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Ekko Build Guide by HawHawNeverLucky



Updated on April 11, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author HawHawNeverLucky Build Guide By HawHawNeverLucky 250 10 251,240 Views 10 Comments
250 10 251,240 Views 10 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author HawHawNeverLucky Ekko Build Guide By HawHawNeverLucky Updated on April 11, 2021
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Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Absolute Focus
Gathering Storm

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide


By HawHawNeverLucky
Things are changing very fast in the preseason as we are figuring out new builds, runes etc. To stay updated check out my stream! I have VODs enabled so you can check out exactly what I am building and taking as my runes and how I play etc.

Also I have a banger Youtube channel!

Hello my friends! I am HawHawNeverLucky, a Challenger Ekko mid lane OTP. I have played Ekko since his release in Season 5. I hit Challenger by one tricking him for the first time in Season 8. Then I hit Challenger again in Season 9 and I'm currently around 900 LP Challenger on EUW. I really love Ekko so I'm super hyped about this guide! I also stream regularly over on Twitch as I said, where you can watch me live or watch my VODs to see exactly how I play! I will also answer every single question you guys have during my streams.

I've beaten a lot of pro players with my Ekko, here's a clip of me solo killing Faker during Worlds last year.

This is the OPGG link to the accounts I play on

Some of you might already be Ekko mains, but some of you might question why you should pick Ekko. Why should you pick Ekko into different champs when you can play something else? Why would you play Ekko into assassins? Control mages? Roamers?

Why would you pick Ekko into assassins? Ekko is one of the AP champs with the best match up into champs like Zed and Qiyana without even needing to get early armor (even though it's extremely helpful). A well played Ekko can beat almost any assassin, Akali and LeBlanc are the two hardest assassin match ups ( Kassadin is the hardest match up but not really an assassin imo). Ekko can also later easily outscale and beat most assassins in side lane.

Why would you pick Ekko into control mages? Control mages are extremely easy and often unfair match ups. Ekko absolutely smashes champs like Xerath, Vel'Koz, Taliyah, AP Kog'Maw, does super well into Azir, Syndra, Viktor, Corki (ad control mage), and also does well into Orianna, a champ that barely has any bad match ups.

A lot of Ekko's bad match ups are melee APs like Sylas, Diana, Kassadin and Akali, but as long as you ban Kassadin these are all playable. Kassadin surely is good into these champs, so why wouldn't you just pick Kassadin into them? What if your jungler wants to play the game early? What if the enemy jungler is a Rek'Sai and your jungler is a Karthus? These situations will happen in Soloq, and what are you going to do when you reach a level where the enemy mid pushes 3 waves into a cheater recall into a freeze and your jungler doesn't understand how to help you, or maybe he's not even able to? As Kassadin you are doomed in this situation and then the game is no longer in your hands. Ekko can struggle as well but he can ALWAYS survive and he scales super well. Not Kassadin levels of scaling but he still becomes a monster on 3-4 items and level 16.

Ekko is not an optimal pick into heavy roam champs as he doesn't really have the mana or wave clear early to match champs like Qiyana and Talon. But Qiyana falls off super fast if her first roams don't work, the only roaming match up that's hard is Talon. But even if Talon gets ahead, you usually end up beating him after 2-3 items.

Ekko is the go-to pick if you wanna beat control mages consistently. You also have to remember that a LOT of control mage players ban Kassadin, so he will often not even be an option. Ekko steamrolls these champs and gets free scaling, and you also have the potential to impact the game early in these match ups, as well as many other match ups.

Ekko is a super flexible champ. Any match up is playable as long as you know how to play it. Every single match up can be won. Ekko mid is one of the hardest champions in the game, he's not that hard to play, but his skill ceiling is soooo high. He requires a ton of match up knowledge, things like Parallel Convergence placement, Chronobreak usage, learning to not skill R until you use it, general comboing, how to play the map, how to play side lane etc. Ekko is a super unique champion and also super rewarding to learn properly.

Ekko is also extremely easy to carry with. With his Q wave clear makes it super easy to pick up a lot of farm and get fed solely off minions, which you will see if you ever check my stream where I almost every game end up with around 10 cs/min. Once you get fed you have the mobility to kill everyone, as well as you being extremely hard to kill. You snowball super hard, with insane scaling and you're also one of the safest champs to buy Mejai's Soulstealer on which lets you snowball even harder.

