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Vayne Build Guide by -NA- Veng Lmfao

AD Carry (S3) Vayne - Heartseeking (ADC) *In-Depth*

AD Carry (S3) Vayne - Heartseeking (ADC) *In-Depth*

Updated on January 25, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author -NA- Veng Lmfao Build Guide By -NA- Veng Lmfao 12 5 25,414 Views 29 Comments
12 5 25,414 Views 29 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author -NA- Veng Lmfao Vayne Build Guide By -NA- Veng Lmfao Updated on January 25, 2013
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SPAC space


Hey, I'm Veng Lmfao (Ryan) & I've been maining Vayne for close to 16 months. (Bought her on the first day of release). This is my 2nd build here at Mobafire so be nice! Constructive criticism is ALWAYS welcome, please don't trollvote me. *MASSIVE thanks to jhoijhoi for helping me out with layouts/ideas*

Vayne is a high damage, very mobile attack damage carry. Vayne specializes in bringing down her enemies VERY quickly (tank or not). Vayne is open to a wide range of supports (which I will go through later). Vayne can build differently, but I prefer to run Bloodthirster over Infinity Edge as Vayne scales with attack damage.

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Vayne Champion Spotlight

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Pros / Cons

+ High mobility
+ High attack damage
+ Knock-back/Stun
+ Stealth
+ True damage
+ Movement speed
- Positioning is key
- Hard to master
- A stun/snare pretty much shuts down Vayne in a fight.
- Gets blown up easy
- Slow attack speed
- Passive is useless if you aren't facing an enemy
- High skill cap
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Pretty normal ADC runes apart from the Greater Glyph of Armor. I choose to take these over Greater Glyph of Magic Resist because the extra armor helps you get the 3rd-hit of Silver Bolts onto the carry without them being able to do as much damage as he would if you had Greater Glyph of Magic Resist.

SPACE Very helpful for early-game scaling on your Tumble. Your basic attacks at level 1 (with or without a Doran's Blade are immensely powerful. Gives you about 8.5 attack damage. Combined with your Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage, you get about 15 attack damage together. SPACE

SPACE Extremely helpful for enemy ad carries, takes a bit off their damage onto you.
Gives you about 13 armor. Combined with your Greater Glyph of Armor, you get about 19 armor together.

SPACE Extremely helpful for enemy ad carries, takes a bit off their damage onto you. I prefer these over Greater Glyph of Magic Resist because you won't be dueling a lot with mages early game. When it comes to late game fights, you should have magic resist from either Banshee's Veil or Guardian Angel (both if possible). Gives you about 6 armor. Combined with your Greater Seal of Armor, you get about 19 armor together. SPACE

SPACE Very helpful for early-game scaling on your Tumble. Your basic attacks at level 1 (with or without a Doran's Blade are immensely powerful. Gives you about 7 attack damage. Combined with your Greater Mark of Attack Damage, you get about 15 attack damage together. SPACE

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Q: What can I get out of these masteries? // It's basically a normal mastery setup. Weapon Expertise gives a nice 8% A. Pen, Lethality & Frenzy go well together with your Phantom Dancer & Infinity Edge & Executioner gives a small burst of damage to lower health opponents. Summoner's Resolve compliments your Cleanse, Durability & Veteran's Scars give you some nice health & Hardiness stacks well with your Seals + Glyphs (keeps you protected from damage).
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Summoner Spells

Good Summoner Spells

SPACE Cleanse isn't a bad choice for Vayne. It allows her to survive longer in fights if she is snared/stunned. Simple Cleanse out and keep fighting. SPACE

SPACE Exhaust is an amazing choice for Vayne as it allows you to slow them down, meaning you can Tumble into position for an easy Condemn. SPACE

SPACE Ignite is a great choice for Vayne as it allows her to quickly burn down an enemies health. If used on a support, it restricts the amount they can heal. SPACE

