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Singed Build Guide by Setinha

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Setinha

Singed - OP Chemistry Runner

Setinha Last updated on December 16, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello guys.

This is my first guide here. At first, sorry for my bad English, it's not my native language as you will realize.
I've been playing LoL for about 2 years and the char that I've played the most is Singed, for sure.
Singed had been nerfed a few times in some patches ago, changing his ultimate. Before that, he was able to tower dive and put it down in a few seconds. Just after that, I thought Singed had become an useless char. I had to learn how to play with Singed again, experimented some new builds, and, as a result, I've developed a build using dodge seals and boots of movement. It was doing fine until, sadly, Riot removed dodge runes and masteries and I had to change my build again! D:
I've substituted dodge seals for armor and changed boots of movement and now I buy Boots of Swiftness.
And now we're on the new season... New masteries, new items and a core item was removed Force of Nature. So I've substituted some items to new ones keeping his role on the Fields of Justice.

Hoping that Singed don't suffer more significant changes during thiss season, I've decided to share (and update) this build.

Actually, I've seen so many guys playing Singed with full tank or full AP build and I really think it's a big waste. He can carry his team easily if played correctly. And that's what I do pretend to show you guys.

Enjoy it, leave a comment and vote +1, please.

Suggestions and constructive flaks are welcome. :D

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Pros / Cons


+ Great initiator
+ Can disrupt the enemy team structure with Fling
+ Farm a lot with Poison Trail
+ Show stopper - Fling can cancel many skills like Death Lotus, Requiem and others.

- Mana thirsty (specially in early game)
- Hard to mastery
- Abilities are close ranged
- May have some difficulties against a duo ranged lane
- Weak early game

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Example Results

I think that it's important to show you guys some example of results. This screenshot shows how efficient this build can be if well played. You can become the team's carrier and lead them to the victory. Singed is often banned in ranked matches because of his disrupt capacity and how can he get fed easily.

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The biggest difference between this build and the others that I've seen in mobafire is the masteries.
I use a 1/22/7 mastery tree based on the purpose of Singed's gameplay and his role in the team. With this build, I do intend to be the main initiator of the team, using Mega Adhesive to slow them and fling the main target (generally the ap/ad carrier). So, which characteristics should I have? I must run, have decent MR and DEF and some tenacity to reduce disables and cc effects.
Said that, the mastery tree is quite self-explanatory.

I spend 1 point in Summoner's Wrath to improve my summoner spells.

After the update of the masteries, Singed can't take all the masteries that increase his movement speed, but, as a trade-off, his tenacity increased a lot! Relentless and Tenacious able Singed to pursue his target in a more consistent way. Now he's slower but the duration of cc effects are lower as well. So I focused in MR, DEF, health, tenacity and some movement speed. The role is the same, the biggest difference is the way that you'll pursue your enemy, it envolves more strategy and positioning than pure speed.

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In this section I'm gonna present and explain my runes choices.


There's no other viable option for Singed.
is the only viable quintessence for Singed in my opinion, in this role. It'll help you escaping from ganks, pursuing enemies, spreading your Poison Trail etc.
Some players (I mean, a lot of them) use and I say... NO! NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!. Just farm in a safe way until you buy catalyst the protector and then you won't have HP issues.


For marks, I use that helps me to do a quite decent damage on early game on the enemies.
Some players use to farm better on early game, but I think that, on late game, it's not so useful. Besides, I think that the AP increase is low and we have better options to increase AP on glyphs.


For seals, since you're the top laner, there's a great chance of facing an AD champion. So pick to give you more sustain during early game. Again, for a top laner as Singed I don't see any other viable choice.


For glyphs we have more options. I generally take to be more resistent during teamfights, that will pop up on mid/late game.
If you think that you'll have enough Magic Resist, you can take to farm better on early game or to don't have mana issues on early game.