When you lock in Ekko, the enemy team does not know if it's an Ekko mid or an Ekko jungle. He is blind pickable as hell as he is a flex pick, but also there are not really any team comps that counter him. A heavy cc teamfight comp might seem hard, or a protect the adc comp with a Kai'Sa + Lulu? There is a way to fight every comp as Ekko, either playing a super heavy side lane style where you look to end the game yourself solely off a side lane push, or you can play teamfight if it's better for the specific game.

By learning Ekko mid, you will also have a jungle pick for when you are offrole which is nice!

But the most important part is that Ekko is fun as hell. He is the only champ I'm able to spam without getting sick of it after a few games. His kit is so well made and smooth to play.
This part of my guide is the part I spent the most time and energy on, and it's the most in-depth part of my guide. This part is so long that it would just look messy to have it all on here, so instead I've posted the full matchup guide on a spreadsheet.


Ekko's early game is all about surviving and staying healthy. One of the main differences between experienced and inexperienced Ekko players is how they play the first levels. You DO NOT want to spam Timewinder on the wave early. You need 3 Qs to clear the caster minions at level 1. If you use Timewinder to push you won't have any abilities, nothing to defend yourself and the enemy mid can harass you with their ability and their autos. Even if you manage to get the wave in, it will cost you a lot of mana and hp, and there isn't really a reason why you should push pre level 3. It will take you 3 Qs which is a total of 18 seconds to push if you Q off cooldown, and if the enemy mid is good he will not let your wave get into his turret, he will tank the minions and freeze instead. If the enemy mid doesn't freeze, the next enemy minion wave will meet your wave under their turret, so the wave will end up pushing back to you anyways. And now you've already wasted a lot of health and mana to push. The famous Ekko level 2 power spike is nice, but useless if the enemy is close to their turret. Take the early game slow instead, because you will need every bit of hp and mana to get your first recall off.

When you want the enemy mid to push, you have to be smart about how you farm the wave. Think about every minion before it dies, consider if you can go for a last hit. What will the enemy mid do if you walk up to a minion to last hit it? It's not worth tanking a LeBlanc auto - Distortion - auto combo for a single minion for example. How many auto attacks can the enemy mid hit you with if you go for a certain minion? You have to evaluate every single last hit. You don't want to Q every minion because then you'll run oom fast, but you also have to make sure you pick up most of the last hits so you don't fall behind. Try be effective with your early Qs. Using Q for a single caster minion is normally not worth it, but it can be worth for a single melee minion. You also want to Q in a way so your Q doesn't hit the whole wave, or that your Q doesn't mess up the minions' hp for when you are going to be last hitting under tower. If the enemy is building up a huge wave, don't be afraid to use Q to thin the wave. This means that you Q to clear some minions, or you Q to make the minions low enough for easy last hits. If the enemy wave ends up getting too big, you'll take a lot of damage from the enemy mid laner when you try to last hit it all under tower.

Vs most ranged mid laners you want to take a second point in Q level 3 and go for the hard push into a recall. Vs a lot of melee mids it's too risky to not level up W at level 3. If you go for Q hard push vs something like a Yasuo, Yone, Zed, Qiyana, Diana and so on, they will just jump on you and mess you up, because you'll be sitting there with only your E, while they should have their full basic ability combo. Vs these kinds of champ you want to wait for level 4 to hard push. Q the wave, chill, wait for your next Q. A lot of mid laners will look to punish you when you go for the obvious hard push, use W on top of the wave/on top of yourself to zone them off and deny their engage on you. After you push the wave in you should in most cases look for a recall, but if the enemy mid is somehow low hp, or if you really have to contribute in a Scuttle Crab fight, consider staying. However recalling is usually the most consistent option. Pick up a Dark Seal, and normally a Control Ward. If your Trinket is on a 100+ second cooldown, swap to Red trinket. Only use this Red trinket if you are 100% sure there is a ward to kill, don't use it to check areas unless you're preparing a roam or if your jungler needs you to check for wards. Run back to lane as fast as possible, use Phase Dive through one of your nexus turrets to get back to lane ever faster.

When you get back to lane, freeze the wave. Don't let the minions hit your tower. If the early recall is done correctly you will be back in lane before the enemy mid gets to push the wave in. Now freeze, and play super aggressively if the enemy mid tries to break the freeze. This early game strategy won't work vs every single champion, vs some champions,especially melee champs like Irelia, Yone, Yasuo etc. you won't be allowed to push. Also if you're playing against a very aggressive mid laner on any champ, and you get poked or pressured too hard, you don't have to try to hard push if there is a chance that you might die. Pick up as much farm as possible and use TP to get back to lane if necessary. In these kinds of matchups you wanna stay in lane until either you have to recall and TP back or until you get an opportunity to recall.

