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Vayne Build Guide by Rageuhhh

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rageuhhh

Seeking Hearts With Passive Abuse

Rageuhhh Last updated on December 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Heart Piercing Introduction

Hello there, my name is Rageuhhh. If you're reading this then it looks like you decided to take a look at my Vayne guide/build and that puts a very large smile on my face. To start off i'd like to say that this build of mine is what I use 90% of the time when i'm personally playing Vayne but that doesn't mean you have to do the same. This is just a guide it's not something you have to follow to the T it's only to help and guide you, not run your entire gaming experience with Vayne.

When I first bought and tried Vayne after running Caitlyn as my main range carry I absolutely hated her. Her range compared to Caitlyn was pitifull, no long range harass like Caits Piltover Peacemaker, and no real escape like Caits 90 Caliber Net. Not to mention the positioning you need to have to really take advantage of Vayne really threw me off.

After a few bot games I quickly mastered the positioning I needed to really abuse Vayne and with this I learned where they need to be for my Condemn to land it's stun. After thinking I was awesome in bot games I quickly took Vayne to solo queue to try out my Vayne skills and failed horribly getting shut down 3 games in a row and with that I stopped playing Vayne. I just put it in my head that Vaynes learning curve was just too high for me and she was just a champ I couldn't play.

About 400 games later I decided to pick Vayne back up and decided to try her out again. I got stuck solo bot (which sometimes happens in solo queue due to people acting like children) so I decided to build a wriggles early for some lane sustain and that my friends is what resulted in the build I had come up with for Vayne.

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The Key's To Success

Charlie Sheen approved!

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Screen Shots

I decided to add some screen shots proving my build works, and that it works not only in Normal Game Play but that it also works in Ranked play. If this build worked for you please feel free to give me your screen shots and i'll place them here crediting you.

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Strong Pros / Awfull Cons

Just like every Champion you'll play in this game you're going to find what they're really good at and what they're awfull at and with this learn your limits of the champion itself. Also with the passive of her Silver Bolts she's awesome for taking out those high hp tanks.

Strong Pros

[+] Range Attacks
[+] Gap closer and mini escape with Tumble
[+] High Ad per level
[+] Stun/Knockback with Condemn
[+] Awesome damage to tanks with Silver Bolts
[+] Final Hour gives your Tumble invisibility
[+] Improved chase due to Night Hunter

Awfull Cons

[-] Squshy as all range carries are
[-] Higher learning curve then most carries
[-] Starting AS and MS are low
[-] Gets kited easy
[-] [Condemn] may give opponent distance if it fails to stun
[-] Shorter range then some carries
[-] Only one good skin in my opinion, Heart seeker >--> <3

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Like most carries the only smart thing to do is run the very popular 21/9/0 to maximize damage with 9 in the defence tree to boost your summoner spell heal and to give a little more survive. move the one point from summoners resolve to Resistance if you're not planning on using heal. Also you can move your 1 point in Butcher to your summoners wrath if you were planning on using Exhaust Ghost Ignite or Surge

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Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

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Strongly Recommended Summoner Spells

I prefer to use Flash on Vayne over Ghost I think it provides a little more survive over ghost, and since Vayne already has a built in chasing mechanism I find Flash to be a little more usefull.

Now I know some people frown upon using Heal but I fricking love it. I can not count how many times i've baited an enemy with low hp, healed, and bursted them down. It has also saved my life countless times and I strongly recommend this spell, or at the least try a game with it.

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Tip Top Second Choices

This could be used as a replacement for flash, makes your chase even better as Vayne and you could even probably chase down an ulted YI with the power of ghost, your passive, or perhaps even the boost your passive gets from your ult.

An awesome spell on any range carry. Helps you quickly shut down another carry or threat and will allow you to win just about any 1v1 encounter. Now i've used this spell a couple times but I would rather have Flash and Heal and my support have Exhaust but that's just me.

A great spell but takes great timing to really utilize, pop it too early and it's pretty much wasted, and well if you pop it late well then you popped it late and wasted it.

Great spell all around. Helps deal some damage over time. Great for those people who you just can't poke for a kill and you can toss this on em and run away and still get the kill. Great for shutting down "Dr Mundo"

Great for split pushing or just getting back to your lane faster. You can also use this to teleport to a ward, Teemo Noxious Trap, or one of Shaco Jack In The Box

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Spells I Strongly Recommend Not Using

Just don't use it, you're not a support and it's really not that great of a spell at all. Although I did get a kill messing around solo top with it, super minion killed an akali at her turret when she dc'd XD

Just not great, maybe on Twitch or Jax but not for Vayne.