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: this passive increase Singed's health for each mana point he has. Based on the items that I suggest you to buy, the only one that increase mana is Rod of Ages.
Rod of Ages: +525 mana * 0,25 = 131,25. That's the bonus that this equip will give us with Empowered Bulwark. We still have an outlined health increase when we level up since Singed's mana increases as well.

: the bread and butter Singed's skill. This skill allow you to farm like hell, escape from persecutions and kill low health enemies that can escape easily, like Master Yi, Twitch, Fizz and others.

: an underestimated skill, in my opinion. Based on the purpose of my build/gameplay, it'll allow you to fling the enemy to your teammates, let them breath more time your poison gas, escape from a gank, etc... Anyway, since you'll be a runner, having Mega Adhesive in level 1 is more than enough to make you reach any enemy and fling/poison/troll/whatever you want.

: This is the skill that transforms Singed in a real threat in the Fields of Justice. It's an awesome skill that can disrupt the enemy's team formation if used correctly. It's a great initiator since you can advance through the enemies and throw their carry to your team, you're able to throw the enemy behind you when you're in a persecution, allows you to interrupt some deadly skills (as I've said before). If you master it your team will be thankful, for sure.

: When activated, you'll fell like superman. It gives you a lot of buffs (MR, Def, AP, MS, Health and Mana regen, and tenacity) that allows you to tower dive, get in the enemy formation to fling their carry, push lanes, in other words, kick ***es like a boss. Since it has low cooldown for an ult, you don't have to be so worried about activating it whenever you find an opportunity.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Differently of most of Singed players, I start with Poison Trail, instead of Fling.
The biggest advantage is that you will be able to farm better.
But, sometimes Fling can be more useful... For example, when you're being pushed and you can throw an enemy to your turret or save a teammate. It always depends on the situation. But in most of the cases, pick Poison Trail and you will level up faster.

WTF Setinha?! Why should I max Fling before Mega Adhesive?

This question is frequently asked to me, and I have a reason to do that. As you all must be bored of reading, the main role of a Singed player that follows this guide is run, poison the enemy and fling him into your tower's direction.
Given that, ok, I take Quintessences of Swiftness allowing me to run faster and faster. So I'll probably be the fastest champion in the lane and I can slow my enemy in 35% for some seconds. Even in teamfights, using Mega Adhesive I'll be able to fling my enemy and put him in the middle of my teammates. That's why I really do think that for mid game level 1 Mega Adhesive is more than enough.

What's the benefits of a high level Fling?

The unique benefit is the damage and, you'll pick it just on level 8. So, if you're doing it right, you'll already have Rod of Ages. At this moment, your Poison Trail will do 76 damage per second (which means 228 for each time that he's affected) plus your Fling that does 210 of damage. Each level will increase the damage in 50, but, with your AP equips and a decent positioning, you'll be able to domain the lane safely and escape from ganks.
Anyway, this is just my opinion and I really think that you should give it a try. Just do it and then come with your comments :D

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Summoner Spells

Singed can use so many summoner spells that actually it's hard to decided which ones we should pick.
- Ghost is obligatory for any Singed's build. And it's a MUST for my build given the role that we intend to have. Ghost + Insanity Potion allows you to fulfill your role in the team in any teamfight.

The second summoner spell may be a hard decision, but I personally pick Ignite to get the kill of low health enemies. As I've said before, there are many chars that have escape mechanisms like Twitch, Caitlyn, Master Yi, Fizz, and others. Singed is specialized in kill those runaways because he can do overtime damage with his poison. And the chances to get the kill are considerably increased using Ignite.

Other Viable Options:

- Teleport: it allows you to go back to shop and back again to lane so you don't lose too much cs. It may be helpful too to save a turret on a pushed lane.
- Flash: It may be useful as an escape tool since it has its surprise factor, but I don't see too much utility for Singed.
- Clarity: For those cases when you're spending all your mana because you forget Poison Trail Poison Trail turned on. May be a option for beginners, but it'll be useless when you start to play well with Singed.