After your first base, if you are unable to freeze, you want to keep pushing waves, and look for roams and plays around the map, or even just recall to buy items, even if it's just a 435 gold Amplifying Tome, you can recall for it if there are no good roaming opportunities and if you won't lose minions. There are some matchups where you don't want to be perma pushing post level 3/4 but I go more into this in the Matchups part of my guide.

An Ekko with good farm and XP will be stronger than almost any mid laner in the mid game, and this is what you prepare for in the laning phase. You don't have to go for insane trades or crazy roams, focus on picking up as much farm as possible. You want to aim for 100 cs at 10-11 minutes every single game. You won't reach these numbers every game, but aim for it. If you fail to hit this goal, think about why you didn't reach the CS goal. Aim for 100 at 10/11 and 200 at 20. If this doesn't happen, reflect on why it didn't happen after the game. Could you have done something differently? Giving yourself goals like these will make you think about your gameplay and it will make you improve over time. Having high farm is important, and on Ekko it's also pretty easy because of your Q's insane wave clear power. Having "perfect" farm will in most elos guarantee you to be the strongest champion in every game you play, and this will allow you to carry consistently. This is one of the reasons why I don't roam too much in my own games. I want to make sure I don't miss too much XP, because I wanna be the strongest in the game. Only roam when the roams basically are guaranteed to work out, otherwise you want to use your prio to invade the enemy jungler, to ward, to recall or to fake roam. If you make too many bad roams,you fall behind in levels compared to the enemy solo laners, and when you start to split push you end up having to face the enemy Jax, Camille, Fiora etc that has been afk farming top lane the whole early game. You don't stand a chance vs these champs if you are behind them in XP.

An important part of Ekko's early game is to reach enough AP to be able to one shot the caster minions at level 7/8 with a single Q. You can take Minion Dematerializer to be able to do this. You want to use 2 Minion Dematerializer on ranged minions, and 1 Minion Dematerializer on melee minions. You want to aim for 83 or more Ability Power when you hit level 7. If you don't have 83+ AP when you hit level 7, your only goal should be to get enough gold to get enough AP. After the wave that spawns at 8:35, you're going to need 89+ AP because minion HP scales throughout the game. To reach this amount, I usually prefer to get a Dark Seal and x3 Amplifying Tome.

If you do not want to go Minion Dematerializer (I don't go it anymore) you're gonna need a lot more AP but this is obtainable in Season 11. You will need 110+ AP when you hit level 7 and since minion HP scales you're gonna need more and more. With a Doran's Ring, Dark Seal, x2 Amplifying Tome and a Blasting Wand you will have enough AP.

One shotting caster minions with a single Q at level 7 lets you skip the laning phase, which gives you free scaling and also huge roaming windows because it only takes you a few seconds to clear each wave. As I already said, one shotting caster minions at level 7 without taking Minion Dematerializer can be done a lot easier in season 11 than it was in season 10. You need 110+ AP at level 7 without Demat, and this is obtainable if you start Doran's Ring or Dark Seal which means you don't go Corrupting Potion. A few stacks on the Dark Seal will help a lot with Q waveclear at level 7-8.



Something I've been doing lately is going Hail of Blades instead of Electrocute in matchups where you as Ekko can trade level 1 with E Phase Dive. I've tried this vs champions that don't have good damage level 1. I've done this with huge success vs champs like Syndra, Azir, Katarina, Zed, Vel'Koz, Sylas, Ziggs and many more. I start E, use the E to dodge the opponent's rank 1 ability, and then I triple smack them with E auto auto with Hail of Blades active. This start actually allows you to win lane from level 1. Usually Ekko with Q start gets bullied by these kinds of champs, but with E start and Hail of Blades Ekko actually becomes the bully. You don't wanna do this start vs for example Yasuo because he outtrades you with AA and Q and his shield blocks your damage, you don't wanna do it vs any champ vs Orianna because she runs you down with Phase Rush and auto attacks. But vs champs that don't have a lot of damage aside from a dodgable rank 1 ability, try out E start with Hail of Blades and see how it goes!
I say mid game starts after laning phase ends, when some turrets have fallen and people are starting to group. This is usually around the time you have finished Hextech Rocketbelt. Depending on your team's lane assignments, you want to get out of the mid lane as soon as possible and into either bot or top. Preferably you want to face the enemy mid laner in the side lane, but if you are strong you can also go against the enemy top laner. You have to make this decision based on the game state.
The most important part is that you want to stay away from all the random fighting and action. I constantly see lower elo Ekko players just mindlessly group and run around with their team. Don't just group up with your team without thinking about side lane waves. You want to chill in side lane, push the waves and THEN you can look to group for a bit. Never group without having a clear goal and reason to why you are grouping. After pushing sidelane waves you should steal jungle camps whenever possible. Jungle camps have a 2 minute respawn timer. After you clear Krugs or Gromp you want to take a look at the in-game timer so you know exactly when the camp will respawn again.

