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Viego Build Guide by Rychie

Jungle 👑 Rychie's The Mad King 👑 | Viego Jungle | 12.4

Jungle 👑 Rychie's The Mad King 👑 | Viego Jungle | 12.4

Updated on March 4, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rychie Build Guide By Rychie 891 78 1,443,538 Views 35 Comments
891 78 1,443,538 Views 35 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Rychie Viego Build Guide By Rychie Updated on March 4, 2022
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Runes: Lethal Tempo

1 2 3
Lethal Tempo
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Magical Footwear
Cosmic Insight

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Challenging Smite

Challenging Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Champion Build Guide

👑 Rychie's The Mad King 👑 | Viego Jungle | 12.4

By Rychie
Hello everyone!

I'm Rychie an Jungle main from NA. I have been maining jungle since season 9 and absolutely love this role. The newest jungler, Viego, brings on new perspectives and skill requirements. In this guide, I will dive into the champion and his intricacies. By no means am I an expert since the champion is newly released but I think this guide will provide everyone with some value. I've added some links below where you can find me. Thank you so much for checking out my guide!

If you appreciate the hard work that went into this guide, please give it a +1 and drop a comment!

Best regards.

Here are some things to note on this pre-season in regards to Viego.
  • TBA....!!
My preferred ban: Xin Zhao

Good luck everyone this patch!




















Probably one of the craziest passives in the game. Whether you know the champion of your possession or not, it is recommended to usually take the corpse for the Heartbreaker reset, movement speed, and heal for a % of possession's maximum health. Viego is untargetable while casting possession. Some champions you should NOT possess is Sion and Kled. Sion's passive will kill you and Viego ends up with less health if possessing Kled. This ability scales with critical strike.

This ability scales with attack speed and is an auto attack reset. Due to the double strike after casting Q, Conqueror stacks fully with AA > Q > AA > W > AA. The Q passive will remain even during possession, dealing a % of target's current health as physical damage on-hit. Q + Flash animation is slightly faster than Flash + Q.

Applies a passive mark and grants a double strike after casting. This ability is an auto attack reset. It does not prioritize champions so do not attempt a cast over a minion. The dash is always the same distance no matter the time spent to charge. The dash cannot be used to cross terrain. Max stun doesn't require the full charge. After the third misty ball appears, the maximum stun will be granted upon release and hit. Flash before releasing W to increase reach. Viego can start W charge and immediate cast E, going invisible, making your W harder to dodge.

This ability scales with attack speed. If the ability does not hit a terrain, only a small puddle will apply attack speed and movement speed buff for 8 seconds. Useful in the jungle to prevent being spotted on terrains. If casted in the baron pit, the entire pit will be under effect. Viego can recall unseen in the mist. Viego will appear from camouflage on cast of W, Spectral Maw, and disappear during charge up.

The ultimate allows you to blink to a location which also includes over walls. It does more damage the lower the enemy target is, acting like a soft execute. Once a champion is possessed, Heartbreaker can be recasted after 1.5 seconds. Keep repossessing champions to get the R resets and heals in teamfights. This ability scales with critical strike.


Viego's combos are by no means difficult but are super important to execute them appropriately to maximize damage and effectiveness. Any of the combinations above can be combined with Flash, such as Blade of the Ruined King > Flash, Spectral Maw > Flash, etc., to further expand on the mechanics. Remember to weave auto attacks in-between abilities to maximum your damage and sustain. The last entry above would be the maximum damage per second combo Viego can achieve. In the jungle, Spectral Maw and sometimes even Heartbreaker is use to gap close during ganks/counterganks.


Conqueror: The preferred keystone of choice so far for a bruiser type playstyle. It scales well with Viego since he is a mid to late game jungler. He can full stack Conqueror with AA > Q > AA > W > AA.

