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Tryndamere Build Guide by Skaeling

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Skaeling

S3 Hydramere - Farm, Push, Ambush!

Skaeling Last updated on May 8, 2013
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Table of Contents
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Farm, Push, Ambush!

Hi, my name is Skaeling, and welcome to my Tryndamere guide. Currently I'm platinum tier, and Tryndamere is my most played champion (40 matches 70% win rate). He is a melee AD carry, because most of his damage comes from auto attacks. He is very potent in the top lane and the jungle.

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Playing Tryndamere TOP LANE is best, because he is absolutely farm and item reliant. Your main goal is to rush Vampiric Scepter and Avarice Blade on your first trip back. It's only possible if you are not zoned or killed by a COUNTER. In normal games I would never worry about picking him, and go with SETUP 1. In ranked queue it is essential that you don't get countered. Best way is to pick him late, swap with a teammate, or to go jungling if someone like Teemo appears top. Have both SETUP 1 and 2 prepared, so you can use the appropriate one.

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Tryndamere is a very solid jungler. His ganks might not be the best, but his excellent kit makes up for this. In the jungle your job is to rush Ravenous Hydra, while ganking OVEREXTENDED lanes, COUNTERJUGNLING, and COUNTERGANKING. Unfortunately you can't pick up Teleport in the jungle, making your pushing power weaker.

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Improves last hitting and damage output early.
Improves jungle clear time, damage output and rage generation all game.
Reduces physical damage (like minions, creeps and auto attack harass). Makes Bloodlust and lifesteal more valuable.
Great in the jungle, and vs. AD tops. Makes Bloodlust and lifesteal more valuable.
Take vs. magic damage tops.
Amazing sustain, so you can keep your rage for more damge instead of using on Bloodlust

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Masteries are pretty straight forward, either 21-9-0 or 21-8-1 if you take Flash and Teleport. Don't take Havoc , but 2x Butcher + Destruction or 2x Butcher + Summoner's Wrath if you take any of Ignite, Ghost or Exhaust.

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This is what makes Tryndamere viable. This spell enables him to SPLITPUSH, TELEPORTGANK, and help securing OBJECTIVES. Increases map presence hugely.
Just because you have Spinning Slash, it is still the best mobility spell you can pick. Taking Spinning Slash and this gives you an invaluable double dash on level 1, and the option to use Spinning Slash more offensively. When escaping try spinning over a wall, and if enemies Flash after you, jump another wall. Also if you fear an enemy invade while jungling, Flash+ Spinning Slash saves you from pretty much anything.
I like to take this in the jungle for making your ganks stronger. Also take this if you are new to tryndamere.
Ignite gives you very little utility, just more damage. BUT: the burst damage potential from critical strikes combined with the DoT effect makes this a very powerful killing tool, enabling early surprise kills!
Better than ignite on Tryndamere early on, outclasses Ignite end game.

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With the introduction of Ravenous Hydra there is no more reason to buy The Bloodthirster on a melee champion anymore. This item is game-changing for Tryndamere. This, and Teleport make him viable in the current "meta". Not counting the active or the passive, the stats alone are worth around 4000 gold. From experience, most people don't know the item's active is on a 10 SECOND cooldown, and that it resets the auto attack timer . Trading is a joke now, clear times approach zero, and you can push / take enemy jungle like no one else. For 3300 gold. First big buy in the jungle, and first/second top depending on the matchup.
First big buy on top lane, when the sustain of a Vampiric Scepter is enough. If you can't get it in laning phase, buy Phantom Dancer instead. Don't forget to abuse passive.
Replaces Statikk Shiv. Stronger late game.
Increases your damage output drastically.
If you seem to do too little damage, despite your items, you should build this.
Best movement speeding item, that gives tenacity. Take this if you can't stick to your target. No critical chance unfortunately.
Take against teams with immobilizes. Very expensive for the stats it gives.
Get this instead of Mercurial Scimitar, if you only worry about magic damage but not the CC. Gives you up to 95 AD.
The slow and the 700 hp make this very attractive, even if expensive. Don't ever get Warmog's Armor when you can get this.
Amazing item against any AD enemy. Also best buy if you ever backdoor turrets.
Amazing item against any AD team, and a VERY cheap buy. The passive can save your team. Essential item if you keep getting ignited during your ultimate.
Only get this against high-regen enemies ( Dr. Mundo, Swain, Sion etc).
The best defense when splitpushing or backdooring is preparation. With this many wards you can cover half of their jungle. Farm, push and ambush in safety.
Very situational, get this for key fights. Other than the revive this item is weak. Recommended for new Tryndameres who have not yet mastered the timing of Undying Rage.