You're not a jungler so no.

Probably hands down the most useless spell in my opinion.

Vayne isn't really mana relient so it's not really needed.

You're not a support, don't get this.

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Heart Tempting Tips

(Q) Tumble is a great spell. Gives you a little extra AD on your next hit. You can use it to close gaps, last hit, escape, dodge some skill shots, or use it to give yourself a better position to land your Condemn. I max Tumble second.

(W) constant passive. Silver Bolts are what I consider to be Vaynes bread and butter skill. This is what makes Vayne such a beast. This passive activates after 3 shots on the same target, the third hit will deal bonus damage and will also deal a % of the opponents health and the best part is it's not affected by resist so there is no way to protect yourself from it. Allows Vayne to eat tanks effortlessly it's basically a built in Madred's Bloodrazor more or less. I max this skill first.

(E) Condemn is your stun/knockback. What!? a stun on a carry that's op! Why yes, yes it is. This skill will allow you to kill other carries effortlessly without them being able to do a thing about it. Also note, it's great for escapes too, use this on them to knock them back and tumble away to give put some distance between the two of you, it's also a great way to disrupt in team fights even if you can't stun them. Condemn will also cancel those annoying channel ults like Death Lotus, Absolute Zero, and many others. Now, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, never use this when chasing, yes it does some damage, yes it does activate your Silver bolt passive but if you're not able to actually pin them to something you're basically just giving them a free escape, new Vaynes have a huge habit of doing this, i'm sure you've seen it done as well. I max this last.

(R) Your awesome ultimate. Final Hour Gives you a nice boost in AD, tripples the bonus movement speed from Night Hunter, grants tumble (after activation) a 1 second invisibility and lasts up to 12 seconds at level 3. Level at 6, 11, and 16 as per all ultimates.

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The Order Of Which You Level Your Skills

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
I use this ability order to maximize your Silver Bolts for over all damage. I find this the best way for me personally to use Vayne maybe the best way overall. Now you think, well, their HP isn't that high early wouldn't it be better to level your Tumble over your Silver Bolts? And to that I say no. At level 5 your silver bolts do an extra 60 damage plus 8% of their max HP. Now keep in mind this is max health, not total health, which means your Silver Bolts will do the same damage consistantly on the same champ well, until they level up or build hp that is. Now i've tried leveling Tumble over Silver Bolts and I find leveling the Silver Bolts first yields more damage early game and mid game.

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Why Wriggles And Phantom Dancer Before Infinity Edge?

I'm aware this is probably the oddest thing about my build, it's nothing close to a starting build for an AD carry and that's why it's amazing. My build is what makes this build my build. Wriggle's Lantern gives you a ton of advantages over the enemy carry. It's really not that expensive of an item for what it grants. AD, defence, lifesteal, and a free ward saving your support some money. Use 10 wards and you just saved your support 750 gold, not bad right?

I rush this directly after Wriggle's Lantern Why you ask? Because the Zeal and the Phantom Dancer make Vayne do AMAZING damage early on because of her passive, Caitlyn has Berserker's Greaves and a Infinity Edge for 4400 gold. This build you will have 4615 gold which would be Berserker's Greaves, Wriggle's Lantern, Zeal, Dagger, and a Cloak of Agility (few hundred gold from your PD) you will win this fight, I gurantee it, you have much higher attack speed thanks to your Zeal Berserker's Greaves, and that Dagger making your Silver Bolts pop out that much faster. She may have AD on your but you my friend will have higher defence thanks to the Wriggle's lanter not to mention the bonus life steal from it and more attack speed, YOU WILL WIN!

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Picking Your Support

Majority of people will ask you what support you would want, if you ever get the chance to request your support or maybe a friend support for you, pick Alistar. He is by far the best support you can have at bot, the way they mix and fit together make them extremely dominant. Alistar has enough CC (crowd control) to get you a lot of time to rack up that Silver Bolts count, Tumble and Condemn them into a wall. You can literally keep them tied up in stuns for about 4 seconds if done right which is more then enough time to destroy a carry. Me and my friend Tynne run duo bot (normals at the moment) with me as Vayne and him as Alistar and we have never once lost a bot lane. If by some chance you're not able to get an Alistar
Leona Is also a great support to pair with Vayne. With all her CC you can easily tie up and nuke the enemy range carry with ease. With Leona the bushes are your best friend, If Leona lands her stun, Tumble and Condemn them into the wall. After this continue to auto attack and Tumble when possible. If you're lvl 6 pop your ult as soon as Leona lands her first stun. Even if the enemy has flash up, between the stuns, your damage, and your chase they're not getting away.