SPACE Such an amazing & useful spell for Vayne. Final Hour -> Tumble -> Flash -> Condemn is such an amazing escape combination. Flash can be used to hop over walls, seeing your Tumble can not. Great for setting up an easy Condemn. SPACE

Okay Summoner Spells
SPACE Heal is a pretty goodchoice for Vayne. Just pop Heal to get yourself some instant health, saving your ***! SPACE

Bad Summoner Spells

SPACE Teleport isn't good on Vayne. No explanation needed. DO NOT TAKE Teleport. SPACE

SPACE No, just no. Vayne has absolutely no mana issuses WHAT-SO-EVER (Unless you use Tumble for every single auto-attack). DO NOT TAKE Clarity. SPACE

SPACE Surge is pretty bad for Vayne. Sure the attack speed is nice, but it's just not worth taking it. DO NOT TAKE Surge. SPACE

SPACE Revive is bad, for ANY chamion. Revive is generally a troll spell. Never take it. DO NOT TAKE Revive. SPACE

SPACE Leave Clairvoyance to your support. You really don't need the vision as Vayne. DO NOT TAKE Clairvoyance. SPACE

SPACE Promote is just terrible. What's the point of having a big minion? All it does is interrupt your farming & the enemy gets extra gold from it. DO NOT TAKE Promote. SPACE

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Skill Explanation

SPACE Passive - Night Hunter is an AMAZING passive. 30 movement speed is massive amount, just for staring your enemy in the face. Amazing for chasing & for just sitting in the lane and farming (allows you to quickly move towards a caster minion sitting at the back). SPACE

SPACE Q - Tumble is such an amazing skill I can not even describe how good it is. It's a quick, step-forward move, making your next basic attack to deal bonus physical damage. Amazing for last-hitting minions, or for dealing extra damage on Silver Bolts.
Note: tumble] can NOT be used to go over any walls! Using [[tumble into a wall or just bumping into a wall from a weird Tumble angle can leave you disorientated or it can completely stop you moving.

SPACE W - Silver Bolts is an amazing passive. True damage + %health on every 3rd hit is just.. godlike. Useful for shredding up Warmog's Armor or other massive health items. With 2 Doran's Blade, you can 3-hit caster minions with Silver Bolts. SPACE

SPACE E - Condemn is very useful skill. Condemn can knock-back, & if they collide with terrain, they become stunned. An amazing skill in solo-queue. If your whole team is diving for the kill, simply Condemn them into a wall & they will take MASSIVE damage. Also great for setting up easy kills. SPACE

SPACE R - Final Hour is such a useful skill. You gain massive bonus attack damage, 90 movement speed instead of 30 from Night Hunter & a 1 second stealth during Tumble. Can be used as an escape tool.
Final Hour-> Tumble-> Condemn->Run for your life! Can be used to kill Dragon or Baron very quickly and efficiently.

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Skill Order


First skill to max;

SPACE As an experienced Vayne player, I have always & WILL always max Tumble first. Huge bonus attack damage is just too good to deny. SPACE

Second skill to max;

SPACE I choose to max Silver Bolts next because of the massive amount of true-damage that you can dish out at early stages. You can devastate your enemies if you max Silver Bolts second. Choosing to max Condemn second is also good, but it is not guaranteed you will stun every time you use Condemn. SPACE

Third skill to max;

SPACE Condemn is more of a utility spell for me, not a main source of damage, that is why I choose to make it last. Sure, it does massive damage early IF you stun, but it's more of a utility for me. SPACE

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The Build

SPACE Long Sword + 2x Health Potion is a good start for Vayne, as she will have attack damage & sustain from the Health Potion. Also, the 10 attack damage stacks scales well with your Tumble. SPACE

Boots & 3x Health Potion is becoming sort of a thing. So if you want extra mobility over sustain/attack damage, go for it. Nothing wrong with it! The extra mobility can be good for avoiding skillshots such as an Mystic Shot or a Piercing Arrow.