Press the Attack: The second keystone of choice. It is great for squishy enemy team compositions. It provides a better early game for Viego. If the enemy has two or more tanks/bruisers, I highly recommend Conqueror instead. Assassin builds lean on Press the Attack.
Triumph: This is the keystone of choice for most situations. Overall a solid rune for teamfighting and sustain. The only other ruin I would consider is Overheal. Synergizes well with Viego due to the amount of healing legendary items he builds depending on the build path.
Legend: Alacrity: Rune of choice for Viego outside of Legend: Tenacity. He scales on attack speed so naturally Alacrity would be a better choice. It allows for faster Conqueror stacking. In high crowd control enemy compositions, Legend Tenacity and Mercury's Treads may be preferred.
Coup de Grace: This rune is preferred in most situation outside of Last Stand. Kraken Slayer work well with Coup de Grace in a high damage output playstyle. Last Stand tends to be better with bruiser builds with mythic options like Goredrinker.
Sudden Impact & Ravenous Hunter: By far the best two runes in the Domination secondary tree for Viego. Sudden Impact procs off of Spectral Maw, Heartbreaker, and Flash providing a burst of lethality. Ravenous Hunter adds more sustain for camps, dueling, and teamfighting.
These are my usually rune choices in most games, running attack speed, adaptive and armor. Only variation is going magic resistance if there is a heavy AP enemy composition.


Most games, Viego runs Conqueror unless assassin route was planned preemptively thus Press the Attack is preferred. Last Stand tends to be better than Coup de Grace. The threshold is lower with last stand and most bruiser builds will go this route. Assassin Viego leans on Coup. Heavy crowd control lean on Legend: Tenacity otherwise most games go Legend: Alacrity. Nothing to say much more about secondary tree. It usually is personal preference but in this case these options are my personal favorite.

Challenging Smite: The primary smite option due to the reduction in damage and additional true damage, making skirmishes favorable for Viego. It helps greatly in specific matchups where your team has sufficient crowd control or enemy composition lacks hyper kiting champions. Matchups that come to mind are Master Yi, Olaf, Trundle, Rengar, etc.

Chilling Smite: The secondary smite option where gap closing and "sticking ability" is favored over dueling. It synergies with his E, Harrowed Path, during ganks and helps with landing his W, Spectral Maw. Against highly mobile junglers such as Graves, Lillia, Kindred, Ekko, etc., I will lean on Hailblade.

This mythic option tends to be very glass cannon with a similar play to Master Yi. Every third auto attack deals bonus true damage on-hit and granting a critical strike build path. I like to pair this item with The Collector third item if I am snowballing against all squishy champions with minimum crowd control. Otherwise, I build Sterak's Gage for a more bruiser feel. The mythic passive is exactly like Trinity Force giving attack speed per legendary item.

This mythic option provides sustain with bruiser like qualities in teamfights especially when paired with Blade of the Ruined King and Sterak's Gage. If the enemy team has plenty of crowd control, I may lean towards this option. The mythic passive provides abilities haste per legendary. This allows Viego to use his Q, Blade of the Ruined King, more often.

This situational Sheen mythic is great for an on-hit build in combination with Blade of the Ruined King. I will usually lean on this for a more squishy composition that I am not snowballing. The mythic passive grants additional ability haste, attack damage and movement speed per legendary which helps him scale into the mid to late game.

This mythic of choice is similar to Goredrinker, providing more of a bruiser like feel but also doing plenty of damage with sustain due to the unique passive, Lifeline. This unique passive is the same as Sterak's Gage and Maw of Malmortius. I generally like pairing this mythic with Blade of the Ruined King first or second item and either Bloodthirster or The Collector third. It gives a Yone playstyle feel with a critical strike build path. Another good option in large crowd control enemy compositions.

This is a core item in almost in every build path. It is a legendary item with the stats of a mythic. Everything about this item compliments Viego. It provides damage, lifesteal, and steals movement speed from your enemy. Most games I will try and build this first item.

This legendary item is perfect for Viego. The unique passive, Lifeline, allows for a tankiness without having to build resistances. It keeps him alive through heavy burst damage and lockdown. I will usually always build this item unless I go with Immortal Shieldbow mythic.

This legendary item is excellent to continue a snowballing game against a heavy squishy team composition. I will usually build this item in association with a critical strike mythic such as Kraken Slayer. In combination, with Viego's R, Heartbreaker, this legendary allows for easy executes and resets.

A great situational item on its own or paired with Sterak's Gage. It provides armor and is very useful against burst attack damage. I tend to buy this as a 4th to 5th item depending on the situation. This gives Viego a good amount of survivability and damage.

A great third item in combination with two other critical strike items. Once 60% critical chance is obtained, Viego gains bonus critical strike. I usually will use this legendary item along side The Collector and Kraken Slayer. This core is situational for a glass cannon assassin build.

This is a very nice item to round out a build. Great against assassins or if you find yourself dying a lot in teamfights. I have turned many fights around with Guardian Angel. If you die while possessing another champion, Guardian Angel will not work. Use Heartbreaker again prior to death to active the item as Viego.