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Offensive Last Item Choices

- You can get another blood thirster if you're dying quickly and think you may need a little more sustain. But if this is happening though i'd suggest a Guardian Angel instead.

- Enemy team stacking a lot of armor to try and counter the super awesome Vayne? Have no fear purchase this item to just shred through 40% of their armor. This item really fits in with Vayne, and well ofcourse all carries.

- So they have some armor but not a ton? Get this instead. It will give you just enough armor penn to make it through a majority of their defence, but with it's active it will also give you a very nice movement speed boost and attack speed boost, two things that are great on Vayne. Also gives a little bit of Crit chance.

- Get this if you really don't need any more armor penn, sustain, or defence. This will actually increase your sustain from your thirster thanks to the speed, also a movement speed bonus and on top of that you'll have very high Crit% due to it. I'd suggest only getting a second one of these if you're just tearing through everyone already.

- This is always a good choice for a final item. Gives you attack speed which is always nice on Vayne, it will also give you an on hit magic damage every attack and it gives you a decent amount of magic resist for the price. Get this if the AP carry is focusing you and you still want to increase your damage with a little defensive boost.

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Holding Your Lane

Here i'm going to give you some tips on handling other popular carries you may find at bot.

Hard/Very Hard - Who I consider to be one of the best range carries in the game is pretty popular bot champ. This will be one of your more difficult lanes if handled incorrectly. Caitlyns has a lot of range on you, and a strong skill show to boot. Not to mention traps that when stepped on are a guranteed stun, and a slow/escape while using her net, and an ult with enormous range. I consider playing aggressive against works better then passive, for me. Try and dodge her skill shots with your tumble it will start to hurt her a lot considering your tumble is more then half the mana as her Piltover Peacemaker. Aggressive supports work well against her, keeping her in range of your auto attacks is key. Idk how many time's i've played Cait and the enemy carry just allowed me to pick at them with my auto attacks. Putting at least one ward in your bot bush or theirs is essential to protect you against her traps, a good Caitlyn will usually have 1 at the entrance of each bush, and one at river bush, be aware of this, if you step on one of those traps Caitlyn will be able to really lay some hurt on you and you wont be able to do a thing about it.

Moderate - Ahhh Ashe. One of the most common carries I see at bot, probably because everyone has her, cheap I.P to purchase, and is a very solid champ. Dodging volleys and staying safe is key. Use your Tumble to dodge her volley as much as possible, you're no where near as mana relient as Ashe, keep this in mind. If you've played Ashe you should have an idea of the range on her Volley keep this in mind when trading hits, if you're just about out of range of it, tumble away, if you're close to her tumble through here, or to the side of her if possible. Never get up in her face once she's level 6 unless you have the chance to start with a Condemn into a wall, her ults very easy to land when you're a couple paces away. If she has her ult up and you're going to go aggressive, be ready to try and tumble away. Have your team mates alert you if they have seen an Ashe ult come there way so you have an idea how to handle the lane.

Hard - Another one of my favorite carries, one of the reasons is he has a similar passive to Vayne's Silver bolts except his activate when taking damage from one of his abilities. His Skill shot has enormous range but it's decently easy to dodge. Try not to let him pick on you with auto attacks as the activation of his passive can really do a lot of damage, just like your silver bolts. Play more cautious once he's level 6, his ult will root you, and possibly your support if he's near you. Do not engage unless you've killed him a couple times or just have him out farmed by a lot, he has a more reliable escape mechanism if things don't go his way, Vayne not so much.

Moderate/Hard - A very strong carry. His cc is nothing compared to yours, but his burst damage sadly beats yours like an egg. He also holds a little advantage over you early game because his Quickdraw allows him to build more AD early and less AS. If you see Graves dash at you tumble diagonally towards one of his sides or through him as he will most likely follow up with a Buckshot and you absolutely do not want to be close to him when that happens. Also, his Ult is nothing to be underestimated, it has Strong range, and it has even more once it reaches it's end and exploads in a cone, if you think he's about to shoot you, do the same maneuver for the buck shot and tumble diagonally towards him.

Easy - People play him bot, i'm not sure why as I find him a better solo top more then anything, but he's there pretty often so I decided to list him. Not hard to lane against at all. once he lays down his Acceleration Gatehe will most likely follow up with a Shock Blast, lucky for you it's extremely easy to dodge with a tumble. If he leaps at you with his hammer try and Condemn into a wall or away from you then tumble to put some distance, this will give you some time to kite him.

