12% omnivamp and magic damage shielding is crazy. Spirit visage is good for when you need healing, but I prefer going force of nature into AP comps. Stoneplate is surprisingly strong as an item since no one expects an assassin to just suddenly double in health. Squishy comps I go full damage and throw in a GA to buy/sell based on it's cool down. Tanky teams go for tank shred like Divine Sunderer, BORK, things like that.
League of Legends Build Guide Author KrazyKid1024
KrazyKid1024 Rengar Guide
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Renguardian of the Top Lane (WIP)

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