Not Viable Options:

- Exhaust: You're quite tanky and already have Mega Adhesive Mega Adhesive, so why should you pick this?
- Clairvoyance: Just let this spell to your support teammate
- Smite: You're not jungling, so don't pick it.
- Revive: Are you serious?
- Cleanse: Even being the team carrier, you'll not be the main focus of the enemy team, so this this is not that necessary.
- Promote: Hmmm... nah... you do have better options
- Surge: It doesn't make any sense increase Singed's attack speed. Even with the AP buff, you have better options.
- Heal: Leave it to your full tank or support teammate.

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In this section I'll give a detailed explanation of why and when I pick some items and not others.

Firstly I'd like to show you Singed's core build:

This list used to have Force of Nature but unfortunately it was removed in this season.

Anyway, having those 2 items are essential for a successful Singed!

- Rod of Ages will give you decent AP, health and mana, increasing it for 10 minutes, when it gets full charged, and still has a very helpful with Passive that restores mana and health when you level up.
- Boots of Swiftness is the kind of item that I don't see much utility in other chars. But in Singed it's so awesome. You'll have enough speed to do your duty, to roam around the Fields of Justice and become a real nightmare to your enemies.
- Twin Shadows is far from being a decent substitute for Force of Nature but this is the first tanky item that you're gonna buy. It'll give you some MR, some AP (allowing you to be more lethal) and has an interesting active.

- Raduin's Omen: another item that suffered some modifications to this season, but it still fits well with Singed. It'll give DEF, a decent amount of health and the unique active is very nice in almost all situations. It lost the cooldown reduction and the health regen, but now it's cheaper, so it's worth it.
- Liandry's Torment: A new season equipment. I'm putting it on the place of Rabadon's Deathcap because it has more sinergy with Singed. It gives some AP, HP and Magic Penetration and the damage over time of its passive combines with Poison Trail. A very nice option.
- Shurelya's Reverie: The cherry of the cake of this build. It fits perfectly with your role and It’s quite unexpected by your opponents. You’ll have more health regen, mana regen, CDR and an active skill increases your movement speed by 40% for 3 seconds, time more than enough to chase your enemy, Fling him and get the kill. You’ll feel just like you’re activating nitro in Need For Speed. Activate it in the right time and a simple chase may become your enemies’ annihilation.

Other viable choices:

Despite the core build, you can substitute the other equips based on your team’s necessity.

- Banshee's Veil: Buy it if the opponent team has too much AP and/or CC champions

- Thornmail: Viable choice against heavy dps team

- Rylai's Crystal Scepter: It’s a good pick since your Poison Trail will, in addition to its overtime damage, slow the enemies. It's useful in just some situations since most of Singed players want to be chased by their enemies and the slow given by rilay's crystal scepter don't help you with that.

- Rabadon's Deathcap: it will increase the damage of ]]poison trail]] and Fling, making you a real killing machine. Enemies can't chase you because you're too fast and, if they do it, they will take a lot of damage from your poison.

- Frozen Heart: Another viable choice against heavy dps team, since it reduces the attack
speed. But the main reason for buying it is the nice CDR.

- Will of the Ancients: Useful if you’re in a heavy AP team. Also, imagine how funny it must be recovering a huge amount of life poisoning minion waves. :D

- Void Staff: Pick it if the enemy team has too much Magic Resist.

Some equipments that I’ve seen in Singed but I disliked:

- Doran's Shield: The item is not that bad, but, based on the idea of rushing a Rod of Ages, I think it’s a waste of money. Its main atribute, in early game, is the health regen. In my build, I suggest you to buy Sapphire Crystal and two health pots. With that you can stay in lane until you have enough money to buy catalyst the protector, that will provide you health and mana regen when you level up, in other words, you’ll often recover mana and health since in early game you level up easily.

- Doran's Ring: It’s quite the same motive of Doran’s Shield. It gives you mana regen, some AP, but rush Rod of Ages is your priority.