When you are in side lane there are many different ways you can play, and it all depends on how strong you are, how strong the opponent in the side lane is, and how strong the two teams are in general. Firstly you want to powerfarm for your Nashor's Tooth. Most Ekko players go Lich Bane but I will explain later why I go Nashor's Tooth second item.

If you are stronger than the opponent you face in the side lane, don't be afraid to play super aggressively as long as you know where the other enemies are. One of the biggest differences between Ekko and other champions is Ekko's ability to escape. You have your Chronobreak, Z-Drive Resonance, Phase Dive to get away from enemies, as well as your Parallel Convergence and Timewinder crowd control. Ekko has all the tools he needs to escape ganks and to be safe. Push waves and look for ambushes on the opponent you're facing in side lane. This is always my go to strategy if my team is behind. I don't force random teamfights with my useless teammates, instead I play to dominate my side lane opponent.

If you are weaker than your side lane opponent, focus on clearing the waves and try to pick up jungle camps as much as possible. You can call for a teammate to roam to you. Even if you're behind as Ekko, you still have great CC with your W and together with a teammate you'll usually always be able to take down your target. As Ekko you don't mind having to just farm and scale up. A 3/4/5 item Ekko can kill pretty much any champion in the game 1v1.

If you are in a side lane where the enemy team took your turret, but their turret is still up, consider freezing the wave. This is more relevant for high elo solo queue, but can be done in any elo. Instead of using Timewinder mindlessly, pull the minions around and last hit with auto attacks. This can quickly give you a huge gold and XP lead in the side lane 1v1.

If both you and your teammates are ahead, you want to try to close out the game as fast as possible even if Ekko scales well. Push your side lane, steal jungle camps and then group up for objectives or teamfights. Keep pushing, then collapse onto the enemy team.

In the late game you are going to be incredibly strong as Ekko. By playing correctly you'll be able to 1v1 any champion in the game. If your team has great engage and a good front line, you should group up with your team as much as possible. Playing side lane in the late game can be risky because one teammate's death can lose you the game, and it's often not necessary to split push to win a game. There really isn't any secrets to Ekko's late game teamfighting. You should just be very careful to not get blown up or CC'd. Ekko should never go in first in a late game teamfight unless you're guaranteed to hit key targets with your W, and if the enemy team for some reason doesn't have their CC available. Wait for enemies to waste their important abilities and then consider going in. Keep in mind a late game Ekko can deal massive damage to the enemy front line as well.

However vs a lot of different team comps, and especially fed ADCs there are simply games where you won't be able to kill the ADC. The enemy team might have too much CC, they might have a Lulu, Janna or Yuumi protecting their ADC, and the adc might have a Maw of Malmortius or even just a Immortal Shieldbow which denies you from ever one shotting them. In these cases, you want to look to end the game through a side lane. Ekko deals massive damage to turrets with his Phase Dive, Nashor's Tooth and Lich Bane. You normally want to wait until an objective is about to spawn. If Baron Nashor is about to spawn, go bot and split push there. If Elder Drake is about to spawn you want to go top lane. In the late game you are strong enough to face anyone that tries to match you in the 1v1. If the enemy hesitates just a little bit, you'll end up taking their entire base in seconds. If the enemy team panic recalls, then your team will get a free objective.

Here's an example of how to play Ekko late game. The enemy Lucian bought a Maw of Malmortius so he was too tanky for me, and the enemy front line was too strong to get through.

Ekko's Q Timewinder:

This ability doesn't really have any secret mechanics. It's a solid wave clear tool and that's about it. The most important part is to reach enough Ability Power to one shot Caster Minions with a single Timewinder. You want to aim for 83 AP when you hit level 7. After 8:35 the minions get more HP so you will need 88 AP or more. Reaching this amount of AP is crucial. I constantly see Ekko players, even in professional games, who don't understand this. Get an extra Amplifying Tome instead of a Ruby Crystal if you need it to get enough AP. As I said earlier, 2 Demats on Ranged Minions and 1 on Melee Minions.

