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Gangplank Build Guide by Imsoflyyyy

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Imsoflyyyy

[S3] Goldplank, I need $$

Imsoflyyyy Last updated on April 25, 2013
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Gangplank is a very strong champion at level 1.
Some players use this quality and try to snowball by always buying an aggressive stuff and doing more and more damage to opponent. But this is very all-in as a lot of champions can hard-counter an aggressive GP on Top-Lane.

My build is using the capacity of Gangplank to farm safely and to maximize gold to be the best champion on the map after 30 min with the best stuff and the higher level.
With your Parrrley, your Teleport, Flash and your Remove Scurvy you have too much sustain and you are very hard to gank. With your early golds item Philosopher's stone and a posible Avarice Blade, your Parrrley, your Greed , Pickpocket , Greater Seal of Gold, Greater Quintessence of Gold and with your assistance from Cannon Barrage you will have plenty of extra gold (Around 2K gold after 20 minutes).

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Pros / Cons

I compare to who were both hardly nerfed during S2. They have a lot of hardcounter but a good player will always hold his lane, farm, help his team and carry the game during Teamfights.


+ Amazing late champion
+ Cleanse and high sustain with Remove Scurvy
+ Good farm and harass weapon with Parrrley
+ Can help his team at any moment of the game with Cannon Barrage
+ Team buff with Raise Morale

- No natural escape
- No strong CC
- No burst
- Mana dependant in early game
- Ultimate difficult to mastery

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Choose one of these seal. My choice is 8 golds and 1 armor. But I take armor marks.
greater mark of armor penetration If you took Greater Seal of Armor , you can go for ad flat or armor penetration marks.
Take these glyphs. You can also go for flat MR.
For Quintescences, you take the golds that will give you 3x1 gold/10sec. Movement speed is also good.

With my page, 3 Greater Quintessence of Gold, 9 Greater Mark of Armor, 9 Greater Glyph of Magic Resist, 8 Greater Seal of Gold and 1 Greater Seal of Armor, I have 24 MR at level 18, 5 gold per 10, and + 9,6 armor.

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What are you looking for ?

  • 10% Cooldown reduction
  • Armor penetration
  • AD/level
  • Moovement speed
  • Golds
  • Experience

Damages and tankiness will come with your stuff

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My choice

Gangplank has no gap-closer or dash so you need it.

Can be used to come back on your lane but also very usefull to backdoor enemies on bot or during a fight at dragon or baron. You need a very good map awareness for a good use of this spell.

Other choices

A very good choice for late game to stop a very strong champion based on attack speed. This can be very usefull when your jungler comes for a gank on top.

This is dissuasive for the other top to dive you in early when you have your ignite. Also useful to finish an enemy.

You can take it but I don't recommend it to you as you have already a very good movement speed from masteries and with your Raise Morale.

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Early Items

This is a good item to start with. Nevertheless, preseason S3 patch increases the price of this item. You will prefer to start with Mana Potion and Health Potion.

Viability : 6/10

philosopher's stone I always buy this at the first back. This is the best gold item to buy as it helps you a lot in early game with health regen and mana regen. You can upgrade it later into shurelya's reverie or Eleisa's Miracle but I prefer sell it in very late game. I generally start my game with Rejuvenation Bead and/or Faerie Charm to get it cheap.
Viability : 10/10

Situationnal gold item. Buy it if you plan do buy an Atma's Impaler later. It gives you 2gold/10sec + 2 gold/creep.

Viability : 7/10

Kage's lucky pick This is also an other gold item that you can buy. I don't buy it as it is nor really usefull in game and you have no good upgrade of this item.

Viability : 2/10


You really want cooldown reduction (CDR) as soon as possible. There are not so much good CDR items that are good on gangplank. So I really like these boots and I buy tanky items later.
Viability : 10/10

Take it if you think that magic resist (MR) from Hexdrinker will not be enough. The passive Tenacity is also very good.
Viability : 8/10

You can need armor in early game. But you will have enough armor with Iceborn Gauntlet and Atma's Impaler. So i prefer to rush for Glacial Shroud instead of buying these boots. You can buy it if you plan to buy Trinity Force and not to take Iceborn Gauntlet.
Viability : 5/10

These are good boots if you want to roam. But you are a solo-top and you want to farm.
Viability : 5/10

Please don't buy it. Attack speed can be cool in very late game, when it is chaotic but it is really useless in early-mid game.
Viability : 2/10

Viability : 1/10

Very good enchantment but I don't really rush for it. It is quite usefull to chase someone after a Parrrley
Viability : 8/10

This is also cool to surprise an ennemy or to go back in your lane. But this is a bit expensive for the utility
Viability : 5/10

No boots. You can play with no boots if you take the Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed and you think to rush for Trinity Force. You will have enough MS with your masteries and with Raise Morale.

Viability : 5/10

Important Items

A really really good s3 item for a ranged AD bruiser like Gangplank. You will generally rush Glacial Shroud for CDR and armor that you need in early game. The ability power, mana and the passive of Sheen are also very usefull. AP means more regeneration with your Remove Scurvy. The passive Moonflair Spellblade is a really amazing AOE slow. As soon as you got this item, you will really make the difference during a fight. In lane, practice the hit and run with the combo Raise Morale and Parrrley, then Remove Scurvy and Parrrley and again Raise Morale and Parrrley to get the passive Moonflair Spellblade activated on each Parrrley. That is why you really need CDR. Don't forget that max CDR is 40% and you have already 10% CDR with your masteries. So if you have already Ionian Boots of Lucidity and Iceborn Gauntlet, don't by an other CDR item like The Brutalizer.
Important to notify : This item will make your Parrrley push the lane, so take care of that and buy Vision Ward if you want to keep your lane secured.

