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Shyvana Build Guide by Mortalizer

Jungle Shyvana Jungle Emerald Hybrid Juggernaut Build

Jungle Shyvana Jungle Emerald Hybrid Juggernaut Build

Updated on May 31, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mortalizer Build Guide By Mortalizer 15 3 45,644 Views 0 Comments
15 3 45,644 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Mortalizer Shyvana Build Guide By Mortalizer Updated on May 31, 2024
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Runes: Shojin Bruiser

1 2 3 4
Press the Attack
Legend: Haste
Coup de Grace


+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+65 Base Health


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Champion Build Guide

Shyvana Jungle Emerald Hybrid Juggernaut Build

By Mortalizer
Shojin liandrys build:

Shojin liandrys pta and riftmaker all have a damage multiplier for the fight which stack multiplicatively (1.12*1.08*1.08*1.1 = 1.43x damage most of which amplifies liandrys burn damage as well.

Shojin provides 35 percent cdr good health damage and it multiples ability damage by 12 percent. Do not build any thing else until shojin is complete not t1 boots not a dark seal not anything. The shojin power spike makes you too strong to delay it.

Liandrys is probably the best damage item shyvana can get because she applies it very easily especially in team fights. The nice thing is that every time one of shyvanas dots ticks it applies an extra tick of liandrys damage and refreshes the duration so every time your w ticks or the dragon form e aoe on the ground ticks. This stacks up a lot especially if youre in the middle of multiple people which the juggernaut build allows you to do often.

Sorc shoes are simply the best boots for shyvana. I've tried all of them and you just dont have enough damage in the midgame where you're strongest with any other boots.

Jak'sho gives resistances when you need it the most right after liandrys. Shojin liandrys and sorc shoes give all the damage you really need

Riftmaker adds more damage and potentially some sustain in fights.

Steraks gage benefits from all of the other items that gave hp and the shield gives time for you to regain health via riftmaker passive so in some situations it could nearly triple your durability (base life + steraks shield of 80 percent bonus health + all of the health restored during those 4.5 seconds of shield via riftmaker aoe healing).

Botrk - joat notes:

Advantages: strongest build at each stage of the game: AD at start, Bruiser at midgame, AP for late game. The build order allows for the best clear speed and gives quick 5 ability haste/10 adaptive from joat. 600 gold into your second item, you would have the full power of joat via mote and cloth armor. Botrk into iceborn has been a tried and true AD setup on shyvana through the years. Liandrys as a single ap item is the strongest stand alone item on shyvana for sustained damage and can often wrack up 5k+ damage to champions in a game on its own. BOTRK and liandrys are both insanely strong for rapidly taking objectives. Your adaptive stat is AP at most stages of the game so you do more damage to towers than an AD build. The early dark seal in a Bruiser build also has the unique synergy of you having more tanky stats and hence being less likely to die and lose the stacks as well as adding to the absurd stat check nature of shyvana.

Disadvantages: the rune shards have to be for scaling rather than the early clear which makes your first clear particularly vulnerable. However this quickly becomes irrelevant after your first back. just be careful of the early invades. Note that if you're doing a reverse clear you could just back after your first buff and get a dagger and heal before going to your last buff and camp. (reverse clear example: raptors - wolves - gromp - blue - back - krugs - red - raptors - wolves - gromp - dragon/gank with lvl 5 advantage). Another main disadvantage is that it relies on you staying alive and farming well so that you dont lose momentum but this is true in all shyvana builds.

Shyvana holds a unique trait of being able to build any and everything so why not fully utilize that capability by adapting to each stage of the game. Jack of all trades is great gold value early and is the best secondary rune set for midgame shyvana which is the peak of shyvanas strength (shes weak early and falls off late game as a general rule).

My problem with shyvana is that she's always had an identity crisis. She excels at attack speed, AP, has bruiser stats via her passive and ult and she has an auto attack reset for on hit builds. This means that over the years people have only utilized a particular fraction of her kit rather than the entire thing. This build allows for you to fully utilize every single one of shyvanas strengths.

