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Riven Build Guide by Zedera

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zedera

Riven: The Road to Dominion

Zedera Last updated on September 28, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Just in case the title didn't give it away, this is a guide to using Riven in Dominion. This is not a one-build-fits-all that anyone can pick up and play. You will not magically become better overnight by following what's outlined in this guide. While this build is viable in Rift, I would not suggest this. It is a balls-to-the-wall, all out offense and mobility guide to playing Riven in Dominion that I have find to work. Comments and cookies are welcome. Lemons are not.

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Change Log

Going from bottom to top.

- Friday, September 29, 2012 - Updated stuff. May do a Summoner's Rift Riven guide, as I hardly play Dominion any more.

- Tuesday, February 21, 2012 - Tried to change some things, ended up only doing a minor tweak to the item sequence and masteries. The build still works!

- Sunday, November 20, 2011 - Major changes to masteries following update and careful retesting, followed up by a change to runes.

- Wednesday, October 26, 2011 - Yay, finally another change! Updated summoner spells and item sequence after tons and tons of testing. Thanks to people who pointed these things out before I caught them.

- Wednesday, September 29, 2011 - Added some more pictures. Hit 84% in ratings. Added a media section and switched around the order of some pictures. Dropped down to 81% by the end of the day.

- Tuesday, September 28, 2011 - Add discussion of Boots of Swiftness, Boots of Mobility, and Tiamat to items section. Build has already hit 80% in ratings. Thanks to Monkay300, firerebel, Darkest, Overdrive88, Wafflator, Dye61, shadow2792, Glistenfang, bruninhuh, Greiver, Legends Templar, Ryuji, Boomfus, and NoobyPower for making this possible.

- Monday, September 27, 2011 - Released the build. Changed 5 Celerity Glyphs to 5 Focus Glyphs to keep CDR within the CDR cap and give higher CDR early on. Added a change log.

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Alright, with the disclaimer out of the way, let's get to the good stuff. Dominion is a blast of fresh air for people who've been griping about Riven's shortfalls in Summoner's Rift and Twisted Treeline. Weak early game, easy bait for ranged DPS, suicidal to take into bushes infested by wonderful threats such as Shaco and Talon and Jax. Dominion throws all these issues out the window and gives Riven an arena where she can truly shine. The problem is, all the common builds meant for Summoner's Rift don't work so well in Crystal Scar. And I weep every time I see a tanky-built Riven dive into battle attacking or defending a tower, only to be torn to shreds by ganks before they can do very much, simply because their AD just wasn't up there.

Which is why I present to you this guide. I have always been a strong advocate for AD and CDR. With Dominion, I throw high mobility on top of that, and have been rewarded by a surprisingly successful streak. Riven was made for a rhythmic, fast-paced gameplay. Dominion requires a rhythmic, fast-paced gameplay. But building Riven to absorb damage and keep going doesn't help in a game where so-called tanks such as Nasus and Maokai get torn to shreds because of the fluid nature of gameplay. In Dominion, there's not many places to run and absolutely nowhere to hide. So instead of defense, I focus on standing and fighting. With Riven, it's easy to take down at least two of your attackers before you die in ganks, if you build her right. Which is hopefully what I've done.

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Differences in Dominion

This is a guide to what to expect in Dominion. If you already know what to expect, skip this.

So you line up for your first fight in Dominion, not sure what to expect. There's two or three people in your team who've played before, and they're shouting out orders to you that don't make sense. After standing on the starting platform for about thirty seconds, you start to fall asleep, when suddenly, the path opens and everyone's shouting "GO GO GO!!!" and you're wondering "Why the rush?" And before you know it, your team's losing.

I will not lie, Dominion is brutally fast. I get goosebumps of joy every time I think about it. It's what Riven was made for - raw back and forth fights for inches of land, rather than cowering behind mobs of minions smacking them with your Q to slooowly build up exp. In Dominion, you start off at level 3. Goodbye half your early-game. Each team has 500 points in their Nexus, with your goal to force the enemy to lose points. How you lose points, I will discuss later. How you gain points...I will not discuss.