Moderate/Hard - Few tricks to winning this lane. Out farming here and dodging her very annoying Boomerang Blade. If you can do these two things you shouldn't have much trouble, but if it's a good Sivir, and most people who play here usually are, then she may anticipate the dodge and still get you. Mix up your dodges, don't do the same thing every time. Keep in mind of her spell shield, if you see her pop it, try and tumble to break it, then condemn. If she's laned with a Soraka the difficulty of this champ just escalated to VERY HARD. Soraka = endless mana for Sivir, which means endless Boomerang Blade. If you're unlucky enough to go against this then all I can say is I hope you get a couple early kills and shut her down before she becomes a threat. If not, I hope you're really good at farming at a turret because that's what you're going to be doing for a majority of the laning phase.

Easy/Moderate - Not the hardest to lane against, but not the easiest either. Pre level 6 she's not to hard to handle. Once she starts leveling up she'll start to out range you drastically. Try and dodge her Rocket Jump as it can do TONS of damage. her ult works similar to your Condemn except no stun just a major push back, paired with her rocket jump makes her ability to escape boss level. Focus on farming, condemn/stun when possible. Shouldn't have that much trouble.

Very Hard - extremely strong auto attack pokes, if he has his Spinning Axe up (he'll be swinging one around in his hand) then try and stay away from him until he uses it on a minion, in which you respond with a tumble/condemn to make him miss the catch. This put's him to a disadvantage at that moment. Get in what pokes you can then retreat as it's cool down isn't very long, especially if he had caught that blade a couple times prior. Try not to let him trade hits with you, he'll win. Keep your distance and last hit when possible. Whatever you do don't underestimate him. even at a lower level with less farm he can be a ridiculously huge threat. He only has two skill shot's one being his ult Whirling Death, and another being Stand Aside which is an easy to land slow/snare/damage dealer. Very possible to lose this lane, focus on farming, don't try and fight him unless you believe you have a big advantage over him and you're able to open with a Condemn into a wall. If you manage to escape with low health expect his ultimate Whirling Death because he will use it. This can be tricky to dodge against an experienced Draven as it not only shoots from him but it also comes back if he so wishes. Tumble and Flash if need be, and like Ashe have your team let you know if he's used his ult on them.

Easy/Moderate - He's not that hard to deal with. Staying behind minions will make two of his abilities practically useless. Dodge his skill shots when possible as they give him either a cd reduction from his Mystic Shot or an attack speed boost from his Essence Flux. Try and anticipate his ult, and like Ashe ask your team to let you know if he's tried to ult any of them. If you're low health and you've managed to get away expect his Trueshot Barrage as it will most likely be coming, try and tumble, or even flash out of the way as it's damage is fairly high even at low levels.

Very Easy - No problem from her at all. Has a passive attack speed buff thanks too Impure Shots. But her real damage comes from her Double Up and her ultimate Bullet Time. Luckily these two abilities are quite easy to dodge or disrupt with Vayne. Trick to double up is to keep 2 minions between you and her if possible as double up can hit a target, bounce, and hit a champion behind that minion for even more damage, and it focuses champions. Once She uses this she's lost any kind of control over you, tumble in and do as much damage as you can and pull back. Bullet Time is also no problem to handle. Once you see her using this just condemn her. It's a channel ult which means your condemn will cancel it. Very easy lane.

UNKNOWN - Ahh the ever so lovely mirror. If you're lucky enough to get this you will either win easily or lose easily. It all comes down to who has the better support, who has the most farm, who's the better Vayne, and who has the better build. If you're following this guide we both know you have the better Vayne and the better build =P

Easy/Moderate/Hard/Very Hard - Yes, I listed Zhao. I've seen him bot countless times in normal's, way more then I see Sivir or Varus. Yes he's not a range carry, but he can carry effortlessly. Rating his difficulty level was hard as i've shut Zhaos down easily bot lane, but i've also had Zhao's give me a ton of trouble. He has a very strong gap closer, if he pairs it with a bush it pretty much lets him get in attacking distance of you no matter where you are and it also slows you. When he does this try and tumble and condemn him away and continue to kite him, if possible. Be aware that Zhao is able to dive turrets easily fairly early, keep this in mind and expect it when you're low hp. I've recently discovered a trick against him, if you can manage to keep your Condemn up try and use it right when you think he's about to use Audacious Charge, or if he's been predictable with it you can anticipate the charge and have it readied already, doing this as he charges will knock him back making him waste his charge completely throwing him off.

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Which is Better, Youmuu's or Last Whisper?