Analysis of the jungle items and why i chose mosstomper:

Blue smite is great for clear speed, rotations and maintaining a high tempo which is critical for a farm dependent champion. Red is great in that it gives an extra slow that shyvana can utilize well. Specifically red synergizes with shyvana dragonform E when you have liandrys because the slow will keep them in the burn on the ground making them take extra damage from both the e burn and refreshing liandrys. However green smite is best when we build botrk, because we aren't building a health item first. Which means that percentage wise we are gaining a lot more. For instance if you built shojin - liandrys you would have 600 bonus health vs botrk - iceborn you only have 300 bonus health. if you built mosstomper on each that'd be a ~50 percent increase in bonus health for shojin - liandrys vs a 100 percent increase for botrk - iceborn (assuming mosstomper was a 300 hp shield albeit it scales to level but im just using as an example). tldr: Botrk first often leaves you too squishy and you need the extra health to get your damage off.

analysis of rune shards:
normally you would run attack speed - adaptive - health. This gives you a lot more early game capability in that it allows you to fight if you're invaded. However being invaded is mostly only relevant for the first clear and is the obvious weakest point of shyvanas game, so instead of running shards that are best for the first 5 minutes of the game i'd rather run runes that emphasize the strongest point of shyvanas games (midgame). the clear speed is only a few seconds slower on the first clear and almost neglible on all future clears. Furthermore with us building botrk first we are far squishier and our ability haste is really low as compared to shojin first item. Running haste and double scaling lets us make up for what we're not getting by not building shojin. Attack speed is relevant in getting your dragon form back however haste lets you q more anyways which is an attack speed steroid so the tradeoff isnt too terrible. Noteably if you're running this build during your first clear if you're doing blue - gromp first then taking q second would be better than w as you need the extra attack speed to proc the onhit from your e.
Trinity + dragonforce build notes:

Noteable items:

horizon focus - damage amp similar to rabadons in a lower ap build

liandrys - has a burn that shyvana applies frequently via her 0.5 second ticks on her w and dragonform e ground burn so it gets a deceptive amount of damage, since it scales off of enemy health the general consensus is its not synergetic with rabadons, it has a nice new component that helps with jungle clearing as well for only 900 gold so its just a really well rounded item and deceptively powerful item on shyvana

rabadons - possibly the best item on shyvana but the components are expensive and the high ap can be counterbalanced by other items passives or just the cheap nature of other items

cryptbloom vs voidstaff - these percent magic pen items are extremely efficient 3rd items, the general consensus is cryptbloom is better because the 15 ability haste and heal passive out weigh the higher percent pen of voidstaff

nashors tooth - good for clearing objectives quickly, stacking fury for more ults, and since q procs the on hit damage twice its stronger than something like lichbane; fantastic for taking towers

spear of shojin - often a first item on shyvana because it has 35 percent cdr on all of her abilities and a 12 percent ability damage amp which synergizes with things like liandrys and riftmaker both of which have damage amps that multiply together, when you combine this with pta and possibly horizon focus you could be doing up to 50 percent more damage per ability

oblivion orb/Morellonomicon - cheap anti heal that is easily applied to large groups by shyvana has great synergy with liandrys since liandrys extends the timer from 3 seconds to at least 6 seconds this is your go to anti heal

bramble vest/thornmail - a more niche anti heal when you really need armor like against darius

botrk - the changes to botrk give more base stats and better clear speed now plus the slow being on third hit is much better for shyvana, this item is a very powerful rush item but leaves you a bit squishy and moves a lot of your burst into your auto attacks and away from your ranged abilities

titanic hydra - excellent item if you build a lot of health in that it lets you fight front to back in team fights and still damage the squishies from far away, theres a unique synergy where say 3 people are in melee range of u and 2 squishies are behind them if you q in dragonform youll probably hit all 3 twice with the titanic and your auto then the 3 in front will send 6 of the passive damage hits to each of the two squishies in the back which can cause them to get absolutely deleted

sundered sky - double crit if you lead with q on the first hit and since in dragonform you can hit multiple people if you change targets each attack you could hit 10 crits per enemy player in a niche situation where all 5 were clumped together and you dragonform qd each enemy once it'd end up being 50 critical hits in 5 q casts, it'd never happen to that extent but the point is it can let you delete teams

warmogs - lets you stay on the map and rotate quicker has a huge amount of health that counters burst champions but falls to sustained damage champions

randuins - borderline necessary anti crit item atm with how broken crit is for any tanky/bruiser build, basically a crit would normally do at least 1.75x damage and randuins would multiply that by 0.7 taking 30 percent of the damage off taking the damage down to 1.225x this is most pronounced against infinity edge and sundered sky abusers