Dominion starts off with a long countdown on your starting platform in which you buy your items, assign your 3 skill points, discuss strategy with teammates, and otherwise just twiddle your thumbs while you stare at the map. There are five towers arranged in a pentagon, three top, two bottom. The usual tactic upon starting is to have one or two people rush the bottom tower closer to you, one person to rush the top-right tower, and two to get the tower at the very top of the map. It's key to hold at least three towers, because the team with more towers is the one that's winning, and is forcing the other team to lose points from their Nexus. Once one team's points hit zero, big explosion, congratz you win.

Killing doesn't matter as much any more because of a beautiful thing called the Crystal Scar Aura. What it does is passively give you exp and increase your gold income rate, along with a bunch of other buffs that make armor and magic resistance less useful than they were before. The nice thing about this aura, especially for Riven, is that you hit level 4 within the first thirty seconds of starting the game, meaning more Ki Burst, and less early-game. Wait, so why doesn't killing matter? Not only do you gain exp and gold passively, making gains from kills less important, but killing doesn't keep people out of the field too long, at least in early-game. The map is small, and towers are very close to spawning points. Sometimes, you might be doing them a favor by sending them back across the map in full hp to protect a tower under attack right next to their base. Sure, you force their team to lose two points, but you have to be selective about killing sometimes. That's a first.

There are buffs all across the map. One buff for each team in the center that increases hp and whatnot, speed wells at three points around the jungles that increase speed for a short amount of time, and my personal favorite - health packs. That's right, packs that give you health. Right away, not regen over time like poor health potions. And it's all geared towards the high-speed nature of the game. Low on health? Snag a health pack and keep running. Need to go faster? Dive into a speed well and watch Riven run like Usain Bolt. Still not feeling it? Go to the center get that random buff that's there. Alright, so that's not fast-paced.

In the end, it's all about taking towers. Towers do the same damage as always, but you can stop that by having someone start channeling their powah into the towah (ok that was bad) to keep it busy. Usually, unless you're sure all five champions are on the other side of the map, you want to bring a buddy when you take a tower. One to break off and keep the enemy at bay while the other finishes charging. As Riven, your job is to keep the enemy at bay if the need ever arises. More kills for you ;) Wait, kills don't matter! >:O Just do it for the dead bodies.

So, there you have it, my rundown on Dominion.

If you hear the Gods of War III theme song playing when you look at this picture, +1 rep from me.

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Pros / Cons

+Good Mobility
+High Damage
+High Damage
+High Damage
+No Mana Required
+Easy to get good positioning
+Deaths matter less in Dominion
+People don't care if you KS :D

-Squishy (as always)
-Can't harass tower-sitters without backup
-Hard to aim Wind Slash in the thick of battle
-Hands are sore after a hard-earned victory

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Summoner Spells

It used to be Ghost and Flash, my old favorite. But after some testing and a little convincing from friends, things have changed.

Exhaust makes my recommended choice for summoner spell because I have a mastery sitting there screaming to be used and exhaust actually does help in Dominion if you have the mastery to go along with it. With the game modified to move slightly more slowly, and with defense mattering more, exhaust makes for a great spell both on the run and in defense of your towers. Bait an enemy into a tower of yours, exhaust them, and finish them off within the tower's range. Or exhaust them as they run into the jungle, find them among the bushes, and Wind Slash them from there. Kills become more important when you gain experience more slowly and need the extra gold to help you get items to compensate for your shortcomings, and exhaust helps you get them, as well as run when you need to run from single enemies. Tryn on your tail? Exhaust make your worries go away.

Well, with exhaust taking up one of the two premium spots, it was a tough choice between ghost and flash. Ghost gets my vote for the better of the two mobility spells because it gives you more consistent mobility, which is critical in rushing to disrupt those lone wolf champs grabbing your towers, as well as allowing you to run more efficiently from pursuers. While flash is infinitely more useful in fast-paced, do-or-die situations, I've found that the slight difficulty in using flash for its main purpose - flashing through walls - renders it slightly less useful than Ghost.