SPACE Grab Berserker's Greaves if you didn't start with Boots. Movement speed & attack speed are great for Vayne. SPACE

SPACE Pick up a Doran's Blade (or 2) if you started with Boots. 2 Doran's Blade stack so nicely together. Decent attack damage, health & lifesteal are perfect for the laning phase. SPACE

SPACE Get a Vampiric Scepter if you need some large sustain. Also helps build into your Bloodthirster. SPACE

SPACE Get a B. F. Sword for a massive damage increase, which then builds into your Bloodthirster or Infinity Edge. SPACE

SPACE Zeal is an amazing item for Vayne. Great movement speed, critical strike & most importantly... attack speed. Allows you to be even more mobile, gives you crit (your Tumble can crit) & allows you to tick off your Silver Bolts much quicker. SPACE

SPACE An amazing item for Vayne. So much attack damage that scales so well with your Tumble. Epic lifesteal which keeps you warm and cosy in the lane. SPACE

SPACE The Phantom Dancer is perfect for Vayne. Even more movement speed, higher chance of critting & INSANE attack speed. SPACE

SPACE Infinity Edge is such an amazing item for Vayne. Massive attack damage, bonus crit damage & extra crit strike. *I suggest building it AFTER Bloodthirster & Phantom Dancer, so you gain the highest possible crit damage from Infinity Edge. SPACE

SPACE A great item for Vayne. Allows her to soak-up an initial spell at the start of a fight ( Unstoppable Force), Crescendo, etc). Extra health (for survivability) & mana (nothing special). Also, the magic resist allows you to duel ap-casters with ease. SPACE

SPACE Guardian Angel is great for Vayne. If she dies in the middle of the fight and Guardian Angel procs, you have time to Tumble away or get back into the fight (or use Flash, Heal, etc). SPACE

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Situational Items & Other Items

SPACE A really useful item for Vayne, but it is pretty expensive. Massive health, okay attack damage & a really handy slow. (Substitute for Banshee's Veil). SPACE

SPACE An amazing item for Vayne. Functions just like Cleanse + some nice AD. Get it when the enemy has so much cc that it's not even funny. SPACE

SPACE A great item for Vayne. 40% armor penetration is huge. Stacks beautifully with Silver Bolts. Very nice attack damage, for a very cheap price. Worth getting against teams with champions like Rammus, Shen, etc. SPACE

SPACE Nice attack damage, magic resist and functions the same as Cleanse. Pretty expensive though! SPACE
SPACE A nice item for Vayne *PERSONALLY* Gives AMAZING attack speed & allows you to shove lanes insanely quickly! SPACE

SPACE A strong item for Vayne. Attack damage, health, CDR, armor pen & armor reduction all compliment Vayne & her playstyle. SPACE

SPACE The Brutalizer is a very expensive item for the stats it gives. Only get it if you are going to end up build a Black Cleaver (eg. you want it early game then you'll sell it). SPACE

Item choice; Simpler edition

spaceHealth spacespace

spaceArmour spacespac

SPACEResist spacespace

SPACEDamage spacespa

spaceAtk Spd spacespac

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Vayne's Role/FAQ

Vayne is an extremely powerful & versatile champion. She specializes at dealing massive damage, very quickly. She can rip down tanks or just standard enemies with Silver Bolts. Condemn is an amazing skill if you can utilize it to it's full potential. The stun combined with Tumble & Silver Bolts is INSANE. Bloodthirster & 2 Doran's Blade keep you sustained extremely well in lane, allowing you to harass, take some damage, & then just heal it all back up. Infinity Edge & Phantom Dancer allow you to deal massive crit damage whilst having a large amount of movement speed. Vayne is a carry that takes a lot of time to master.


Should I get Bloodthirster or Infinity Edge first?

Because Vayne scales on attack damage for her Tumble, & because you get more attack damage on Bloodthirster, I prefer Bloodthirster. Also, I get my critical strike from Phantom Dancer & I LOVE lifesteal.

My jungler keeps on taking the kills when he ganks, when I know I should be getting the kills! How can I prevent this?