kaenic - the renewing magic shield makes burst mages almost neglible

frozen heart - deceptively powerful anti attack speed item that gains a lot of value in team fights because the down scaling of attack speed hurts on hit builds and such for example if an opponent has 2.0 attack speed it would become 1.6 attack speed instead negating 1200 gold worth of attack speed off of that one person alone, considering you can apply this to all 5 enemies in a team fight and that it has a range of 700 units (further than even caitlins attack range) its deceptively valuable, and it has another hidden ability in that it counts as being in combat when youre in range to activate it even if people are hidden in bushes so your liandrys riftmaker or jaksho passives would all stack up just by being in 700 units of enemy range

blackfire torch - decent on shyvana with high ap but is weaker than liandrys

riftmaker - mostly built for the synergy passives with liandrys and shojin in that their passives have multiplicative damage stacking you could even build a haunting guise afterwards for more damage multplying

abyssal mask - its more of a support item but can triple as a modestly tanky pen item as well it has decent synergy if you have 3 ap champions on your team including you

force of nature - this is an anti magic damage over time so its good against sunfire cape liandrys amumu stuff like that

jak sho - has reasonable synergy with shyvanas passive such that normally you'd have to build tank items to make it good to use for the synergy with passive but shyvana can get away with taking dragons and making it stronger

rylais - has deceptive synergy with syvanas dragonform E, the slow keeps them in the burn on the ground longer which means it effectively boosts your AP ratio on your dragonform E by probably 20-30 percent, but considering you have something like 210 AP ratio on that for base damage then only 90 percent over 4 seconds you're only boosting the abilities damage by maybe 10 percent, still its deceptively underrated and the sticking power with this item means it shouldn't be as slept on as it is, the reason its overlooked is shyvana doesnt have something like brands burn which keeps it applied for long periods of time and there are arguably better damage items for shyvana and the health on it doesnt really give enough tanky stats for a bruiser build

shadowflame - crit is good with burn builds, the flat pen is stronger the earlier you get it

storm surge - since this ability procs 2 seconds after you do your damage it can effectively extend burn builds an extra 2 seconds, its not the strongest item on its own and i wouldnt recommend getting it first item
Jungle Route

start W Raptors > wolves > gromp > blue > krugs/red > red/krugs > optionally scuttle > raptors > wolves gromp > take dragon/rift you will be level 5 here so you are usually stronger than the enemy jungler who is usually level 4 here.


start e wolves > raptors > krugs > red > blue > gromp > optinally scuttle > wolves > raptors > krugs > contest krugs/dragon

often i do the second buff last so that i can ward the nearby bush to check for invades while i kill the second to last camp

Many people will say to start the top side camp first so u can be at dragon at lvl 5 when dragon spawns. However it's often overly contested so if you instead start on the bottom side you can usually get the dragon side scuttle then finish your second clear reset buy and be near dragon before anyone seriously considers taking it. Trying to sneak dragon at spawn usually gets you countered by competent opponents.
Q is an auto attack reset.

During early ganks don't lead with e while in human form, walk up to them and auto see how they react then throw ur e into an auto q auto. The less distance there is between you and the enemy the less likely you are to miss.

Between auto attacks make sure you orb walk with them, shyvanas weakness is being kited. However this tip is less applicable for AP Shyvana.

There is a setting in game to change your left click to attack move and another setting to make it attack move on cursor this helps significantly with orb walking/kiting. Consider turning off movement with the map if you use this.

If you often get tilted there is a check box which will remove allied chat and/or all chat in the in game settings. /mute all is another temporary option you can use if you just dont want to listen for that one game.

Survival and maintaining a high pace are the cornerstones of a successful shyvana.

Win Condition will often be dragon soul for shyvana. Each dragon shyvana takes is 120 gold worth of free stats for her due to her passive.

Giving up the first dragon to secure an experience/jungling pace lead is a viable strategy despite most people always talking about how she can do early dragons. Most enemy junglers know this and will constantly keep vision to try to prevent this anyways and if you get caught it resets your momentum.

If you're being counter jungled place a redward in the bushes at your jugle entrance and consider switching to yellow trinket as well. Yellow/blue trinket is more valuable when you're behind and red trinket is more valuable when you're ahead.

Think about yourself as a ball rolling down a hill steadly gaining momentum. This is you when you are jungling as shyvana. Every time you die you lose significant amounts of that momentum but the longer you're alive the harder that ball is going to hit when it lands.

Levels through gaining experience are more valuable than items gained through gold. Soak experience but don't take punishment for gold.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mortalizer
Mortalizer Shyvana Guide
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Shyvana Jungle Emerald Hybrid Juggernaut Build

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