Not convinced? Fine -.- I'll give you the rundown on the alternatives.

If you don't like exhaust or ghost, get flash. Nine out of ten doctors approve this surefire way to escape any situation that Riven's Broken Wings and Valor can't help you escape. The other one out of ten crashed into a wall while flashing. I prefer ghost, but it's up to you.

Not my preferred spell, since the game is too fast-paced for DoTs, and heals aren't as common when you don't have time to sit around and heal, unless you're tower-sitting. And if you're standing still with Riven, you're not doing something right. Still, a nice thing to shut down Swains with...if you ever bump into a Swain.

Don't laugh. It can help you stay in the field just long enough to reach that Heal Pack, then turn around to smack that Xin Zhao that's been chasing you all around the map because you were at half-life. I packed this one before I realized the full potential of Ghost.

Great for defending towers and attacking towers early-game. Late-game, not so useful.

Oh the noes, you've been slowed by one of Teemo's shrooms while rushing to save one of your towers! Cleanse and get there faster! Mostly for survivability of yourself and your towers. Otherwise, not that important.

Bad Alternatives

Some people like bringing this. I don't. Most of the map is illuminated anyways, and where it isn't, you can easily explore for yourself in groups. The map's so small that the only time you'll be using this would be to see how far that Teemo's progressed towards one of your undefended towers.

I guess if you want to revive right away to save a tower in danger, this would be somewhat useful. But with the insanely long CD, you won't be using this much.

Cool, you now haz giant minion. Treat him well, feed him cookies, and he'll...well...he won't do much for you, to be honest. Again, I'd rather pack something else. Leave this to the dedicated lane pushers.

No, Just No

Cool, you can kill minions faster! With Riven and with this build, you can 1HKO them anyways with Ki Burst.

Oh no, you're out of mana! What's that, Riven doesn't use mana? Sucks for you once you've brought this into the game.

Teleport, Fortify, and Rally
Damn hackers...

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Skill Sequence

I'll admit, I'm a sucker for Riven's skillset. So much so that when playing with other characters, I sometimes catch myself accidentally hitting E to sidestep an incoming skillshot...only to find myself hit by said skillshot instead. Seriously though, don't brush off any of her skills as just things that are there to help build up charges for your passive, especially in Dominion gameplay. Each and every one is a beautiful piece of work that, in the right situations and in the right hands, can make the difference between victory and defeat.

Broken Wings
Gives you key bursts of mobility when dancing in and out of range of enemy towers or bursting towards the speed boost areas of the map. Also great for building up charges while chasing down enemies fleeing back to their towers, then hitting them with a juicy crit that sends them back to their maker.

I max this last because the CD doesn't decrease with leveling and because the damage it offers pales in comparison to Ki Burst and the damage you get in between smacks with Broken Wings. But seriously, don't forget to pause in between each slash in order to let your charges hit. Otherwise, amid the Ki Bursting and Valoring that people do, you're wasting charges.

Ki Burst
Easily the bread and butter of any Riven player in Dominion. Here, in the fast-paced gameplay, the supposedly insignificant stun that Ki Burst provides suddenly becomes key in holding people back just long enough for your teammates to come in and wipe the floor with the opposing team. And that's without touching up on the damage. Seriously, with this build. I can take down a third of the hp bar on the average champion, a quarter of the bar for tanks like Rammus, and as much as half the hp bar for Talons and Shacos.

And while Broken Wings may deal more damage altogether, the fact that this does all that damage at once, and stuns the enemy too, makes this the go-to skill for tearing down teams. Why would you pass up AD for off-tanking and other whatnot in face of such terrifying damage? WHY!?!?!?