Right as the enemy you guys are going for is about to die, try to manouevre yourself into a position with Tumble where you can safely Condemn them into a wall. The sheer fact that Condemn does double damage when stunned should be enough to execute a kill.

I keep dieing when I get ganked, what should I do?

Refer to the "When Receiving/Being Ganked" section.

I keep missing my Condemn & not stunning the person, what can I do to make sure I do stun them?

What you can do is; Activate Final Hour & Tumble in front of them. Pretty much knock them back-wards into the wall. This is a GUARANTEED stun, EVERY time. You don't have to stun every time with Condemn to get a kill. Tumble in front of the person you want to Condemn, & knock them directly backwards into your support / team.

(Extra) What skin for Vayne should I get?

I personally love Dragonslayer Vayne. In close second comes Vindicator Vayne, third is Heartseeker Vayne & fourth is Aristocrat Vayne

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Friendly Supports

Alright so, there are some special supports you want for Vayne. Because Vayne requires positioning, it might be better to team up with a friend or try to get onto Skype or Vent or whatever with your laning partner.


SPACE My favorite support for when I play Vayne. The amount of kills I've gotten with an Alistar support is unimaginable. Triumphant Roar is a nice little heal, & because of the speed you can farm at, Alistar can use it more often.
To get kills; Wait for Alistar to use Pulverize on your target. Final Hour & Tumble forward, wait for him to Headbutt your target backwards & then Condemn them into a wall. Follow up for the kill.

SPACE Another fun & great support for Vayne. He can't sustain you, but he can easily zone the enemy just by standing in the bush.
For kills; Wait for Blitzcrank to use Rocket Grab. If he lands it (once again) Final Hour & Tumble forward. When he uses Power Fist & Static Field, Condemn them into a wall. Follow up for the kill.

SPACE Leona is a really fun support to play with. She can dash around to your enemies with Zenith Blade & stunning them, setting up for easy kills.
For kills; (Let Leona unleash her full combo before you use Condemn). When Leona lands her Zenith Blade, manouevre into position with Final Hour & Tumble. Let Leona tag your target with Shield of Daybreak, & then let her Solar Flare. Once she has used her combo, Condemn your target & get the kill. No carry should be able to avoid this lethal onslaught of stuns.

SPACE Sona is a pretty handy champ to play with. She can speed you up, heal you & give you bonus attack damage.
For kills; Let Sona use Crescendo. Final Hour & Tumble INFRONT of the target. Once the effect ends. Condemn them BACKWARDS into a wall, NOT TO THE SIDE. Follow up for the kill (you will probably have to use Exhaust or Ignite for the kill.

SPACE Nautilus is a pretty weird champ to lane with, but it's fun. Nautilus has so much cc it seems like it's endless.
For kills; Nautilus should initiate with Dredge Line. Final Hour & Tumble into position. He should then use Staggering Blow to snare them. Riptide & Depth Charge should keep them in place for a few more seconds. Once they time out, Condemn them into a wall. Follow up for the kill.

SPACE Nunu & Willump is a bit hard to get kills with as he lacks any real immobilizing cc. He does however, have a movement & attack speed steroid for both of you.
For kills; Wait for Nunu & Willump to Ice Blast your target. Final Hour & Tumble forward, Exhaust your target & Condemn them into a hungry Nunu & Willump starting Absolute Zero. Depending on if they use Flash or how long Nunu & Willump casts Absolute Zero for, you may need to Flash for the kill.

SPACE Taric is really fun & very easy to lane with. Imbue is a massive heal for the both of you.
For kills; Let him Dazzle your target. Final Hour & Tumble forward. Condemn them into a wall, use Exhaust or Ignite & use full use of Radiance.


SPACE Janna is more of a casual or defensive support, not an offensive support. Eye Of The Storm gives you a nice shield & grants you bonus attack damage. Monsoon heals you, but you have to be in the circle, making escape-healing a little tricky.
For kills; You should both get Exhaust, so you will have more chance of getting a kill. Ganks will also be needed to go for kills. Let your jungler initiate & make sure you are in a good position for a stun- Condemn.