Viability : 10/10

Compared to Iceborn Gauntlet, Trinity Force is much more expensive, it doesnt give armor that you need in early game, and slow effect is random and not AOE. It also gives attack speed (AS) and critical strike chance (CSC) that are good for late game but not so much usefull in early/mid-game. But this item also provide good advantages that Iceborn Gauntlet doesn't gives : health and movement speed (10%)

Viability : 6/10

It provides AD but I generally build it in early game if I need CDR. I build it when I didn't buy Ionian Boots of Lucidity. Don't upgrade it before you got your Warmog's Armor or Frozen Mallet.

Viability : 8/10

I generally buy it in early game if I need MR and the shield from the passive is very usefull if I am scared to be bursted down from an AP champion. As for the The Brutalizer, don't upgrade it before your Warmog's Armor or Frozen Mallet.

Viability : 8/10

A good price for 1000 HP and an increased life regeneration. It is good to build it with the passive of Atma's Impaler.
Viability : 7/10

A bit more expensive than Warmog's Armor but it gives you AD and a good slow passive for a bit less of HP. I don't know if it is better than a Warmog's Armor especially when you already got the passive Moonflair Spellblade from Iceborn Gauntlet but generally I prefer this item.

Viability : 8/10

Upgrade Avarice Blade to this item if you think that you don't have enough armor. It also provides critical strike chances and a non negligible AD bonus from the passive (about 40 AD).

Viability : 7/10

This is an expensive item but I always buy it when I have my tank's items. You will really need more AD to shut off enemies.

Viability : 9/10

This is generally my last item. The Attack speed will be really usefull as you will be in melee during teamfight. It is a good combination with Arpen pssive of The Black Cleaver. The amount of critical strike chance is amazing combinated with the Infinity Edge passive. Good item but do not buy it too early.

Viability : 7/10

Items to consider

In late game, you will upgrade it from The Brutalizer if you bought it in early game.

Viability : 7/10

In late game, you will upgrade it from Hexdrinker if you bought it in early game.

Viability : 7/10

Good item for CDR, MR and an increased health regeneration for Remove Scurvy. But other items that gives CDR and/or MR could be much more usefull.

Viability : 5/10

A good upgrade from Glacial Shroud but I personally prefer the Iceborn Gauntlet. You can build this if you are scared of the late game of a , or a .
To debuff AS, you can also take the spell if you see these champions picked.

Viability : 6/10

I have more or less the same opinion than for Frozen Heart. I prefer the slow effect of Iceborn Gauntlet and this item doesn't give CDR. But I understand completely that people always build this item on GP as it has a very good passive and active, and it gives a high amount of armor and HP for cheap.

Viability : 6/10

A very good buff for allies but this is a bit expensive for what it gives to you. I consider that I helped my team enough with Cannon Barrage

Viability : 5/10

You can take it as a last item instead of a Phantom Dancer if you don't have The Black Cleaver and if the enemies build a lot of armor.

Viability : 7/10

You are a tank and you won't be bursted down. Also the passive is not as good as in season 2.

Viability : 5/10

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Early game

  • Watch the start of the opponent on top lane. Does he wants to play aggressive ?
  • Focus on farming. Don't take any risk to las-hit the ranged minions. Use your Parrrley or let it die.
  • Try to keep your health on a high level with Health Potion and with Remove Scurvy. This increase your chance to survive from a gank of the enemy jungler.
  • Try to let the enemy push the lane. That is why you can let some minions die. A gank from your jungler could be devastating.
  • start to aggress your opponent and bait him if your jungler is coming for a gank. But take care because you can be easily bursted down by an aggressive champion.
  • Think about what you will need to build. Do you will need to rush armor with Glacial Shroud ? You may also build Avarice Blade to upgrade it later into Atma's Impaler. If you will need MR fast, you will build Hexdrinker and maybe Mercury's Treads. Then you will have to think about which CDR's items you will buy.
  • You can use your teleport after your first back to come back on your lane if enemies minions are close to your turret.

After the level 6

  • Be aware of the other lane and of the jungler. You can really surprise enemies as you will normaly be the first one the map to get yout level 6 from your Awareness bonus.
  • Be very carefull on your lane because your opponent will probably make much more damage than you as you build utility items during the early game.
  • The regeneration from Remove Scurvy will start to be very effective, and the opponent on top lane will start to be bored of your passive attitude on top-lane. If your enemy is very aggressive, or the opponent jungler is ganking, try to bait them with your low life, and use your Remove Scurvy when he/they try to dive you. Use your auto-attacks and Parrrley on the enemy hit by your turret.
  • try to reach the 35-40% cooldown reduction. 25-30% with items + 10% that you already have from your masteries.


  • Im my opinion, your mid-game starts when you have your Iceborn Gauntlet. At this point of the game, you are probably more powerfull than your opponent because you earned more gold than him and you have a least 1 level up to him.
  • You can start the aggression on the other top laner by activating the passive Moonflair Spellblade as much as possible on him.
  • You start to push your lane and try to destroy the top-turret. Don't forget to buy a [sight ward] have the map control
  • Start to build your HP item and your Atma's Impaler if you plan to do it.
  • You can start to go in melee during a TF. If you are in difficulty, slow the enemies with Moonflair Spellblade to get out of the fight.

Late Game

  • In late game you focus on building AD and critical strike chance items such as Infinity Edge Maw of Malmortius The Black Cleaver Phantom Dancer and Last Whisper.
  • If you don't think that a teamfight is coming you can use Cannon Barrage to clean a big minion wave on top or bot lane.
  • You can apply a very strong slow on the enemy carry. He won't be able to enter in a fight as you apply on him a very strong pressure. You have a very strong mechanism to chase but keep in mind that it is also your role to protect your carry if someone jump on him.

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