At first, people saw this skill and moaned over the short distance you move. But even that little distance is great when dodging skillshots or moving within the safe range of towers. And the shield, when stacked with AD, can be incredible. Again, why would you ignore AD when you can easily stack a couple hundred on a great shield like this? Max this as soon as you're done maxing Ki Burst.

Blade of the Exile
The icing on the cake. Once you get this ability, and have sufficient cooldown with Ionian Boots of Lucidity and The Brutalizer, use it when you enter fights. Use it when you're going in for the kill. Use it when you see a guy running away with low HP and think you can finish him off with a well-aimed Wind Slash. Use it when you're about to go down, and want to leave your mark behind.

Use it before you die. Use it to keep from dying. Use it anywhere and everywhere, because the damage boost it gives you is a beautiful piece of work in and of itself. Add on a manageable cooldown and the fact that Riven doesn't run on magic, and you have one scary ult that makes Riven even more dangerous than she already is.

For Blind Picks, use it before the opposing Riven does. As I've learned both the easy and the hard way, the first to reforge her blade is usually the first to wipe out the other team.

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Following major changes to masteries, I've decided to go with a heavy utility tree build for Dominion. Good Hands is always good in Dominion for lowering the death timer, as you will inevitably die, and getting back on the field is crucial for defending towers. Improved Recall is the most useful remaining choice for the first layer of the utility tree. after that, improving movement speed, gold gained, and experience gained are all small but helpful bonuses along the way that help to give you an edge over your opponents in Dominion, while Runic Affinity is a nice choice to go for to help prolong those speed buffs and also makes getting the center buff viable for Riven. What's key, however, is the 6% cdr near the bottom of the tree. That, added with the 4% cdr gained early on in the offensive tree, gives you a full 10% cdr, which stacks perfectly with the 30% cdr provided by items you get at the beginning of this build, completely removing the need for cdr runes and allowing you to build Riven slightly tankier to last longer in fights.

Over in the offensive tree, Brute Force and Summoner's Wrath are pretty standard choices, with Summoner's Wrath benefitting both of the recommended summoner spells at once, which is a great plus for Riven, removing the need to invest in multiple masteries per summoner spell. What hurts Riven in the new mastery trees is the need to build all in on attack speed bonus in order to get armor penetration for Riven. This was ultimately why I started looking for alternative tree builds, settling on this current build. The last point spent in attack speed anyways is my way of choosing the least of all useless masteries to put that point in. The point can go anywhere, and won't benefit Riven too much.

All in all, these tree, I feel, defines the new Dominion Riven, surprisingly giving her much more all-around viability while sacrificing some offensive capabilities.

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Runes are a mixed bag here. You don't have to follow them strictly, I just put what my personal choices would be. A note though: I use runes that increase with level because you start at level 3, and level up very quickly in Dominion. Why use runes that are inferior past level 11 or so when more than half the game will be spent at level 14+?

Greater Mark of Scaling Attack Damage: With the Crystal Scar Aura, you already get natural armor penetration. So instead of building what's already being boosted by Last Whisper and a passive aura, why not build up the raw AD for abilities instead? This helps not only your offensive abilities, but defensive abilities such as Valor.

Greater Seal of Defense: Giving great armor bonuses helps to reduce incoming damage by a little bit, though the Crystal Scar Aura hurts the ability for armor to be useful. This is still much more viable than putting other seals such as hp on Riven.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist: With cooldown fully taken care of now by masteries, focus on magic resist is now preferred, as Crystal Scar Aura hurts magic resist slightly less than it impacts armor. Get it to stay in the fight a little longer.

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed: This one is a tossup. I chose Swiftness because of the need for speed in Dominion, though Desolation Quints work just fine.

For Riven, less armor means more defense. Can't touch this.

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Here we go. The big one.

Dominion generously gives you 1375 gold to start with, which opens up a huge range of possibilities. But of course, there's the catch. Speed being the crucial element it is, it's probably safe to sink 1k gold into a fully-upgraded pair of boots right off the bat. Which is what I do. With recent changes, survival becomes slightly more important for Riven, resulting in me getting health and sustain items before polishing off with some serious firepower.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity
It's funny how Noxian characters tend to be improved drastically by this item. First Katarina, now Riven. Start off with it before you even leave the platform; the speed and CDR are both worth it.