SPACE Soraka, the original support. Astral Blessing restores massive amounts of health & gives you huge bonus armor. Infuse restores mana to you, allowing you to use Tumble to last hit much more often. Again, Soraka is a defensive support, not offensive.
For kills; Running double Exhaust helps, as do ganks. Soraka has no initiation, so let your jungler go in first or you go in with a neat- Condemn to set up an easy gank from your jungler.

SPACE Shen is a really fun champion to play with as Vayne. Shadow Dash sets up really easy kill & Stand United can save your ***. Vorpal Blade can heal you (if you hit the enemy Vorpal Blade is on).
For kills; Let Shen initiate with Shadow Dash. You have plenty of time to get into position with Final Hour & Tumble. Use Exhaust or Ignite & go in for the kill. (Should be easy to pick up kills with this combo).

SPACE Lulu is a pretty weird support. Hella-fun, but weird... Whimsy can speed you up by a considerable amount, Help, Pix! can shield you & Wild Growth can heal you & make you GIGANTIC!
For kills; Let Lulu initiate with Whimsy. Let her slow the target with Glitterlance. Get into position for a Condemn. Exhaust or Ignite for the kill.

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Enemy Carries

Alright so, Vayne can be beaten, & here's some information on what to watch out for.

SPACE Graves is probably the most played carry right now. Buckshot is pretty annoying, & if he gets up in your face with Quickdraw, Buckshot does a LOT more. The Smoke Screen blind is pretty annoying. Collateral Damage can kill you from a long-distance, so if you are using Final Hour & Tumble to retreat be careful.

What you can do to avoid Collateral Damage: If you are using Final Hour & Tumble to retreat at low health, try to go to one side of the lane where Collateral Damage will miss. Think like this: Think where you would end up if you were moving in the direction you were before you moved to the side. That is where Graves will shoot, so move to the other side.

How you can beat Graves in the lane: What you want to do is try to Tumble avoid his Buckshot. Once it is on cooldown, chase him down for 3 ticks of Silver Bolts. Retreat before Buckshot is back up.

SPACE Corki is another highly played carry. Staying behind minions for Missile Barrage counters them, but "The Big One" has bigger splash damage. Gatling Gun can melt your armor & health, try to Condemn him away if he get's too close with Gatling Gun. Corki can get away very easily with Valkyrie. You can TRY to interrupt it with Condemn but it's very hard.
Remember: Phosphorus Bomb DOES NOT REVEAL STEALTH. So your Final Hour -> Tumble combo is safe to use without being revealed.

SPACE Ezreal is tricky little carry. Arcane Shift can get him away from ganks or from ally support initiation. Mystic Shot moves pretty fast, always be ready to Tumble behind your minions if you see it coming, however, Essence Flux can go THROUGH minions, but it doesn't do that much. The same rule applies for Trueshot Barrage like Collateral Damage. If retreating at low hp in Final Hour -> Tumble, cross to the other side of where you usually would be, avoiding Trueshot Barrage. SPACE

SPACE Miss Fortune is a fast-moving, annoying champion. Be careful of hiding behind minions because Double Up does more damage to the secondary target. Make it Rain slows you & Bullet Time can melt you from far away. Disrupt her Strut with an auto-attack & take advantage of her being slowed. Hit her another time & use Tumble for the 3rd hit of Silver Bolts. SPACE

SPACE Kog'Maw is a dangerous son of a *****. Stay well away from Void Ooze & Tumble out of the way of Living Artillery. You can Final Hour -> Tumble out of the way of Icathian Surprise if you are quick enough. Bio-Arcane Barrage can outrange you & outpoke you easily. SPACE

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When Receiving/Being Ganked

When being ganked: Once you hit level 6 (for Final Hour) you should be able to avoid most ganks. Most beginners that are starting off with Vayne will immediately panic & Tumble straight away. DO NOT Tumble STRAIGHT AWAY. Keep calm. What you want to do is this;
Activate Final Hour -> run into the enemy-sides bush & go to the top of it -> Tumble (for stealth) into the next bush -> run like hell to your turret.
If they have a blink (such as Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike simply Condemn them away when they blink to you.