- Aegis of the Legion: It’s useful for support chars. Your role is not to support your teammates, so it’s not a good pick.

- Warmog's Armor: Yeah, I know that you can farm a lot with Singed, which means feed
Warmog’s Armor attributes, but this item just gives you health and health regen. It’s good, but doesn’t fit with Singed role that I proposed in this guide. Leave it for a full tank build.

- Manamune: I’ve seen a lot of Singed players using this equipment lately. I don’t think it’s useful. Some players may think: “Well, since I can activate and deactivate Poison Trail I’ll increase my mana so fast with Manamune”. Now I tell you, indeed, you’ll increase your mana, and…? Manamune increases your attack damage based on your total mana, but when do you attack with Singed? As I’ve written before, I rarely use auto-attack in teamfights, instead of it, I’m always running to spread my poison. So, buying Manamune just to increase your mana is such a waste of slot. You do have much better options.

- Guardian Angel: It gives you defense and magic resist, also you will resurrect upon death. OK, it looks nice, but you’ll probably be the last target in teamfights. Besides that, you have a lot of mechanisms that avoid you from being chased, which means that in late-game you will rarely get dead. So, why should you buy it?

- Mercury's Treads: Tenacity? Magic Resist? You already have enough to sustain a lane. Twin Shadows gives you some Magic Resist and your Insanity Potion reduces the duration of incoming disables. Boots of Swiftness is the unique option for Singed. You must run, run and RUN!

- Abyssal Mask: Decent AP, decent MR, decent passive, but it doesn’t fit with Singed. Why, Setinha? It decreases enemy’s MR that are near you, but since you’ll be always running away, you won’t be able to use all the potential of Abyssal Mask, which means that it won’t benefit you so much for such investment. And the area of effect of this item was reduced some patches ago.

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As I've written before, Singed will potentially be the one of the richest chars in the end of match. If not, believe me, you'd played it wrong.

The key to farm properly with Singed is using Poison Trail correctly. And how do I know if I'm doing it right or wrong, Setinha?
At first, check how long you can stay in lane with enough mana to farm. If you're getting out of mana, you're possibly doing it wrong. You don't need to keep Poison Trail turned on all the time. Just activate it to spread in the minions wave and turn it off. After a few seconds, if necessary, turn it on again to kill the remaining minions. If you're running out of mana, try to save it just auto-attacking. Try to always have enough mana to cast Mega Adhesive to escape from ganks.
And the last farming advice that I should give you is never, never, never and NEVER use Fling to kill a minion. It costs a considerable amount of mana and don't have low cooldown (10 seconds) increasing the chance of you missing an opportunity to use it on an enemy. So try to always keep it ready to be used.

On late game, with full charged Rod of Ages and Rabadon's Deathcap you will be able to kill quickly minion waves, which means, more cs, more money, more resources.
Singed can zone very well. If your opponent don’t know Singed’s zoning, he’ll probably be
dead in the first 5 minutes of the match.

Your play style during early game will depend on the enemy that you’re facing.

AD Melee Carrier:

If your lane opponent is an AD melee carrier try to dominate the lane with your Poison Trail. How? Since generally AD carriers don’t have much life, you can do it easily. First of all enter in the bush, activate Poison Trail and walk through the minions. Probably your opponent will take distance to not get poisoned. Repeat this process until you level up and take Fling.
After that, keep farming using Poison Trail and, when you have an opportunity, Fling him in your tower’s direction and run through his turret’s direction. He’ll take damage overtime and if he decides to attack you, just keep Poison Trail on and run back to your turret – activate ghost if necessary. Using this tactic he’ll probably have to go back to his base, allowing you to farm more and more.

AD Ranged Carrier:

You won’t see this kind of champion too much since generally you’ll be the solo top of your
team and AD Ranged Carriers are generally on bot with a support champion. Anyway, this is probably the worst scenario for you. Since Singed skills have low range, your enemy can farm safely and kill you if you don’t pay too much attention. It’ll be harder to level up and you’ll probably need a nice gank of your jungler. Let your opponent push the lane, just hold turret and try not to feed him. Whenever your jungler get in position, use your Mega Adhesive to facilitate the gank, fling the opponent and rape.