Ekko's W Parallel Convergence:


Ekko's W Parallel Convergence will stun people if you travel through it with your Chronobreak. Another cool (but kinda useless) mechanic is that you don't even need to travel through Parallel Convergence with your Chronobreak. If you are close to your Parallel Convergence circle when you press R, the stun gets procced and you get the shield.

Here's a video showcasing the mechanic:

A big difference between good and bad Ekko players is how they use their Parallel Convergence. This ability only costs 30 mana and it's not the end of the world if you miss it/don't get to utilize the shield. In the early lane good Ekko players spam W. During the first waves you should spam it for the shield to soak poke and to zone. Later on you want to hide in bushes or out of vision and look for W hits. An important thing that not many Ekko players know is that THE ENEMIES CAN TELL WHEN YOU HAVE USED W WHEN YOU ARE OUT OF VISION. Take a look at the video below. You can see Ekko's ghost doing the W animation even in Fog of War.

Watch this video to see what your enemy sees when you use Ekko W from Fog of War

Ekko's E Phase Dive:

Ekko's E Phase Dive is not an ability with any advanced mechanics. The main "mechanic" is that you can use Timewinder or Parallel Convergence during the slide part Phase Dive. So E1 - insta Q - then E2 (right click). Or E1 - W - E2.

Phase Dive has a slight delay from when you right click to when you actually end up landing on your target. This can be used to follow different movement abilities such as Ezreal's Arcane Shift, Kassadin's Riftwalk, Katarina's Shunpo and even Flash. This can be timed and done consistently, and it's something I get to use a lot vs Ezreal and his Arcane Shift.

The most important part of your E Phase Dive is to know which walls you can jump over and how you can jump over them consistently. There are a lot of obvious wall jumps, but some are especially hard. These are the hardest wall hops:

Most relevant hard wall hops

This one is REALLY hard but feels amazing when it works

Ekko's R Chronobreak:

There are some cool tricks you can do with Chronobreak. First of all you have the R - W mechanic that I showed earlier, but it's a mechanic that you rarely get to use in a game.

A cool and super useful thing you can do with your R Chronobreak is to not put a point in it when you hit level 6. First of all this makes it so the enemy can't see your R clone. They won't know the position of your clone, and they'll usually think that you just don't have R up. Learning this trick takes A LOT of practice but the practice is 100% worth it.

Here's an example of how useful this trick can be


Ekko's most unknown combo:

Lastly for this chapter of my guide I want to show you an Ekko combo that I rarely/never see anyone do. The combo is:
E1 - Q - Flash - E2 - Hextech Rocketbelt - Auto Attack

It's hard to understand how the combo works, so here's a video showing how it looks

This combo is extremely useful throughout the entire game after you finish your Hextech Rocketbelt. Later on as you get more items, this combo will one a squishy target without any counterplay. I consistently get kills with this combo almost every single game.
I've already explained items a bit in the "Notes" tab with the item sets, but here I want to go a bit more in-depth about the item build.

My go to starting item pretty much every game. Simply good sustain and easy to refill because of Ekko's good wave clear. Also has nice synergy with Teleport which allows you to recall and TP back with fresh stacks of Corrupting Potion

If you are feeling a bit greedy or if you're very confident you generally want to start either Doran's Ring or Dark Seal + Refillable Potion. If you start one of them, pick up the other on your first recall. Dark Seal start is a bit greedy but makes it so you don't have to waste gold on normal Health Potions and you also have the chance to earn some early stacks which makes it easier to snowball and carry.

These are my early game items. Hextech Alternator is obvious, good burst and Hextech Rocketbelt component. I wil never buy the Ruby Crystal early unless you are playing vs an assassin where you really need the HP. You always want to prioritize the Blasting Wand if you can afford it instead of 2 Amplifying Tomes. In the early game flat AP is better for Ekko than anything else to make sure you reach the 1Q waveclear, and it's easier to pick up Amplifying Tome for 435 instead of having to reach 850 gold for a Blasting Wand on a later recall.

Ekko's core item. It's like this item was made for him. Good AP, early HP is nice, CDR is nice and the active works as an auto attack reset which let's you combo smoothly. Build this item every single game. The movement speed boost is also great for catching people. This item is just so good on Ekko it's incredible. Always go this over Night Harvester.