When receiving a gank: Vayne is amazing for setting up or for closing up a gank. Initiate with Condemn & wait for your jungler to come in. Clean up the kill.

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Farming /Harassing

This part is pretty simple but it is important to learn & to get right.

Farming: What you want to do is last hit the minions but last hit them as late as you can. Because of her natural harasss, the lane pushes up. Tumble for caster minions then quickly run back if you don't want to take enemy damage. 2 Doran's Blade & Silver Bolts 3 hit caster minions.

Harassing: Vayne is an amazing harasser, Tumble & Silver Bolts make for easy & consistent damage. Auto attack your target for the 1st tick of Silver Bolts, Tumble forward & autoattack for the 2nd tick of Silver Bolts, chase for the final tick of Silver Bolts, then retreat. This is such a simple yet an amazing source of damage.

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I see a LOT of people who play Vayne to use Tumble & go into the middle of the fight. That is NOT what you do. What you want to do is Tumble around or backwards during a team fight. Keep your distance, try to manouevre yourself into a position with Final Hour -> Tumble where you can get a clear Exhaust or Ignite onto the enemy ADC. Condemn them out of the fight & take them down. Re-join the fight.

Who to target first:
Go for: Enemy Carry
Switch to: Enemy AP Carry
Get onto: Enemy Support

Who to NOT target first:
Tank: (Usually Top/Jungle)

Your role as Vayne in a teamfight is to dish out as much damage as you can to the MOST IMPORTANT TARGETS! Stay at a safe distance from the main fight, single out your targets & melt them down. Getting the Final Hour -> Tumble -> Condemn -> Silver Bolts combo onto a main target is VITAL in a fight. Always remember: A fight isn't over even if the main target is down.

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Warding Locations

Below are the most important warding locations to be covered.

Red - Hotspot for bot lane
Blue - Normal

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Summary/Contact Details

*This is just re-capping what was in the build, if you have read the build this is skippable*

Summary: Vayne is a very strong, fun & hard champion to play. She specializes in bringing down her enemies very quickly. Bloodthirster over Infinity Edge because Vayne scales with attack damage & the sustain is awesome. Target priority in fights is AD Carry -> AP carry -> Support. Exhaust & Flash are my preferred summoner spells. Trinity Force is amazing, lacks early damage & sustain however. Max Tumble first, then Silver Bolts (or Condemn if you are confident with it). You should ALWAYS want an Alistar support.

Contact details
- [Aus] Mr.Bonk (
League of Legends
- Veng Lmfao

So hope you guys have all enjoyed reading my Vayne build as much as I had making it (new coding was fun as hell to learn & play with, a massive step up from my Lee Sin build. Go ahead & upvote it, write a comment what you liked/didn't like & what I can improve on. It really helps me out. Anyway, thanks guys. Bye <3
"Let us hunt those that have fallen to darkness" - Vayne

Things to be added:
Pictures of:
Banners x
Line Dividers x
More friendly supports
More enemy carries
Typos, BBCode errors, etc (most) x

If you are interested in having a read of my Lee Sin build - go & check it out!
Lee Sin - Master Yourself, Master The Enemy - By Veng Lmfao

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(Extra) Skins

If you like Vayne, you may want to buy a skin for her. I have all of her skins (WHATEVER) & this is the order of my favorites.

- Dragonslayer Vayne (975 rp)
- Vindicator Vayne (975 rp)
- Heartseeker Vayne (975 rp)
- Arisocrat Vayne (520 rp)

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(Extra) Scores

*Working on it now*
Download the Porofessor App for Windows

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