AP Carrier:

AP Carriers, specially nukers, are weak matches against Singed on early game since they
don’t have too much AP (aka damage) to kill you. Use the same bush tactic as I’ve showed
before and take control of the lane. Just be careful with those AP carriers that have stun
( Annie and Brand, for example), specially if they are holding turret.

If they just keep holding turret even if you’re just last hitting, wait until you reach level 6 and have Boots of Swiftness and catalyst the protector. When you have the chance, use your Insanity Potion, Poison Trail and Fling to get the kill.


Hard to lane against since they have a lot of life and can make decent damage. Your role
here is: hold the lane, be careful with ganks and farm as much as you can. Try to lure your
opponent, encouraging him to attack you. Try to escape using your Poison Trail to inflict him damage while he’s pursuing you. Repeating this process he’ll be forced to go back to base. This will be a boring match, but, in mid-late game, teamfights will pop on the map and you’ll feel
more useful.

Against 2 on top:

This formation is quite normal in non-ranked matches. The good thing is that your jungler can
get the buffs safely and gank more. In this situation, you’ll have to hold the turret. Don’t play aggro, play safe! It’ll be hard to farm (just like against AD Ranged). When they reach your turret, use your Poison Trail to kill the minions and inflict some damage to the enemies.
If they attack you and are in the turret aim, fling them into your turret’s direction. Anyway,
you will need ganks ASAP or your turret will get down in no time. If your jungler is ganking
correctly and you’re able to hold the turret efficiently, congratulations! You and your jungler will have a higher level comparing to your enemies. You’ll be more solid, especially when you get Insanity Potion, enabling you to face both of them and push the lane.


Singed can be a great initiator given his sustainability and speed. Based on your team’s
structure, you’ll be able to define who is the main initiator. Personally, I prefer that other
viable teammate initiate the battle since Singed probably would have to use Fling to
initiate it. As I’ve written before, Fling is one of the most underestimated skills in LoL. Wait until you have the appropriate moment to use it, based on your opponent’s team structure.
Use it to cancel a lethal ult’s just like Absolute Zero or Death Lotus, you can troll Jarvan IV flinging him out of his Cataclysm, throw their ad carrier out of the battle for a moment and disrupt their formation, chase an escaping enemy and throw him back the battlezone, etc.

Do it always with your Poison Trail and Insanity Potion turned on. You’ll get assists, kills and will be fast enough to run away or pursue any enemy. I really don’t remember when I remained in teamfight auto-attacking. I’m always running to spread my poison and ready to
fling any escaping enemy.

Don’t worry if you are being chased after all of your teammates got dead. Keep your Poison Trail on, use your Mega Adhesive and escape safely. If your enemies are unskilled they will keep chasing you, because they are in advantage and luckily you will get a kill. I’ve gotten some kills in this way, especially against Twitch that keep following me while stealthed.

Hold the turret as safe as possible (don’t let them ace!) until your teammates respawn.

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This is where you and your team should Sight Ward.

  • Yellow: Vital to protect the jungler on your team
  • Blue: For protection depending on which lane you're on
  • Red: To guard Dragon and Baron
  • Orange: In order to Counter-Jungle

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Final Words

This build is still under construction. I do pretend to add some more detailed information in some chapter and make this guide more attractive and easy to read doing some modifications just like customizing titles, texts and fixing some codes troubles.

  • April 26th - release of the guide.
  • December 09th - new season update.
  • December 16th - inserted Liandry's Torment on Rabadon's Deathcap place, repaired some code problems and created the Runes Section

Updates to be done
  • New season update
  • Recheck codes
  • Insert "Runes" section
  • Improve masteries section
  • Add videos
  • Insert jungle build
  • Add more screenshots
  • Create "Submit your Screenshot" section