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When attacking, killing or critical striking you gain fury. Fury starts decaying after 8 seconds. Attacking a tower doesn't give fury, but the decay doesn't start either. Hold on to it for more critical chance. Because of this Tryndamere scales very well with attack speed, critical strike chance, and its another reason to last hit minions (20 fury for a critical last hit). Maximal bonus is 35% critical chance.
You passively gain +5/10/15/20/25 AD on full health, and +20/30/40/50/60 AD at 1 health. When activated, you consume your accumulated fury to heal you for 30/40/50/60/70(0 fury) up to 80/135/190/245/300(100 fury) HP. You have to decide if you want more health or critical strike chance when using or not using this. Lifesteal makes the choice easier. Only use it AFTER Undying Rage has ran out. If you have ignite running on you, delay using it for as long as possible. Max this first.
Multi use spell. AD debuff of 20/35/50/65/80, and slows enemies facing away by 30%/37.5%/45%/52.5%/60%. This is your only form of CC, but you can use the AD damage reduction alone too if the situation calls for it. This makes it easier to lane vs. AD champions. When ganking use it as soon as the target faces away. You can abuse this to make last hitting hell for some adversaries. Max 2nd
This skill is like a 13s CD improved Flash. It gives you damage, fury and best of all its cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds for each critical strike. So if you don't have Flash or Spinning Slash up, you can still escape from very though situations by trying to reset the CD. Learn where you can and can't spin through.
You are unable to die for 5 seconds, and gain 50/75/100 fury. You can use this to survive a killing blow of a single enemy or the onslaught of a whole team. To use Tryndamere to maximum efficiency, you need to learn timing the skill, and fighting on low hp. The fury gained can help you to reset Spinning Slash and thus make an escape over a wall.

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I like Tryndamere best on top. Why? Because he can get insane creep score, and after completing his core items push like no one else. It is very important to bring at least 1 ward and a few potions. Last hit very patiently but don't push. Try to hit your enemy a few times when they come close to last hit a minion. If they are pushing, then try freezing the lane just outside of your turret range. Your goal is to get around 1700 gold on your first back, for Avarice Blade and Vampiric Scepter. In case you die/are forced to back just get the lifesteal. If the sustain it gives is enough, your next buy is Statikk Shiv. You need to have wards on you , because this item will push. Shove the lane, get full rage, ward up and: take enemy jungle creeps / ambush their jungler / gank mid / teleportgank bot. With this tactics you will get very fast gold. You need 2320 to complete your Ravenous Hydra. When it's done, I normally buy a bunch of wards and start toying with their jungler. Everything thats warded up becomes your playground. If you have vision of them, you can always be one step ahead. It is very improbable that anyone can duel you at this point, so if there are any isolated enemies ambush them. Getting a Ruby Sightstone is a good idea at this point, because vision is better then any kind of defense. Use your Teleport wisely, and take turrets whenever you can. Stealing jungle camps has never been easier. Don't be afraid to be aggressive, because your vision should grant you safety, and you have outstanding sustain.

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The key to jungling with Tryndamere are the runes. Attack speed reds, armor yellows and lifesteal quints make sure you are fast and sustained, so you don't need to use your fury to heal at all. I usually start with the ancient golem smiteless, then rush lizard elder (spinning over the wall). Now at level 3 its time to go and gank/countergank/counterjungle OR continue farming. You should always be doing something, passive play will result in an unfed, unfarmed pointless Tryndamere. Always have a pink ward on you, to clear vision of crucial areas. You should buy Vampiric Scepter and Boots of Speed on your first trip back. You pretty much only go back for shopping after this, because you are oversustained in the jungle. Once you get Ravenous Hydra, you can take matters in your own hands and win the game. Having a good ward coverage (in which you should help) very efficient counterganks possible. Leading one bot can very quickly net a few kills, a dragon and/or a turret kill.

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Thanks for reading my Tryndamere guide. Try it, alter it, enjoy it. But always buy a Ravenous Hydra :)
If there are any questions, ask them and I'll include a FAQ.
Please try, comment and rate this guide!