Youmuu's Ghostblade
Most builds don't finish this item until late into the game. But with its myriad boosts and its relatively cheap component prices, unlike items building off of B.F. Sword, this is a great item to finish early on, piece by piece, with money you get early on. Start with the Brutalizer to round off your CDR and set you up for the rest of the game, then finish up with the rest of the item whenever you want, sooner if you're cheap like me, later if you're willing to tough it out and save up for the next item.

Frozen Mallet
Wait, what? Isn't there an item that replaces Frozen Mallet in Dominion? Yes, yes there is. It's called Entropy and in my humble opinion, it's inferior in almost every way. Frozen Mallet gives you many times more hp than Entropy, though at a cost of a significant chunk of AD. So, what in the world would cause me to choose hp over AD!?!?!? Well, come on. Riven needs something to keep her alive. Even the almighty raw AD itself can't save Riven if she's reduced to just another Yi or Talon who lands a half-dozen hits then bites the dust. 700 hp versus 200-odd hp is no contest, even in the face of 20 AD versus 70 AD. Frozen Mallet all the way.

But AD and hp can be gained through other ways, so is it still viable to get Entropy over Frozen Mallet? No. Why? Simply put, the passive. Entropy has the measly 25% chance of slowing the enemy on normal attacks, just like Phage. Frozen Mallet does it on all normal attacks. In a fighting style where you don't chain together normal attacks, 25% chance doesn't cut it. The passive of Frozen Mallet remains very viable in Dominion.

For those of you who say that it's impossible to get classic items in Dominion, think again. I have taken a screenshot, shown far below, of me winning a match in Dominion with Frozen Mallet. Yes, it's possible. And it's better in almost every way when compared to Entropy.

Sanguine Blade
I've always been on the edge about Bloodthirster. Having to stack 40 times based off of kills, which you lose in huge chunks when you die, just doesn't appeal to me. Sanguine Blade, for Dominion only, is - in my opinion - a much better sibling of the Bloodthirster. Based off of hits instead of kills, with much bigger gains per stack, is a greater way to go. The only drawback is the difficulty in building up Sanguine Blade stacks, since you don't auto-attack very often and tend to be doing more important things with Riven than killing minions and pushing lanes at this point in the game. But with the sustain and the decent damage, this item isn't worth passing up.

Infinity Edge
I get it all the time. People trash Infinity Edge for Riven simply because it focuses so much on critical hit chance, which is useless for Riven's abilities. Yes, yes, yes, that is all true. BUT, ladies and gentlemen, have you all forgotten Riven's passive, Runic Blade? Damage from this is at least, if not more, important, as damage from Riven's abilities, and one that critical hits actually benefit. Having gained more than half my kills through following up skills with regular hits, and having ensured many of those kills thanks to critical hits, I can safely say that this item does belong on Riven, and no player should ignore this item without at least considering the merits of this item.

Edit: As proof of power, I went ahead and ran some tests with this build. Sadly, screenshots don't seem to work while playing LoL. However, I will display the results. Trust me if you will.

At level 18, with the build complete, no bonus from passive, critical hit damage was:
958 on average
With bonus from passive, critical hit damage was:
1138 on average
With Blade of the Exile, critical hit damage was:
1358 on average

Now, this was against minions and creeps in Twisted Treeline, with Bloodthirster substituted for Sanguine Blade. Still, make of it what you will. With 42% crit chance with this build (not sure what other numbers are being shown) this will land stupidly good amounts of damage over a short amount of time. Even if the enemy has armor, this still does crazily good damage. In an actual Dominion match with all items up except Last Whisper, I still landed 600 damage crits on a Malphite with an armored build. So before you bash critical hit chance on Riven, consider the proof.