I get a lot of questions about the Nashor's Tooth. Why do I go it as my second item over Lich Bane? I used to go Lich Bane every game as my second item, but I thought about my builds quite a bit. I had a period where I felt I lacked damage as Ekko, so I gave Nashor's Tooth a try and now I can't go back. Nashor's Tooth is perfect for my Ekko playstyle. You lose a slight amount of Lich Bane's instant burst, but instead you get a faster combo. The attack speed is great for clearing waves fast and to farm jungle camps, and the extra on hit damage also helps a lot. Nashor's Tooth is way stronger than Lich Bane in split pushing and side laning. In long 1v1s you get a lot of autos off which makes Nashor's Tooth great. You do lose the 10% movement speed from Lich Bane which sucks quite a bit, but movement speed is usually only a good stat if you are very fed, and Hextech Rocketbelt's active is good enough to catch people most of the time. Lastly, people's main argument against it is that you lose too much burst. You actually don't lose a lot of burst at all. A full combo with Hextech Rocketbelt + Nashor's Tooth only does around 100 damage less than a full combo with Hextech Rocketbelt and Lich Bane. If you auto 2 times after your combo, Nashor's Tooth deals more. Another point is that Ekko doesn't really use the Sheen procs very well compared to other Sheen champs like Camille, Irelia, Fizz, Nidalee. These champs get multiple Sheen/Lich procs in a combo while Ekko usually only gets 1 proc because you generally use W, E and Q at around the same time. Give it a try and see if it's something for you. I think both Lich Bane and Nashor's Tooth are viable second items, but I prefer Nashor's Tooth at least.

I really love this item on Ekko. You always get Dark Seal early, and if you pick up a few stacks don't be afraid to upgrade it to a Mejai's Soulstealer. When you have Hextech Rocketbelt and Nashor's Tooth you deal insane amounts of damage and you can easily snowball and pick up some stacks. Mejai's Soulstealer only costs 1600 gold but still counts as a Legendary item for Mythic items passives which gives it insane value.

MMMMMMM Rabadons... This item is insane for Ekko. When tank Ekko was OP, Riot kept nerfing his base damages while buffing his scaling. And here we are, now Ekko has insane AP scalings. However the item is very expensive so you won't have the luxury to buy it every game.

Lich Bane is a great item for Ekko. If you are snowballing hard you should pick up Lich Bane as a second item because if you're snowballing you'll be able to one shot your targets, and the 10% movement speed will help you chase down anyone. With Lich Bane combined with a 10+ stacks Mejai's Soulstealer you'll have a total of 453 Movement Speed which will allow you to run around the map and kill anyone that's out of position. If you're not snowballing hard, or if the enemy team is too tanky, you want to pick up Nashor's Tooth second, but then Lich Bane will still be a good 4th or 5th item.

I love Sorc boots on Ekko, and these are the boots you generally want, but if the enemy team has too much CC, or if they are stacking MR which makes Sorcerer's Shoes' magic pen lose it's value, then Mercury's Threads are fine. You never want Ninja Tabi on Ekko, you'd rather get Sorcerer's Shoes and Seeker's Armguard vs AD damage heavy teams.

I get this item eventually every single game. The item is absurdly strong right now in season 11, and it only costs 2500 gold. The percentage pen from Void Staff combined with the flat magic pen from Sorcerer's Shoes and Hextech Rocketbelt's mythic passive will let you deal close to true damage to your targets. Every team will eventually have some magic resist, so Void Staff will always be necessary. Ekko doesn't have to one shot backline carries, he also deals insane damage to frontlines, so Void Staff lets you one shot even tanky champs in the late game.

A lot of people love this item on Ekko. You can combo it with your W, or bait people with your R, sure. But you lose a lot of damage by not going the other 5 items on my list, only get Zhonya's Hourglass if you really really need it. Seeker's Armguard is a fine pickup vs AD heavy comps and AD mid laners, but upgrading it is usually not necessary.

Do NOT build this item unless the enemy team has Soraka, Vladimir, Fiddlesticks, Camille in the same team. In games where you think you will need antiheal, take Ignite. Don't waste your gold on Morello. You delay your other insane items by 3000 gold, and instead of reducing healing, why not just one shot people instead? Tell your ADC or any AD champ to pick up a cheap 800 gold Executioner's Calling.

Thanks for reading my guide boys, I know it's a lot to take in but I'm sure it will help a lot of Ekko players out there. Don't be afraid to come by on Twitch when I'm streaming on or you can even just enjoy some VODs and replays! Also here is my Twitter if you wanna follow! Send me a DM if you have any questions related to Ekko or questions related to anything! Or if you just wanna have a chat that's fine too :D

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