Ok, i've decided to go into a better explanation of these two items here to further explain which is better. And to tell you the truth, both are good items, just under certain circumstances. Youmuu's Ghostblade gives a flat 20 armor penn while the Last Whisper gives 40% now statistically speaking the Last Whisper will give you more damage when the enemy unit has more then 50 armor. Anything less then 50 armor and the Youmuu's Ghostblade will give you better armor penn. That being said. you have to take into account The Black Cleaver which reduces 15 armor each hit. Since you should always have The Black Cleaver on Vayne you must take into account it's armor shred. Now 50 armor is the sweet spot if you're going one armor penn item for the whisper, but with already having the cleaver 50 isn't the sweet spot for you. 85 is the sweet spot for this build. If more then 2 people on the enemy team has more then 85 defence I would strongly suggest building a Last Whisper over the Youmuu's Ghostblade. If they only have one tank, like Shen or Cho'Gath who's the only person really building defence get the Youmuu's Ghostblade.

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Defensive Last Item Choices

- Gives you just about everything. Nice AD, AS, Armor, and a wonderfull on hit that does 4% of the oponents maximum health combining really well with your Silver Bolts. Sadly the on hit proc is effected by Magic Resist so if those tanks are building perhaps a Force of Nature and an abyssal sceptre I would suggest picking another item as it's effect is greatly reduced.

- Gives you Armor, bonus Damage based on max health, and a Crit% increase. Now there are much better items you can take for your last item but if you want to get a little tankier while giving yourself a little ad and crit boost this would be a good item.

- This is 100% defensive item really meant for a tank or offtank to have but it's also not a bad item on Vayne. Gives you a very nice Armor boost, a chance to proc a slow on an enemy unit when they attack you, and a very nice active that slows down movement/attack speed on all enemy units in an area. Get this if the enemy team has a lot of AD and your tank isn't getting this. If your tank decided to get this item pick something else.

- Fantastic item. Gives you armor, gives your resist, and it also has a very nice passive that brings you back to life every 5 mins. Take this if you want more survive. I'd also like to note a tip/trick for this. If in the unfortunate event you die and there's only lets say one or 2 people by you, as soon as you spawn be ready to Condemn them and tumble away. If you're lucky you may be able to escape.

- Get this if AP carries are focusing you hard. This is the only item in the game that counters suppression. Note that the summoner spell Cleanse does not counter suppression. Great to counter a Malzahar or a Warwick who seem to only want to use their ultimates on poor little Vayne.

- Great item all around. Gives you some health, gives you mana, gives you a nice amount of resist and a awesome passive that blocks one enemy ability every 45 seconds. Think of it as an uncontrollable Shroud of Darkness

- Now this item is fairly new and in my opinion a really great item. Gives you attack damage, magic resist, and not one but two passives. Passive one - If you're to take magic damage that would leave you under 30% health you gain a shield that blocks 400 damage in abilities. You know that Karthus ult? pfft no thanks. The second passive gives you a AD boost which gives you 1 AD for every 2.5% health that's missing. So basically, the more they damage you the stronger you get.

- Solid item, gives you a 100% on hit slow which helps for chasing people down, and a good amount of health. Sadly it only gives a very small boost to your AD.

- This gives you just about everything. More attack speed, more movement speed, more Crit%, more health, more AD, more mana, a 25% slow on hit proc, and not to mention the proc from the Sheen not to be confused with the Charlie, that activates after an ability, which you should tumble when possible, that will increase the damage of your next basic attack by 150% based on your base AD (Base AD is what you have not counting your items, basically what your AD would be if you had no items.) Huge downside of this item is it's very very pricey.

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Abusing the Wriggles

Now since you should of purchased your wriggles you should abuse the free ward that comes with it. In this picture i've circled and or marked with an X where wards should or could be placed. Those circled or marked with an X in black are places where your support should be warding. Those marked in red are where you can choose to place your ward. You can either place your ward deffensively like river tri-bush (this is a good spot whether you're on blue team or purple team.) In your bottom bush or theirs. or River bush. Or you can choose to place it offensively. Like their blue buff (or their red buff if you're on purple team.) Placing your wards defensively will save your support a lot of money throughout the game don't forget that. Wards are cheap when purchased 1 or 2 at a time but over the course of a game they start to add up. Using 10 wards will save your support roughly 750 gold which is a decent amount of money to a support, please keep this in mind.

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Super Awesome Summary

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my guide. And if you have any free time or you may feel like trying a tank check out my Shen guide. This guide isn't 100% done yet I feel there's more for me to add but since I accidently hit publish instead of view it popped out a little incomplete. I'd also like to thank JhoiJhoi for making the how to make a guide page it helped me with bbcoding drastically. Now Guys and Gals, please don't judge my item build on looks, actually try it before you say, you should purchase this before this, or you don't need that. Give it a try and enjoy the killing sprees.