Atma's Impaler or Maw of Malmortius or Last Whisper
Like many things of mine, this last item here is a tossup. Atma's Impaler to help against all those enemy AD champs, and increase the crit chance for your IE to wreck stuff, as well as some extra AD off of Frozen Mallet. Maw of Malmortius to keep the AP off your back, and give you extra damage to work with at low hp. Or you can go for Last Whisper for armor penetration, and ruin that Rammus's day.

Fine, fine, fine. I've shown you everything, and you still demand your Atmog's build or what have you in your glorious Dominion build. So I've included some other items here, what works, and what doesn't.

Boots of Swiftness
Saw this mentioned in Zemiazas's description of Riven in the quintessential Dominion Guide. Yes indeed, Boots of Swiftness are viable on Riven. However, I personally do not recommend them over Ionian Boots of Lucidity. The reason being is that while you get the extra point in speed, which this guide strongly encourages, the CDR from the Ionian Boots is still more valuable, at least in my eyes. But, if you find yourself struggling to catch that Janna and have no problems with CD, go ahead and make the switch.

Boots of Mobility
They serve the same purpose as Boots of Swiftness, but are arguably far less valuable. Don't get me wrong, they're great for moving around the map. However, the time you'll want the speed the most is when you're chasing down enemies running away from your towers, towards the safety of their own towers. And that's where Boots of Mobility drop down to essentially Ionian Boots minus the CDR. I wouldn't pack them for Riven due to her tendency to be in combat rather than out of combat. But each to their own.

Mercury's Treads
Arguably the most viable item on this list. With such a fast-paced game in Dominion, CC can be brutal. Tenacity in one form or another can only help, and Mercury's Treads are probably the best Tenacity item out there for Riven.

Cloak and Dagger
A viable alternative to Mercury's Treads that also gives Tenacity. The other bonuses aren't that important, though the critical hit boost could be useful for auto-attacks.

Defense in an AD build!?!?!? Yes. But not for the reasons you think. Thornmail is great for tactical retreats in the face of scary offensive auto-attackers, or for diving head-first into incoming ganks, hoping to take down as many people as possible. Reflect some of that incoming damage from Tryndamere or Yi, and watch them die before you do.

Sunfire Cape
Another good item for charging into ganks. Arguably better than Thornmail with its generous amounts of hp and usefulness against AP casters in comparison to Thornmail. But it gives considerably less armor.

Force of Nature
The better Magic Resist item. Its tremendous hp regen is somewhat diminished, due to the Crystal Scar Aura, but the other bonuses are nice.

Quicksilver Sash
If you see an enemy Warwick, get this so you don't get shredded by his suppress. Otherwise, don't.

Guardian Angel
I would not get this, partially because the revive is just asking for you to be killed twice, and only actually brings you back into play if the enemies leave you, i.e. when friends come to beat them off your dead body. Otherwise, it's overpriced and lackluster. I guess its only use would be to force enemies to baby-sit you until you revive, then kill you again.

Thought I'd go over this one, due to the popularity of a certain AoE build out there. No, Tiamat is not viable for Dominion. The passive it gives is a marginal bonus in comparison to the crucial sacrifices you'll make to have it on your lineup of items. Enemies tend to be grouped together less and will attack and retreat from several angles, limiting the chance of you actually hitting multiple enemies with Tiamat's passive down to a very low margin. So don't go bringing your AoE build into Dominion. It just isn't smart.

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The Road

Alright. I've talked about the build, now how to use the build, and how not to.

Riven starts off with great speed, and with the boots and a Ghost right off the bat, you'll have your towers before the enemy does. You can literally storm top, picking up the speed boost along the way, then camp till reinforcements arrive in the form of your slower teammates. Dying here doesn't matter much if you take one of the enemy down with you.