This legendary item is a situational third item for additional sustain and critical strike. I tend to build this in along side Immortal Shieldbow since the mythic already provides survivability through the unique passive, Lifeline. Combine with Overheal, Viego can have a large shield prior in to or in teamfights.

This is a situational item that provides magic resistance, attack speed, and on-hit damage. It can be paired with Kraken Slayer for an on-hit build path. This item has the old phage passive granting movement speed for additional stickiness or disengage. In some situations, I will skip The Collector and build this third for earlier magic resistance.

This situational item works very well in a heavy lifesteal build against a larger magic damage team composition. It synergizes well with Bloodthirster and Overheal allowing for large heals and shields.

Grievous wound option for a bruiser playstyle. This item is a must in some games due to the amount of life steal. I will sometimes rush Executioner's Calling and finish the item later since it only cost 800 gold. A very cost efficient purchase. The bruiser stats from Chempunk Chainsword compliments Viego's playstyle.

This is a great legendary item against crowd control debuffs (except airbourne). Once activated it grants slow resistance and tenacity. This situational item is great against Skarner's Impale, Malzahar's Nether Grasp, Mordekaiser's Realm of Death, Fiddlesticks's Terrify, etc. I will usually buy the Quicksilver Sash component and finish the item later.

If I am even or behind I will lean on this boot option. Viego does not do well against crowd control so the tenacity and defensive stats can be very helpful in teamfights.

If I am even or behind against a larger attack damage composition with little to no crowd control I will lean on this boot option. If I am even or ahead I can choose between Plated Steelcaps or Berserker's Greaves. At this point in time, this is likely more personal preference. Attack speed scales very well with Viego.

Boot of choice if enemy composition has little to no crowd control and I am either ahead or even. This option scales the best with Viego. Whether one chooses Plated Steelcaps or Berserker's Greaves when even is personal preference.

Elixir of choice for Viego. It provides everything he needs to do more damage and sustain during critical teamfights in mid to endgame.

Elixir of choice in a bruiser type build/playstyle. It gives Viego more health and tenacity to survive in teamfights and keep recasting his ultimate, Heartbreaker. The passive allows for better follow up from teammates behind you as you ultimate forward.

Viego has known as a mid to late game jungler. This playstyle does not fit everyone but knowing this should help you understand that he is very vulnerable to invades. Make use of Stealth Wards and Control Wards to find out where enemy jungler is.

Just because you have a weaker early game does not mean you do not take advantage of the map when the opportunity arises. Look for vertical jungling, dragons / rift herald sneaks and ganking vulnerable lanes. Look to clear towards the top side or bottom side depending on your lane opportunities. He has one the healthiest clears in the game so look to abuse that.


Red Brambleback > Crimson Raptor > Greater Murk Wolf > Blue Sentinel Smite > Gromp > Rift Scuttler
Blue Sentinel > Gromp > Red Brambleback Smite > Crimson Raptor > Greater Murk Wolf > Rift Scuttler
Red Brambleback > ancient krug Smite > Crimson Raptor > Greater Murk Wolf > Blue Sentinel > Gromp


Blue Sentinel > Gromp > Greater Murk Wolf > Red Brambleback Smite > Crimson Raptor > Rift Scuttler
Red Brambleback > Blue Sentinel > Gromp Smite > Greater Murk Wolf > Crimson Raptor > Rift Scuttler
Blue Sentinel > Gromp > Greater Murk Wolf > Crimson Raptor > Red Brambleback Smite > Ancient Krug


Initial clear path is situational. The examples provided here are just some. Best practice is to always kite to your next camp and use your function keys to toggle between passing lanes to watch for opportunities. Each second you save between camps can result in seconds used effectively elsewhere on the map. Five camps can yield an extra five seconds. The fastest full clear speed can be achieved around 3:17 seconds. Some games double buff and gromp will be favorable to get onto the map earlier for impact. Each game will be different.

For more information about the intricacies of jungling such as questions to ask to yourself prior to the start of a game, micro/macro tips, matchup tips, or general points to improve on for ALL junglers, check out:

If you appreciate the hard work that went into this guide, please give it a +1 and drop a comment! I stream every single day at midnight EST for about 5 hours. You can find me on Twitch or in my Discord!
League of Legends Build Guide Author Rychie
Rychie Viego Guide
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👑 Rychie's The Mad King 👑 | Viego Jungle | 12.4

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