Riven excels at taking unguarded towers, and with towers changing hands often early-game, you should do it often to pick up some free points. You don't even have to fully take it, and it's probably safer to retreat the moment you see anyone coming, if you haven't finished neutralizing it, or if you see at least two people coming after you neutralize it. Going after the buffs in the center isn't worth it here. You as a mobile DPS are needed more in keeping the pressure up on the enemy. Let tanks take the buff instead. If you see friendly towers under attack, speed to them to keep them under your control. Defense is your first priority.

No mid-game!?!?!? Not really. I find that in Dominion, there are really only the early phase, where things are chaotic and towers change hands quite often, and late-game, when revive times start piling up and towers change hands much less. In late-game, Riven truly shines, able to tear through enemy ganks. Be careful here though, as dying 1 for 1 with the enemy isn't as worth it late-game where offense is involved and deaths tend to favor the defender more. If there's a lull in the combat and you count at least 2 enemies dead, feel free to pick up the center buffs to keep you in the field longer.

If you're losing, keep up the pressure. Practically half of my victories have come from pushing on from a bad start, one of them where my team was down by 200 points, but came back to win by 8. The trick is to stack points whenever possible, and to pick up minion kills on the road to enemy towers. All the gold will help you to build up AD and keep enemies off the field, and it doesn't matter if the enemy can see you walking on the road. If you're good, they'll learn to fear the Riven and either over-focus you with 3+ champions, or avoid you altogether in favor of easier roads.

By the end of the game, if you have 3 towers, sit and hold. Harassing for that 4th tower isn't worth it. If you have 2 or less towers, organize an all-out assault one one tower, and get a stealthy friend to go for another. You should play the draw for any assaults, keeping incoming champions busy while your friends take down the tower. Your AD will either kill incoming champions, or severely weaken them for friendly ranged or tanks to pick off. Either way, by the end of the game, given the right teammates and a little bit of luck, you will enjoy a hard-earned victory by following this road to Dominion.

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The Proof

You can see me starting towards a second Infinity Edge rather than a Last Whisper here. That's because I was having too much fun critting people to death.

TakinTheHeat (a.k.a. firerebel) trying out this build in Dominion.

Me turning yet another match around with late-game Riven. Miss Fortune was our MVP for the first half of the game, helping to coordinate attacks and defenses and going down last protecting towers from Maokai. Late game can see for yourself.

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Q: Dude! Y no Trinity on your build!?!?!?
A: Check the LoL Forums. People have actually done the math to prove that Infinity Edge does better DPS at all levels and in all situations.

Q: Y u no like Atmog's build!?!?!?
A: Because this is an all-out offense guide, not an off-tank guide.

Q: Why are you making the one asking questions sound like an uneducated ******!?!?!?
A: I apologize.

Q: Halp! I'm using your guide and I'm still sucking!
A: Well, there are several ways out here. You can blame it on your team. You can practice learning how to use Riven properly. Or you sit back, relax, and eat cookies. Stress reliever ftw :D

Q: How good are you in Summoner's Rift with Riven? What build do you use there?
A: I used to use several very good guides here on Mobafire to play in Summoner's Rift with Riven. Sadly, they have fallen from grace thanks to trolls and other terrible, terrible things. I would like to give thanks to XYZkill3r and Serilyn for helping to teach me to love Riven the right way.

A: That's not a question >.>
Q: ...WHY SO LONG!?!?!?
A: Because there's a lot to say about playing Riven in Dominion.

Q: ........Can I haz a cookie?
A: Yes, yes you can.

Note: This is not Riven. And no, Morgana doesn't know how to bake cookies. Not that I've ever tried any of her cookies...

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Win, or lose, by the end of the game, your Riven will be this epic:

I listen to the following playlist during matches while playing with Riven and mute out the in-game sound. Just because this music is just that much more epic for winning matches with.

Warning: The above music is largely heavy rock and metal mixed with slow songs. Some songs (Nickelback, etc.) contain excessive amounts of cussing. Make your ears bleed at your own risk.

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With this guide to playing Riven in Dominion, you can go from this... THIS!

Credits to DesolateCheez for the awesome pic.